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Intel 2010
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28 June 2010
LFNForever. After a long absence I am back to resume work on the website. Much needs to be done. This update primarily is a matter of "catching up" and once that's done I'm eager to start "adding on." There is a new email --; it's necessary to change the site's email address now and then, due to spammers, and worse. I will continue to check the previous account for a while.

LFNForever Mentioned. This intel from Brown Eyes of The Haven (THE LFN messageboard of record):
"I wanted to be sure you saw the reference to your wonderful LFN website in the press today:

"Your site is such an asset to fans, and I hope you always keep it going."

LFN Fansites Shrink in Number. A good many LFN sites have disappeared in the past year. We bid a fond farewell to the following: Adi's Nikita Site, Kelli's LFN Page, La Comedie de LFN, La Femme Nikita Brazil, La Femme Nikita Hispano, La Femme Nikita's White Room, Kill Reports, Michael Season 4, Random Pieces of Madness, Sounds of LFN, Tech Central, Covert Operations, LFN TV Soundtrack, LFN Hopeful Romantics, LFN Pictures, LFN Roleplaying Game, Michael & Nikita's Safe Haven, Nikita's Fancy, Oversight, Ruzella's LFN Site, Section One, Shades of LFN. As long as I'm breathing -- and perhaps longer, if I can arrange it -- LFN Forever will exist as a tribute to THE best television series ever aired.

Walter Sighting. Michael Hodges reports spotting Don Francks in a Toronto clothing store last March: "His appearance is absolutely no different than the show.  He's somewhat smaller than I imagined him being, at around 5'6-5'7, but his trademark bandana was there.  He was wearing an Indian Motorcycle jacket and blue jeans.  I was with my girlfriend at the time, and I didn't want to disturb him so I noticed him briefly and continued on."

New Nikita Series. Warner Bros. has seen fit to resurrect Nikita, for a new one-hour drama set to debut on the CW this Fall. A page has been created, since inevitably many comparisons will be made to THE Nikita series, the one to which this site pays tribute. That being said, while I will keep track of the new series, this site will not focus on it. (Personally, I had been hoping for a feature film...)

Region 2 DVDs. Although this intel is from '08, it might still be of use to some. It comes from Elisabeth, who has provided LFNForever with so much good intel in the past:
" Warner Home Video is going to release region 2 La Femme Nikita DVDs. The schedules release dates for season 1 are:
Italy - 11/04/2008
Spain - 10/21/2008
Germany - 10/24/2008
They will have the same special features as region 1 DVDs, but the subtitles and dubbing will be in almost all European languages."

Online Petition. Dark-Raven7000 informs us of an online petition to bring LFN to the big screen. Use this link to find out more:

LFN Episodes Stream on All La Femme Nikita episodes can be seen now on streaming video at Thanks to Janet Chang for this intel!

Visitors Comments, Site Statistics and Links have been brought up to date .... Actors' Bios have been brought up to date as well as expanded with new material including awards and nominations in Cast and Crew .... A page for the new Nikita series, set to debut on the CW this Fall, has been created in the now renamed Movies, Music, Books & Nikita (2010) .... The following tracks have been added to the LFNForever Playlist in The LFN Songbook: "Drown," Vibrolux; "Absurd," Fluke; "This Strange Effect," Hooverphonic; "Burn," Sister Machine Gun; "Release," Afro Celt Sound System; "Silicone," Mono; and "No Difference," Everything But the Girl -- bringing the total tracks to 18, well over one hour of LFN music for your listening pleasure .... Combined all the Season Six readers' comments to one page, and many thanks to those like Lexa Cliche, who have taken the time to write! .... A new section, The Exchange, has been created for fans seeking information or items, and for those selling/giving away LFN-related items .... Thanks to Stan Lapinski, some errors in The LFN Encyclopedia have been corrected; you can read Stan's message in Visitors' Comments; my thanks to fans like Stan and the many others who have made LFNForever better than it was .... Five new additions to The LFN Fan Directory: Greg in Florida, Meg in Brazil, Ikaika in Nevada, Mihkel in Estonia, and Kirsten in British Columbia.
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