Intel 2001
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12 September 2001
Updates have been temporarily suspended, at least for a week or two. Writing about Section One and its fictional terrorist enemies is being put on hold, pending the extermination of the vermin who yesterday declared war on the United States.

4 September 2001
The decision by USA to air the U.S. Open tennis tournament in its entirety has wrought havoc on the LFN television schedule, as quite often matches run over the allotted time, with the result that LFN does not appear when scheduled. Until the tournament is over this is likely to continue. Much as we may hate to admit it, USA earns more revenue from the U.S. Open and the paid programming that usually begins at 1 AM (CST) than it does from airing repeats of LFN, so when time constraints require the network to make a choice, LFN will be cut. Whether USA will air the preempted episodes at a later date is unknown at this time.

Additions: The initial 15 "H" entries have been added to the LFN Encyclopedia.

29 August 2001
Chris Heyn's book Inside Section One: The Unofficial Viewer's Guide to La Femme Nikita is supposed to be available in November of this year. Fans were able to preorder it at Close Quarters Standby 4. The independently-published book will retail for $24.95, with 10% of the proceeds to be donated to Camp Pacific Heartland. It will feature cover art by Doug MacRae, the LFN storyboard artist, and will consist of new interviews with cast and crew members, storyline analysis, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, ratings history and a glossary of terms. We'll post more information on the book's progress and on how to order it in the future.

Additions: After an unavoidable delay, we've published 23 new entries in the "G" section of the LFN Encyclopedia. We've also added a Visitors' Comments page linked to "Forced Acquisition," the first episode of Season Six. We're looking forward to many more comments from visitors on the topic of the Season Six project, as we feel your input can only help us improve the season as it goes along.

23 August 2001
You might be interested to know that the National Institute on Media and the Family, a conservative watchdog group, has rated La Femme Nikita unsuitable for viewing by children. Their conclusion, verbatim: "Due to the amount and portrayal of violence, the ability to cause fear, illegal/harmful behavior and disrespectful language, this show is not recommended for children of any age." Apparently, the Institute considers shows like LFN, Friends, N.Y.P.D. Blue and The Drew Carey Show,to name a few, to be public health threats.

Artist Tine Boyanna has created a series of nine striking pieces of cybart based on LFN. You can view all of them by going to our Links and clicking on LFN Cybart by Boyanna. Here's one example:
Additions: Where to begin! We've added a second page of reviews and images for the film Nikita, and six new images from the LFN game, still in development -- and all that's in Movies, Music, Books, Games; Added four new sites -- Section One Role Playing Group, LFN Cybart by Boyanne, A Polish LFN site and another Brutalni Nikita (Czech) -- to Links. Added "LFN Sneaks Up on Playstation 2" in The Archives on the 2001 page. The "Not Was" mission log (transcript) and the Encyclopedia's G entries are almost done and will be published soon!

21 August 2001
Don Francks will have a new CD out soon, entitled "Jazzsongs." His two previous CDs, "The Insanity of One Man" and "Mesa: The Four Directions," are available at the official Don Francks website (www.donfrancks.com).


Additions: Two brand new sections -- Season Six and Memorabilia. In the former we've taken it upon ourselves to continue where the series left off. The first "episode" is now available. We plan to add one every month. We'd like your opinions, so feel free to comment. And if you'd like to contribute to the project, write us, and we'll talk about it. Coming later this week: The "Not Was" mission log and G entries for the Encyclopedia.

18 August 2001
In our never-ending search of the WorldWideWeb for intel on LFN, we came across a curious entry at Half.com: Apparently, an LFN novel was in the works a couple of years ago. The publisher was to be HarperCollins, the author Mel Odom, the price $5.99, with a publication date of January 2000 and the ISBN 0-06102-0125. But the book was never published. We're still trying to find out why.

