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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
A device used by Michael to free Nikita from the grip of the Gelman Process.
"Into the Looking Glass"
Section One jargon for categorizing the file of a hostile who is believed to be dead or inactive.
"Slipping Into Darkness"
A program used by computer genius Holland to circumvent the security systems of Section One's computer system; he then disabled the defenses and activated the self-destruct. Captured by Section, Holland used the same program, embedded in the text of data downloaded to Red Cell headquarters by Satin Tate; that compound's self-destruct system was activated and the headquarters were destroyed.
"Sleeping With the Enemy"
A new strain of nerve gas that has a long shelf life and kills in seconds. The destruction of all prototypes of the gas is the primary mission engaged in during the episode "New Regime".
"New Regime"
A drug dealer who is ripped off and then slain by Rosewood, a CIA drug interdiction task force of which Oliver Price is a member.
A hangout for computer geeks; Michael and Nikita find someone there who might be able to lead them to Glass Curtain.
The private investigator hired by Roberta Wirth to find out what happened to her daughter, Nikita. Disguised as a man, Nikita infiltrates the offices where Raymond works and persuades him to drop the case by threatening harm to his wife if he doesn't comply.
"Walk On By"
An area of Section One where operatives can relax if they are on close quarters standby.
"Cat and Mouse"
Initially described as a rogue faction out of North Korea, Red Cell becomes Section One's most persistent and dangerous foe during Seasons Three and Four. Dominic, The Cardinal, and numerous other villains work for or are affiliated with Red Cell. In Season 4, Section's capture of the Cardinal, as well as the death of Red Cell's director and the destruction of their base of operations, more or less puts the organization out of business.
numerous episodes
An area that has been or is expected to be subjected to an attack or an explosion (and its fallout).
A computer program that makes copies in the event that something happens to the original material. Also known as "redundancies."
"Hard Landing"
"Getting Out of Reverse"
A man whose name is found in a list taken from the body of arms dealer Jason Darrow. When Nikita mentions Darrow to Reilly, he kills himself. The virtual reality device known as the "Phasing Shell" is found in his apartment.
A Section One team capable of sustained undercover operations with little or no tactical oversight. One such team is targeted by nationalists in Latvia in "Getting Out of Reverse."
"Getting Out of Reverse"
A technique which does not require direct contact between the interrogator and the prisoner. According to Nikita's assessment, Irina Kerensky was subjected to this type of interrogation.
"Getting Out of Reverse"
On loan from Oversight and instructed by George to conduct a collateral intel assessment of Section One. Operations uses her to make Madeline jealous. Madeline has her ejected from Section for violating protocol. Played by Brioni Farrell (wife of Eugene Robert Glazer).
"Hand to Hand"

Rennie, Callum Keith

Played Nikita's love interest Gray Wellman in Season 1. Born 9.14.60 in Sunderland, Tyne-and-Wear, England, Rennie was raised in Canada and didn't get into acting until he was 25. He's been very busy since, with guest roles in such TV series as The X-Files, Highlander and, most recently, Mutant X and The Dead Zone. His film work includes Timecop (1994), Men with Guns (1997) and Picture Claire (2001). He has had starring roles in the series Da Vinci's Inquest, Due South, Twitch City and Bliss. His most recent work are the feature films Now & Forever (2002) and The Butterfly Effect (2003).
A Section One team charged with the responsibility of bringing back a rogue operative. Members of such a team are carefully selected so that they will not balk at hunting down one of their own.
"There Are No Missions"

Cutting-edge communications device Nikita discovers in Adrian's tomb, left there by her mysterious benefactor, who assists her in surviving a subsequent mission against The Collective's bioweapons lab
"In Through the Out Door"
Retreat Point.
"Not Was"
Richings, Julian
 Played the Errol Sparks, the diabolical head of Glass Curtain, in two episodes.. Richings has also guest starred in numerous other series, including Highlander: The Raven and A Nero Wolfe Mystery. His film work includes Mimic (1997), Prince Charming (TV-2001), Salem Witch Trials (2002) and Wrong Turn (2003).
"I Remember Paris"
One of the gang of junkie thieves, along with Coyotte, Zap and Nikita, who are engaged in a firefight with police after breaking into a Paris pharmacy. Rico is gunned down by the authorities.
A childhood friend of Nikita's; she is killed by a member of The Legion, who takes her identity and proceeds to get close to Nikita in an attempt to carry out the assassination of Jovan Mijovich. Played by Marnie McPhail.
A private investigator hired by Helen Wicke to find her long-lost daughter, whose identity is assumed by Nikita. Robb locates Nikita in a homeless shelter and assists in her abduction from that location.
Rock, Jamie Paul
Producer of LFN; prior to this he had worked as first assistant director on the series SCTV Network 90, the TV-movies Glory! Glory! (1989) and Night of the Twisters (1996), and the 1990 feature film Angel Square. He also produced the TV series Manic Mansion (1990) and Flash Forward (1996), as well as the TV-movie Tek War: TekLords (1994). He has since produced the TV series Mutant X (employing a number of ex-LFN crew members to work on that project.)
crew member

An operative is said to have "gone rogue" when he betrays his organization.
several episodes
The codename of a special CIA task force for drug interdiction, some members of whom, including Oliver Price, begin ripping off drug dealers.
Rota, Carlo
Starred as the inimitable Mick Schtoppel in numerous episodes, then was revealed as Mr. Jones, and finally identified as actor Martin Henderson; he has also guest-starred on such series as Forever Knight, Matrix, Relic Hunter, Psi Factor and A Nero Wolfe Mystery. He has appeared in films like Maximum Risk (1996), Clutch (1998) and Have Mercy (1999). As host of The Great Canadian Food Show he was nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award for culinary journalism. He is a scheduled guest host for the Nikita Cruise 2003.
cast member:
numerous episodes
ROW 8, PLOT 30
The location of the grave where Nikita's body is supposedly buried.