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The Exchange
This is the place for LFN fans seeking information or items to post their
queries or wants, or to list items they are selling/giving away.

LFNForever is not responsible for the result of any transaction
that occurs as a result of this service.

Now, I'm needing your help very much.
There's one song that I'm not founding.
"Sad Noodle," W. Sommers
Really, that's the only one I'm not have.
Did you find this one?
If you did, please, please, please, can you send me?

--Horacio, Jr.
For years now, I've been looking for the complete version of Scarlet Skies (Beverly Klass feat. Emissary). I'm so crazy about that song that I'm actually seeking the contact information of the show's music supervisor Blaine Johnson or Derek Syverud (responsible for music clearance). If I get that, I'll do whatever it takes so they help me get that tune!lol Would u know anyone who already has it, or if not, have the contact info of Emissary's or Beverly's label or something? Can't find them either! Is like Beverly vanished (maybe The Collective captured her or something....). Anyway, whatever help u, or any other "operative", can give me on this will be extremely appreciated!!!!

I used to have a collection of LFN sound wav files that I used for example when I got new email it would have Michael saying "Housekeeping".  I lost them when my computer crashed and was wondering if you know of anyplace where these types of files are still available?  Thanks for any input you have.

I stumbled across you LFN site during my multi-hour pursuit to try to find what the translation is for the french phrase at the end of the theme song. After three hours of searching (I'm not obsessed, just determined lol) I've come up with nothing. So I figured, in a last effort to figure it out (I figured with the wide expanse of LFN knowledge you have, you might be able to help me), I would email you and ask if, possibly, you yourself might know the translation.

--Kaity Blasphemy

The words are "cherchez la femme dans le nuit, dans le nuit" ... look for the woman in the night. Thanks again for visiting LFNForever! JM
Good morning, I was a big fan of the show and now a big 24 fan as well. Great site you have, I wish there was a this cool on now.  I have to look into getting some of the music. I thought the chain and cross michael wore in the episodes of season 3 with the beautiful wife was very cool. Do you know what type of chain that was or where to get one?

--Joe Wittenberg
I noticed you have a site regarding La Femme Nikita .. I have a question, and I will be very grateful if you know the answer. Do you by any chance know what brand of sunglasses Roy Dupuis uses?

--Filipoiu Bogdan
Any idea what it is that the torture twins do to the person, and what leaves the cut under each eye? Been trying to figure that out for a long time!!!

If there are some weapons experts out there I wonder if some of them would identify the most used guns used in the series.  Both Michael and Nikita seemed to have favorite handguns, sometimes even switching during missions in which they were equipped with automatics.  I wish I could supply the information and not just the suggestion but itís not an area I am well versed in.
Great site, by the way.  Itís great to relive the good old days of the Sunday Night Heat lineup.

--Ross Denton