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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
A terrorist group -- the name, loosely translated, means "Through Science, Order" -- with a broad range of destructive technologies. Section One attempts to acquire its CICL, a directory of the groups leaders, agents and contacts.
"Outside the Box"
A test run to detect errors in communications or a computer system; Greg Hillinger conducts a parity check to determine whether two systems are in sync in "Three Eyed Turtle".
"Three Eyed Turtle"
A technician at De Lure Electronics; Michael kidnaps her and takes her back to Section One in an effort to find out more about the "Phasing Shell". Though she claims to be a Korean businesswoman, its clear she's from Mongolia, and part of the plot to assassinate the Chinese premier, Hua Feng.
Payne, Bruce
Played the enigmatic Jurgen in a three-episode arc in Season 2. Born 11.22.60 in London, Payne had a very successful career on the stage before moving to film. His list of credits include Oxford Blues (1984), For Queen and Country (1989), Passenger 57 (1992), Sweepers (1999) and Highlander: Endgame (2000).
guest star:
"Spec Ops"
"Third Person"
"Approaching Zero"
Personal Data Assistant. Section One operatives often receive mission profiles and other intel on their own PDAs, more commonly referred to as "panels."
numerous episodes
Section One's command center. It's nickname is derived from the fact that it contains a row of windows overlooking the facility's central hub, including Communications and Ordnance. The briefing table is located directly below The Perch.
numerous episodes
A member of the terrorist group Tiburon, who takes hostages in exchange for colleagues previously arrested by the government. He kills one of the hostages when his brother Jerico Perez is kidnapped, and is in turn killed by Nikita during a Section attempt to rescue the remaining hostage.
Brother of terrorist leader Cassian Perez. In the firefight that occurs during Section One's attempt to kidnap him, Jerico accidentally kills his wife Suzanne,.
The Red Cell scientist who tortures Michael in "Not Was".
"Not Was"
A team assigned the task of  surveilling or guarding a perimeter within which another team (or teams) is carrying out the primary mission. Also known as the "outside team".
several episodes
That part of a mission profile which determines which Section personnel will be used for what purpose. This, of course, must take an operative's field mechanics into account.
several episodes
A ruthless pair of brokers who torture, rape and murder on a whim. Karl Peruze is conditioned by Section into believing that Nikita is his wife, so that he will take her to his base of operations. Played by Val Venis and Alan Van Sprang.
"Under the Influence"
Criminal jack-of-all-trades, like his wife Sage; Nikita and Michael pose as Sage and Peter to infiltrate Perry Bauer's organization. Meanwhile, the real Peter and Sage and interrogated and, presumably, disposed of by Section One.
Head of the secret police of an Eastern European country in "Rescue", who leads the attempt to capture Michael when the latter is wounded and left behind during the raid on the Klodno Petrochemical Plant. As it turns out, Petrosian is a Section One operative who has been in deep cover for seventeen years. He returns in "New Regime" with a scheme to kill Operations and take command of Section One. Played by Nigel Bennett.
"New Regime"
A virtual reality device created by De Lure Electronics and used for brainwashing. Nikita tests it for Section One, and in the process becomes programmed to assassinate the Chinese premier.
Phillips, Sian

Played Adrian in Seasons 2 and 4. Born in Wales (5.14.34), Jane Elizabeth Ailwen Phillips was married to Peter O'Toole (1959-79) and has been awarded the C.B.E. (Commander of the British Empire). Her many films include Becket (1964), Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969), Clash of the Titans (1981) and Valmont (1989). She has also starred in a number of miniseries, including Crime and Punishment (1979), Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1980), Ivanhoe (1997) and Attila (2001). She has two daughters, Kate and Pat.
guest star:
"Adrian's Garden"
"End Game"
"There Are No Missions"
"View of the Garden"
"Into the Looking Glass"
A high-level Red Cell officer who, for eight years, has been "in the cold" and out of Section One's reach. A ruse played out by Michael and Operations, in which Michael persuades Philo that he has ousted Operations from power with the help of a psychotropic agent provided by Red Cell, results in his capture.
"Slipping Into Darkness"
Section jargon referring to the running of a second mission immediately after the first, when the team cannot return to Section One.
several episodes
A top-secret NSA project jeopardized when Sullivan Bates goes rogue in "Soul Sacrifice" and offers to provide Red Cell with the identities and locations of NSA agents involved in it.
"Soul Sacrifice"
At one time, Pogue was the largest arms dealer in Europe, and a Class A priority for Section One. He was credited with founding the Btari Rebels. Operations tried for four years to catch him, but Pogue always managed to elude him. George finally rid the world of Pogue, but under the influence of a psychotropic agent, Operations later believes Pogue is still alive, and uses all of Section's resources chasing a dead man.
"Slipping Into Darkness"
A tactical implementer in Red Cell's third tier, and that organization's connection to the freelance market. He hires Helix to destroy a chemical plant in Tripoli. He is grabbed by Section One and forced to reveal this fact, which assists Section in putting an end to Helix.
"Third Person"
"Possibility of success" -- a statistical determination of the likelihood of successfully carrying out an act or mission; OR "probability of survival," which is, essentially, the same thing.
several episodes
An associate of Peter Stark. Nikita's team snatches him from Eastern Europe and take him back to Section One, where he is forced to tell the location of Stark's base of operations.
"First Mission"
When a target has been taken prisoner rather than killed, he is said to have been preserved.
"Playing With Fire"
 Member of a special CIA drug interdiction task force codenamed Rosewood, and involved in the ripping off of six of the seven drug dealers targeted in the operation.
A rule, pattern or convention. The correct procedure for doing something.
numerous episodes
Section One parlance for the status of an operative on probation. The probationary period extends from the conclusion of training until an operative proves worthy of full status, or may occur when an operative makes an error not serious enough to warrant his being placed in abeyance.
"Hard Landing"
Every Section One operative has one. They are usually kept in a Systems node, and are highly classified.
"Outside the Box"
The process used on Shellen when he caused excessive collateral damage during a mission.
Psychotropic medications are drugs that affect brain activities associated with mental processes and behavior. These agents are commonly prescribed for psychiatric patients and the elderly. Operations is given a psychotropic agent as part of a ruse to capture Red Cell strategist Philo.
"Slipping Into Darkness"