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"LFNForever," Word from Section (2003)

"Long Live Nikita," Sarah Collins
"Peta: La Femme Nikita's Lethal Weapon," Jonathan Bernstein, Gear Magazine, Special Premiere Issue (Sept/Oct 1998)
"Roy Dupuis: The Actor's Method," (1999)
"Girl Power: Laurie Drew Creates Killer Costumes for TV's Hottest Action Star," (1999)
"La Femme Nikita: Pain Perfect," Porter Anderson, CNN (August 1999)
"Gene Glazer: Secret Agent Man," Michelle Erica Green (1/00)
"A Pygmalion Tale Retold: Remaking La Femme Nikita," Laura Grindstaff (2001)
"'The Most Powerful Weapons You Have': Warriors and Gender in la Femme Nikita," Laura Ng (2003)


Page 1
"French Twist," Edward Gross, Cinescape (7/96)
Peta Wilson Interview, Ultimate TV News (1996)
Asylum Entertainment Review of La Femme Nikita (1/97)
"Nikita Series is Delicious, Action-filled Eye Candy," Austin (TX) American-Statesman (1/97)
"French Thriller La Femme Nikita Becomes New USA Series," Jay Bobbin, Buffalo News (1/97)
"La Femme Nikita Premieres Tonight As Small Screen Series," Ron Miller, San Jose Mercury News (1/97)
"USA's Nikita Softens Violence in Thriller's Spinoff," Marisa Guthrie, Boston Herald (1/97)
"La Femme Fatale," TV Guide (1/97)
Entertainment Weekly Review of La Femme Nikita (1/97)
Variety's Review of La Femme Nikita, Todd Everett (1/97)
"The Knock on Nikita: She Does What She's Told," Ted Cox, Daily Herald (1/97)
"Nikita: She's Just Your Kinder, Gentler Assassin," John Levesque, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (1/97)
"New Cable-Version Nikita Softened For TV Series," Lon Grahnke, Chicago Sun-Times (1/97)

Page 2
"Hit-Man: Stylish, Deadly, Female," Caryn James, New York Times (1/97)
"Transforming Nikita," Jennifer Bowles, Associated Press (2/97)
"La Femme Resuscitates Female Sleuth Archetype, Lyle V. Harris, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2/97)
"This Nikita Sure Packs Heat," Tim Goodman, The (Bergen County, NJ) Record (2/97)
"The Beauty and the Brains," Claire Bickley, Toronto Sun (2/97)
"La Femme Nikita: Not Just Another Pretty Face," Mimi Grisoli, Driftwood (3/'97)
"Tough and Sexy," John McKay, Winnepeg Free Press (3/97)
"Nikita Ready for Action," Natasha Stoynoff, Toronto Sun (3/97)
"Making the Femme Just A Bit Less Fatale," Andrea Higbee, New York Times (3/97)
"Cherchez Peta Wilson," Shalmali Pal, (New Orleans) Times-Picayune (3/97)
"Sexy Nikita Makes Waves for USA," Julia Shih, The Michigan Daily (4/97)
"Femme Fatale," Bill Brioux, TV Guide-Canada (4/97)

Page 3
"Femme Fatale," People Magazine (4/97)
E! Interview with Peta Wilson & Roy Dupuis (4/97)
"Nikita Star Shoots Straight For the Top," Jefferson Graham, USA Today (4/97)
Roy Dupuis & Yvonne Scio Interview, Entertainment Tonight (5/97)
"Hot Zone: Peta Wilson," Hilary Sterne, Us Magazine (6/97)
"What USA's La Femme Nikita Lacks in Stars It Has in Pizazz," Tom Shales, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (6/97)
"USA's Summer Hotshots," Richard Huff, New York Daily News (6/97)
"Australian Star Propels Nikita," Marilyn Beck & Stephanie DuBois, (Cleveland, OH) Plain Dealer (6/97)
"La Femme Nikita ... Will Kick Your Ass," Joyce Millman, Salon (7/97)
"Nikita Is A Gusher for West Grad," The [Madison, WI] Capital Times 97/97)
"Femme Leads Earn Piece of the Action," John Dempsey, Variety (7/97)
"Hot Faces: Peta Wilson," Kirk Miller, Total TV (7/97)

