Intel 2003
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30 November 2003
Oxygen Network has placed LFN on a "temporary hiatus" and have sent assurances that the series will return to the schedule some time in 2004.

Additions: The December TV Appearances for the LFN stars, as well as the December 2003 LFNForever calendar, are now up on the Home page.

1 November 2003
First Team has been in contact with Warner Home Video and, apparently, the Season 2 DVDs are scheduled for release in Summer 2004 (end of June or early July). Thanks for the intel, AZ! And James from Blackpool, England reports that Season 4 is being aired again on the UK's Channel 5, with the first episode showing at 11:40 PM on Tuesday, October 28.

Additions: The TV Schedule and November TV Appearances for the LFN stars are up on the Home page. Also, the November 2003 LFNForever calendar is available (Home).

18 October 2003
Wesley Britton's Spy Television, an analysis of spy series, including LFN, is due out in January 2004. Danny Biederman, writer/director of Hollywood SpyTek, calls Spy Television a "wonderfully comprehensive examination of the numerous spies who have passed through our living rooms over the decades...." Chapter 13 is entitled "The Return of Fantasy and the Dark Nights of Spies: The X-Files, La Femme Nikita, and the New Millennium."

Additions: Set 2 of LFN Locations is now published (in Images).....Dusty Saunders' "Farewell Nikita, This Bond's For You" article has been added to the Archives (2000, Page 2).

15 October 2003
According to First Team, representatives of Warner Home Video are guardedly optimistic that a Season 2 DVD set is now feasible. However, no official release date is, as yet, being announced.

Additions: Season 4 has been added to the New Episode Guide; Believe it or not, I'm still waiting for the first guest review of an episode!....Glenn Abel's Hollywood Reporter review of the Season 1 DVD Set and the MGM special edition DVD of the 1990 film (Movies, Music, Books, Games: Season 1 DVD Box Set).....An article, "Dupuis Happy Chez Lui Again," has been added to The Archive (2001, Page 2).

11 October 2003
Additions: "No Limit," by Cynthia Fuchs, a review of the MGM Special Edition DVD of 1990's La Femme Nikita, in Movies, Music, Books, Games: Nikita: Reviews. (Or click HERE and scroll to bottom of page.).....Peta Wilson reflects on her LFN experiences in a new article, "Lady and Gentlemen" (The Archive: Miscellaneous).

8 October 2003
Estee Lauder's commercial for its new fragrance, Beyond Paradise, debuted in more than 10,000 movie theaters nationwide in September. It was directed by Luc Besson, "Nikita"'s creator, and featured supermodel Carolyn Murphy and a song from Madonna's American Life album.

This time last year, Edward Woodward (LFN's "Mr. Jones") was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I'm happy to report that, following radiotherapy, he has been given a clean bill of health, and intends to resume his distinguished acting career.

Sean Callery, composer for LFN and 24, composed the score for EA's new Bond game, Everything or Nothing.

Additions: As the name might suggest, a new section, LFN Pop Culture, documents references to LFN, demonstrating the extent to which the show has insinuated itself into our cultural vocabulary.

7 October 2003
Word is out on an LFN messageboard that, according to Jon Cassar (who directed a number of LFN episodes and now works on 24) that the Season 2 DVD Set is a definite "go" and that negotiations are under way for the remaining seasons. There is, as yet, no confirmation of this from Warner Home Video, or any reliable second source.

Also according to Cassar, a part has been written into the third season of 24 for Roy Dupuis -- a character reputedly named "Michael." Whether Dupuis has actually agreed to guest star on 24 is not yet known.

Congratulations to Sean Callery, who recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series. Callery, who wrote the original music for LFN, now does likewise for 24. LFN fans have known for years that Callery is a remarkably talented composer, and it's good to know that this talent is being recognized by the "establishment."

Additions: A (belated) October LFNForever Calendar is now available for you to download. (Home).....An article -- "Nikita Series is Delicious, Action-filled Eye Candy" has been added to 1996-1997, Page 1 in The Archive.

2 October 2003
Alberta Watson earned a Gemini nomination -- the Gemini is the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy -- for her performance in the recent film Chasing Cain: Face. She has also netted a recurring role in the Canadian series, The Newsroom.

Additions: Oxygen's entire October schedule for LFN (and don't miss the Saturday marathon later in the month), and the October TV Appearances for the LFN stars are available (Home).

26 August 2003
Beginning September 23, Oxygen is moving LFN to a weekday morning slot -- 9 AM (EST).....For non-U.S. and Canadian fans of LFN, it has come to my attention that the S1 DVD set does NOT include RCE's (a "bug" inserted into some Region 1 DVDs to prevent them from playing on code-free players). I should point out, though, that while this means you should be able to play the S1 DVDs on a code-free player, you cannot play them on a Region/Code 2 (EU) player.

Additions: September TV Appearances for the LFN stars is available (Home).....Have added Oxygen's entire September schedule for LFN (Home).

25 August 2003
The latest news from First Team, always a source of reliable intel, is that Warner Home Video has taken Season 2 off their release schedule. At least for the time being. If the sales figures for Season 1 improve, Season 2 may yet be released, but as of now, those sales have been below WHV's expectations.

Additions: Two new Fan Fiction entries have been added -- Frek's "Unlikely Motherhood" (complete) and Kristine's "Undying Love" (incomplete).....TV Schedule has been updated (Home).

14 August 2003
Yvonne Scio,who played Lisa Fanning in two LFN episodes ("Obsessed" and "Double Date") stars as a private investigator on the daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Her first appearance occurred on Tuesday, August 7.....Kris Lemche ("Greg Hillinger") plays God in Joan of Arcadia, a new drama in the fall lineup for CBS. (It premieres 9.26.) [Thanks to Eddie for this intel!]

