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Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
An auxiliary communications channel available to a team on a mission if a blackout occurs.
A handgun commonly used by Section operatives. Nikita requests one from Walter in "Threshold of Pain" and we see Birkoff use one in "Imitation of Death." It's a 9mm semi-automatic that can carry 17 rounds.
several episodes
Given to George by Madeline as proof that Operations has been in contact with Pierre Brulois, a rogue Naval Intelligence officer in league with terrorists.
"Three Eyed Turtle"
To insert false information into a file. Madeline does it on one occasion to make it look to George as though Michael is responsible for the mistreatment of Adrian.
"There Are No Missions"
A terrorist outfit responsible for bombings in Kosovo and Latvia, with whom politician Nikolai Markali is suspected of working.
"Love and Country"
Capital of Iraq, and the base of operations for the potential buyers of the nuclear trigger being peddled by John and Helen Wick.
Frederick Borso's associate, who tries to acquire the CM-12 missile guidance chip from Steven Wolfe and his colleagues. Played by Pedro Salvin.
One of the wealthiest men in the world, an Arab who is peddling nuclear information to the Middle East. Maggie's assignment is to acquire that data, destroy the files, and then eliminate Bahktiar. She gains access to Bahktiar's heavily guarded estate by impersonating his girlfriend Angela.
The Swiss financial institution where hitman David Fanning hid The Book.
Nikita's neighbor in the apartment building for one episode, Barry is going through a nasty divorce and is trying to get back on his feet, both emotionally and financially. He asks Nikita to keep a box he says contains mementos. In fact, it contains drugs, which Nikita destroys. When Barry's drug-dealing associates show up, Nikita dispatches them, too.
"Fuzzy Logic"
A courier running material between Marco Ashe and The Alliance, she chooses to commit suicide rather than "turn" and work for Section. Played by Juliet Landau.
"Before I Sleep"
Where Red Cell relocated a substation formerly operating in Minsk.
"Deja Vu All Over Again"
Bakunin, Mikhail
Russian anarchist (1814-1876) who wrote Tyranny of the State and has been an idol of terrorists and revolutionaries ever since, including J.B. in "Simone."
Freedom League's headquarters in Lyons.
"Hard Landing"
An NSA regional strategist who has gone rogue and is looking for a buyer for the identities and locations of NSA agents who are involved in the Plimpton Project. He makes a deal with a Section operative named Terry, who agrees to tell him whatever he wants to know as long as he lets her have her baby -- something she fears Section One won't allow. In the end, however, Terry kills Bates to protect her friend, Nikita.
"Soul Sacrifice"
Supplier to terrorist organizations, he ruthlessly sacrifices his foster-son Andy to prove to prospective clients that the nerve gas he has acquired is as deadly as he claims. Michael and Nikita pose as married mercenaries Peter and Sage to infiltrate his organization and bring him down. In the end, Section recruits rather than cancels him. Played by Tobin Bell.
Beatty, Nancy
Won a Gemini Award (Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role) for her portrayal of Angie Georgiev in the episode "Rescue". She has also appeared in several episodes of A Nero Wolfe Mystery and such films as Sea of Love (1989), Harriet the Spy (1996) and The Shipping News  (2001). Most recently, she appeared in the 2002 TV movie The Newsroom.
guest star
A freelance demolitions man who carries out instructions from the computer called Brutus. During the firefight in Albania that attends his capture by a Section One team, Nikita sees an innocent girl go down; her subsequent investigation into the girl's welfare leads her into danger. (See Julia and Rosa.) Played by Cliff Saunders.
"Last Night"
Where Birkoff locates Michael and Nikita after their escape from Section.
"Beyond the Pale"
The location of a "live sim" for Benjamin Kruger, arranged by Nikita so that she can contact a Section operative who was involved in the frame-up that resulted in her conviction for the murder of a police officer. ("Outside the Box") Also the location of a terrorist group's safehouse that is a target for Section in "The Man Behind the Curtain," and the city to which Vincent Thomas, head of Red Cell in Europe, fled to escape Section in "Beyond the  Pale."
several episodes
An operative with whom Walter falls in love in Season Two; unbeknownst to him, she's been played in abeyance. Birkoff upgrades her status, but Operations finds out, and Belinda goes on a suicide mission in Rio right after she and Walter are married. Madeline later provides Walter with a "holograph" Belinda, but Walter will have none of it. Grief-stricken, he plans to kill Operations, but Nikita talks him out of it. Played by Jill Dyck.
"Old Habits"
"Off Profile"
Sister of Rudy Haynes, she is affected by Downs Syndrome. Rudy escapes Nikita and Michael in order to pay her what he thinks will be his last visit. Played by Traci Miller. (Many thanks to "AZ" for this entry.)