Additions: Two promo images added to Season Three pages in the Episode Guide; details on "Adrian's Garden" and "End Game" have also been included in the Episode Guide. What we consider an important article on Peta Wilson and LFN, "Peta: La Femme Nikita's Lethal Weapon" from Gear Magazine's Premiere Issue (1998) has been given it's own page in The Archives; we decided not to wait for Gear to get it's website up and running, and transcribed the entire article, then added six images that originally accompanied it in the magazine. We've also added four "Cancellation Notices" on their own page in The Archives. Finally, we've added two new links (Spooky's Nikita Page and LFN: Lovethieves), for a grand total of 100.
We've got some major additions coming, so check back in a couple of days!

15 August 2001
Peta Wilson's property on the Australian coast, acquired several years ago and located in the town of Nana Glen near Coff's Harbor, is adjacent to property owned by Russell Crowe and where he stays much of the time. According to several sources, Wilson and Crowe have struck up a friendship. Both stars are horse lovers. Wilson acquired her place from Crowe's friend, actor Jack Thompson.
Also, latest intel is that the release of the LFN game has been pushed back to sometime in 2002. (Fall 2001 had been previously mentioned.)

Additions: 24 entries have been included under "F" in The LFN Encyclopedia. Three sites have been added to Links Page: Anya's LFN Page (Russian), J9's La Femme Nikita Page, and Michael: Season 4.

13 August 2001
Having finished work on Irish Eyes Are Crying in News Brunswick, Alberta Watson is off to Romania to start work on Wild Dogs, which began filming this month.

Additions: 14 entries have been included under "E" in The LFN Encyclopedia (and several more additions in A through D.) We've also added a page on the LFN crew, complete with a few "behind-the-scenes" photos. These folks deserve to be recognized for making LFN possible. Besides, you can find out who directed or wrote the most episodes, and other fascinating intel. Access this new feature from the bottom of the Cast of Characters page.

11 August 2001
According to a recent survey conducted by La Presse, Roy Dupuis ranks third in the "favorite actor" sweepstakes in his native Quebec, behind only Luc Picard, of the popular TV series "Omerte" and Patrick Huard (Les Boys).

Additions: 31 screen captures have been added to the Episode Guide. Details have been added to "On Borrowed Time" and "Not Was" in the Episode Guide. The press release re: the Infogrames LFN game, due out this Fall, reposes now in The Archives (on the 2001 page.) In answer to a number of queries, we've decided to focus our attention on the LFN Encyclopedia, Episode Guide and Mission Logs before we make a concerted effort to tackle the Fan Fiction Directory. (The "E" entries for the encyclopedia will be done in a day or two.)

9 August 2001
We mentioned previously (see Intel: 18 July 2001) that the first season of LFN episodes are available in Japan. We now have more intel on this matter. The DVDs contain two episodes each, and they are:
"Noise" / "Voices" - (Noise/Shoshitsu)
 "Verdict" / "Gambit" - (Hyoketsu/Sakuryaku)
 "Rescue" / "Brainwashed" - (Dasshutsu/Senno)
 "Missing" / "Mercy" - (Missing/Saishushirei)
"Nikita" / "Friend" - (Assassin tanjo/Yujin)
"Simone" / "Charity" (Shinnyu/Kids)
"Mother" / "Love" - (Mother/Ai)
"Treason" / "Escape" - (Uragiri/Toso)
"Gray" / "Choice" - (Gray, Sentaku)
 "Innocent" / "War" - (Muku/Shito)
"Recruit" / "Obsessed" - (Test/Yuwaku)

The episodes are subtitled. They were released in two batches - on 2.21.01 and 3.17.01. With respect to regional encoding, Japan is Region 2, so you would, we think, need a code-free DVD player if you're in the U.S. (which is Region 1; Europe is Region 2.) The cost per DVD is $32.76 (US) or 20 UK. You can order them online at www.cdjapan.co.jp.
Click HERE if you want to see some of the covers.

Additions: The annotated transcript for "Double Date" is completed. Also added four entries to The Archives -- they're the four ComicSutra links in Miscellaneous (at the bottom of The Archives Index.) If anyone is counting, that makes 88 articles and interviews indexed in that section, thus far.