Additions: Added four new reviews (Houston, Holm, Landmann & Sullivan) to the Season 1 DVD Set page (Movies, Music, Books, Games).....Added four images to the screen capture sequence for "Double Date,", as well as four for the "First Mission" sequence, six for the "Mother" sequence, and five for the "Charity" sequence (Images).
LFN Songbook adds (including audio samples):
["High Energy Protons," Juno Reactor; "Immobile," Autour de Lucie; "We Never Change," Coldplay]

10 August 2003
The website for Area 23, the sci-fi pilot film starring Eugene Glazer, is now more accessible. IMDb lists the TV movie as in-production with a release date for November 2003, but I have no verification on that, or any other reliable intel at this time.

Additions: A lengthy abridgement of Professor Laura Grindstaff's "A Pygmalion Tale Retold: Remaking La Femme Nikita" is now available in The Archive.....The screen capture sequence for "All Good Things" is up in Images.....Added links to the two LFN Usenet groups (Links).....Updated TV Schedule (Home).

1 August 2003
Alberta Watson is keeping busy. The pilot episode for her new series, 1-800-Missing, is set to air on Lifetim Network August 2 at 10 PM (EST). In addition, she has completed work on the film My Brother's Keeping and will soon begin filming Some Things That Stay.

Additions: New Fan Fiction -- Vashti's "A Price For All Things" is available for your reading pleasure.....30-second audio samples of the following have been added to The LFN Songbook: "Modern Crusaders," Enigma; "# 1 Crush," Garbage; "Path To The Invisible," Pilgrimage; "Red," Sister Machine Gun; "Release," Afro Celt Sound System; "Silicone," Mono; "Skin Against Skin," DJ Krush featuring Deborah Anderson; "Smack My Bitch Up," Prodigy; "Spies," Coldplay; "Standing Around Crying," Big Sugar.....The August 2003 LFNForever Calendar is available for download (Home).....The TV Schedule has been updated (Home).

27 July 2003
Still no news from Warner Home Video re: a decision whether to proceed with a Season 2 DVD Set. According to one source, WHV says sales of the Season 1 set are below expectations, while another source claims Season 2 is a sure thing. In a matter of weeks we should know, one way or the other.

For the second year in a row, Sean Callery -- who scored the original music for LFN -- has been nominated for an Emmy for his work on 24. The nomination was announced on July 17; the awards program will be televised September 21.

Additions: Several more reviews of the Season 1 DVD Set have been added; click HERE to read them.....Have brought the LFN Fan Directory up-to-date; thanks for all the great submissions!..... Updated the TV Schedule and the August TV Appearances for the stars (Home).....Season 3 in the NEW Episode Guide format is now available.

15 July 2003
LFN fans might want to check out a new A&E series called MI-5, a BBC and A&E co-production; the eight-episode Season 1 will premiere on Tuesday, 7.22 at 10 PM (EST). The show focuses on a team of counter-terrorist specialists known as Section B.

The Amazon sales ranking for the LFN Season 1 DVD Box Set has gone from #106 (6.24.03) to #11 (7.9.03) and, as of today, stands at #34. By all accounts, Amazon.com is very pleased with the sales. (Hopefully, Warner Bros. will be, as well.)

Additions: Ten new articles/interviews have been added to The Archive, ranging from a 1996 UltimateTV interview with Peta Wilson to Luane Lee's 2001 article, "Peta Wilson Prefers Raw Acting" in a January 2001 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal.....Two interesting reviews of the recent release have been added to the page devoted to the LFN Season 1 DVD Box Set.....Also added ten audio files in The LFN Songbook ["Hanging On A Curtain," Morphine; "Hey Man Nice Shot," Filter; "I Feel Free," Creem; "I Love You," Sarah MacLachlan; "Jersey Girl," Holly Cole; "Leave You Far Behind," Lunatic Calm; "Life In Mono," Mono; ""Living Dead Girl," Rob Zombie; "Loaded Gun," Hednoize; "The Love Thieves," Depeche Mode.].....Also, retooled the Greeting Cards, adding several new images.

13 July 2003
It's been a few days shy of two years since LFNForever! was launched, and on Wednesday, 7.9, the 100,000th visitor dropped by. I want to thank all the LFN fans out there who've seen fit to visit this site, with a special thanks to those who've offered compliments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. Your feedback is very important, and helps tremendously in the never-ending effort to improve LFNForever! I have a lot more to add in the years to come -- and I'm hoping for more imput from all of you. Thanks again!

I don't know about you, but I've received the Season 1 DVD Box Set. If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions regarding the set and the features it contains, please email me and I'll add what you say to the page devoted to the set (see below). (Will also be adding various "professional" reviews of the set as they come along.) You never know -- maybe someone at Warner Home Video will read your comments and take them to heart.

Additions: Created a link from Movies, Music, Books, Games to the page devoted to the LFN Season 1 DVD Box Set.....In The Archive I've added the December 2000 USA interviews with the principal stars to onsite pages, cleaning up the texts of the original transcripts and adding some images, as well; also added images to the Michelle Green and Laura Ng essays and justified all the article texts to the left, per the request of numerous visitors who have correctly asserted that it is easier to read them that way.....Consolidated the gateways to the Classifieds and Greeting Cards with the LFNForever Polls on one page, and introduced a new feature, the Timeline, sort of a "history of LFN" at a glance.....In the Episode Guide, the first half of Season 3 is available in the new format.....Have done cosmetic surgery on numerous other pages; probably only frequent visitors to the site will notice, and they're too numerous, or trivial, to mention here.

