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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.

Paul Wolfe's platoon leader in Vietnam in '72, and the man Operations credits with keeping him alive during fifteen days of torture at the hands of the enemy. Operations recruits Nikita and Michael to protect Kane, who has gotten into trouble with the Mob. Unbeknownst to Operations, Kane has been paying off Tran Van Lin, the VC torturer, to keep quiet about the fact that Kane was a traitor -- a fact Operations never learns, thanks to the timely (and ruthless) intervention of Walter, who kills Kane. Played by Stephen McHattie.
"Sympathy for the Devil"
A signal that may indicate the electronic infiltration of a supposedly secure frequency. Michael claims to have detected a kappa signal right before "going dark" in "Playing with Fire".
"Playing With Fire"
 A device that will enable Navaro to electronically infiltrate Section One's computers
"Playing With Fire"
Karyn becomes Nikita's material two weeks before her training is concluded, and Nikita must determine whether she becomes an operative or is cancelled. Karyn kills her previous trainer, Brian, during a mission, and claims Brian had raped her. When Nikita discovers that she is a sociopath who kills without compunction, she recommends Karyn for cancellation. Played by Felicity Waterman.
Kassar hides a 20-megaton nuclear bomb in a major city and then commits suicide, as he is the only person who knows the location of the bomb. Played by Doru Bandol.
The head of the organization that "recruits" Maggie. He isn't pleased with Maggie's progress in training or her attitude, and would have "put her down" but for Bob's intervention. Played by Miguel Ferrer.
Kavali is the ousted dictator of a strategically located country, who is seeking support for a return to power. His acquisition of Stinger missiles brings him to Section One's attention, but a mission to Istanbul goes awry and Kavali escapes. Current status unknown.
A Level-4 Section One operative who is being held captive in the Kazakhstan Embassy in Tajikistan.  Nikita is sent in to either get Kerensky out or, if that isn't possible, kill her. Her willingness to do the latter is seen as proof that the Gelman Process has had its intended effect on her.
"Getting Out of Reverse"

Terrorist, master of disguise, homicidal maniac, Kessler (real name: Norris Gaines) is hired by the United Coalition to steal the poisonous isotope, Cobalt 60. His real name is Norris Gaines; he was born in Germany in 1946, and his parents were killed by a hate group when he was just a boy. He was placed in a state facility where he tortured and killed two students before disappearing underground. He is captured by Section One, and murders his own daughter, Annie, so that she cannot be used against him as part of the interrogation designed to discover the whereabouts of the Cobalt 60. Played by Harris Yulin.
What Madeline demands from George in return for her betrayal of Operations in "Three Eyed Turtle". Probably refers to the module for encryption software that would provide her with complete data access, control and protection.
"Three Eyed Turtle"
Profiled as a prominent middleman for a dozen terrorist groups located in the southern hemisphere.
"On Borrowed Time"
Kidder, Margot

 Played Roberta Wirth, Nikita's mother. Born in Canada's Northwest Territories on 10.17.48, Kidder has had a successful film career, with starring roles in such movies as The Great Waldo Pepper (1975), The Amityville Horror (1979), Superman II (1980) and, most recently, Angel Blade (2002). She has also guest-starred in series like Harry O, Baretta and Boston Common.
"Walk On By"
Russian city that figures prominently in several episodes. In "Threshold of Pain," Nikita falsely claims Kiev is where Black March can be found. It is the location of Anagar's talent agency in "Hand to Hand". And Chernov sends Milan there on a suicide mission in "Imitation of Death".
several episodes
 Slang term for a chemical plant or lab; used in "Cat and Mouse" to describe a plant outside Gdansk, Poland that furnishes biologicals to a number of terrorist groups, including Red Cell. During the Section raid on that kitchen, Dominic substitutes Abby for Nikita.
"Cat and Mouse"
A hand-held module used in conjunction with the KL Transform.
Platform used to run simulations, it has a large frequency domain delta that emits a lot of electronic noise when used. It's use compromises Section One teams in "Noise".
A facility in Eastern Europe where chemical weapons are being manufactured. It is targeted by Section One, and during the raid, Michael is wounded and left behind.
 A geneticist associated with the theft of genetic codes from a Zurich lab, codes that could be used to manufacture designer viruses. Korda is profiled and captured by Section One. Played by Rene Beau Dean.
"Off Profile"
Known as "The Magician," Kraft is a plastic surgeon with offices in London and Port-au-Prince. He has ties with Red Cell and uses long-term prosthetics to alter Nikita's face, making her look like Quinn. Michael kills Kraft in his London office.
"Up the Rabbit Hole"
Killed by Karen, Kreizel purchased for $50 million a stolen NATO document that included a scenario involving the assassination of Muslim leaders. Played by Jean Daigle.
Section One operative who attempts to assassinate Operations and is killed by Walter. It's discovered that he agreed to kill Operations at the behest of  Egran Petrosian (who wants to take over Section) in return for Petrosian's promise that Kronen's mother, living in Brazil, would be well provided for. Played by David Hirsch.
"New Regime"

A man whose perfect photographic memory brings him to the attention of Section One. he is abducted by Section and framed for murder so that he will agree to act as a "human download" to acquire the CICL (cover ident correlation list) of the Par Epistemen Taksis group, which is protected by an advanced digital sensor system that destroys the file if an electronic eavesdropping is detected. Nikita employs Kruger to help her find out why she was really brought into Section. Played by Christopher Bolton.
"Outside the Box"
Member of Freedom League, who survived the Section One attack on the League's base camp and was later located in Hong Kong. Michael tries to kill him so that he won't reveal that Nikita was never a prisoner of the League; instead, Kudrin is taken alive by Section, and Michael persuades him to lie about Nikita's presence at the base camp in exchange for a quick death. Played by Nicu Branzea.
"Spec Ops"
Chinese "recruit" into Section One who was orphaned at an early age and is a member of a five-man team trained by Michael and Nikita on an accelerated schedule in "Time to be Heroes". Operations actually intends to use the team as bait to draw out Crystal Sky. She returns to appear in several episodes of Season Five. [Kwong also appears in LFNForever Season Six episodes. Played by Kira Clavell.
various episodes
Son of Section One operative Roger; Kyle is held hostage by Suba as leverage to force Roger to serve as his mole inside Section.