Bell, Tobin
Played Perry Bauer in "Love." A noted character actor who has made guest appearances in numerous TV series, including The X-Files, The Sopranos, Walker: Texas Ranger, NYPD Blue, Murder One, Nash Bridges and Seinfeld. His feature film work includes roles in Mississippi Burning (1988), Goodfellas (1990), and In the Line of Fire (1993).
guest star
 A terrorist whose mission is to destroy Section, and who bids to get a copy of Section's Directory, stolen by Harding in "Gray." When he doesn't get it he kills Harding, and is later captured by Section. Played by James Kidnie.
Bennett, Nigel
Played Egran Petrosian in "Rescue" and "New Regime"; born 11.19.49 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, Bennett has guest starred in numerous other TV series, including Counterstrike, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and Earth: Final Conflict. His long list of film credits include Narrow Margin (1990), Passage of the Heart (1992), Legends of the Fall (1994) and Strike! (1998). He has also starred in the TV series Lexx.
guest star
Salla Vacek's lieutenant, right-hand man, and confidante.
"Somebody Else's Shadow"
A 9mm semi-automatic handgun available to Section operatives; Nikita uses one in Shanghai in "Looking For Michael."
several episodes
The 9mm automatic (maximum 20 rounds) that Nikita uses on the firing range during training.
A money launderer who funds terrorism, he has long been a top target of Section One. He has a safehouse in Odessa.
"All Good Things:
A member of the terrorist group Glass Curtain. He is Nikita's initial contact when the former infiltrates the group as J.B.
The Section operative who impersonates Walter's old girlfriend Lita. She lies to Operations and Madeline to protect Walter, who did not maintain Section's integrity. Operations orders Madeline to "take care" of her.
"Walk On By"
A device used by Section One operatives that can detect whether a person was present at a particular location in the recent past. This device is used as part of a process called a "bioscreen".
"A Girl Who Wasn't There"
 The department of Section One that handles biotechnical issues, from truth serums to killer viruses and contagions.
several episodes
The detonation device for a bomb planted inside a person. It is activation is keyed to some aspect of the subject's body chemistry.
"Open Heart"
Section One's computer whiz kid. He seldom leaves Section and, as it turns out, was born there; his mother was a Section operative named Lisa who gave birth to twins. His brother lives outside Section, unaware of Birkoff's existence -- until he's brought in during Season 4. Birkoff has a healthy respect for Operations, and usually does his bidding without question. But his friendship with Walter and Nikita leads Birkoff to bend the rules occasionally. He usually gets caught, but the fact that there's really no one who can do the job as well as he does saves him. Throughout the series Birkoff has several romantic relationships with young women in Section, none of which turn out well. He sacrifices himself in Season Four to destroy an artificial intelligence program that he has created and which threatens Section.
most episodes
A professor at the Scottish National University (Glasgow), he creates a new antrax strain for Red Cell, which is unleashed on Section One. Red Cell holds Biseroff's family hostage to ensure his cooperation, but Michael tricks him into believing his loved ones are safe in order to get the antibiotic. Played by Martin Doyle.
"Inside Out"
"Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair"
A 19th century folk song performed by Nina Simone, Track 9 on the soundtrack for Point of No Return.
A profit-oriented group of freelancers who do jobs for terrorist organizations, and whose leaders -- Simon Crachek and Caroline -- are targeted by Section.
"Threshold of Pain"
A terrorist group whose operations center in Libya is targeted for destruction.
"End Game"
The terrorist group that turns Dingman's Hollow, Tennessee into a sleeper base in America's heartland, and where they train their people to act like Americans. Members are identified by a tattoo on the inside of the wrist. Nikita and Michael discover this on a mission to recover a downed spy satellite.
"To Catch A Falling Star"
The name the Peruze brothers use to identify themselves in the terrorist community.
"Under the Influence"
The period of time when -- for a number of reasons -- Section One cannot monitor an operative in the field.
"Beyond the Pale"
A tape of tactical command's actions during a live mission, reviewed for profile deviations; also, secretly monitoring computer activity.
"Three Eyed Turtle"
A cover identity so complete that not even a spouse or children would know the truth; an example would be Michael's cover as Elena Vacek's husband in the four-story thread that opens the LFN's third season.
"Looking for Michael"
Bloomfield, George
Director of "Escape," "Choice," and "Innocent."

The precursor of the TV series' Michael. Played by Tcheky Karyo, Bob is the operative who recruits Nikita, stands up for her in discussion with the ruthless -- and nameless -- head of The Center, and who falls in love with her in the process. Bob later presents himself to Marco as Nikita's uncle, and tells a completely fictional but nonetheless touching story about Nikita's childhood.
Maggie's recruiter, the same role played by Tcheky Karyo in the original French film, reprised this time by Gabriel Byrne. In both cases "Bob" is in love with the film's heroine; Byrne's character attempts to stop a kill order on Maggie, and lies to Kaufman so that she can escape the organization they work for.
Identified in "Mandatory Refusal" as a "separatist from northern Spain" -- no doubt a member of the ETA, or Basque separatist movement. He's cut a deal with Dorian Enquist for a shipment of Semtex. Michael uses him to get to Enquist, his target.