7 July 2003
Ads for the LFN Season 1 DVD Box Set have been spotted in the following magazines: Cinescape, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and GQ. If anyone finds an ad in another publication, please let me know. Also, television ads have been spotted on FOX and USA. Oxygen has scheduled a six-hour LFN mini-marathon for Friday, 7.11. (see TV Schedule.)
Also, here's something I received from Oxygen...

Nikita fans! July 7 12 on Oxygen, 50 winners will receive a deluxe edition 6-disc DVD collector's set loaded with enhanced features of all 22 episodes of La Femme Nikita: The Complete First Season.

Enter to Win (http://oxygen.com/contest/nikita/). Then tune in to the Nikita Marathon starting Friday, July 11 at 11am/10C only on Oxygen!

Additions: Updated TV Schedule (Home).....The July LFNForever Calendar is available; feel free to reproduce it for your own use (Home).

29 June 2003
More great intel from "T":
Peta Wilson appears in a special on The History Channel entitled "Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked." (She introduces the program and also makes some concluding remarks.) The two-hour program initially aired 6.23 and again on 6.29. But if you've missed it, don't worry -- it will air again on the following dates: Monday, July 7, 9 PM (CST), Tuesday, July 8, 1 AM (CST), and Thursday, July 10 at 7 PM and again at 11 PM (CST).

Word is that Warner Bros. may make a decision regarding whether to release Season 2 of LFN on DVD 10-14 days after the Season 1 DVD Box Set hits the shelves (July 8). Warner Home Video (WHV) will be airing commercials re: the Season 1 set on Oxygen as well as on such syndicated series as Stargate. Click HERE to read the WHV press release re: the set.

Additions: Updated the TV Schedule (Home).....Created a new page for the Warner Home Video press release re: the Season 1 DVD Set (see above for link).....As requested by a number of visitors, I've added a table listing the TV appearances of the six principal LFN stars (Home, below the LFNForever Calendar.) I'll update it monthly.....In the LFN Songbook, audio samples have been added to "Fear and Love," "Fire and Roses," "Gorecki" and "Gun".

23 June 2003
Here's some first-rate intel just in from James in England:
Maxwell Caulfield, who played Helmut Volker ("Man In The Middle" and "Love,Honor And Cherish"),will join BBC1's "Casualty" from September playing paediatrician Jim Brodie. He will join another LFN guest star Simon MacCorkindale (Alec Chandler in "Charity") who joined the show last year. (Thanks very much, James!).

Also, from "T" comes word of a half-page ad for the La Femme Nikita (1990) Special Edition DVD in this month's American GQ magazine, page 107. The copy reads "The Most Perfect Assassin Looks Nothing Like One." and shows the well-known blue lit pic of Nikita looking off-scene, pistol in hand. As T says, it's "very cool to see LFN getting some play in a mainstream mag." I couldn't agree more. (Thanks, T.)

As it's vacation time, only the TV Schedule has been updated this week...

Additions: TV Schedule Updated (Home).

15 June 2003
The original (1991) La Femme Nikita will air on BRAVO on the following dates and at the listed times (EST): 6.27 (Fri) @ 11 PM, 6.29 (Sun) @ 9 PM, 6.30 (Mon) @ 2 AM and 4 PM. Meanwhile, several Alberta Watson films are being aired this month, including Deeply (2000) on Lifetime (6.24 @ 11:30 PM and 6.25 @ 2:45 PM, Sweet Angel Mine (1996) on Cinemax (6.29 @4:30 AM, and Hackers (1995), which is scheduled on Showtime and Showtime 2 numerous times -- check your local guide. Catch Don Francks in 1968's Finian's Rainbow on Turner Classic Movies (Mon., 6.23 @ 5:30 PM.

You can see Lawrence Bayne in his recurring role as "Victor Pearson" in the NBC series Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. Filming of the second season is underway. Check your local guide for airtimes. [many thanks to Clear for the intel.] Also, Oxygen has once again tinkered with the scheduling of LFN episodes this week, so be sure to check the TV Schedule (Home).

Additions: Two new additions to The Archive, both early critical assessments of LFN (Jan. 1997) -- John Levesque's "Nikita: She's Just Your Kinder, Gentler Assassin" and "The Knock on Nikita: She Does What She's Told," by Ted Cox.....Added more audio samples to the LFN Songbook ("Beyond The Invisible," "Big Exit," "Big Mistake," "Blood Red," "Burn," "(Can't You Trip) Like I Do," "Chinese Burn," "Cun Lacoudhir," "Death By Moonlight," "Do What You Have To Do," "Enough Love" and "Evidence").....Season 2 is now available only in the Episode Guide.....Updated TV Schedule (Home).

LFN Encyclopedia adds:
[clearance one, monolux disk, multichannel transmitter, remote cell team, remote interrogation, retrieval team, St. Petersburg, tracking module]

8 June 2003
At right -- an advertisement found in the June issue of Cinescape. You can catch Doug O'Keeffe (who played hitman David Fanning in "Obsessed" and "Double Date") in the WB series Tarzan and Jane on Sunday nights this fall. Christopher Bolton, who played Benjamin Kruger in "Outside the Box" is a regular on Showtime's drama Street Time, which also features Don Franks in a recurring role; Street Time airs Wednesday nights; Season 2 is scheduled to premiere August 2.

