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19 October 2008
We bid a melancholy farewell to five more LFN websites which had shut their doors this year: La Femme Nikita Extended Soundtrack, LFN Row 8 Plot 30 (one of the very first sites dedicated to the show), Peta Wilson Online, Spooky's Nikita Page, and the Polish La Femme Nikita site.

Additions: welcoming four new additions to the LFN Fan Directory: Brooks (Virginia), Pete One (Illinois) and Lisa and Mlvc816 (USA) ..... screen captures for the episode "Escape"; access via episode guide page for that episode or Images .... Added to the Playlist (LFN Songbook): "Blood Red" by Rose Chronicles, "Burn" by Sister Machine Gun, and "#1 Crush" by Garbage.

3 April 2008
Intel from Elsbeth: Roy Dupuis won this year´s Jutra Award for best actor for his role in 'Shake hands with the devil'. This film is based on Roméo Dallaire´s memories of his experience as force commander of the United Nations in Rwanda. Roy plays Dallairre´s character. The gala was held the 9th March. (Pictured are Dupuis with Dallaire.)

There´s an official LFN petition for a series continuation or movie on the web (Help Resurrect La Femme Nikita) at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/resurrect-la-femme-nikita.html. Thanks to Elsbeth, Bigtoadd, Tamara and said charif for this intel.

This has been forwarded by John Ruch: Boston MA - [from a March 6 press release] For over a decade, the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film has highlighted its commitment to independent and foreign film in style by holding its own black-tie CHLOTRUDIS AWARDS ceremony in early spring. The14th edition will be held Sunday March 30th at Harvard Square's Brattle Theatre, and the public is invited to join Chlotrudis members, nominees and special guests in the celebration. A highlight of this year'sceremony will be the opportunity for the Chlotrudis Society to honor the work of longtime Canadian actress Alberta Watson with its Career So Far award. Ms. Watson, who will be in attendance, has had a prolific career in film, US and Canadian television.

Additions: Updated Visitor's Comments and LFN Fan Directory.

7 February 2008
Additions: A playlist of nine full-length LFN songs, including an extended version of the Mark Snow theme, in The LFN Songbook ..... Updated the filmographies of The Actors (Cast and Crew) ..... "Clothesline: Roy Dupuis" from the July 1998 issue of Playboy has been added to The Archive.

6 February 2008
Additions: Two new entries in the LFN Fan Directory (Ukraine, Argentina) ..... The LFN February 2008 calendar, on the Home page .

18 November 2007
Hollywood Tonight announces Eugene Robert Glazer is now their Vice President of Development. In his new role at Hollywood Tonight Eugene will be the lead in developing new story ideas for film and television. He brings with him three scripts that will be put into pre-production. Bringing the total projects on the board at sixteen. Eugene is a forty plus year veteran of the entertainment industry. Hollywood Tonight is a wholly owned company based in Los Angeles California with operations in New York City. Congratulations, ERG!

Additions: This was tried once before, back in the early days of LFNForever, but returns at the request of several regular visitors -- The Annex, an LFN chatroom. It is named after the area in Section One where operatives can have unmonitored conversations (and, since it is located near Containment, also the place where people were occasionally executed at gunpoint). It has been added not with the idea that there will be multiple chatters at any given time (that seems unlikely), but rather to be a convenient rendezvous point for two or more fans who would like to get together and discuss their common obsession.

All audio files have been moved to a separate page, Sound Files, in the LFN Songbook. Five wav.files using Real Player (download link available) have been added this time: "Beyond the Invisible," "Burn," "(Can't You Trip) Like I Do," "Carroussella," and "Chinese Burn." If this works satisfactorily, more  will follow.

29 October 2007
Additions: Since the LFNForever Album is not working properly (and never really has), I've replaced it with a hidden audio file on The LFN Songbook, and will play a new LFN track every week. We'll start with Enigma's "Beyond The Invisible" (from "Rescue"). You will need Windows Media Player to hear it (a link to download Windows Media Player is provided). You should hear the track play shortly after you reach that page [This has been moved to the Sound Files page; see 18 November 2007 intel.]..... The following sites are no longer online and have been removed from Links: Birkoff's Babes, Cherchez La Femme, The Ivory Tower, and Sounds of La Femme Nikita. RIP .....

28 October 2007
Additions: A January 2000 article, "Plot Twists Are Humbdingers as Nikita Opens New Season," has been added to The Archive ..... The LFNForever Album 2007 is operational again in The LFN Songbook ..... the November 2007 calendar is up on the Home page ..... Review of the Season 2 DVD Set by Evan Jacobs (Movieweb) has been added to Movies, Music, Books, Games/Season 2 DVD Set Reviews ..... due to an overwhelming flood of spam (which I'm still sorting through to find fan submissions), future submissions to the LFN Fan Directory should be by regular email to lfnforever2008@gmail.com. Thanks!

18 March 2007
Intel from Elsbeth on Don Francks:
--Don Francks has a radio show on Canadian radio channel AM740. Running time is monday to thursday from 11ºº to 12ºº pm (east coast time). If you want to listen to it on the internet, you have to visit the web www.am740.ca and click on "listen live" --

And intel from Thomas XKey on Carlo Rota:
--Carlo Rota has had a sizeable recurring role in 24 this season. So far he's still alive but he was tortured quite a bit ... and who knows what characters are safe from the writers on 24. (lol) In fact it seems someone has updated his info at wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Rota --

Thanks to both contributors!

Additions: The LFN Directory has been updated, and eleven new members added! Thanks to all for the submissions!

