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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
Criminal jack-of-all-trades, like her husband Peter; Michael and Nikita pose as Peter and Sage to infiltrate Perry Bauer's organization. The real Peter and Sage are interrogated and, presumably, disposed of, by Section One.
 What Section One's Medical department does to incoming personnel or prisoners to make sure they carry no contagions; Michael requests that Chen Park be sanitized in "Brainwash". Also, to delete information from a computer or PDA. Also, to remove all evidence of one's presence from a site.
various episodes
A full-court press in an interrogation; the Torture Twins "saturate" Tossi in "Voices". Also, to overload a site with operatives.
various episodes
A Section One target, Sauvage is leading raids undertaken by a secret cell inside one of the French ministries, in retaliation against post-colonial governments in Central Africa. Captured alive, he is interrogated by Ray Leeds regarding his suppliers.
"Approaching Zero"
A Section One operative who was involved in the frame-up that resulted in Nikita's arrest and conviction for murder. Several years later, Nikita finds him in Belgrade, assigned to the Section station just off Slovakia Square. She persuades him to help her find out why she was "recruited" by Section. But he vanishes without a trace. His code key was 7-John-4-Zulu. Played by James Downing.
"Outside the Box"
Mission guidelines.
various episodes
See Henderson, Martin
various episodes
Scio, Yvonne
Played Lisa Fanning, wife of hitman David Fanning; Scio has appeared in numerous Italian films as well as the 2002 TV miniseries Rose Red.
"Double Date"
Safehouse assigned to an operative, where he/she can go if the location of his/her primary residence is compromised.
The most covert of all antiterrorist organizations, wages war against those who would destroy -- or at the very least reorder -- society. It's adversaries, who have remained beyond the reach of normal police and intelligence agencies, are many, and they are ruthless, and so Section resorts to measures that would be unacceptable for most government organizations. For this reason, Section jealously guards its anonymity. It recruits criminals and killers and gives them a choice: death or life as a Section operative. It's usually a rather short life -- operatives are expendable, and losses are high, but then so are the stakes in a global power struggle against sinister organizations like Red Cell, Glass Curtain and The Freedom League.
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A protocol by which Section protects itself from the spread of a contagion by segmenting into "cells". This occurs in "Inside Out" when Red Cell insinuates a lethal virus into Section.
"Inside Out"
A plastic explosive manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is nitrogen-based, and therefore safe to handle, requiring a detonator. It is odorless, and widely used by terrorist groups.
"Mandatory Refusal"
An unplanned, unexpected, or unexplained event that takes place in the course of a mission.
Carrying out a mission profile as planned, step-by-step, to ensure that all operatives are in the right place at the right time and that events happen as scheduled. The term is sometimes used to describe the planning of a mission.
various episodes
A terrorist group that claimed responsibility for an embassy bombing.
"Slipping Into Darkness"
A secondary mission prepared for without the knowledge of all (or most) of the operatives engaged in the primary mission.
"On Borrowed Time"
Section jargon for what's done to Benjamin Kruger -- he is abducted, framed for murder, and forced to help Section acquire the CICL of Par Epistemen Taksis. According to Operations, "shadow recruits" are allowed to resume their old lives once they have performed the duty for which they were acquired.
"Outside the Box"
A Section One team assigned to monitor the activities of another team without its knowledge.
"Playing With Fire"
A CIA agent to whom police detective Marco O'Brien turns when he acquires Nikita's fingerprints. Michael later informs O'Brien that Shaw no longer works for the CIA.
A brilliant young chemist who has developed a powerful and undetectable new explosive . Though protected by the NSA, Shays is kidnapped by Gabriel Tyler, who wants the secret of the explosive, and is later killed when Nikita tries to rescue him
A Section One operative pulled from the field and placed in abeyance because he is uncontrollably aggressive. He is used to interrogate Gregor Kessler because it's anticipated that Kessler will kill him, then disguise himself as Shellen and escape Section. It is hoped he will lead Section to the Cobalt 60.
A Marxist terrorist group based in Peru, and one of the organizations entering into an alliance brokered by Gideon Van Vactor. [It's called Partido Comunista del Peru en el Sendero Luminoso de Jose Carlos Mariategui (Communist Party of Peru on the Shining Path of Jose Carlos Mariategui)]

[entry by Kathy]
Something that reveals the identity of the organization behind a particular action or in possession of a particular facility. In "Cat and Mouse", the Gdansk "kitchen" which is raided by Michael's team has no signature indicating who it belongs to.
