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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
A hitman who becomes the target of Section One when it is learned that he has intel that could be very damaging to certain Western nations. The intel is contained in The Book, which is kept in a Swiss financial institution called Bank Montague. Michael attempts to acquire The Book by manipulating Fanning's wife, Lisa Fanning. Fanning returns at a later date, this time affiliated with Section in a mission to kill Nicholai Kusko. He takes Nikita hostage, forcing Michael to locate and deliver Lisa, who has gone into hiding. Played by Douglas O'Keeffe.
"Double Date"
Emotionally vulnerable wife of hitman David Fanning, who physically and verbally abuses her. Michael seduces her in order to get her help in accessing The Book (see David Fanning) in "Obsessed." He seduces her again in "Double Date," before abducting her and trading her to Fanning for Nikita, who is being held hostage by the hitman. Played by Yvonne Scio.
"Double Date"
Section One training facility, location unknown. This is where new recruits are trained in weapons, martial arts and field tactics. Michael and Nikita work with five young recruits there on an accelerated clock in "Time to be Heroes." Walter is transferred to The Farm in "Four Light Years Farther."
"Time To Be Heroes"
"Four Light Years Farther"
The target of a Section One mission in Liberia that involved Nikita, and which failed. In "Into the Looking Glass," Operations and Madeline are led to believe that it's Faso's men who are the cause of Nikita's disappearance, when in fact Michael has taken her in order to free her from the Gelman Process.
"Into the Looking Glass"
Faulkner, James
This British actor (b. 1948, London) portrayed Dominic, one of Red Cell's top men and a dangerous adversary of Section One, who appears in "War" and "Cat and Mouse." Faulkner has appeared in numerous films, including Zulu Dawn (1979), The Maid (1991) and Bridget Jones's Diary (2001), as well as many made-for-TV movies and several miniseries. In addition to LFN, he has appeared in guest-starring roles in such TV series as Alias Smith and Jones, Lovejoy, Relic Hunter and Highlander.
"Cat and Mouse"
Madeline's mother.
"Psychic Pilgrim"
An acquaintance of Perry Bauer, and the man who introduced Peter and Sage to one another in Frankfurt.
A woman with whom Mick Schtoppel had a relationship in Amsterdam. He runs into her again some years later, in "Slipping Into Darkness."
"Slipping Into Darkness"
The Section operative placed in abeyance, and who threatens to have his revenge on Birkoff. Whether Felix survived the suicide mission in Libya is unknown.
"Imitation of Death"
The Chinese premier targeted for assassination by Mongolian extremists who use the brainwashing device known as a "Phasing Shell".
Class-5 Section operative involved in Operations' attempt to have Nikita killed on a mission in Shanghai. With Birkoff's help, Michael frames him so that he will plant a bug in Madeline's office. The bug is discovered, Ferrera is placed on abeyance, and is killed during a mission in Spain. Played by Raoul Trujillo.
"Looking For Michael"
The leader of the Freedom League in "Hard Landing".
"Hard Landing"
An operative's mission skills.
several episodes
 Portable device that can access and scramble all Section comm frequencies as well as jam tracking frequencies. For that reason, it's use is restricted. However, Michael and Nikita steal one to escape Section in "Beyond the Pale." (I suspect Michael also uses one in "Into the Looking Glass.")
"Beyond the Pale"
A group, underwritten by certain organized factions in Russia, that is out to leverage hardwired decryption codes from an American military communications satellite.
"Approaching Zero"
A program utilizing holographic hostiles in simulating a gun battle, used by Jurgen as part of his assessment of Nikita.
"Spec Ops"
The cover identity given Rudy Haynes when Nikita escorts him to an embassy ball in hopes he will identify a man he saw with a smuggled nuclear device.
The cover identity of Nikita when she escorts Rudy Haynes to an embassy ball.
Firestone, Jay
The executive producer of LFN; Firestone has been the executive or co-executive producer of such series as Pacific Blue, F/X, Highlander: The Raven, Relic Hunter, Queen of Swords, Andromeda, Mutant X and Adventure, Inc. He has also produced films like Love in Paris (1997) and An American Rhapsody (2001).
all episodes
Software that makes a computer invisible to scans and shields it from unauthorized entry. In "Hard Landing" a money launderer named Sherrin is described as a "firewall" to insulate terrorists from their financial transactions.
several episodes
The terrorist group whose leader, Franz Gerrin, is in prison at the time of the events portrayed in "Psychic Pilgrim". Gerrin is still running the operation through the attorney, Joaquin Armel. First Flag is responsible for, among other actions, an air disaster in the Bering Straits. [Entry added thanks to dianamarina]
"Psychic Pilgrim"
Section One jargon for the team that, according to profile, has the principal responsibility for accomplishing the mission objective.
numerous episodes
The handful of personnel that, according to Walter, still have a "soul" after a year spent in Section One. (Also, a LFN fan discussion group.)