Page 4
Peta Wilson Q&A, BBS (7/97)
"Oui, Nikita," Susan King, Los Angeles Time (8/97)
"La Femme Nikita," Dan Scapperotta, Femmes Fatales, Vol. 6, No. 2 (8/97)
"La Femme Nikita," Don Nathanson, Behavior Online (8/97)
"La Femme Nikita Star Kicks Up A Cult Following," Walt Belcher, The Tampa Tribune (8/97)
"La Femme Peta," Dan Snierson, Entertainment Weekly (8/97)
"New Nikita Makes Name For Itself," Dusty Saunders, Rocky Mountain News (8/97)
"Peta Wilson Interview," Rob Tannenbaum, Details (8/97)
"Nikita Becoming A Real Killer for USA Network," Jim McConville, Electronic Media (9/97)
"No Longer Down Under," James Endrst, The Hartford Courant (9/97)

Page 5
"Femme Fatale: Gun-Toting Peta's a Deadly Beauty," Richard Wallace, The (London) Mirror (9/97)
"Girls With Attitude," Stuart Jeffries, (London) Guardian (9/97)
"Mysterious, Sexy & Single," Laurie Sue Brockway (Dupuis interview, 9/97)
"The New Femme Fatale," Sylvia Rubin, San Francisco Chronicle (9/97)
"Nikita at Night Knocks 'Em Dead," Chris Kaltenbach, Sunspot (9/97)
"Screen Style: La Femme Nikita," Betty Goodwin, Ultimate TV (10/97)
"Cherchez La Femme," Kathleen Toth, Dreamwatch (11/97)
"Assassin Can't Shoot Innocent Bystander," Ong Sor Fen, The Straits Times (11/98)
"Peta Principle: Nikita Star Shows Depth in 2nd Season," Jae-Ha Kim, Chicago Sun-Times (12/97)
"Nikita Star Down-To-Earth," Michael Storey, Little Rock Newspapers, Inc. (1997)


Page 1
"La Femme Fantastique," Linda Yovanovich, Cable TV Magazine (1998)
"Une Femme Dangereuse," Grant Tume, Detour (1/98)
"Action, Flesh -- Nikita Is Back," Tom Jicha, Knight-Ridder (1/98)
"Peta Wilson Finds Soft Side of Nikita," Eric Deggans, St. Petersburg Times (1/98)
"La Femme Dilbert," Tom Carson, Village Voice (1998)
"The Brecht Girl," Shelly Lyons, Ultimate TV (1998)
"Turn On, Tune In," Jim Swallow, Cult TV (1/98)
"Peta the Great," Maxim Magazine (1/98)
"Femme Nikita Star Savors Success," M. Lorando, Seattle Times (3/98)
"Who's L'Homme?" Cathy Che, Time Out New York (3/98)

Page 2
"La Femme Nikita," Greg Fagan, TV Guide (3/98)
"La La La Femme Nikita Is Jolly Good Spy TV," Jeff Simon, Buffalo News (4/98)
"Peta Wilson Interview," John Sellers, Mr. Showbiz (4/98)
"Peta Wilson's Still Packing Heat," Ron. P. Feldman, Gist-TV (5/98)
"In Praise of Alberta Watson," Neil Morton, Elm Street Magazine (5/98)
"One on One With La Femme Nikita," Mark Leiren-Young, TV Week (5/98)
"Wilson Seen as the Mrs. Peel of the 90s," Sally Stone, Spokane.Net (6/98)
Peta Wilson Fox Entertainment Interview (6/98)
Eugene Robert Glazer Interview-AOL Entertainment (Summer '98)
"La Femme Nikita on Strength, Stamina, & Role Model," Michelle Erica Green, Mania (8/98)
"Femme May Be Fatal to Her Masters," David Bianculli, New York Now (8/98)
"Femme Fatale," Shape Magazine (8/98)

Page 3
"La Femme Peta," Gayle Forman, Seventeen Magazine (8/98)
Peta Wilson on Jane Hawkin Live (1998)
"Warner Bros. Online to Host First-Ever La Femme Nikita Convention Video Webcast," Business Wire (10/98)
"Actress Is the Cat's Meow," Janet Kelly, Cambridge Reporter (11/98)
"Peta's Time-Killer Workout," Robert Sullivan, Women's Sports & Fitness (11/98)
"Femme Fatale," Tim Goodman, The [Sydney, Australia] Sunday Telegraph (12/98)
"Peta Makes A Killing," New Weekly (12/98)
"Peta Wilson, TV Commando and Star of An 'Uncommon' Series," Alysia Bennett, The Washington Post (12/98)
"Femme Sleek, Stealthy," Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post (12/98)
"Review of Season Premiere of La Femme Nikita," Kinney Littlefield, Orange County Register (12/98)
"Warrior Women," Michael Ventura, Psychology Today (12/98)
"Kings, Queens, Knights, Pawns," Michelle Erica Green (Mania Online, 1998)