"Cat and Mouse"
A program devised by Birkoff to trace the source of a transmission.
Short for simulation, a computer model. In Systems, a holographic sim is produced by the sim-rep table. (See image, top of page.)
various episodes
A Section One operative and Michael's wife. He believes she was killed by Glass Curtain during a mission, only to discover in "Simone" that she is still alive, and has been held captive for three years. When Michael frees her, Simone seeks vengeance against her tormentor, Errol Sparks, and (apparently) dies in the process. In "War" we learn that Michael and Simone had a son, who died. (Michael later denies this to Nikita.) Played by Mung-Ling Tsui.
Candy-consuming computer whiz and Glass Curtain's version of Birkoff. She is Errol Sparks' trusted associate. She and Sparks are killed by a Section team.
"I Remember Paris"
An agent-in-waiting. The entire population of Dingman's Hollow are Black Storm sleepers.
"Catch A Falling Star"
Slone, Tara
Born 9.7.73 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Tara Slone is lead singer for the Canadian band Joydrop. She appeared in several episodes of La Femme Nikita. She also starred in the 1997 film Twist of Fate and the 1995 TV-movie Hart to Hart: Harts in Three-Quarters Time.
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"Darkness Visible"
"Inside Out"
A terrorist with The Legion, who kidnaps and interrogates Nikita in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of Jovan Mijovich.
A young woman Nikita befriends at Emlen Anagar's Trans-Ural Talent Agency; they end up at Anagar's Kazakhstan club, where Sondra is slain by Aurora in "the pit". Played by Kristen Booth.
"Hand to Hand"
The type of mission for which Nikita is slated upon her release from The  Center. (One can speculate that this might have played a part in the decision to call the organization featured in the television series Section One.)
An eccentric and deadly anarchist, leader of the Glass Curtain organization, captor of Simone for three years, who appears first in "Simone" and then in "I Remember Paris". At the end of both episodes we are led to believe he has been killed. Played by Julian Richings.
"I Remember Paris"
A special department of Section One that determines the loyalty and/or ability of an operative. In "Outside the Box," Spec Ops is put on the case of Tatyana, accused of compromising a data shield.
"Outside the Box"
On 16 August 1994, Michael saved Ross Gelman at the Gazebo in this city; later, when Michael is trying to discover whether the Gelman Process has been used on Nikita, he reminds Gelman of this and asks for information on the process.
"Getting Out of Reverse"
A field tactic sometimes used by Section One, which entails sending teams or operatives against or into an objective at irregular intervals.
"Playing With Fire"
Described as a minor player in the arms trade. One of his shipments becomes the target of a team led by Nikita in "First Mission". Stark kills Vizcano, one of the team members, at his base of operations on the southern border of Belarus, but Nikita takes him in alive, as ordered. Played by Diego Chambers.
"First Mission"
Chief tactical advisor for Red Cell. He is captured by Section One, and Operations uses him as a conduit to Red Cell's Director in order to broker a temporary truce. Starnes is then disposed of.
"Sleeping With the Enemy"
American-made surface-to-air missiles; in "Noise," Kavali buys some and stores them above the art gallery.
A criminal trying to obtain waste uranium from power plants; Section One is ordered to deport him when the Agency terminates its working relationship with him. Nikita is chosen to infiltrate Suba's organization became Suba has a weakness for blondes. Played by Von Flores.
A secondary command center.
various episodes
A Section substation, location unknown, that is completely destroyed in "Sleeping With the Enemy". At first the blame is placed on Red Cell -- until it's discovered that a hacker genius named Holland is responsible.
"Sleeping With the Enemy"
Surveillance devices that, according to Michael, have been installed in the walls at Geneflex.
"On Borrowed Time"
Section One operative whose lackluster field performance prompts Egran Petrosian to order his cancellation. To test her loyalty to him, Petrosian insists that Nikita carry out the cancellation personally. Madeline intercedes for Nikita and executes Sykes. Played by Dean McDermott.
"New Regime"

A sector of Section One, on Level One, where computer operations are conducted. Briefings are occasionally held here when the sim-rep table is used, and missions are usually planned here.
various episodes