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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
A Section One operative that Harding turns over to Benko to prove he is in possession of the Directory. Benko presents Michael with the remains of Lange, in a box, at the Prague auction arranged by Harding.
Method of secure communications between the Sections and described by Michael when he represents Section One at a meeting at Oversight.
"All Good Things"
Brought in from Oversight by Operations, ostensibly as a backup executive strategist to Madeline, but perhaps to take the fall for a mission Operations knew would fail. Played by Ted Atherton.
"Adrian's Garden"
Connected and well-financed terrorist organization which has targeted Jovan Mijovich for assassination in "Friend". The assassin poses as Nikita's childhood friend Julie to facilitate the abduction and subsequent torture of Nikita in attempt to learn Mijovich's itinerary, which is being controlled by Section One.
Lemche, Kris
Played the devious computer whiz Greg Hillinger, introduced in "Fuzzy Logic" and appearing in numerous subsequent episodes; born in 1978 in Brampton, Ontario, planned to be a doctor before being bitten by the acting bug. He starred in the 1996 TV series Flash Forward, followed by Emily of New Moon in 1998, then My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star (2002). His film work includes Teen Knight (1998) and Saint Jude (2000).
numerous episodes
Lenkov, Peter M.
Writer and supervising producer on LFN; Lenkov has also written for series such as The Hunger, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven and Tracker, and the screenplay for 1993's action flick Demolition Man. He has been supervising producer on the series The District and Level 9, co-executive producer of Tracker, and co-producer of the 2002 film Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.
entire series
Section One consists of numerous levels (at least twenty). We know that data anomalies are analyzed on Level 2. Reprogramming is located on Level 3. Medical is on Level 4, and as electronic listening devices are not installed on that level, it's where Nikita and Michael (and others) usually go to talk without fear of being recorded. Level 5 is mentioned in "Getting Out Of Reverse," but what goes on there is not explained. Level 6 (in "Third Party Ripoff") is where operatives have their workstations and where they remain during close quarter standby; this is the level to which Michael is relegated after losing his Level 1 office. Walter and Nikita suspect Section has a genetics lab on Level 8 in "Imitation of Death." But Level 17 contains the cryostatis lab seen in "There Are No Missions." And Dori reaches Level 20, which she mistakes for an exit to the outside world, in "There Are No Missions."
various episodes
Operative rankings within Section One are Class 1 through 5, but sometimes the word "Level" is substituted for "Class." Michael -- and, indeed, most team leaders, like Ackerman and Davenport -- are Class/Level 5 operatives. Nikita is a Class/Level 2 operative throughout the run of the series. Irene Kerensky is designated a Class/Level 4 operative in "Getting Out Of Reverse".
numerous episodes
The identity assumed by Michael during an operation to snatch Helen Wicke and her "daughter" -- actually, Nikita -- in a scheme to pry the location of a nuclear trigger from Helen.
The nickname Greg Hillinger gives himself when he is introduced to Tatyana; he says it's because he's "always saving people's asses."
"Outside the Box"
The POW camp in Vietnam where Paul Wolfe (Operations) was held.
 Spyworld jargon for "connection". Operations tells Birkoff to find the linkage between Gustav Pogue and a particular event in "Slipping Into Darkness."
"Slipping Into Darkness"
Short for live simulation, a dress rehearsal for a real mission, and which is conducted outside Section.
"Outside the Box"
A secondary or backup location, presumably secure. Mentioned in "I Remember Paris" as a predetermined location where every Section One operative goes in the event of a major crisis such as that which occurs in the episode.
"I Remember Paris"
Associate of David Fanning, who is killed by Nikita during a Section One raid on Fanning's home.
The status of being involved in an operation or the thread of communications. Birkoff tells Nikita he was not looped into the Shanghai mission during which she is set up by Operations.
"Looking For Michael"
Extremely fast-acting and deadly nerve gas peddled and used by Perry Bauer.