Additions: In The Archive, Tim Goodman's "This Nikita Sure Packs Heat" (1996-97, Page 1) has been added.....The first half of Season 2 has been reformatted and included in the new Episode Guide.....Added 30 more images to the "Love" screen capture sequence and 9 more to the "War" screen capture sequence in Images.....Updated the television schedule (Home).....Added 30-second audio samples (Windows Media) to the LFN Songbook's A List.

LFN Songbook adds:
["Night Of The King Snake," Big Rude Jake....."Spies," Coldplay]

1 June 2003
Gordon MacRae, LFN's storyboard artist, has launched a new website featuring his Anubis and Friends cartoon series. Visit it weekly for a new strip, at

Also, the June edition of The Word From Section is now available (click HERE); this month's edition features intel on the upcoming LFN event, "Viva Las Vegas" (2-6 Oct. 2003), an interview with Vincent Corrazzo, who played the formidable Boris Tyco in "I Remember Paris", as well as plenty of other LFN-related information. And, last but not least, Jeanne Moreau, who played Amande in the 1990 French film Nikita was awarded the Palme D'Or for her lifetime achievements. at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

Additions: The TV Schedule has been updated (Home) -- be aware that Oxygen has drastically changed its schedule re: LFN.....The June 2003 LFNForever Calendar is up (Home) for you to download to your screensaver, desktop, etc.....The notes on "Darkness Visible" have been added to the "Old" Episode Guide, while the rest of Season 1 has been completed; Season 1 is now available only in the "New" Episode Guide.....Three additions to The Archive: Tom Shales' "What USA's La Femme Nikita Lacks In Stars It Has In Pizazz" (1996-97, Page 2), Kinney Littlefield's "Review of Season Premiere of La Femme Nikita" (1998, Page 3), and Larry Bonko's "Back With Guns Blazing, Nikita Promises A Plot Twist Or Two In Its Third Season" (1999, Page 1).....So far, The LFN Encyclopedia's K thru Z entries have been reformatted (and the new format contains some images).

LFN Songbook adds:
["Hey Man Nice Shot," Filter....."Working For The Man," P.J. Harvey]

25 May 2003
LFN alumni on 24: Apart from Eugene Robert Glazer, who has appeared in Episodes 20 (3-4 AM ) and 24 ( 7-8 AM), several other actors familiar to LFN fans have played roles in Season 2 of Fox Network's hit drama 24. Harris Yulin, who starred as Gregor Kessler in "Gambit", showed up in Episodes 6 (1-2 PM) through 13 (8-9 PM) as well as Episode 21 (4-5 AM); Tobin Bell, who played Perry Bauer in "Love", appeared in Episodes 19 (2-3 AM), 20 (3-4 AM), 23 (6-7 AM) and 24 (7-8 AM); and Peter Outerbridge, who played Roger in "Treason", appeared in Episode 19 (2-3 AM). 24 was created by LFN vets Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran and numerous episodes have been directed by Jon Cassar.

Additions: Updated TV Schedule (Home).....Added Gallery Six to Images, and also added five new images to each of the previous five galleries (with much more to come).....Several more Season 1 episodes have been reformatted in the NEW Episode Guide, and more progress has been made in reformatting the LFN Encyclopedia (working from back to front with the alphabet.)

LFN Encyclopedia adds:
[Advanced digital sensor system.....breach indicator.....the bunker.....CICL.....Felice.....Hector Jiminez..... Lifeguard.....mole.....Par Epistemen Taksis.....Philo.....Gustav Pogue.....psych file..... psychotropic agent.....quiet-filed.....Scar Man.....Shadow Brigade.....shadow recruitment......Spec Ops.....Tatyana.....Venchik.....wrap sheets]

22 May 2003
Thanks to 'Je Suis Reine', who made the initial proposal, the 118th Modern Language Association, scheduled for December 27-30, 2003 in San Diego, will feature a special session entitled "Virtual Communities: La Femme Nikita, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Related Fandemonia."

Additions: More progress has been made on the new Episode Guide, with my reviews of "Treason," "Escape" and "Rescue" added and episodes 1 through 11 now in the new format.....The screen capture sequence for "Deja Vu All Over Again" is up in Images.....I've made a page for Black Cat, the 1991 Hong Kong remake of Nikita, in Movies, Music, Books, Games.

LFN Songbook adds:
["Big Exit," P.J. Harvey....."Enough Love," Mandalay]

18 May 2003
The June 2003 issue of Starlog contains an article focusing on Peta Wilson's role as Mina Harker in the upcoming feature film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

In other news, the LFN Season 1 DVD box set will contain the following extras: Disc 1 will have commentary on Episode 101/"Nikita" as well as cancelled scenes with optional commentary; Discs 2 and 3 contain more cancelled scenes with optional commentary; Disc 4 contains commentary on Episode 122/"Mercy", more cancelled scenes with optional commentary, and special features entitled "Section One Declassified: The Making of La Femme Nikita" and "The Chair."

Additions: As you can see, I've renovated the entire site, removing the frames, which tend to cause problems for visitors using certain systems; this was something I was forced to do now due to a glitch in my web-building software, but I think, overall, it's an improvement. I made some needed changes and additions along the way; for instance, there are about 30 new images in Cast of Characters, including a "rogue's gallery" of memorable villains.....I've begun to revamp the Episode Guide to give each episode it's own page; this will take a couple of weeks, but you can access the new guide or continue to use the old until the former is completed.....In The Archives, Marvin Kitman's "Surviving a Femme Fatality" (2001, Page 2).....In Movies, Music, Books, Games I've added five galleries of images to the portion devoted to the original French film, Nikita (click HERE).....My notes on "All Good Things" have been added to the Episode Guide.....Updated the TV Schedule.