Page 1
"Back With Guns Blazing, Nikita Promises A Plot Twist Or Two In Its Third Season," Larry Bonko, The Virginian Pilot (1/99)
"Peta Kicks Nikita Up A Notch from Its Film Origins," Ken Parish Perkins, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (1/99)
"Peta Wilson Talks to Prevue," Lisa Coleman, Prevue (1/99)
"The Eyes Have It In Engrossing Nikita," Denver Rocky Mountain News (1/99)
"Remote Origins of A High-Style Heroine," Alysia Bennett, Washington Post (1/99)
Wilson & Dupuis on the Dina Petty Show (1/99)
"These Shows Rate," Ray Raymond, Multichannel News (2/99)
"Killer Babe," Kel Laurence, Ralph Magazine (2/99)

Page 2
"Agent Secrets," TV Guide (Dupuis interview, 2/99)
"Peta Wilson," Viia Beaumanis, Flare (3/99)
"La Femme Nikita," Natasha Brandstatter, Ape Culture (1999)
"Love and Death," TV Guide (3/99)
"USA Targets Nikita For Another Season," Zap2It (4/99)
"With Nikita, The Earth Moved," Brendan Kelly, Montreal Gazette (5/99)
Roy Dupuis Interview, Le Lundi (5/99)

Page 3
"Nikita Nearly A Femme Fatality," Pat St. Germain, Winnipeg Sun (6/99)
"Nikita's Iciest Femme Fatale," Jim Bawden, Toronto Star (7/99)
"Nikita Star Wilson is Cable's Hit Woman," Jefferson Graham, USA Today (7/99)
"Discovered Love Adds Intrigue to Nikita," Faye Zuckerman, NY Times Syndicate (8/99)
"Nikita Star Peta Wilson Revels in Series' Success," Jefferson Graham, USA Today, (8/99)
"Peta Wilson: 'Nikita' Is Quite A Hit, Lady," David Martindale, Zap2It (8/99)
"La femme Peta," Tralee Pearce, Globe and Mail (10/99)
"La Femme Nikita -- Time To Say Goodbye," TV Zone (12/99)
"La Femme Nikita: Sexy Complexity," Julian Jenkins (1999)


Page 1
"Peta Perfect," Johanna Schneller, Ultimate TVGuide (1/00)
"Peta's Big Chill," Tyler McLeod, Calgary Sun (1/00)
"Peta Wilson, Dressing to Kill," Ray Rogers, US Magazine (1/00)
"My Femme Nikita," Rhonda Baughman, PopMatters (2000)
"A Killer 4th Season for La Femme Nikita," Beth Hannah Rimmel, Comic Sutra (2000)
"Out of the Shadows," Porter Anderson, Spirit Magazine (1/00)
"Plot Twists Are Humdingers As Nikita Opens New Season," The Virginian Pilot (7 January 2000)
"Killer Nikita Is Still On Target," David Bianculli, New York Daily News (1/00)
"Roy Dupuis Interview," Jane L. Thompson, National Post (4/00)
"Does This Baby Really Have To Die?," Linda Stasi, New York Post (5/00)

Page 2
"La Femme Nikite Maybe Not Canceled...Yet," E! Online (5/00)
"Femme Finale?," Beth Danesco, n-Zone Magazine (5/00)
"Farewell Nikita, This Bond's For You," Dusty Saunders, Denver Rocky Mountain News (5/00)
"Fans Fight for Nikita," ZEntertainment (6/00)
"...Bad TV's Executive Suits," Jeff Simon, Buffalo News (7/00)
"Peta Hints At Life For Nikita," Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Sun-Times (7/00)
"Star Says Femme Nikita TV Film Possible," Bob Heisler, New York Now (7/00)
"Nikita Star Holds Out Little Hope For Series Revival,"Gail Pennington, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (7/00)
"Nikita May Yet Escape Death With New Deal," Tom Jicha, The (Montreal) Gazette (7/00)
"Fans Try to Pull Nikita From Scrap Heap," Linda Moss, Multichannel News (7/00)
"Is Nikita Really Dead?" Zap2It (7/00)
"La Femme to Live On?" Zap2It (8/00)
"Nikita's Last Caper," Kathryn Greenaway, Montreal Gazette (8/00)
"Series Lives On in Fan Fiction," Kali Pearson, The (Montreal) Gazette (8/00)