7 August 2001
More from the "in case you didn't know" department: At the Lights, Camera, Auction charity auction held October 6-17, 1999 in Toronto, the top item (in terms of money bid) was a one day visit to the set of LFN. A whopping $19,200 CDN was bid. The second highest bid was $8,100 CDN for a day shadowing Laurie Drew, LFN's costume designer. Eugene Robert Glazer raised $1,400 CDN for a coke can he auctioned off himself, and an LFN crew jacket signed by the cast went for $1,200 CDN. Four other LFN items made the auction's Top 25 Item list: Michael's mission pants ($1,200 CDN), Nikita's red leather jacket ($1,000 CDN), Operation's blazer ($800 CDN) and Nikita's leather motorcycle pants ($650 CDN). A number of people affiliated with LFN attended the auction, including Glazer, Don Francks, Jon Cassar (director), Lindsay Collins and Josh Holliday (aka "the Torture Twins"), Terry Ingram (director), K. Douglas MacRae (storyboard artist), Geoff Murrin (property master and one of "The Goatee Twins"), Jamie Paul Rock (producer), Carlo Rota and Alberta Watson. The auction raised $100,000 CDN for the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program and the Anishnawbe Street Patrol. Here are a couple of pictures:

Carlo Rota, Eugene Robert Glazer & Alberta Watson, K. Douglas MacRae
Additions: We've spent the last two days completely remodeling the Episode Guide, and that included adding over 200 screen captures, for a total of 272 in that section of the site. We've also added a feature so that fans can write their own episode reviews.

5 August 2001
Shame on us for not mentioning it below, but Laurie Drew, LFN costume designer, is working her magic for the Mutant X series.

Additions: 36 "D" entries have been added to The LFN Encyclopedia; another article has been reposed in The Archives, the Randy Baughman piece on the 2000 page; and we've added intel in our LFN TV Schedule (see home page) regarding the airing of episodes around the world.

4 August 2001
Christina Ricci's new film project, Adrenalin, is described as a mixture of La Femme Nikita and Blade Runner. Based on the comic book, Adrenalin is about an orphan girl turned into a human/cyborg killing machine sent on a mission to destroy the U.S.
Meanwhile, LFN producer Jamie Lee Rock is producing Mutant X, a television series spinoff of the popular Marvel comic book. Starring Canadians Victoria Webster, Victoria Pratt, Lauren Lee Smith and Forbes March, Mutant X started filming this summer in Toronto -- specifically, at a studio built at Downsview Airbase (which was used for some LFN exterior shots.) With a 2-season, 44-episode order, the series is being made by Fireworks Entertainment (which also made LFN).

Additions: The page for the Nikita motion picture soundtrack; intel on Nikita creator Luc Besson (see the Nikita movie page -- the internal link is at the bottom); four articles added to The Archives. Several synopses have been added to Fan Fiction Directory A-L, just to show you what we have in mind for that section; also, links to the fanfic sites have been made on A-L. (The D entries for the LFN Encyclopedia should be done tomorrow.)

3 August 200
We have listed the September television schedule (see link at bottom of the home page.) Only 16 LFN episodes will be showing on USA that month, as the network has seen fit not to show LFN on Sundays starting 9/16, and skips a couple of Mondays along the way, as well. Also, we had listed the episode "Not Was" for Sunday, 8/5, but apparently it will not be shown due to the airing of Cannonball Run 2001. Nor does it appear that USA will show "Not Was" at a later date, at least not in this rerun cycle. (But you never know for sure.) Those of you who had hoped to tape the episodes in order, you've been foiled again.

Additions: The mission log (annotated transcript) for "First Mission" is done. We're turning our attention now to the D entries for the LFN Encyclopedia; they should be available in a day or two. Also, five new links have been added, with details.

1 August 2001
Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran of LFN are the executive producers of a new series on Fox this fall entitled Grounded for Life. It stars Kiefer Sutherland as the head of the government's Counter-Terrorist Group who has to prevent the assassination of the president. The most interesting aspect of this series is that the 24 episodes of the first season will all occur in one day, with each episode devoted to one hour. [This series aired in Fall 2002 as 24.]

