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Data is divided into two sections: Recommended Sites (those that are still being updated
or, if not updated, contain unique features) and other LFN-related websites. If I find
a broken link I'll post a status report with that entry for several weeks before I consign
the site to the dead-file. I've indicated the year of the last update, as far as can be determined.

(Just click on the site title)

This Czech site consists of an episode guide, valuable links to sites you might not otherwise find and a lot of material you can download. (LFN airs as "Brutal Nikita" in parts of Eastern Europe.) 2004
An excellent LFN site with plenty of images, plus an episode guide, a guide to Section One, info on the music, etc. 2006
An attractive site, with episode guide and transcripts, images, character profiles, and more. 2003
Site devoted to the Canadian actor who plays "Walter" -- and who is also a musician, artist and activist. Lots of information on all facets of this talented man's life. Also home of the Don Francks Forum, which lists over 100 registered users. 2006
A great service to LFN fans, this project provides an opportunity to listen to songs used in the series in their entirety. Separated into three "albums". You need RealPlayer (G2 or 8) to download the songs. 2000
One of the first LFN websites; while some of the site's sections are now offline, there's still a good bit of information available here. 2006
This is a major LFN-related messageboard. 2006
An impressive site, including episode guide, images, postcards, info on the books and soundtrack, and much more. 2006
An excellent collection of fan fiction. 2006
Part of the Roy Dupuis Online website, this insightful review of Dupuis' perfomances in each LFN episode deserves special notice.
You can download many of the songs used in LFN here, in RealAudio. 2000
Visually striking and very informative behind-the-scenes look at the making of the French film, with a great many images, some of them captures from the film and others of the actual filming. (In French.)
A major Italian LFN site, with an episode guide, chat room, messageboard, images. 2005
The ultimate site for Glazer fans, including a lot of info on his LFN work, including episode transcripts, images, sound files and fanfiction. Kept very up-to-date on news re: what ERG is doing these days. 2006
A first-class website, with a biography, filmography, articles, photos, and updated news re: Peta Wilson. You can also sign up for an online newsletter. 2005
THE major English-language Dupuis fansite, complete with articles, images, news, a messageboard, and more. Updated regularly.

The online petition to bring La Femme Nikita to the big screen:

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