Page 3
"USA Chasing La Femme Nikita," Jim McConville, Electronic Media (8/00)
"NIkita Back for Season 5," ScifiWire (8/00)
"USA Confirms 'Nikita' Is Back," ScifiWire (8/00)
"La Femme Is Not Fatale," David Bianculli, Daily News (8/00)
"Chill Out, Fans: Nikita To Return," Steven J. Stark, Chicago Sun-Times (8/00)
"Fans Fly to Nikita's Rescue," Rob Salem, The Toronto Star (8/00)
"USA Reprieves Nikita," Linda Moss, Multichannel News (9/00)
"Civil Disobedience Resurrects 'Nikita'," (9/00)
"Nikita Star Eyes New TV Project," Jam TV (9/00)
"Cherchez la 'Femme'," Sandra P. Angulo, Entertainment Weekly (9/00)
"Instant Guide to La Femme Nikita," Paul Spragg, Cult Times # 63 (12/00)
"Viewers Extend Life of USA's Nikita," Tim Cuprisin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (12/00)


Page 1
"La Femme Again," Porter Anderson, (1/01)
"La Femme Nikita Back In Action," Vanessa Sibbald, (1/01)
"Grass Roots Campaign Can Save TV Shows," Ricardo Baca, Corpus Christi Caller-Times (1/01)
"Surprising Femme is Not Fatale," David Bianculli, New York Now (1/01)
"Fans Keep Nikita Running," Larry Bonko, The Virginian Pilot (1/01)
 "Back in Black," David Tagnani, publication unknown (1/01)
"Peta Wilson Prefers Raw Acting," Luane Lee, Winston-Salem Journal (1/01)
"Don't Cry for Nikita, She's Back With A Bang," Jeff Simon, Buffalo News (1/01)

Page 2
"Surviving a Femme Fatality," Marvin Kitman, Newsday (1/01)
"Fans Win Back La Femme Nikita -- For Now," Virginia Rohan, The (Bergen County, NJ) Record (1/01)
"Femme Fatale," Justine Elias, Entertainment Weekly Online (1/01)
"Infogrames...To Unleash The World's Sexiest Spy" (2/01)
"La Femme Nikita Sneaks Up on Playstation 2," IGN-PSX (2/01)
"Roy Story," Ileane Rudolph, TV Guide (2/01)
"Nikita's Romance Broken," Henry Arnaud, Le Lundi (4/01)
"Peta Wilson: Her 'Buff Body' Secrets," Diet & Exercise (Summer 2001)
"Dupuis Happy Chez Lui Again," Brendan Kelly, The (Montreal,Quebec) Gazette (9/01)

Peta Wilson AOL Chat (7/97)
Michael Loceff Q&A on Usenet (2/98)
"Undercover Blues," Edward Gross, Retrovision #6
WBOnline Cybertalk with Robert Cochran (8/98)
WB Online Cybertalk with Laurie Drew (10/98)
Joel Surnow/Robert Cochran Chat Interview (1/01)
"Nikita Continues Power Play," New Straits Times (Malaysia; 1.26.03)
"Lady and Gentlemen," Jim Schembri, The Age (10.10.03)

The TVGEN/Yahoo Chats
Peta Wilson (3.30.98), Peta Wilson (1.5.99), Roy Dupuis (1.3.99), Eugene Robert Glazer (1.6.99),
Alberta Watson (1.7.99), Matthew Ferguson (1.4.99), Don Francks (1.8.99)

Peta Wilson Interview, USA Network (December 2000)

Roy Dupuis Interview, USA Network (December 2000)

Eugene Robert Glazer Interview, USA Network (December 2000)

Alberta Watson Interview, USA Network (December 2000)

Matthew Ferguson Interview, USA Network (December 2000)

Don Francks Interview, USA Network (December 2000)