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Season Six
Original episodes of La Femme Nikita are no longer being filmed, but that doesn't mean the story has to end.
This fanfic series continues the Nikita Saga. Please give us your thoughts about these stories.
Your comments and criticisms are important.

(formerly "Forced Acquisition")

(formerly "Serpentine")

(formerly "Under the Wire")

The Scenario
Now head of Section One, Nikita institutes changes within the organization that, some believe, will bring about its downfall. Jonathan Soto (new character) is running The Center. This suave and utterly ruthless man wants to replace Nikita with someone he owns (or thinks he owns) -- namely, Nikita's sister Michelle, who seems to resent the fact that her father chose Nikita rather than her to run Section. Nikita's best operatives are Antonio Mendez (new character) and Jasmine Kwong. A romance blossoms between them, even though he was loyal to Operations, and she is a staunch Nikita supporter. Walter remains Nikita's confidante, and the connection between him and Jason Crawford leads to a startling revelation. Quinn is in charge of Communications; she is highly efficient, but there is no love lost between her and Nikita. And Nikita has no choice but to "recruit" Jean-Baptiste Serrett (new character), a Le Monde reporter who finds out too much about Section.

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