12 May 2003
Lifetime has ordered 13 episodes of 1-800-Missing, a drama series starring Gloria Reuben and Alberta Watson. The series will debut in the Fall. Reuben plays a detective who teams up with a psychic, played by Watson. Correction: I had previously reported that UK Channel 5 would begin airing LFN's Season 5 on Wednesday, May 14. "Deja Vu All Over Again" is set to air Thursday, May 15.

Additions: The long-overdue third installment of Season Six, "Under the Wire", is available..... Made a page for reviews of the Point of No Return, to which have been added two critical assessments (the L.A. Times' Kenneth Turan and The Washington Post's Hal Hinson) as well as an extended excerpt from an interview of Bridget Fonda by Hilary de Vries, in Movies, Music, Books, Games, or click HERE....Updated TV Schedule (Home).....A warm welcome to five new additions to the LFN Directory.

4 May 2003
In the UK, Channel 5 WILL be airing LFN's Season 5, beginning Thursday, 15 May, at 8 PM.

Additions: Diana Maychick's "A French She-Wolf in Fox's Clothing," a review of the 1990 Nikita film, in Movies, Music, Books, Games (or click HERE) and Jeff Graham's piece, "Nikita Star Wilson is Cable's Hit Woman" in The Archive (1999, Page 3).....Updated the TV Schedule (Home)....In Episode Guide, my notes on "Beyond the Pale" are done.
LFN Songbook adds:
["Cun Lacoudhir," Rhea's Obsession....."Evidence," Tara McLean....."Last Playboy Interview," Merlin....."Red," Sister Machine Gun....."Woman," In The Nursery]

1 May 2003
On July 1, MGM is releasing a special edition DVD of Luc Besson's film, La Femme Nikita. Although there is no commentary from Besson, the DVD will include a "The Sound of Nikita" featurette, a "Revealed: The Making of La Femme Nikita" featurette, poster and still galleries, and a theatrical trailer. It also includes a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer as well as French and English DD 5.1 soundtracks.

Additions: An abridged version of Laura Ng's "'The Most Powerful Weapons You Have': Warriors and Gender in La Femme Nikita" from the new compilation Athena's Daughters, is available in The Archive.....The screen capture sequence for "Kiss the Past Goodbye" is up in Images.....The LFNForever May 2003 calendar is available (Home) for copying to your screensaver, etc.

27 April 2003
Happy (belated) birthday to Roy Dupuis (21 April), who turned 40.

The April edition of The Word From Section newsletter is now available at www.savelfn.org/wordfromsection.htm. This month's issue contains intel on the 2003 Foundation MIRA Charity Event -- the foundation is one of Mr. Dupuis' charities of choice, and he will be involved in the event -- which is scheduled for June 13-15 in Quebec. See The Word From Section for more details. Also in the issue: a lot of info on the Season 1 DVD set, the Carlo Rota Message Board, and on what Matthew Ferguson is up to these days.

The Lights, Camera, Auction -- Take 6 annual charity/fan event has been scheduled for September 19-21 in Toronto, Quebec.

Additions: Four new additions in The Archive -- "Fans Win Back La Femme Nikita--For Now" (2001, Page 2); "No Longer Down Under" (1996-97, Page 3); "New Nikita Makes Name For Itself" (1996-97, Page 3); and "Peta Wilson, TV Commando..." (1998, Page 3).....Updated TV Schedule (Home).....The transcript for "Sleeping With the Enemy" is available in Mission Logs.....My notes on "Walk On By", in Episode Guide.
LFN Encyclopedia adds:
[Amanda, Angela, Fahd Bahktiar, Bob, Claudia Dorne, Margaret Hayward, Johnny D, J.P., Kaufman, Maggie, Nina, Oaklawn Cemetery, Victor -- all from the film Point of No Return.]

23 April 2003
Roy Dupuis earned a MetroStar Award for his portrayal of "Ross Desbiens" in The Last Chapter miniseries -- a role he has reprised in the recently aired sequel. Speaking of awards, did you know that Matthew Ferguson has been nominated for three Genie Awards (Canada's equivalent of the Oscar), for his roles in the films Love & Human Remains, Eclipse and Lilies (Les Fleurettes). Ferguson has recently appeared in the Sci Fi Cannel original movie Cube 2: Hypercube.

Additions: Parts III and IV of Wendy's fanfic, Too High A Price To Pay?, is now available in Fan Fiction.....Have completely renovated The Archive for faster loading, since I have a backlog of over 50 articles (including a very long essay and a book excerpt) to add in the near future. Stay tuned.

LFN Encyclopedia adds:
[Bob, Christian, The Cleaner, Marie Clement, Marco, Maisons-Alfort, Marie-Helene, Maurice, Rico, S1, Titi, Victor, Zap -- all from the 1990 French film Nikita.]

20 April 2003
Once again, the Mutant X episode guest-starring Gene Glazer is set to air on May 12. Perhaps it's not surprising considering that Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran are involved in the current hit television drama 24 that familiar faces from LFN continue to crop up in episodes of that series. Mostly recently, there was Tobin Bell ("Love") and Peter Outerbridge ("Treason"). Meanwhile, Nigel Barrett (who played Petrosian in "Rescue" and "new Regime" recently appeared on Mutant X, whuile Chris Lemcke (Greg Hillinger in numerous LFN episodes) landed a role in a recent episode of Dragnet.

