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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
A tech in Communications, and Birkoff's girlfriend for a while. In "Darkness Visible" he discovers that she is stealing money out of terrorist accounts that Section is monitoring, only to learn that the accounts are false ones set up by Section. She dumps Birkoff for a Biotech operative named Janklow in "Inside Out." Played by Tara Slone.
several episodes
Daughter of master terrorist Gregor Kessler, she has never met her father, and attends the University of Norway at Oslo as a foreign exchange student, which is where Michael and Nikita abduct her, since Section One hopes to use her as leverage to persuade Kessler to reveal the location of the stolen Cobalt 60. But Kessler murders his daughter, denying Section that leverage.
An interrogation room at Section One, similar to the White Room, but lacking the notorious steel chair, and seen infrequently in the series. The feature that sets it apart from the White Room is an adjacent viewing room on the other side of a window that can be modified for one-way viewing.
various episodes
A Grade 1 bioweapon the chemical breakdown on which was stolen from a bioengineering convention in Prague. It is being produced by Genefex for Red Cell. Michael and Nikita infiltrate Genefex to acquire it -- a mission during which Nikita is subjected to the Gelman Process by Madeline.
"On Borrowed Time"
The location of the mission during which Michael abducts Gufeld, for the purpose of acquiring further information on the R-1 Project.
"New Regime"
A man who brokers assassins, and who is contracted by Red Cell when they crack the Section One Directory. Section tracks him down in Rabat, Morocco, where he is killed by Michael after he leads Michael and Nikita into a trap set by Dominic. Played by Costa Kamateros.
A neurobiologist who worked (probably under duress) with Section One in the development of a mind-control process named after him. He escapes Section and remains at large for some time, until breaking cover at Michael's request when Michael is trying to learn how Nikita has been modified. He is slain by a Section assassin.
"Getting Out of Reverse"
Developed by neurobiologist Ross Gelman, this process is used by Madeline to "adjust" Nikita's behavior at the conclusion of Season Three. It segregates parts of the brain using chemical stimuli in conjunction with other unspecified elements, and is reversible. The process was tested on Adrian after the latter failed in her attempt to destroy Section at the conclusion of Season Two. Michael uses a quarantine nexus chamber, cerebral inhibitors and an ultrasonic unit with sensory deprivation channel to free Nikita from the process in "Into the Looking Glass." The process has a potentially fatal side effect: It uses chemicals which cause a neurological virus. The virus causes the death of Adrian, and nearly causes Nikita's death in "In Through The Out Door." The process requires maintenance -- drugs, ocular therapy, etc. If maintenance is stopped, temporary recovery may occur, followed by a relapse which includes aphasia, headaches and a rapid decline.
several episodes
A Section file that shows that Operations has been instrumental in keeping Saddam Hussein in power. Adrian recruits Nikita to steal the file from Section, and attempts to use it to destroy Section.
"End Game"
A type of security system that permits access only to individuals with the correct genetic code.
"Into the Looking Glass"
Pharmaceutical laboratory that has been working with Red Cell in the production of a Grade 1 bioweapon called Gandium 4. It is infiltrated by Nikita and Michael.
"On Borrowed Time"
Head of Oversight, and Operations' immediate superior. George knows that the ambitious Operations wants his job, but doesn't actively pursue countermeasures until he discovers that Operations and Madeline were involved in the disappearance of Adrian, with whom George had had a relationship. Throughout Season Four George plots to destroy Operations and/or Section, while Operations schemes to do away with George. In the end, Operations is successful when George, in his zeal to dispose of his rival, leaks intel to Red Cell, and is caught. Played by David Hemblen.
various episodes
A nurse at the Klodno State Hospital whom Michael forces to help him when he is left behind, wounded, on a mission. Angie sacrifices herself so that Michael can escape the clutches of the relentless state police in "Rescue." Played by Nancy Beatty.
A young woman suffering from leukemia, who is recruited by Section to replace terrorist courier Jan Baylin, to whom she bears a striking resemblance. Having lived an insulated life, Sarah becomes addicted to the excitement. Played by Juliet Landau.
"Before I Sleep"
 Section One operative trained for five years to replace Walter, and who gets his chance when Walter is sent into retirement in "On Borrowed Time." In an effort to facilitate Walter's return, Birkoff triggers an explosion in Ordnance for which Giles is blamed.