Additions: The pages with data on the LFN and PONR soundtracks are completed.

31 July 2001
Bridget Fonda has two feature films in the theaters this summer. Kiss the Dragon (co-written by Luc Besson and Jet Li) stars Fonda as a prostitute who becomes embroiled in a deadly conspiracy and Jet Li as a Chinese intelligence officer. The film is described by one reviewer as having a "bit of a Nikita flair." Interestingly, it also features Tcheky Karyo, the Turkish film star who played "Bob" in Nikita -- so it features two Nikita Saga alumni, in addition to the Besson connection. In his review of the film, Joe Leydon says: "Movie buffs may be amused by casting of Karyo, who was the heroine's trainer in producer Besson's La Femme Nikita and Fonda, who played the heroine in latter pic's Americanized remake, Point of No Return." (More like thrilled than amused, really.)

Meanwhile, South of Heaven, West of Hell, a Dwight Yoakam project (he both stars and directs), is described as a "gothic Western" and saw a limited release in June. Bridget's father Peter Fonda also appears in the film, as does Bo Hopkins and Billy Bob Thornton. (Bridget Fonda and Yoakam are currently dating.) The latter film will be released on video in August.

Additions: 45 entries have been included under "C" in the LFN Encyclopedia.

30 July 2001
Back in March, Peta Wilson filmed the pilot for a possible series on NBC. According to costar Scott Cohen, it was tentatively entitled "Fairplay." Wilson plays a criminal investigator in partnership with Cohen's criminal defense attorney. Apparently NBC will not be including "Fairplay" in its Fall lineup. No word yet on when the pilot will be aired.

29 July 2001
There's an online petition you can sign (with comments) which will be sent to Warner Bros. in the near future to demonstrate support for the proposal to produce LFN episodes on DVD. Click HERE to sign it. (This is an external link.)

Additions: Have completed mapping out the episode guide; more details will be added to each episode listing as time goes on. Have completed first annotated transcript ("Mandatory Refusal.") The multilingual messageboard (courtesy of Multicity) is up and running.

28 July 2001
Reports are that Warner Bros. is seriously considering releasing LFN episodes on DVD. WB will be working up financial and marketing models to determine profit projections for such an enterprise. If the project is given the green light, expectations are that the DVDs would be available sometime during the second half of 2002. LFN fans are encouraged to contact WB and voice their support for the project. Mail should be addressed to:
Warner Brothers Video Division
Attn: Marketing Department
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91522

27 July 2001
Pack your swimsuit and sign up for the Nikita Cruise 2002, hosted by the Florida Fans of La Femme Nikita and held January 24-27, 2002 aboard the Carnival Cruise Line ship Fantasy. Don Francks is scheduled to be the special guest. The cruise departs Port Canaveral on 1.24, spends 1.25 at Nassau, and spends 1.26 at sea, arriving back at Port Canaveral on 1.27. Prices range from $340 to $1,300 per person. For more intel on this package, visit www.oversight.org/cruise.html.

The Fantasy. She's 855' long,
has a staff of 920, guest capacity
of 2,056, and a cruising speed of 21 knots
26 July 2001
Additions: In The Archives...Roy Dupuis and Yvonne Scio Entertainment Tonight interview and Bill Brioux's "Femme Fatale" (1996-97, Page 1); also, "USA Reprieves Nikita" by Linda Moss (2000).

25 July 2001
La Femme Nikita was nominated for three Gemini Awards (honoring English language television production in Canada) in 1999: Best Overall Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series (Allen Ormerod, Steve Baine & Daniel Latour, for the episode "Looking for Michael"), Best Costume Design (Laurie Drew), and Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role (Peta Wilson, for the episode "Cat and Mouse.") In 1998 Alberta Watson was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series (for the episode "New Regime"). And in 1997, Peta Wilson was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role, while Nancy Beatty won an award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role in a Dramatic Series for the episode "Rescue."