"Third Person"
A mission that is run on a moment's notice, usually in an emergency situation. Mission profiles are provided to team members as they depart Section, and briefings, if they occur at all, are done enroute.
"Cat and Mouse"
Microprocessors that are connected to a computer via a serial link, and are commonly utilized to assemble and debug platforms before they are downloaded to the RAM. Birkoff must do a total reprogramming of FLT chips in "Noise."
Band that performed "Absurd," Track #13 on the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack.
 The type of psychological torture Jurgen tells Operations was used on Nikita while she was (ostensibly) held captive by the Freedom League. It involves destruction of the subject's emotional equilibrium. Recurring nightmares are on known side effect.
"Hard Landing"
A department of Section One that analyses physical evidence for clues as to, for instance, who perpetrated a terrorist act, the components of a explosive device, etc.
"A Girl Who Wasn't There"
Forest, Denis
 Played Rene Dian in "Half Life." He has guest starred in numerous television series, including Friday the 13th, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., and Pacific Blue, and appeared in films such as Cliffhanger (1993), The Mask (1994) and Dead Men Can't Dance (1997).
"Half Life"
The device Michael asks Nikita to steal from Section One, to test her loyalty to him. It is useless without additional hardware. A capture card is most commonly used to transfer image-based data from one device to another (often a TV or vidcam to a PC). It usually has compression capability that allows quick transfers at high resolution.
"There Are No Missions"
A forger who supplies Bright Star with false documents. He is also a serial killer reminiscent of Jack the Ripper. The scion of a wealthy family, he was first in his class at medical school, but dropped out just before graduation to spite his parents. Nikita is forced to work with him in "Old Habits." He is killed by an unidentified assassin when Bright Star receives intel (probably from Nikita) that he has betrayed that organization. Played by Chris Leavins.
"Old Habits"
A versatile linear transform that decomposes a waveform or function into sinusoids of different frequency which sum to the original waveform. It is widely used to solve scientific and engineering problems; more specifically, in systems analyses, optics, random process modeling and the restoration of astronomical data, to name a few applications. Birkoff uses a a Fourier transform on surveillance images in "Innocent," presumably to make them more "readable."
A Salsa dancer who slips a key card to Nikita which allows her access to a room containing a computer system she must destroy.
"Not Was"
(1) A major in the security police in Klodno who is charged with tracking Michael down when the latter, wounded, is abandoned after a mission in "Rescue." Played by Diego Matamoros. (2) The Section operative in charge of the backup team when Nikita and Operations are in the field, in "I Remember Paris."
"I Remember Paris"
 In the episode "War," Red Cell is led to believe that a Section One substation is located in the sub-basement of an abandoned plant at the end of a canal. The team sent by Red Cell to that location is trapped and destroyed.
The identity used by Madeline when she poses as a police detective to question Gray Wellman about his contact with Harding in "Gray".
A resourceful and well-organized group of extremists who are attempting to seize power in the Balkans. Section One clashes with them in "Mercy," and again in "Hard Landing." Michael conceals Nikita's six-month absence from Section (at the end of Season One) by making it appear as though she'd survived a suicide mission against the Freedom League and had been their prisoner ever since. The group resurfaces in "Time Out of Mind."
several episodes
The man who delivers a nuclear trigger to John and Helen Wicke -- after which John Wicke's limousine driver kills him.
An elusive arms dealer who is peddling an anthrax-based toxin called Drakium A.S. to the Freedom League. Section One uses Nikita to persuade her son David French to give up her location.
"Time Out of Mind"
 Son of Crystal French, who resides in a Zurich mental institution after feigning a breakdown. David's goal is to take over his mother's business, and to this end he informs Section One of her location. Played by Kelly Harms.
"Time Out of Mind"
A term most commonly associated with radio signals. It has been demonstrated that when two frequency spectra or signals are mixed, two new but related spectra are created while the original spectra are not present. Frequency spectra have been discussed in relation to psycho-physical states, with respect to theoretical mind-machine melding, and this is probably the usage intended in the episode "Brainwash" during discussion of the phasing shell that manipulates Nikita's mind.
Nikita and Michael pose as representatives of this humanitarian organization during their mission to track down and assassinate Radovan Luka in his war-torn homeland. Michael wears an FSN patch on his parka, and drives a Land Rover bearing FSN markings. It doesn't do them much good; however; they have to shoot their way through a roadblock of soldiers intent on stealing both the Land Rover and its cargo of morphine -- which is part of the cover.
"Darkness Visible"
When a mission is in full phase it cannot usually be aborted without dire consequences.
several episodes
The status of a Section One operative when he or she is not in abeyance, on probation, or recovering from injury.
various episodes