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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
Leader of a group of terrorist fanatics, Bright Star, known for their suicide bombings. Halir is captured in "Old Habits" but  Bright Star reappears in Season Four.
"Old Habits"
"Hanging on a Curtain"
Written by Mark Sandman and performed by Morphine, this is Track #12 on the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack; the song was published by Pubco/Head With Wings Music, 1997.
To aggressively and permanently separate two operatives who have become too close.
"Third Party Ripoff"
Codes that Fifth Order seeks to acquire from a downed Norwegian satellite in "Approaching Zero." Hard-wired material would be built into the hardware circuitry, as opposed to being programmed using software.
"Approaching Zero"
He takes advantage of a flaw in Section One's security system to steal the Directory, then arranges for an auction in which Section must bid against Ilya Benko, one of the most vicious terrorists on the planet -- and a man who harbors particular animosity toward Section -- for the return of the stolen file.
Used by Birkoff on surveillance images in "Innocent." Exactly what this would be is unknown. There is a Hartley oscillator, which is an old sine-wave electrical circuitry design. Birkoff also uses a Hartley Transform to create an MPeg featuring a simulation of Bisseroff's wife in "Inside Out."
"Inside Out"
An arms dealer the Peruze brothers approach, through Hugo and Athena, to sell anthrax rockets.
"Under the Influence"
Project leader of Elegra Corporation's manufacture of the C-60 isotope that Gregor Kessler intends to use in a blackmail scheme aimed at the West. He is killed by Kessler and his eyeball is removed for use in getting past the retinal-scan security system protecting the isotope.
A pizza delivery man who unwittingly becomes involved in a plot to smuggle a nuclear warhead into the United States. He is captured, interrogated and then used by Section One in "Innocent". He has a sister, Belinda, who has Down's syndrome and is institutionalized. Played by Maury Chaykin.
Maggie's full name.
A position of considerable importance in Section One, presumably ranking just below Madeline, who is executive strategist, and Operations, and someone who is responsible for strategizing upcoming missions. In "Beyond the Pale," Zalman is made head strategist over Michael, which prompts Michael to steal a field router and go AWOL with Nikita (or so it seemed).
"Beyond the Pale"
Band that performed "Loaded Gun," Track #6 on the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack.
A team of six mercenaries who have carried out a number of terrorist acts, each one claimed by a different terrorist organization without any known ties to one another. In other words, they accept contracts from, and doing the bidding of, terrorist groups, no doubt motivated purely by greed. This group is annihilated by Section One after they carry out a mission against a chemical plant in Tripoli.
"Third Person"
Hemblin, David
Plays George, head of Oversight, in numerous episodes of LFN. He has appeared in such TV series as The Twilight Zone, Road to Avonlea, Earth: Final Conflict, Nero Wolfe Mysteries and, most recently, Witchblade, as well as such films as Short Circuit 2, I Love A Man in Uniform, and Booty Call.
various episodes
The true identity of Mick Schtoppel, as revealed in "All the World's A Stage". He was a member of a repertory company in Wales when he was recruited by The Center to play the role of Schtoppel. He was later selected to impersonate Mr. Jones, which he had been doing for four years as of Season Five. Played by Carlo Rota.
various episodes
One of several groups between which Van Vactor is trying to broker an alliance against Section One in "Nikita". Hezbollah (meaning "Party of God") was created in 1982 in reaction to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. A Shia political and military organization which resisted Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, and which gained considerable credibility following Israel's withdrawal from that region in 2000.
A young math genius kidnapped by Section One in "Fuzzy Logic" to break a code. Hillinger learned too much about Section and was not released. He continually tried to undermine Birkoff's authority, and later went to Oversight to work for George. In "Line in the Sand" he tries to destroy Birkoff -- and Section -- by leaking information to Red Cell. When he is scheduled for cancellation, Birkoff informs Operations that he is still more useful to Section alive. Played by Kris Lemche.
various episodes
One of the last remaining members of Glass Curtain, a specialist in biowarfare working for The Collective in "In Through The Out Door." He is abducted by Nikita and Marco O'Brian and, under interrogation, reveals the location of The Collective's bioweapons lab.
"In Through the Out Door"
A computer genius who hacks into the systems of both Red Cell and Section One, thinking he is engaged in a war game. Both Section and Red Cell sub-stations are destroyed. Holland is captured by Section and persuaded to use his skill -- and an R45 Footprint -- to help Section destroy Red Cell's headquarters. What happened to him after that is unknown.
"Sleeping With the Enemy"
Based in Berlin, Honig is a middleman supplying chemical materials to Red Cell.
"Under the Influence"
 Individuals perceived to be a threat to Section operatives during a mission.
various episodes
Section jargon for an area in which an operative can expect enemy surveillance, activity or action.
"Playing With Fire"
A Section One department that is called upon to remove any evidence of Section's presence after a mission. This often includes the removal of bodies. The department is also called upon to dispose of bodies within Section.
several episodes
The premier of China who is the target of an assassination plot which utilized the phasing shell to brainwash five ordinary people and turn them into suicide killers.
A middleman who works with his wife Athena to broker a deal between the Peruze brothers and Nestor Hassan. After he has opened a line of communication with Hassan, the Peruze brothers kill him; they rape and murder Athena.
"Under the Influence"
Hurley, Maurice
Writer of "Voices," "War," "Half Life," "Old Habits," "Inside Out," "Three Eyed Turtle."