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contact: lfnforever2010@gmail.com

LFN Fan Directory
Are you a diehard fan of La Femme Nikita?
If so, I hope you'll help in the creation of a worldwide directory of LFN fans. A similar project was undertaken by the webmaster of a site (which I much admire) for a different television series, and the result, over time, was a network of like-minded individuals, many of whom corresponded on a regular basis about their "obsession."

So here's how it works. Email lfnforever2008@gmail.com with your name (first name or alias will do), geographical location, contact information (optional), special items in your LFN collection, a brief description of how and why you became a LFN fan, a want list (if you have one), and even LFN-related anecdotes. Please specify that you want to be added to the Fan Directory.
This will also serve as a tribute from us, the fans, to the show and all those responsible for it.
Don't worry -- this directory will not fall into the hands of Red Cell!

asia/pacific     europe     middle east     north america     south america

Australia (6)
China (2)
Indonesia (3)
Mongolia (1)
New Zealand (1)
The Philippines (1)
South Korea (1)
Thailand (1)

Albania (1)
Belgium (2)
Estonia (1)
Germany (5)
Greece (5)
Italy (1)
Latvia (4)
Lithuania (2)
The Netherlands (2)
Norway (1)
Poland (24)
Portugal (2)
Russia (3)
Slovakia (1)
Slovenia (1)
Spain (6)
Switzerland (2)
Turkey (1)
Ukraine (1)
United Kingdom (8)

Middle East
Israel (1)
Qatar (1)

North America
Canada (14)
Mexico (10)
United States (132)
Unknown (5)

South America
Argentina (4)
Barbados (1)
Brazil (8)
Chile (2)
Colombia (2)
Peru (2)
Uruguay (1)
Venezuela (2)