"Mandatory Refusal"
A corrupt federal agent who is on the payroll of the smuggler Suba, and who kills his partner, Agent Kyle, on Suba's orders.
Bonnier, Celine
Canadian actress who portrayed Andrea in "Off Profile". The real-life girlfriend of Roy Dupuis, she costarred opposite Dupuis in the made-for-TV movie Million Dollar Babies as well as recent feature film Un Homme et son peche.
guest star
The name Michael uses when he gains access to a private German club.
"Not Was"
Bonniere, Rene
Prolific LFN director of episodes including "War," "Brainwashed," "Approaching Zero," "Half Life," "Open Heart," "Psychic Pilgrim," "Not Was," "Someone Else's Shadow," "Gates of Hell," "Walk On By," "Beyond the Pale," and more.
The material in the possession of  hitman David Fanning that is believed to be very damaging to Western interests.
A terrorist who tries to get the CM-12 missile guidance chip that's in the possession of Steven Wolfe and who is killed during a meet. Played by Harper Quantrill.

A private investigation company whose investigator, Miles Raymond, ishired by Rebecca Wirth to look into the death of her daughter, Nikita.
"Walk On By"
A second (and usually secondary) mission running in connection with another.
several episodes
A warning that the data shield (or other security system) designed to protect highly classified material has been compromised. In "Slipping Into Darkness," Michael tells Madeline that a breach indicator suggested that someone had accessed a D Server.
"Slipping Into Darkness"
Term for when an operative's cover has been blown, or when Section One itself has been infiltrated.
various episodes
Son of Mihai, who, it is feared, may eclipse his father thanks to a real flair for terrorism.
"Gates of Hell"
A terrorist affiliated with Red Cell who is responsible for attacks in the Ukraine. He has a safehouse somewhere in the Balkans. He and his son are eliminated by Section. Played by Edward Evanko.
"Gates of Hell"
The Section Operative who trained Karen and then reports that she is not suitable "material," and who is shot by her. Karen claims she killed him because he raped her repeatedly during the training period. Played by Markus Parilo.
An operative, formerly a junkie convicted of a double homicide, who is recommended for cancellation when it's determined she would become an addict again if given the chance.
The means by which Section One gains access to a source or target; this is sometimes an individual.
An inmate at the women's prison in which Nikita is incarcerated in order to find Jenna Vogler.
"Open Heart"
A group of terrorist fanatics led by a man named Halir, responsible for a campaign of suicide bombings in Europe that result in the deaths of many innocent people. Halir is captured, but Bright Star is mentioned again in Season Four.
"Old Habits"
The facility that employs Angie Georgiev, the nurse whom Michael forces to help him when he is wounded and abandoned during a mission
A negotiator trying to purchase a nuclear trigger from arms dealers John and Helen Wicke. Brodsky is captured and interrogated by Section. Played by Emmanuel Mark.
The device Nikita attaches to the hull of Alex Chandler's yacht to track a computer download.
A rogue Naval Intelligence officer who is peddling intel to terrorists and is on the Pentagon's "Red List."
"Three Eyed Turtle"
Zoran Brunner's son and Maria Brunner's brother; he is killed by Michael during the raid on the palace of Jovan Mijovich.
Her father, Zoran Bruner, claims Jovan Mijovich raped, tortured and blinded his daughter; he expects Maria to identify Mijovich by his voice, but Nikita plants seeds of doubt -- only to learn that Mijovich did indeed commit war crimes.
He and his comrades, including his son Alexei, plan to kill Jovan Mijovich for alleged war crimes, in particular the massacre at their village, Vakul. Bruner is killed by Nikita before he can have his vengeance. Played by Eric Peterson.
City in Belgium where a software firm used as cover by the Fifth Order is located ("Approaching Zero"); also where Section claims Jovan Mijovich was when the massacre at Vakul took place.
several episodes
A highly sophisticated computer endowed with a kind of artificial intelligence -- and a directive to destroy Section One. Though Madeline tries to trick Brutus into divulging the identity of its creator, Brutus turns the tables, and Madeline orders it destroyed, chip by chip. The assault led by Michael and Nikita against the Brutus Lair is an exciting action sequence highlighting the "Last Night" episode. (Colm Feore provides the voice of Brutus.)
"Last Night"
A group formed by Gustav Pogue.
"Slipping Into Darkness"
Section term for prisoners who, for one reason or another, are not made aware of the identities of their captors.
several episodes
An above-ground storage facility adjacent to Section One; this is the location of the clandestine meeting between Nikita, Walter and other operatives, who plot mutiny against Operations in "Slipping Into Darkness."
"Slipping Into Darkness"
A Section One operative.
Not Was"
A computer whiz dragooned into Section One after her brother became a target; she thinks she's found a way out of Section in "There Are No Missions". (She reappears in the first episode of LFNForever's Season Six, "Forced Acquisition".)
"There Are No Missions"