"On Borrowed Time"
 The alias of Section operative Charles Sand, who is Madeline's husband and who was betrayed by Operations during a mission years ago and subsequently captured by Red Cell. Giraldi/Sand survives by befriending Abel Goellner, and later works for Goellner as a financial analyst. He seeks Nikita's assistance in a bid to return to Section. Played by Steven Berkoff.
"In Between"
Girotti, Ken
Director of the episodes "Gray," "Rescue," "Mandatory Refusal," "Darkness Visible," "Fuzzy Logic," and "Inside Out."
A high-tech group of anarchists led by Errol Sparks. Nikita infiltrates the organization in "Simone" to find out how Glass Curtain is engineering midair aircraft collisions. In the process she discovers that the group has been holding a Section operative, Simone, captive for several years. Sparks is believed to have been killed by Simone at the conclusion of this episode, but he and Glass Curtain resurface in "I Remember Paris."
"I Remember Paris"
Associate of Hans Korda; Glasser intends to sell designer viruses to the highest bidder in "Off Profile".
"Off Profile"
Developed in 1980, the Glock has proven to be such a reliable and versatile weapon -- it can operate underwater -- that it's been adopted as the official sidegun by numerous police forces and armies around the world. A 9mm semiautomatic with a 17-round capacity and a steel slide in a polymer frame, it is often used by Section operatives. Birkoff asks Walter for one in "Into The Looking Glass."
"Into the Looking Glass"
A 3,000-year-old Japanese game of strategy consisting of 180 white stones and 181 black ones placed on a board containing 361 intersections, the purpose being to block your opponent's moves and control a majority of the board. Played by an estimated 25 million people, Go is quite popular in Asia, where professional competitions are commonplace, and where Go scholars are revered as artists in their own right. Jurgen plays Go in "Spec Ops."
"Spec Ops"
Formerly of Red Cell, Goellner branches out on his own, using substantial financial resources to fund terrorist and rebel factions. His goal is to take control of the financial infrastructures of Third World countries once they have been taken over by the factions he supports. His assistant is Karil Giraldi, a Section operative named Charles Sand, who was left out in the cold. Michael and Nikita pose as financial advisers in order to foil his scheme.
"In Between"
An arms supplier for Cyrus Kavali, he is stalked and captured by Section One.
A Section operative ordered by Operations to keep an eye on Marco O'Brian in "In Through The Out Door." O'Brian kills him.
"In Through the Out Door"
An emergency situation inside Section One, as when the prisoner Tyco escapes, kills or disables several operatives, and transmits classified intel to Glass Curtain (before being killed by Michael).
"I Remember Paris"
Granofsky, Anais
Portrayed Nikita's friend and neighbor Carla during the first two seasons of LFN. She has starred in the Canadian TV series The Kids of DeGrassi Street, DeGrassi Junior High and DeGrassi Talks. She has also appeared in several TV movies, including We the Jury (1996) and Mind Prey (1999).
numerous episodes
Suspicious activity.
several episodes
The password to Alec Chandler's computer files, which Nikita and Michael go to great lengths to acquire.
List of outsiders -- usually terrorists and criminals -- with whom Section One has a working relationship, and who cannot be killed by an operative without permission. Dorian Enquist was "green-listed" in "Mandatory Refusal."
several episodes
Red Cell leader who cuts a deal with Nikita -- he will help her escape Section in exchange for intel. He is captured by Section and interrogated in an attempt to discover Nikita's whereabouts, and is subsequently cancelled.Played by Lawrence Dane.
"Face in the Mirror"
"Up the Rabbit Hole"
An assassin hired to kill Jovan Milovich at his inauguration. She uses a car bomb to silence Michael's informant, and Section is required to protect Milovich without knowing her identity or having a description of her. This they manage to do.
An explosive device Walter accidentally activates while he is dissecting it. The device has a detonator that is pitch-and-roll sensitive.
"Threshold of Pain"
The scientist Michael abducts from Gantzway Labs, and whom Nikita lies to in order to acquire the location of the facility where the R-1 Project is being conducted.
"New Regime"
 Track #14 on the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack, written and performed by Gus Gus, published 1997 by Songs of Polygram International, Inc./Gus Gus Publishing and produced under license with Warner Bros. Records.
Gus Gus
Wrote and performed "Gun," Track #14 on the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack; the band appeared on the soundtrack by arrangement with Warner Special Products.