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Most of these items have been found auctioned on Ebay or in Amazon's zShops, and as some are unusual
and/or very collectible, we thought you might like to see them. Occasionally they will bear the seller's mark.

Nikita passport prop

Michael passport prop

A set of LFN pins

An LFN prop: White Room furniture

The helmet and a pda used in the episode "Brainwash"

An LFN prop -- an operative's "panel"

A poster from the LFN convention that took place in Paris in 2000.

This is a Japanese movie program for Nikita, a glossy magazine keepsake
that moviegoers could purchase. A couple of pages are displayed below.

Nikita "Magnitas" -- about 400 miniature magnets with words on them.
The idea is to use several together to make Nikita-esque phrases.

A set of four LFN bookmarks.

Roy Dupuis on the cover of TV 7 Jours, a French television guide.

Very inventive logo devised for an amateur sports team.

Episode 501's script

A series of striking tribute stamps produced by the Russian republic of Kalmykia

And three more, featuring Roy Dupuis