I rarely feel compelled to recommend a film to fellow LFN fans, but I must do that for Bangkok: Dangerous (2000), a visually stunning and stylish action-packed adventure film by the brothers Oxide and Danny Pang. Thai actor Palawit Mongkolpisit portrays Kong, a deaf mute forged into the perfect assassin. Without dialogue, Palawit manages to create a sympathetic character out of a cold-blooded killer. The plot is traditional -- Kong is nearly "rescued" from his grim vocation by the love of a beautiful girl, but when she discovers his secret, and spurns him, he embarks on what amounts to a suicide mission to destroy those who killed his best friend and mentor. Currently available in the US and Canada with English subtitles.

Additions: Updated Television Schedule (Home).....Completed the renovation of the images in The Episodes.....The screen capture sequence for "Charity" is available in Images.....Added two articles -- Kevin Allman's "La Femme Nikita Gets Asylum in Beverly Hills" and Michael Wilmington's "Nikita: A Thriller With a Feminine Twist" to the archive of Film & DVD Reviews for the original Nikita movie (Movies, Music, Books, Games, or click HERE).
LFN Songbook adds:
["All Dressed Up For San Francisco," Philosopher Kings; "All Of The Important Things I've Done," Tristan Psionic; "Expression of Loneliness," Moon Socket; "Jersey Girl," Holly Cole; "Lamb," Gorecki; "Still Waitin'," Big Sugar]

13 April 2003
While the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the LFN Season 1 DVD set is $99.98, it appears most outlets are pricing it in the $74.98 to $79.99 range. In other news, the Peta Wilson film Joe and Max is now available on DVD and VHS.

By all accounts, the sequel to The Last Chapter, which aired earlier this year in Canada, has been well-received by critics and viewers alike. Roy Dupuis' character, "Ross Desbiens" is resurrected to seek revenge against a gang boss responsible for his wife's death.

Additions: The first installment of new fanfic by Wendy, "Too High A Price A Pay?", is available in Fan Fiction.....Have continued renovating images and text in the Episode Guide.....Two new articles added to The Archive: "Nikita Becoming A Real Killer for USA Network" and "Nikita Is A Gusher for West Grad", both on 1996-97, Page 2.....Updated the TV Schedule (Home).

7 April 2003
Though our intel is that no funding has yet been secured for this project, Cyberpresse claims that Roy Dupuis and Celine Bonnier have been pegged to appear in a feature film entitled Les Etats-Unis d'Albert, developed by filmmaker Andre Forcier. It's the story of a young actor who seeks fame and fortune in Hollywood in the early days of Tinseltown and who becomes a real-life hero when he tangles with a psychopath killer. Filming may begin next summer.

Additions: The LFNForever April 2003 calendar is up (Home); as always, feel free to download it or copy it to your desktop, etc......The screen capture sequence for "I Remember Paris" is up in Images.....Updated the TV Schedule (Home).

30 March 2003
The Word From Section's March issue is now available. Some of the features: Xenia Gratsos (Brioni Farrell) talks about working on an LFN episode, and being married to Gene Glazer; and a participant in the Nikita Cruise 2003 describes the experience. Also, it appears Oxygen has switched LFN from 5 PM (EST) to 4 PM (EST). Or at least that's the case according to the network's TV schedule this week.

Additions: Six more grabs added to the "Third Person"/"Approaching Zero" screen capture sequence as well as two more to "Off Profile" and two more to "End Game" (Images). Updated the TV Schedule (Home).

LFN Encyclopedia adds:
[First Flag, Colin Starnes, Substation Three]

26 March 2003
An English-subtitled version of Seraphin: un homme et son peche, Roy Dupuis' newest (and critically acclaimed) film will be available in parts of Canada this May. (Which means English-speaking Dupuis fans may be able to get their hands on it then.)

I am obliged to point out from time to time that there is not a Season 6 in store for LFN; that's merely the title I gave the part of this site devoted to my own feeble attempts at fanfiction to carry on the saga. And again, I invite anyone with LFN fanfic to consider submitting it to LFNForever.

Additions: The transcript for "Half Life" is now available (Mission Logs).....My notes on "Imitation of Death" and "Sleeping With the Enemy" are up in the Episode Guide..... I've renovated the section on the original Nikita film, creating a new page devoted entirely to the film and DVD reviews, and included Richard Alleva's "Working Girl" review from Commonweal (see Movies, Music, Books, Games).....Added several pics and more text to Robt. Sullivan's "Peta Wilson's Time-Killer Workout" (1998, pg. 2, The Archive).

LFN Encyclopedia adds:
[Condition Eight, Cloning, Felix, Holland, Mario's, R45 Footprint, Satin Tate]

22 March 2003
The release of LFN Season 1 on DVD has been scheduled for July 8 of this year. Here's the Warner Bros. press release:

La Femme Nikita Season One
Release Date: 7/08/2003
All 22 episodes from the first season of the cult hit that inspired a genre are now available in a deluxe edition DVD collector's set loaded with special features. A beautiful young woman, falsely accused of a vicious crime is sentenced to a life in prison. In exchange for her freedom, she is forced to join "Section One"; the most covert of all anti-terrorist organizations...with them she is trained to be a seductive spy and lethal assassin.
Packaging Type: Slipcase
Run Time: 989 mins
MSRP: $99.98
Closed Captioning: Yes
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Sound Quality: Dolby Surround Stereo
Also, the Mutant X episode in which Gene Glazer is making a guest appearance ("Lest He Become") is scheduled for a May 12 airing.....The 6th Lights,Camera, Action! charity auction is scheduled to occur September 19-21, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario.

