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The LFN Songbook
The music of La Femme Nikita is an essential element of the show.
The songs were carefully selected to augment the action or emotion of a scene.

When done, this section will catalog most of the songs used in the series.
Click on the title below for song lyrics, name of the parent album and info on the scene
during which the song was used. Each entry also includes (when possible) a screen capture.


"Absurd," Fluke ("Double Date")
"All Dressed Up For San Francisco," Philosopher Kings ("Charity")
"All Of The Important Things I've Done," Tristan Psionic ("Charity")
"All To Myself," Philosopher Kings ("Nikita")
"Angel," Massive Attack ("Off Profile")
"Beyond The Invisible," Enigma ("Rescue")
"Big Exit," P.J. Harvey ("Deja Vu All Over Again")
"Big Mistake," Chainsuck ("Nikita")
"Blood Red," Rose Chronicles ("Nikita")
"Les Bourgeois," Jacques Brel ("Half Life")
"Burn," Sister Machine Gun ("Approaching Zero")
"(Can't You Trip) Like I Do," The Crystal Method ("Old Habits")
"Chinese Burn," Curve ("Mandatory Refusal")
"Cun Lacoudhir," Rhea's Obsession ("Escape")
"Death By Moonlight," Rhea Obsession ("Choice" & "Hand to Hand")
"Despair," Kill Transmission("There Are No Missions")
"Do What You Have To Do," Sarah McLachlan ("New Regime")
"Drown," Vibrolux ("Choice")
"Dying Wish," Kill Transmission ("Time To Be Heroes")
"Enough Love," Mandalay ("Let No Man Put Asunder")
"Evidence," Tara McLean ("Escape")
"Expression Of Loneliness," Moon Socket ("Love")
"Fear And Love," Morcheeba ("Off Profile")
"Fire and Roses," Mimi ("Not Was")
"Gentle Rain," Diana Krall ("Last Night")
"Gorecki," Lamb ("Cat and Mouse")
"Gun," Gus Gus ("Adrian's Garden")
"Hanging On A Curtain," Morphine ("Missing")
"Hey Man Nice Shot," Filter ("Love")
"High Energy Protons," Juno Reactor ("The Evil That Men Do")
"I Feel Free," Cream ("Before I Sleep")
"I Love You," Sarah McLachlan ("Up the Rabbit Hole")
"Immobile," Autour de Lucie ("A Time For Every Purpose")
"Is Jesus Your Pal," Gus Gus ("Opening Night Jitters" & "Gates of Hell")
"Jersey Girl," Holly Cole ("Charity")
"Last Playboy Interview," Merlin ("Friend")
"Leave You Far Behind," Lunatic Calm ("Getting Out of Reverse")
"Les Bourgeois," Jacques Brel ("Half Life")
"Life In Mono," Mono ("Double Date")
"Living Dead Girl," Rob Zombie ("Time To Be Heroes")
"Loaded Gun," Hednoize ("Off Profile)
"The Love Thieves," Depeche Mode ("Mercy" & "Hard Landing")
"Lullaby," Lamb ("Getting Out of Reverse")
"Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp," Francois Hardy ("Beyond the Pale")
"Modern Crusaders," Enigma ("Sleeping With the Enemy")
"Night of the King Snake," Big Rude Jake ("Love")
"No Difference," Everything But The Girl ("There Are No Missions")
"# 1 Crush," Garbage ("Obsessed" & "Double Date")
"Path to the Invisible," Pilgrimage ("New Regime")
"Red," Sister Machine Gun ("Treason")
"Release," Afro Celt Sound System ("Third Party Ripoff")
"Revenge," Thrive ("Nikita" & "Outside the Box")
"Satan," Orbital ("Spec Ops")
"Silicone," Mono ("Last Night")
"Skin Against Skin," DJ Krush w/ Deborah Anderson ("Mandatory Refusal")
"Smack My Bitch Up," Prodigy ("Spec Ops")
"Spies," Coldplay ("A Time For Every Purpose")
"Standing Around Crying," Big Sugar ("Love")
"Still Waitin'," Big Sugar ("Love")
"Supermarket," Tykwer, Klimek & Heil ("Sleeping With the Enemy")
"Tangent," Beth Orton ("Half Life")
"Teenage Sensation," Gus Gus ("Man in the Middle")
"Temple," Beverly Klass ("Escape")
"Thalheim," David Sylvain ("Playing with Fire")
"This Love," Craig Armstrong (featuring Elizabeth Fraser) ("All Good Things")
"This Strange Effect," Hooverphonics ("On Borrowed Time")
"3 A.M.," Tristan Psionic ("Nikita")
"Tomorrow Never Comes," Dot Allison ("Four Light Years Farther")
"Torn," Rose Chronicles ("Escape")
"Unglued," Mare & Wachbrit ("No One Lives Forever")
"We Never Change," Coldplay ("The Evil That Men Do")
"Woman," In The Nursery ("Obsessed")
"Working For The Man," P.J. Harvey ("Verdict")