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A Section One department responsible for providing operatives about to go on mission with their panels, documentation, and any equipment other than ordnance (which is Walter's responsibility in Munitions.)
several episodes
A role played  by an operative (usually Class 5), who monitors a mission either from Section One (usually Communications) or a van. Also known simply as "tactical." Michael holds this position throughout most of ther series, save for when it is temporarily stripped from him in "Third Party Ripoff".
various episodes
To place a tracking device on a person or thing. Michael does this in "Spec Ops," while Corliss tags Vacek in "Kiss the Pass Goodbye."
various episodes

Red Cell's second-in-command at the time of the events portrayed in "Sleeping With the Enemy". Graduated from Georgetown University at 16; hired by the CIA, she subsequently became a free agent and joined Red Cell at 19. She is exchanged for Madeline when Section and Red Cell work together against a common foe; while in Section she tries to subvert Michael and gain access to the Directory and other sensitive material. When she sends this material to Red Cell, she is unaware that it contains an R45 Footprint, which activates the self-destruct sequence at Red Cell's headquarters. She is, presumably, executed by Section. Played by Emily Hampshire.
"Sleeping With the Enemy"
Section One technician who is transferred from Data Retrieval and Verification to Communications and becomes Birkoff's assistant -- until Greg Hillinger gets her into trouble so that he can take her place. Played by Lara Rhodes.
"Outside the Box"
One of the Section operatives chosen by Nikita to form her team, along with Mentz and Vizcano.
"First Mission"
Crimson Storm member captured by Section One and forced to reveal the whereabouts of his organization's primary base camp, Madeline then terminates him.
"PLaying With Fire"
 Position on the Section One list of abeyance operatives. Birkoff tries to alter Belinda's ranking for Walter's sake in "Old Habits."
various episodes
An experienced Section One operative who befriends Nikita. When Terry gets cold feet during a mission, Nikita learns she's pregnant. Terry later tries to  escape Section, but Michael persuades her to return, only to be doublecrossed by Terry during a confrontation with Sullivan Bates, an NSA rogue agent. The last we see of Terry she is being taken to Containment; Michael tells Nikita she'll survive at least long enough to give birth. Played by Khandi Alexander.
"Soul Sacrifice"

Operations has Walter place this type of code in a capture card stolen from Section One by Nikita, so that Section can track her.
"There Are No Missions"
David Fanning's most trusted associate; Section One kills him before he can inform Fanning about his wife is seeing Michael.
A terrorist group based in South America who kidnap two embassy marine guards, one of whom is killed when Suzanne Perez dies during Section One's abduction of Jerico Perez. The group's spokesman is Cassian Perez.
One of the members of The Legion who tortures and interrogates Nikita in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of Jovan Mijovich.
A psychological evaluation for older Section One operatives. Walter has to endure; if he fails, he will be retired; Birkoff tells Nikita he doesn't know what retirement entails, but rumors indicate it isn't something to look forward to. Fortunately, Walter passes with flying colors.
"Soul Sacrifice"
A friend that Nikita recognizes in the photo of her funeral service provided by Bob.
A name attributed by LFN fandom to the male-female team of interrogators called upon, time and time again, to extract information from prisoners of Section One. They are experts at what they do, ghoulishly implacable inquisitors who love their work. Played by Lindsay Collins and Josh Holliday.
various episodes

An embassy official forced by Section One to reveal his method of contacting terrorist Leon Elder. He is later killed by Elder.
A place where Operations and Madeline occasionally meet for intimate encounters. The Tower is not part of Section; it is apparently at another location about one hour away.
"Last Night"
A device that allows the user to access data on signals transmitted by devices, thermal and otherwise, used to locate or follow people or things. Michael sends Mick Schtoppel to Nikita's apartment to (ostensibly) retrieve one in "There Are No Missions."
"There Are No Missions"
The Viet Cong officer who tortured Paul Wolfe for fifteen days in Vietnam, and who reappears as the blackmailer of Willie Kane. Played by Russell Yuen.
"Sympathy for the Devil"
The Section One department responsible for transportation.
various episodes
A Kiev concern owned by Emlen Anagar, and the means by which he acquires women, mostly from Russia and Eastern Europe, to service the clientele and amuse them by engaging in mortal combat at an exclusive club in Kazakhstan. Nikita infiltrates that establishment by applying at the talent agency.
"Hand to Hand"
A highly resourceful agent infiltrated into Section One as a prisoner, who escapes and transmits sufficient intel to Glass Curtain to force Operations to order the destruction of the Section facility.
"I Remember Paris"
A European terrorist hunted by Section One. He is a high-ranking member of The Freedom League, and he wants the recipe for a new explosive developed by Stanley Shays. He kidnaps Shays, and is killed by Nikita when Section One embarks on a rescue mission.
A Section One internal decision that, once made, cannot be revoked. This type of directive is initiated requiring Nikita and Michael to terminate their personal relationship.
"Third Party Ripoff"