Additions: The screen capture sequence for "Playing With Fire" is available in Images .....Updated TV Schedule (Home).....David Bianculli's "La Femme Is Not Fatale" article has been added to The Archive (2000, pg. 2), while a 1991 Maclean's article on the original (French) Nikita, entitled "Pretty Lethal Woman," has been added to that film's page in Movies, Music, Books, Games; also, a new page of assorted rare images and posters for the film -- look for the on the first Nikita page.....Added a link to a brand new LFN site, La Femme Nikita.org; you really should check it out (go to Links)

LFN Songbook add:
["Despair," Kill Transmission; "Tomorrow Never Comes," Dot Allison]

16 March 2003
OXYGEN has scheduled an LFN mini-marathon for Sunday (3.23), starting at 3 PM (CST). The episodes being shown are: "Catch A Falling Star", "Sleeping With the Enemy", "Toys in the Basement", "Time Out of Mind", "Face in the Mirror", "Up the Rabbit Hole" and "Four Light Years Farther".
The word now is that the Season 1 DVDs will be released in July. Gene Glazer will guest star in an upcoming episode of 24, which also features Tobin Bell, who played villain Perry Bauer in "Love". There's a brief report on Peta Wilson in the March issue of YM Magazine, in reference to her role in the upcoming film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

And Matthew Ferguson is still wearing headsets for his role as "Derrick" in the six-part CBC (Canadian television) mini-series "An American in Canada" -- which is airing through the first week of April. This series, about an American talk show host (Rick Roberts) who finds himself working for a second-rate morning show in Calgary, has already earned a Gemini Award, Canada's equivalent to the Emmy.

Additions: Added the Magill's Survey of Cinema entry for the original Nikita film (see the first page for that movie in Movies, Music, Books, Games).....The "Gun Crazy" review of Point of No Return, in that film's section of Movies, Music, Books, Games.....Updated TV Schedule, which will now include the UK's Channel 5, as it has resumed airing LFN (Home).

9 March 2003
The UK's Channel 5 will resume airing LFN on March 13, starting (where it left off) with the episode "Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate."

Peta Wilson had an NBC series in the works last year, which she described as "sort of like Erin Brockovich meets The Practice and is based on the life of criminologist/ psychologist Sheila Balkan." The series never made it onto the network's lineup and now Wilson is no longer considering another TV series, focusing instead on her career in feature films.

Additions: Put two more articles in the Archive -- see 2000, Page 2.....Updated TV Schedule (Home).

6 March 2003
Alberta Watson is keeping busy. She's currently in Toronto filming the pilot for a proposed Lifetime Network series entitled 1-800 Missing. The project also features Dean McDermott, whom LFN fans will remember as the ill-fated Sykes in "New Regime", and Gloria Reuben of ER fame.

Watson also stars as Det. Denise McGoogan in Chasing Cain II: Face, which debuted this past February on Canadian television (CBC). The movie was directed by Jerry Ciccoritti, who was at the helm of a couple LFN episodes, and one of Watson's costars is Peter Outerbridge, who played Roger in "Treason".
Karen LeBlanc, Peter Outerbridge and Alerta Watson
in Chasing Cain II: Face (2002)

Additions: My (somewhat critical) notes on "Three Eyed Turtle" and "Hell Hath No Fury" are available in the Episode Guide, where I have also added French and British original airdates for all episodes.....Added the screen capture sequence for "Rescue" and four more images to the screen capture sequence for "Friend" in Images.....Also in Images, there are 3 more pics (#6-8 on the page) in Gallery Five, and two more in A Tour of Section One (one of Nikita's apartment and one of the private dining room in Section)....."Nikita Continues Power Play", an article published this past January in Malaysia, where Season 3 is just now being aired, is available (Miscellaneous/The Archive).....Gavin Frankle's "review" of the LFN game that never materialized has been added to the Game segment of Movies, Music, Books, Games.....Added one new link -- The Michael Files (Links).

2 March 2003
Production of Choice, the new Alberta Watson movie, has wrapped. The latest in the CTV Signature drama presentations, the movie is about the life of Henry Morgantaler, the influential leader of the movement to change Canada's abortion laws. Alberta Watson plays Morgentaler's wife, Chava. A broadcast date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, Gene Glazer is featured in an upcoming episode of the popular series Mutant X entitled "Lest He Become." (And while we're on the subject of Mutant X, Lawrence Bayne ("Davenport") guest starred in the episode "Once Around".) The release date for Peta Wilson's new film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, has been set for July 11, 2003.

Additions: The screen capture sequence for "Inside Out" is up in Images; TV Schedule updated (Home); LFNForever's March 2003 calendar is available on the Home page, too -- feel free to copy it to your desktop or screensaver; Johanna Schneller's "Peta Perfect" article, on 2000, Page 1, in The Archive.

LFN Songbook adds:
["Burn," Sister Machine Gun; "Hanging On A Curtain," Morphine; "Modern Crusaders," Enigma; "Supermarket," Tykwer, Klimek & Heil; "Teenage Sensation," Gus Gus]

25 February 2003
Many thanks to Kita for sending the following links to the website for Peta Wilson's upcoming feature film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where a trailer is now available for viewing, as well as a second link to a site providing the teaser trailer. (See below.)

Additions: Updated the TV Schedule (Home); Also updated the LFN Fan Directory.

16 February 2003
The February addition of The Word from Section is now available. This issue takes another fascinating look at LFN locations in and around Toronto, and also provides details on the River Foundations website, which relates to an ongoing conservation project near and dear to the heart of Roy Dupuis. Click HERE to go there now.

Additions: Updated the TV Schedule (Home).

