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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
The National Security Agency, a covert arm of the U.S. government responsible protecting America from enemy incursions; renowned for its skill at monitoring global communications. Sullivan Bates is a rogue NSA agent willing to sell intel on the agency's Plimpton Project to Red Cell.
"Soul Sacrifice"
Head strategist for Crimson Storm, captured by Michael and Nikita.
"Playing With Fire"
A euphemism for mind alteration.
"Getting Out of Reverse"
A young street person falsely accused of murdering a police officer and sentenced to life in prison. She is selected by Section as "material" with potential and given the opportunity to serve society as a warrior against terrorism. The alternative is death. After two years of intensive training, she is given a new identity and a codename -- Josephine. Nikita has been groomed to be a cold-blooded killer. But her humanitysometimes gets in the way. She never does quite fit in, but her rebellious attitude is tolerated because she gets the job done. Her love for Michael sees her through some rough spots. Midway through the series, Nikita begins to suspect that she was framed for the policeman's murder and brought to Section for a reason. We later learn that from Seasons Two through Four she has served as a "mole" inside Section, reporting to The Center. At the end of Season Five she discovers her father runs The Center, and in "A Time For Every Purpose" she becomes the head of Section One.
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The codename given Maggie; Bob concedes that he thought of it because of Maggie's fondness for the music of Nina Simone.
Intel pertaining to a period of time when the subject is not engaged in activities of interest to Section One.
A police detective investigating a series of rapes/murders; the beating of Jack Crane puts him on the trail of Nikita. When he acquires her fingerprints, Nikita tries to save him by agreeing to kill Crane if O'Brien forgets about her. When he refuses, Section One frames O'Brien for Crane's murder, forcing him to goin Section. In Season Five he is reintroduced as a full-fledged operative. Played by Stephen Shellen.
Season 5
O'Keeffe, Douglas
"Double Date"
Where Maggie is supposedly buried, in Plot 48, Row 12.
A process essential to the maintenance of the Gelman Process once it is applied to a subject.
"View of the Garden"
An activity that is outside mission parameters.
several episodes
A team of Section One operatives held as backup at a remote location during a mission.
"Before I Sleep"
When an operative reaches an assigned position during a mission sequence.
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The situation of a team not yet at the location of its target; if the team is required to go into action in this situation, the chances of success are reduced, and the likelihood of more collateral damage is increased.
"Third Party Ripoff"
The head of Section One. His real name is Paul Wolfe, and he's perfect for the job -- as ruthless as the terrorists he seeks to destroy. Operations is usually quite willing to sacrifice his operatives if the success of a mission lies in the balance. He's been known to sacrifice a few innocents, as well, if it means saving hundreds of lives that would otherwise be lost to terrorist acts. He'll even manipulate his ex-wife to bring down her new husband, a man with ties to the wrong kind of people. His son Stephen is one of his soft spots -- and he wreaks terrible vengeance when Stephen is killed. He has one other weakness -- his fondness for Madeline, Section's chief strategist and the only person Operations really trusts. According to some, Operations is using Section to slake his thirst for power. Operations dies trying to save Michael's son Adam from The Collective in Season 5. Played by Eugene Robert Glazer.
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Emlen Anagar's associate at the exclusive Kazakhstan brothel where Michael assassinates Charles Meyer. Oswald is in charge of keeping the women under control, which he does with collars that inflict electric shock. Nikita kills him in "the pit".
"Hand to Hand"
The body that controls the activities of the Sections. In the chain-of-command, it is one step below The Center. Throughout Seasons Three and Four, Oversight is run by George.
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