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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
A device utilizing a shaped charge. Birkoff and Walter were working on one for use on the Cameroon mission in "On Borrowed Time" and Nikita uses one to save Michael in "Four Light Years Farther".
"On Borrowed Time"
"Four Light Years Farther"

Section One's munitions master, a weapons expert who trains Nikita in the use of firearms, explosives and a variety of (usually very destructive) gadgets he creates. Once a field operative, he's been around since the beginning, long before Operations became head of Section. He's something of a womanizer, and marries a Section op named Belinda -- right before she's sent on a suicide mission. Walter wants his revenge on Operations, but Nikita stops him; he's her anchor of normalcy in the bizarre world of Section One. Walter is a free spirit, cantankerous at times, rebellious at others, but he has learned the art of survival, and is constantly trying to impart that knowledge to Nikita.
most episodes

Waterman, Felicity
 It is said that Felicity Waterman, who played Karyn in the episode "Recruit", was seriously considered for the role of Nikita. She has guest starred in such TV series as Baywatch Nights, Pacific Blue and Northern Exposure, while appearing in films like Die Hard 2 (1990) and the 1996 TV movie Titanic. She starred as Vanessa Hunt for one season of Knot's Landing (1992-93) and also starred as Abigail Holly in Pensacola: Wings of Gold (1999-2000).
A Section One operative who tells Nikita he has a foolproof way to escape Section One. It involves erasing every trace of information about him from the Section's primary database using a computer virus. He invites Nikita to escape with him. It turns out Section was aware of his scheme all along. Played by Jaimz Woolvett.
The daughter of Gray Wellman. Played by Robbi Jay Thuet.
An architect who becomes a pawn in a deadly game of cat and mouse played by Section One and Benko in "Gray", with the Directory as the winner's prize. Because it's believed that Wellman is (unknowingly) in possession of the disk containing the Directory, Section assigns Nikita to him. Nikita becomes romantically involved with him in "Choice." Played by Callum Keith Rennie.
 A low-risk mission; trainees are often sent on these to test their field mechanics.
several episodes
Security devices used by Crimson Storm to protect its base camp
"Playing With Fire"
Where most interrogations in Section One are undertaken. Access is by a pair of heavy steel doors facing one another. The prisoner is usually strapped to a steel chair in the center of the room. Some of us suspect there are more than one of these inside the Section One complex. Seen in numerous episodes.
numerous episodes
International arms dealer in partnership with her husband, John. They have been together for ten years at the time of "Mother", dealing for the lost part in Class 2 and 3 explosives -- until they get their hands on a nuclear trigger, which brings them to the attention of Section One. Nikita poses as Helen's long-lost daughter, who was taken from Helen when the latter gave birth in a Halifax jail in October 1975. Helen is persuaded to divulge the location of the trigger when it appears Section One is about to kill her "daughter." Although it is not confirmed, the assumption is that Section later disposed of Helen Wick. Played by Sherry Miller.
International arms dealer (in business since 1984) and husband of Helen Wicke. His attempt to sell a nuclear trigger to a group in Iraq is stymied by Section One. He is slain by Nikita, who considers it a revenge killing -- she holds Wicke responsible for the deaths of four Section operatives, including Chuck, who had posed as buyers but were somehow exposed. Played by Wayne Best.
Oversight investigates whether this profile, which had been prohibited, was used in a Section One mission in Afghanistan. Operations wants Walter to lie to Oversight about its use.
"Off Profile"
Nikita's mother, who hires a private detective to find her long-lost daughter. With Michael's help, Nikita carries out a scheme to convince Rebecca that she is dying, so that Rebecca's search will cease, and she will no longer be in danger from Section One. Played by Margot Kidder. (The young Roberta Wirth was played by Janet Kidder, Margot's niece, who also appeared, as Vizcano, in "First Mission".)
"Walk On By"
Son of Paul Wolfe (Operations). With Marco Dean and Vincent Shirov, he is attempting to steal the CM-12 missile guidance chip; Operations has Nikita look out for him. Stephen is committed to finding his father, who he hasn't seen since age seven, and whom he believes is still MIA in Vietnam. Later, we learn that Stephen has been killed by Martelli, a man under the protection of Oversight. This doesn't stop Operations from seeking vengeance for his son's death, however.  Played by Christopher Kennedy.

(Mentioned in "Under the Influence")
Section One jargon for the final report on a mission or live sim.
"Outside the Box"