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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
The point during a mission at which an operative or team has become actively engaged.
several episodes
A scenario devised to persuade someone to do something he or she would not ordinarily do; Madeline uses an incentive scenario based on a lie to get civilian Sarah Gerard to carry out a mission.
"Before I Sleep"
In Section One parlance, to "incubate" means to take whatever measures are necessary to maintain an environment that optimizes the chances of mission success; this could conceivably include the sacrifice, incarceration or killing of innocents, if the stakes are high enough.
Ingram, Terry
 Director of "Old Habits," "Cat and Mouse," "Threshold of Pain," "I Remember Paris," and "All Good Things."
 Track # 9 of the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack; written by Jo Bruce and Iarla O'Lionaird, performed by Afro Celt Sound System, and published by Womad Music, Ltd/EMI Virgin Music, Ltd, copyright 1998 by Real World Records, Inc.
Uninvolved bystanders who become part of a Section One mission either because they have been targeted by terrorists or caught in the crossfire or learn more about Section than they should know.
several episodes
The member of an organization who has no or limited contact with the public. In the case of the Peruze brothers, it is Simon who remains out of sight while Carl conducts their business affairs.
"Under the Influence"
When a person or, sometimes, an organization is shielded or protected. For example, Salla Vacek is a Section One target that is so insulated that an elaborate mission involving Michael marrying Vacek's daughter must be undertaken to reach him.
"Looking for Michael"
Short for intelligence, as in information, data.
various episodes
 Irish Republican Army; an armed resistance movement opposed to the British occupation of Northern Ireland; considered terrorists by some, patriots by others. The IRA is mentioned as having purchased supplies from Perry Bauer.
 Like a retinal scan, part of a secure access system that identifies a person by scanning some part of his/her eye.
"Looking for Michael"
Maggie's love interest, an aspiring photographer who lives in Venice, CA. Played by Dermot Mulroney.
A police detective investigating the beating suffered by the perverted Jack Crane at the hands of Nikita.
Michael's Section One codename. Used only once in the series.
"Cat and Mouse"
A dope dealer who knew Nikita when she lived on the streets. Some years later, she discovers he hasb een "recruited" by Section One. Jamey tells Nikita that her mother, Roberta Wirth, has hired professionals to find out what happened to her.
"Walk On By"
A biotechnician on Section One's medical staff, and the man for whom Gail dumps Birkoff. Janklow does not acquit himself well during a biocontamination crisis when he is locked inside Communications with Birkoff and Gail.
"Inside Out"
Janzen, Naomi
Writer of "Friend," "Mother," and "Missing."
The Eastern Bloc ambassador who dabbles in espionage, an information broker who has been in Paris for seven years and who has a mistress named Anne-Marie. He is the target of Nikita's first independent mission. Nikita's assignment is to acquire the intel kept in Jedreck's safe at the embassy, but when the mission unravels, Jedreck is killed by Victor, who uses acid. Nikita must resort to impersonating Jedrick in order to gain access to the safe.
A buyer at a drug deal, he is ripped off and then killed by members of Rosewood, a CIA drug interdiction task force.
A member of the Par Epistemen Taksis terrorist group residing in Mexico. His name is among those acquired from the CICL by Benjamin Kruger.
"Outside the Box"
The name of one of the three junkies with whom Maggie associates, and the son of the owner of the drugstore which they are trying to rob. He and the other two men are killed by police.
The head of Center, and Nikita's father, though she doesn't find this out until Season 5. Martin Henderson, aka Mick Schtoppel, poses as Mr. Jones, and only under duress (applied by Nikita) does he admit that he's a ringer. The real Mr. Jones has been grooming Nikita to take over him, and she agrees to become head of Section One when Jones trades himself to The Collective in exchange for the release of Michael's son, Adam. He is killed by The Collective. At one point, Operation calls Mr. Jones "Philip", which is probably his first name. Played by Edward Woodward (left) in the final four episodes of the series.
several episodes
Nikita's Section One codename.
many episodes
The name of Nikita's childhood best friend. The Legion's assassin poses as Julie to get close to Nikita and discover the whereabouts of her target, Jovan Mijovich.
A Level-5 operative at Section One who takes over from Michael as Nikita's handler in "Spec Ops" and is a crucial player in the story arc that continues through "Third Person" and "Approaching Zero." Jurgen becomes Michael's rival for Nikita's affections, and has secret information which he is using as leverage for special consideration from Operations. As it turns out, Nikita is being used without her knowledge so that Operations can acquire that information. Rather than continue in Section without leverage, Jurgen sacrifices himself during a mission. Played by Bruce Payne.
"Spec Ops"
"Third Person"
"Approaching Zero"