The LFN Album 2007 has been repaired and is available again in The LFN Songbook.

21 January 2007
Additions: Two reviews, one of the Season 2 DVD Set, the other of the Season 3 DVD Set, have been added, as well as a page on the Chris Heyn book Inside Section One, in Movies, Music, Books, Games.
Also, the screen capture sequence for "Half Life" has been added. Access it from Images or from the Episode Guide or Mission Log entry.

13 January 2007
John Ruch has written an interesting article with an unusual take on the character of Michael entitled "Cherche l'homme: La Femme Nikita and Macho Drag." You can read it HERE.
Fifteen LFN episodes are available in their entirety for viewing at AOL Video/In2TV. They are: "Mother," "Darkness Visible," "Open Heart," "First Mission," "Psychic Pilgrim," "Fuzzy Logic," "Inside Out," "Adrian's Garden," "Love, Honor and Cherish," "Down A Crooked Path," "Hell Hath No Fury," "Kiss the Past Goodbye," "Line in the Sand," "Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate" and "Four Light Years Farther." Be prepared for very long downloads, depending on your system and connection, and may not be available in all regions. (Please let me know.) Click on the banner below to go there now...
On the subject of the song "Unglued" (in the episode "No One Lives Forever), I received this reply from Joel Wachbrit, cowriter with Bob Mare of "Unglued"....
"Glad you like the song. It's one of our favorites as well. The vocalist's name is Jennifer Meller, a relatively unknown but talented artist. She has since moved away from Los Angeles which is sad for us!
As you know, our version of the song is not available commercially, nor are there plans to make it so. We do not have the legal rights with our artists to exploit in this manner. The use on LFN was quite nice though. I'm glad there are many fans who enjoy it.
All the best to you and thanks for your interest."
I found out that Meller was part of the Jenn Beast Band -- an LA band that had several EPs -- prior to (and perhaps during) LFN, but I find no post-LFN intel on her, and, as you can read in the letter, she has left LA. Considering the comment about legal rights, clearly the version of "Unglued" heard on LFN will never be released commercially, so that leaves the Melissa Gibson version (that album, btw, is Under Their Influence), for whatever that's worth.

Additions: La Femme Nikita Ecards are now available. (See main menu, above.)
Joel Surnow's POV has been added to Season 2 in the Episode Guide. (See individual episode pages.)
Valetika (W. Virginia, USA) and Bob (Tennessee, USA) have been added to the Directory.

8 January 2007
Grace provides us with some intel regarding the song "Unglued," which was used in the episode "No One Lives Forever." A new version of the song is available on the album Under Their Influence by Melissa Gibson. (You can find the album at Amazon.) I don't believe Gibson was the original vocalist, but hers is the only commercially-released version, and it sounds very much like the original. I have written one of the song's cowriters for intel on the original vocalist, and will post any response I get. I have also included the lyrics (see below). Thanks, Grace!

Thanks also to Nikita Karimkhani for bringing to my attention the fact that, in "War," Dominic speaks of Nikita's "Persian flaw." In the mission log (and other transcripts I have seen), the comment is erroneously printed as "personal flaw." A discussion of "Persian flaw" is now in the annotated mission log of "War."

Additions: The transcript of "Escape," provided by Elsbeth, is at long last available in Mission Logs.

Check out the LFNForever Album 2007 in the LFN Songbook. I'm using a file-sharing service to provide select tracks from the series. You'll need Windows Media to download those tracks. It's free. These ten tracks are complete songs from a variety of sources. Instructions on how to listen to them are found in the Songbook. Enjoy!

The lyrics to "Unglued" (episode: "No One Lives Forever") have been included in the Songbook, as well.

Eleven entries have been added to the LFN Encyclopedia (Anna, antigen, Bonniere, Bridget, Daniel, Elivra, Erica, Faye, Joan Firestein, Frank, Casey Wellman).

"Back in Black" by David Tagnani has been added to the Archive (2001, Page 1).

4 January 2007
Additions: A few years ago I was interviewed by the good people at Word from Section regarding this website. Now that WFS has apparently closed up shop, I'm including the story in the Archive. It addresses my reasons for creating LFNForever and my long-term goals for the site.

I've completed (less Vol. 2, which I don't seem to have), the Japanese DVD covers located in Images. The larger images contain photos that I consider to be fairly rare (at least relative to the others.)

Marsida (Albania) and Ti (USA) have been added to the Directory.

Coming up next, a new mission log submitted (some time ago) by Elsbeth....

1 January 2007
The renovation is complete. The most obvious changes have occurred in the LFN Fan Directory, which has been brought up to date, and the Episode Guide. Visitors will no longer be bothered with webhost ads and popups. Please note that the site's URL has changed to www.lfnforever.net and the email address for all correspondence is now lfnforever@usa.com. I'll still check the old email address from time to time, but it has been overwhelmed by those Visigoths of cyberspac, the spammers. If you find any broken hyperlinks, let me know -- it will take me a few days to thoroughly review each page for such things.
My focus this year will be on the Mission Logs, the Episode Guide and Season Six. I won't be keeping up with the careers of the LFN stars -- I'll leave that to you. Intel is greatly appreciated. If possible, send me details on your source(s). And if you don't want to be mentioned as contributor, let me know. Otherwise, you'll get the credit.
I want to stress that I don't feel as though this is MY website. It belongs to LFN fans everywhere. So your comments, criticisms and contributions are welcome.
Additions: To get the new year started off right, I've added a Roy Dupuis interview to the Archive (2000, Page 1). And "Les Bourgeois" by Jacques Brel has been added to the Songbook.

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