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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
C Band
An alternate communication frequency used by Section to contact a missing team.
A plastic explosive used in the destruction of the Freedom League enclave in "Mercy." C-4 resembles white clay and comes in bars wrapped in cellophane, or braided "rope." It contains the explosive material RDX (Research Development Explosive), is 1.34x more powerful than TNT, and is primarily manufactured in the United States. It was used widely in Vietnam, and was also used in the attack on the USS Cole in 2000.
Stands for "Cover Ident Correlation List"; this is a directory of the leaders, agents and contacts of the terrorist group known as Par Epistemen Taksis. Section One attempts to acquire the CICL using Benjamin Kruger, a man with a perfect photographic memory. The CICL computer file is protected by an advanced digital sensor system, making it impossible to download or copy.
"Outside the Box"
A chip that is an integral part of a smart missile guidance system.
A Section One computer system. Birkoff tells Greg Hillinger to preformat the Galloway file for the C-9.
A lethal biological weapon. One drop on the skin leads to death. Walter and Birkoff deliver it to Alessandro Terragamo when they are posing as Horst Dante's couriers in an effort to get to Terragamo.
"Into the Looking Glass"
Callery, Sean
Composer of the original music in LFN; Callery had previously worked as sound effects editor on the films Star Trek: Generations (1994) and Se7en (1995). He has also composed for a 1990 TV-movie entitled A Mom for Christmas and the television series Sheena and 24.
all episodes
A widely used euphemism for "kill" or "terminate."
numerous episodes
Stanley Shays offers to "grow" a diamond for Nikita using this process. A vacuum-arc, plasma-based, deposition technique for creating Diamond-Like Carbon is available. DLC is used in industrial tools because it is extremely wear-resistant.

Nikita's neighbor outside Section, she resides during the first season in Apartment 411. We first meet her in "Nikita," and she subsequently appears in seven other episodes. In "Adrian's Garden" it is revealed she has worked all along for Adrian, and she is killed by a Michael's team in "End Game." Played by Anais Granofsky.
verious episodes
Sister of Simon Crachek -- and his lover. They are leaders of a splinter group called Black March. Caroline is a sadist who tortures Nikita, who later kills her. Played by Guylaine St. Onge.
"Threshold of Pain"
A Communications tech in Section One who becomes pregnant; after having the baby she returns to work and, while she never speaks of it, it's widely believed the baby was taken away from her.
"Soul Sacrifice"
A mind-control project, beta-tested for over a year, that Madeline suggests as part of Section's campaign against the Peruze brothers. It is used on Nikita, and manipulates emotions using visual triggers.
"Under the Influence"
Cassar, John
Director of the episodes "Nikita," "Love," "Gambit," "Hard Landing," "Third Person," "New Regime," "Double Date," "Looking for Michael," "Opening Night Jitters," and "Three Eyed Turtle."
crew member
Command hub for all the sections. It is run by Mr. Jones, who is Nikita's father. In "All Good Things," Operations leaves Section One temporarily when he is seconded to The Center to provide a tactical perspective on a matter. The Center is also the name given the top-secret facility where Nikita is trained for three years in the French film.
various episodes
One of the things Michael asks for from Walter -- along with a quarantine nexus chamber and ultrasonance unit with sensory deprivation channel. Michael needs these to free Nikita from the effects of the mind-control Gelman Process.
"Into the Looking Glass"
A device planted subcutaneously in an operative so that his or her whereabouts can be monitored. Adrian explains this to Nikita in "Adrian's Garden." (See Compound Glucose Chip.) Section jargon for this device is the "clock."
"Adrian's Garden"
A wealthy philantropist who has started a foundation to fund shelters for homeless kids. He becomes a Section One target because he is using the shelters to find material for his child slavery operation. Played by Simon MacCorkindale.
Section One uses a number of communication channels including B, D and 4 -- the latter being a video frequency.
various episodes
Chaykin, Maury

Played Rudy Haynes in the episode "Innocent" and was nominated for a Gemini Award for that performance. Born in Brooklyn (7.27.49), is a highly regarded character actor who has appeared in numerous feature films since his debut in 1979's TV movie Riel. His credits include War Games (1983), Cold Comfort (1989), Dances With Wolves (1990) and Entrapment (1999). He has the title role in the TV series Nero Wolfe (2001-03).