24 July 2001
"In case you didn't know" department: There was a 1991 Chinese remake of Nikita, entitled Black Cat. Jade Leung plays a Chinese drifter in New York who is "killed" and then resurrected as an assassin for a top-secret government agency. Thomas Yam plays her mentor. The film is available on VHS (with English subtitles.) For more intel, see below...


A review of Black Cat  from Amazon.com
If you thought La Femme Nikita was tough, then you haven't seen Black Cat in action. Shamelessly and aggressively ripped off from the sleek French action classic, this outrageous Hong Kong action melodrama stars Jade Leung as a surly, hot-headed Chinese drifter in New York (actually Vancouver, Canada, subbing for the U.S. location). After killing a couple of macho trucker slimeballs and a cop in a brutal, bloody fight at a roadside diner, she's "killed" by a mystery man and reborn as a stealth assassin for a super-secret high-tech government agency. Director Stephen Shin goes for broke in a series of bizarre action scenes, but none tops the protagonist's graduation exercise, an outrageous assassination at a Jewish wedding that explodes into gang warfare when every guest suddenly pops up armed with semiautomatic weapons. That kind of logic guides the entire film: Leung's character is never told why, only who, and she slickly takes out her heavily guarded targets with everything from ice bullets to steel girders. Leung pouts and sneers her way through her film debut, all attitude and sass even when she falls in love with gentle environmentalist Thomas Lam (who wins her heart with his syrupy harmonica playing). Simon Yam (the suave assassin of Bullet in the Head) plays her sensitive but steely mentor, secretly in love with the woman he plunges into heady mind games. Leung returns in Black Cat II: The Assassination of President Yeltsin, an even more insane action logic-bomb. --Sean Axmaker

We've got recent intel on the upcoming La Femme Nikita game; check the Games page in Movies, Music, Books, Games. Gallery Three has been opened in Images.

23 July 2001
We're behind the curve on this one, but it's so interesting a possibility that we have to make note of it. As per a January news brief at Cinema Confidential, Peta Wilson was a frontrunner for the role of the villain in Terminator 3. Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly said that "Peta Wilson is a strong candidate." Filming was set to start this Spring, and as we've heard nothing more of this, we may have to assume that someone else got the job. If anyone has further intel on this subject, please let us know.

22 July 2001
Jean Reno, who played Victor the Cleaner in the La Femme Nikita film, has started work on a new movie, Wasabe, described as a cop drama with a comedic touch. The  screenplay was penned by Luc Besson and the filming will be done in Paris, Rokyo and Kyoto. In a recent interview, Reno was asked what he thought of Harvey Keitel's performance as The Cleaner in Point of No Return. "I haven't seen the movie," replied Reno. Because I've done Nikita I'm not going to see that. Going to see the remake of Nikita means going to have a comparison and what does it mean? It means I want to see if you're better than myself? No, no. Forget it." Reno is perhaps best known for his starring role in the film The Professional. He has also appeared in Mission: Impossible and Ronin.

21 July 2001
Roy Dupuis is set to star in The Last Chapter, a six-hour mini-series also featuring Michael Ironside, Frank Schorpion and Marina Orsini (with whom Dupuis starred in Les Filles de Caleb ten years ago.) The $10 million production will be aired on CBC Television (English) and Radio-Canada (French.) Ironside is cast as the boss of an Ontario outlaw biker gang, while Dupuis plays his former friend turned rival. Dupuis says he agreed to the project because the script is written by Luc Dionne, who wrote Omerta, a highly regarded and very popular mob series. Filming of The Last Chapter is slated to begin in July, and the program will air early in 2002. More intel is available below...

The Last Chapter

Michael Ironside, Roy Dupuis, Marina Orsini and Frank Schorpion star in this raw, testosterone-fueled, six-hour mini-series about the world of bikers that is practically ripped from the headlines. The Last Chapter is a carefully researched dramatization about a sub-culture that is as complex as it is brutal, fascinating and repellant.

The Triple Sixers is one of the largest outlaw biker gangs in the world. Its business is loansharking, prostitution and drugs. The gang's domain stretches from Halifax to Vancouver, with one important exception - they have no chapter in Ontario. Zip O'Connors, head of Montreal's Triple Sixers Chapter, is determined to move the gang into Ontario. Michael Ironside plays Champagne, the man picked by O'Connors to spearhead the campaign to take over the province.