10 February 2003
LFN fan Sandra C. from Austin, TX informs me that she has recently received an offer from Columbia House indicating that several LFN episodes (Season 1) are available on VHS. This is good news, as I was unaware that the Columbia House series of LFN videos was still available by sale, other than on Ebay, etc.

Additions: Updated the TV Schedule (Home) as well as the Fan Directory. Also, if you are submitting fan fiction in large attachments please send me a notification email first; I've been unable to open several large files recently, and cannot inform the submitters of that fact.

2 February 2003
FYI -- According to Broadcasting & Cable Magazine, Oxygen Network is paying about $150,000 per episode for rights to the LFN series.

Additions: Thirteen new articles in The Archive, including one that, IMHO, ranks among of the best on Alberta Watson -- Neil Morton's "In Praise of Alberta Watson" in 1998, Page 1. (Look for the graphic to find all the additions.) The screen capture sequence for "Mother" has been added to Images. The TV Schedule has been updated (Home).

26 January 2003
13 May 2003 has been mentioned as the date for the release of the Season 1 DVDs by several reliable sites that try to keep track of such things. That date is described as "tentative" -- which means it could change.

Additions: I have closed the Messageboard, as there are several other very active ones elsewhere. I'd feared that these would fade away when the series ended, but those fears were unjustified. In place of the Messageboard I've established the LFNForever Chatroom. A number of visitors have written to say it would be nice to have one. So try it out -- keeping in mind that such things take time to catch on. You can access it from the menu at left, or by clicking HERE.

The screen capture sequence for "There Are No Missions" is available in Images; also, enhanced the existing captures for "Opening Night Jitters" and added six more to the set. Updated the TV Schedule (Home). My notes on "Down A Crooked Path" have been added to the Episode Guide.

22 January 2003
Peta Wilson's 1999 film Mercy -- which, btw, was directed by her significant other, Damian Harris -- is airing on Cinemax # 2 at 4:00 am, Thur., Jan. 23. Earlier on the same day you can catch Alberta Watson in 1991's The Hitman on TNT (1:45 am). Gene Glazer can be seen in New Blood (1999) on Thrillermax (3:20 am, Sat., Jan. 25 and 4:45 am, Thur., Jan. 30.) And finally, Don Francks stars in The Christmas Wife (1988) airing on Cinemax # 2 at 8:45 am, Fri., Jan. 31. (All times EST).

Additions: The transcript of "New Regime" is available in Mission Logs. Enhanced all the images in the Season 3 segments of the Episode Guide, and added my notes on "Sympathy for the Devil", as well.

LFN Songbook adds:
["Lullaby," Lamb; "No Difference," Everything But The Girl]

19 January 2003
According to Laura B., a commercial for WB's Charmed had a reference to LFN. She writes: "In the commercial, one of the women jumps over the wall in black leather and another says, 'Hey, you're not La Femme Nikita. You're a charmed one.' I don't know if I quoted it correctly, but I thought the reference was amusing." Thanks for the intel, Laura!

Lawrence Bayne, who played "Davenport" in numerous episodes, has his own website now, so you can find out more about the other projects in which this talented actor has participated. That URL: http://www.lawrencebayne.com.

Additions: Added an online chat with Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran from WB back in 2001 to The Archive (see "Miscellaneous"). Updated TV Schedule (Home). Added screen capture sequence for "Simone" (Images).

LFN Songbook adds:
["Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp," Francois Hardy; "Release," Afro Celt Sound System; "Thalheim," David Sylvain]

10 January 2003
The newest issue of The Word from Section online newsletter (Vol. 2, Issue 4) is available. Find out more about the Nikita Cruise 2003: Mexico Mission, and read about how Susan Hargrove's site earned "official" status from none other than Peta Wilson. There's lots more, too. Click HERE to go there now.

Additions: Added a link to the new "LFN Locations" page to Images (which I forgot to do last time, sorry!). The external link which redirected visitors to Michelle Erica Green's article, "Gene Glazer: Secret Agent Man" was recently broken; It's far too important a piece to lose, so I've taken the liberty of placing it on its own page within this website (see The Archives between the 1999 and 2000 pages); I also seized the opportunity to add several images of Operations. The screen capture sequence for "Last Night" is up in Images. TV Schedule (Home) has been updated.

Feel free to copy the new monthlyLFN Forever calendar (see Home) onto your desktop at home or work.

Also, added Joe Bob Briggs' unique review of the 1990 Nikita film, along with an excellent photo of Anne Parillaud (located right above the Briggs review, on the movie's page in Movies, Music, Books, Game.)

6 January 2003
Showbiz analysts are scratching their heads at Barry Diller's decision to cancel yet another popular series -- SciFi's Farscape. Diller also heads USA Network, which pulled the plug on LFN. (We note that since then, USA Network has been on a downhill slide, and rumors are it will be put on the auction block in '03.) At a Spring 2001 Internet World get-together in Los Angeles, Diller responded to a question about the future of LFN by claiming that the series couldn't make enough money to pay for its production. Warner Brothers was never happy with the deal it struck with USA for LFN, and after the four-year commitment was up, wanted more money for a fifth season, which USA was not willing to pay -- even though it had long been touting LFN as the # 1 show on cable. Go figure...

Additions: Be sure to check out a brand new feature -- "LFN Locations", in Images. (You can click HERE to access it immediately.) Screen capture sequence for "Third Party Ripoff" is up in Images. I've renovated the entire Archive, using a uniform font and constraining the articles within borders; there are also six new articles (look for the graphics in the table of contents), as well as a WB "cybertalk" with costume designer Laurie Drew. Added an essay comparing the two Nikita films to Movies, Music, Books, Game -- you can go there or get to it from HERE.