A Russian who kidnaps children and brainwashes them before selling them to terrorist organizations, after which they are usually used on suicide missions. He is also conducting cloning experiments. Though Section One wanted him taken alive, he kills himself when Nikita and other Section ops raid his compound. Played by Eugene Lipinski.
"Imitation of Death"
"Chinese Burn"
Track 10 of the series soundtrack, written by Tony Halliday and Dean Garcia, performed by Curve. Published by Songs of Polygram International, Inc./EMI Virgin Music Ltd., 1997 copyright.
Along with Maurice, a bodyguard for Maximilien Jedrick. Both he and Maurice are killed by Victor, who then disposes of their bodies with acid.
Mistress of Pierre Brulois, a rogue Naval Intelligence officer -- which makes her the target of a Section mission.
"Three Eyed Turtle"
A Section operative and friend of Nikita's, who gets blown up by a bomb in a trap set by John and Helen Wick. When Nikita shoots John Wick she says, "That's for Chuck."
A terrorist or terrorist group that, for one reason or another, becomes a main priority of Section One. (There is also a Class-B category.)
several episodes
[See Level 5 Operative]
several episodes
Terrorist activities that usually result in a high priority Section One mission.
"Slipping Into Darkness"
A member of the terrorist cell working with Rene Dian which is eliminated by Section One after Michael infiltrates it.
"Half Life"
To "clean" an area or situation is to kill everyone and, usually, dispose of all the evidence.
several episodes
& Nikita
Section One jargon for apprehending a hostile in a way that arouses no alarm among the target's associates.
Nickname given the ruthless killer Victor, presumably because he is called upon to "clean up" any mess caused by a botched mission.
In Section One, this protocol limits access to a level or file to one of two persons -- Operations and the Chief Strategist. In "There Are No Missions," Level Twenty is Clearance One but that doesn't stop Dori Burns from accessing it in her attempt to find an escape route.
several episodes
The cover identity for Nikita once she is released from the Center. Marie is supposedly a nurse, born in Sarlat and working at the Salpetriere. Nikita's fiance, Marco, eventually learns that there is no nurse by that name at the hospice.
An asexual form of reproduction in which the clone's genes are derived entirely from a body cell of a single individual (as opposed to the product of sexual reproduction, by which the child derives half its genes from the mother and the other half from the father.) The clonal procedure usually involves producing an embryo which is then implanted in a woman's womb to create a fully-formed living child. In "Imitation of Death", Ivan Chernov is conducting cloning experiments and, in fact, takes one of Nikita's eggs to that end; it turns out that Section One may also be involved in human cloning.
"Imitation of Death"
An alert status within Section, usually when a high priority mission is imminent, that requires all operatives to remain in the facility, ready to go the instant the green light is given.
various episodes
Close Quarters Standby
An annual convention for LFN fans. The first was held in Toronto, October 2-4, 1998 with special guests Alberta Watson, Don Francks, Matthew Ferguson, Rocco Matteo and Laurie Drew. CQS2 was also held in Toronto, on October 8-10, 1999; CSQ3 in Toronto, May 26-28, 2000; and CSQ4 in Toronto, May 25-27, 2001.
A radioactive agent that Gregor Kessler intends to use to poison the water supply of a major city unless the demands of a group called the United Coalition are met. There is a C60 series of cobalt-based products that hydrogenates aldehydes to alcohol. (There's also a Boston-based rock band called Cobalt 60.)
Cochran, Robert
Writer of such episodes as "Charity," "Treason," "Gray," "Obsessed," "Verdict," "Spec Ops," "New Regime," "Double Date," "Last Night," and "Gates of Hell."
crew member
Section One jargon for a mission objective that does not present serious threat to operatives; a physical location that is not inhabited by hostiles, bombs or boobytraps.
"A Girl Who Wasn't There"
Section jargon that usually refers to innocents killed by terrorists or operatives who are captured or who lose their lives during a Section mission.
various episodes
Formed by the remnants of groups defeated by Section One (Red Cell, Glass Curtain, etc.), and formed with the express goal of waging war against the Section during Season Five.
several episodes
The Center's ultra-sophisticated communications satellite that drops out of the sky in Season 4. It serves as a link for six other satellites, and so contains highly classified data since everything that is downloaded from or uploaded to the other six is registered in its central processing unit.