Champagne sees the advantage of joining the Triple Sixers, but his lifelong partner and friend, Ross Desbiens, does not. They make a secret deal - while Champagne establishes the Triple Sixers chapter, Desbiens will organize all gangs opposed to the Sixers. The territory will be divided, the members will stay in line and the two men will share the profits.

But their carefully conceived plan falters. The murders begin and it becomes clear that Champagne and Desbiens can't control the bloodshed. Their longtime friendship begins to shatter as hostilities mount and the circle of killings comes very close to home in an all-out biker war.

In a bizarre convergence, both the police and the tradition-minded Mafia greet the mounting hostilities with alarm. Each in their own way, and each for their own reasons, struggles to keep a lid on the warfare that threatens to spill from the back streets onto main street, catching innocent citizens and "honest businessmen" in the crossfire.

The Last Chapter, set in Toronto and Montreal, looks at the world of outlaw biker gangs from the inside - portraying the strict codes of behaviour and the hierarchies behind them with unprecedented clarity. The story takes us into the homes of the men and their families, as well as their clubhouses, the bars where the drugs are sold and the streets where their victims are dying.

20 July 2001
130 of the prerecorded songs used in all five LFN seasons are available on one MP3 format CD ($10) or nine stereo-readable CD's ($50). Go to http://members.aol.com/ gifts4anyone/lfnmusic.html to check out the offer  -- and then someone write and let us know about the quality of this merchandise.

19 July 2001
Alberta Watson is currently in New Brunswick filming Irish Eyes Are Crying, which costars Daniel Baldwin. The film examines the relationship between two Irish-American brothers, one who becomes a U.S. attorney and the other an associate of the Irish Mob. Hedwig and the Angry Inch premiered in New York City on July 17; Watson plays Hedwig's mother. The film is directed by star James Cameron Mitchell, and is about a drag queen-rocker who tours the U.S.

Meanwhile, Don Francks will appear in an Italian movie, My Name is Tanino, which was filmed in Toronto. Francks plays Chinawsky, an aging, revolutionary filmmaker. The film is scheduled for release in 2002.

18 July 2001
Peta Wilson was a special guest at the Moscow International Film Festival, June 21-28. She has also finished filming Joe and Max, which will appear on STARZ in March 2002. (See Cast of Characters: Peta Wilson for more intel on the film.)

Roy Dupuis made an appearance June 15 at the Defi-Vision Race held at the Granby Autodrome outside Montreal. The race features blind drivers and raises funds for the Mira Foundation, a charity Dupuis has long supported, and which funds seeing-eye dogs for the blind.

The first season of LFN is available on DVD in Japan. There are two episodes on each DVD, which cost approximately $33 each.

And, just in case you wanted to see what Matthew Ferguson looks like with hair, here's a capture from Love and Human Remains (1993)...

17 July 2001
Sean Callery, who composed the original music for the LFN TV series, reported in early 2001 that his CD of selections from all five seasons was completed. Reports are that it was available to those fortunate enough to attend the Close Quarters Standby convention in Florida (for $20 US). However, it seems the CD is not available to the general public. We've heard that only a thousand were made, and that the CD (hereafter known as the Limited Edition LFN CD) contained a "mission profile" synopsis of the episode from which each piece of music came. Callery was a special guest at the CSQ4.

Here are the track listings...
New Like (1:14)
"Get Over It" (2:58)
Defection (3:17)
Swinging Cages (2:16)
"Push The Button, Nikita" (3:31)
Saying Goodbye" (5:19)
"Everything Happened So Fast" (2:10)
Bathtub For Two (1:36)
Lab Nerds (3:51)
Leaving Paris (2:40)
Searching For Michael (2:33)
Waterfront Shootout (2:13)
Reunited (5:09)
Nikita Contacting The Spirit World (1:21)
"Always Trust Your Father" (3:45)
Michael And Nikita's Love Theme (7:04)