"Catch A Falling Star"
Field communication devices used by Section operatives. There are several designs which either fit in or behind the ear. Glasses with two-way comm capability and, sometimes, direct-feed video capability, are also used.
various episodes
An area of Section One that is off-limits to most, where Operations and Madeline usually meet with George, or have a private conversation with an operative away from the prying eyes of the rest of Section. Seen in "Looking for Michael," "There Are No Missions," and several other episodes.
several episodes
Inserted subcutaneously in operatives so their whereabouts can be monitored, as it contains a DNA-specific thermal tag that a satellite can read (unless shielded by lead or titanium.) Walter inserts it into five new recruits in "Time to be Heroes." (See Cesium Crystal.)
"Time to be Heroes"
An operative or a mission that has been discovered or breached.
several episodes
Section jargon, used to describe the status of a mission when an operative's cover is blown.
several episodes
Section-speak used by team members to inform each other or Section that a location is clear of hostiles.
A Section One operative is considered to be "Condition Eight" when he or she goes rogue. Standard orders at that point are "shoot on sight." Madeline declares Nikita to be Condition Eight after the latter deletes her personnel files and escapes Section in Season 4.
"Face in the Mirror"
An area of Section One where prisoners are held. The White Room and the Gambit Room, where interrogations are performed, are nearby. Also, jargon used in the field to indicate a situation is under control. Finally, containment is used to refer to the emergency segmentation of Section One when the facility is infected with a lethal contagion in "Inside Out."
numerous episodes
A Section One mission protocol which allows an operative to attempt the retrieval of another operative who has been wounded or captured by hostiles.
"Playing with Fire"
Section One jargon for operatives who are standing by to assist or take over for the primary operative(s) during a mission.
Forger who does business with Marco Ashe, and who is killed by Michael when Corey realizes that Sarah Gerard is posing as courier Jan Baylin.
"Before I Sleep"
An associate of terrorist Gabriel Tyler.
Nickname for one of Nikita's three cronies in the opening scenes of the film, in which the foursome, intent on robbery, break into a store owned by Coyotte's father.
With his sister (and lover) Caroline, leader of the Black March splinter group. He tortures and kills a Section operative, Angela, forcing another operative, Mark, to reveal the location of Section's Substation Six. He is captured by Section and, after Michael tricks him into revealing that it was Mark and not Nikita who broke, is cancelled. Played by Adam Ant.
"Threshold of Pain"
A Section operative shot by suicide bomber Ahmed.
"Old Habits"
A serial rapist/killer who has slain eight women with a flat-head screwdriver and who attacks Nikita in "Voices." Detective Marco O'Brien has been after Crane for years, and is determined to get Nikita's help in that endeavor.
A Section operative who is killed while trying to gain access to the palace where Jovan Mihovich and others are being held hostage.
Seymour Birkoff's twin brother, born to a Section operative named Lisa. As part of a psych experiment to compare his life outside Section with Birkoff's on the inside, he was "released" as an infant, and has no knowledge of Section or Birkoff until the latter finds him in "Hell Hath No Fury." He is brought into Section to take Birkoff's place in "Catch A Falling Star," but in Season Five leaves Section to work in The Center. Played by Matthew Ferguson.
several episodes
A paramilitary cell classified as a Class-A threat because their members tend to be highly motivated and exhibit kamikaze behavior. Their heavily fortified base is in Antakya, and is the target of a Section mission in Season 3. They are high-tech, with satellite tracking capabilities.
"Playing with Fire"
A Section One instructor saddled with supervising an uncontrollable operative named Shellen.
Putting a body into deep cold, or cryonic suspension. This is predicated on the fact that after death there is a "grace period" during which cell damage is not irrevocable. A cryonics team "freezes" the subject immediately after death, replaces the blood and body water with solutions and immerses it in liquid nitrogen to maintain a temperature of -197C, at which point no biological deterioration occurs. Adrian is placed in cryostasis (apparently using a technique that did not call for replacing the body fluids with solution) and kept in a lab on Level 17 of Section One after the events of "End Game" until Michael kidnaps her at the beginning of Season Four.
several episodes
A Section One department that deals with encrypted data or intel, but is also used to analyze mission records for anomalies or unauthorized hidden communications between operatives.
"Playing with Fire"
A terrorist faction that claims responsibility for a bombing in Mexico City.
"Opening Night Jitters"
A terrorist faction led by Doc Lesham and categorized as a Class-B threat even though it has destroyed Section Eight with a bioweapon. A team of new recruits led by Nikita and Michael are used as bait to lure Crystal Sky into a trap.
"Time to be Heroes"
Band responsible for "Chinese Burn," Track #10 on the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack.