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 Entries tagged Nikita refer to the 1990 French feature film.
Entries tagged PONR refer to the 1993 American feature film.
A & E
Section shorthand for access and egress, as defined in mission profiles.
several episodes
The woman Red Cell turned into a duplicate Nikita, using bio-engineering. Dominic (The Inquisitor) spent two years "building" her to take Nikita's place in Section One.
"Cat and Mouse"
Section One operatives who fail to measure up to expectations are placed in abeyance, which means they are slated to be dispatched on suicide missions (also referred to as "abeyance missions.")
numerous episodes
The point in a mission where events demand its cancellation.
Song by the band Fluke used in the episode "Double Date" and chosen for the La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series soundtrack (Track 13). The song was also used in the film Tomb Raider, and "Absurd: Landslide Mix" was selected by Volkswagen as part of an ad campaign to launch a new model car. The band also did the song "Atom Bomb" for The Saint soundtrack.
A euphemism used in Section One (usually by Operations) for acceptable losses during a mission. For example, when Nikita informs Section that Glass Curtain is holding a hostage just prior to an assault on that terrorist group's underground facility, Operations tells her and Michael that the loss of the hostage is acceptable collateral balanced against the destruction of Glass Curtain.(Also: Collateral.)
several episodes
The operative selected to head a mission in place of Michael, whom Operations believes is too distracted by the "loss" of Nikita to perform effectively.
"Hard Landing"
 Identified as the founder of the sections in a two-episode thread at the end of Season Two ("Adrian's Garden" and "End Game.") Called "the mother of Section One" by Walter. She was George's lover as well as his superior. She recruits Nikita to help her in a scheme to destroy Section One, a scheme that ultimately fails when Nikita turns on her. Operations orders Adrian's cancellation, but we learn, as Season Four opens, that Madeline used her instead as the subject of a mind-altering experiment, the Gelman Process. Michael rescues Adrian from a Section One laboratory and tries to use her as collateral in a confrontation with Operations stemming from Nikita being subjected to the Gelman Process, in a four-episode thread opening Season Four. ("Getting Out of Reverse," "There Are No Missions," "View of the Garden," and "Into The Looking Glass.") Adrian is debilitated by the effects of the Process and Michael leaves her with a caretaker; she eventually dies, and the caretaker places her body in a tomb. Nikita acquires the location of Adrian's tomb from the caretaker and visits it in Season Five during her search for her father's true identity, and while she is also suffering from the adverse effects of the Process. Adrian was played by Sian Phillips. (Many thanks to "AZ" for her assistance with this entry.)
various episodes
The system that guards the CICL of Par Epistemen Taksis. An attempt to copy or download the file, which Section One sought to acquire, would trigger a self-destruct system.
"Outside the Box"
Afro-Celt Sound System
Performed the song "Inion/Daughter" on the La Femme Nikita: Music From the Television Series soundtrack. The song was written by Jo Bruce and Iarla Lionaird, published by Womad Music Ltd/EMI Virgin Music Ltd, 1996 (Real World Records Ltd.) Afro Celt Sound System appeared courtesy of  Caroline Records, Inc.
Referred to several times, usually by Operations. It's identity is never made clear. In "War" the Agency has the power to "disenfranchise" Section One. In "First Mission" Operations advises George that, since Section is stretched thin, he should "use the Agency." His next remark is "I know, but they'll have to do," implying that the Agency is not as efficient as Section. Some have suggested it may be the Central Intelligence Agency, or the National Security Agency. At the end of Season Four all of the Sections, Oversight and The Center were referred to as the "Agency."
several episodes
A member of the Bright Star terrorist group, he disguises himself as an old woman to carry out a suicide bombing, killing a Section One operative before blowing up a crowded bus station.
"Old Habits"
Aimes is a Section One operative who, unbeknownst to Section, has an eight-year-old son who has been kidnapped by Suba, a smuggler who is using the boy as leverage to force Aimes to help him smuggle uranium out of the country and foil Section's efforts to bring him down. Aimes persuades Nikita to rescue the boy, and lives long enough to see his son returned to the foster parents who have raised him. Aimes is cancelled by Section shortly thereafter.
ALIVE 2000
The cosmetics line Madeline and Nikita claim to represent when they infiltrate Klodno in order to rescue Michael.
An arms dealer based in Norway; in "I Remember Paris" we learn that Section One occasionally uses him. He employs the alias Pierre Brogan. Operations and Nikita go in search of him in order to find out who breached Section's security.
"I Remember Paris"
A terrorist group led by a woman named Darius (Madhuri Bhatia), The Alliance's acquisition of some detonators brought it to Section One's attention.
"Before I Sleep"
The mission determined by Operations to be the most important of those running at any one time.
The location of the mission van while a mission is running.
The Center's most sophisticated satellite, linked to six other comsats, and through which every byte of data flows. It crashes near the American town of Dingman's Hollow and Michael and Nikita are dispatched to make sure the data it contains doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
"Catch A Falling Star"
The highest level of communication or computer security.
A Section team led by a Class-5 operative and consisting of his hand-picked operatives.
The woman who teaches street punk Maggie how to be a lady (and the famous line, "I never did mind the little things"); the same role played by Jeanne Moreau in the French film, this time reprised by Anne Bancroft.
The woman who teaches Nikita how to look and behave like a lady. Played by Jeanne Moreau. The precursor of Madeline in the TV series.
A double agent working for Section One within the ranks of Bright Star. He is sacrificed to protect Formitz.
"Old Habits"
The proprietor of an exclusive, men-only club located in Kazakhstan where women, recruited by his Kiev talent agency, are forced to fight to the death for the amusement of his clientele. Anagar is also a materials dealer for various terrorist outfits. On occasion he uses Jan Baylin, who is killed by Section One in "Before I Sleep," as a courier, and he himself is killed by Aurora, one of his female gladiators in "Hand to Hand." Played by David Ferry.
"Hand to Hand"
A Section One profiler Michael romances and then dumps on orders from Operations, who wants to know if there is validity to rumors that she is emotionally unstable. When Andrea tries to arrange it so that Michael is killed on a mission, she is cancelled. Played by Celine Bonnier.
"Off Profile"
An employee of Perry Bauer, whom Bauer claims is like a son to him -- right before using him as a guinea pig to demonstrate a lethal chemical weapon for prospective Red Cell buyers.
A Section operative in love with another operative named Mark; we meet them on a mission to destroy Black March. She is tortured and killed by Simon Crachek.
"Threshold of Pain"
The girlfriend of Fahd Bahktiar, whom Maggie is to impersonate. The attempt to take Angela out of play is botched, however, and she is killed by Victor, The Cleaner.
The mother of Peter and Sasha, she is rescued from a detention camp by Michael and Nikita, but then is detained at a border crossing and again separated from her children.
"Darkness Visible"
A Paris art dealer, mistress of Maximilien Jedeck, the ambassador dabbling in industrial espionage who is the target of Nikita's first independent mission.
Daughter of the master-terrorist Gregor Kessler, and a student at the University of Oslo. Section One intends to use her as leverage to force Kessler to give up the location of stolen Cobalt-60, but Kessler kills her so that she will not be harmed and used against him. Played by Lindsey Connell.
(Many thanks to "AZ" for this entry.)
Ant, Adam
Played Simon Crachek in "Threshold of Pain." Born Stuart Leslie Goddard in London on November 3, 1954, Ant became lead singer of the popular '80s rock band Adam and the Ants before launching a successful solo career. He has appeared in numerous films, including Cyber Bandits (1995) and Love Bites (1993). He has also guest starred on such television series as The Equalizer, Northern Exposure and Tales from the Crypt.
The anthrax variation invented by Anatole Bisseroff and that contaminates Section One via an infected operative is an antigen -- a genetically modified bacteria.
"Inside Out"
Nikita's home away from Section throughout the series. Apartment 411, across the hall, was occupied first by Nikita's friend Carla (who turned out to be Adrian's agent), and later by Mick Schtoppel/Mr. Jones. It was also occupied, in one episode ("Fuzzy Logic"), by the hapless Barry, who resorts to selling drugs to get back on his feet financially; when he gets into trouble with dealers, Nikita makes short work of them and then calls in housekeeping to clean up the mess.
numerous episodes
An associate of Tomas Bocci. Arcola has the great misfortune of being interrogated by an impatient Operations, who wants to know when and where Bocci is meeting with Dorian Enquist (who has kidnapped Madeline).
"Mandatory Refusal"
The pilot of the Sukhoi fighter jet that destroys the freighter in "Approaching Zero." Section One connects him with a Fifth Order paymaster, and Nikita and Jurgen are dispatched to bring him in.
"Approaching Zero"
Cold-blooded killer on the one hand and loving father on the other, Armel, the ruthless lieutenant of an imprisoned terrorist leader, is tricked into believing Nikita is a psychic who can contact his son Louis, whom he believes was killed in a traffic accident. Actually, Louis is alive and held in Section -- a fact Armel learns after he is captured, and right before he is executed. Played by Joaquim de Almeida
"Psychic Pilgrim"
15-year-old son of terrorist leader Joaquin Armel, believed dead by his father but held captive by Section One, which extracts information from him so that Nikita can effectively pose as a psychic to get close to Armel. The fate of Louis remains unknown.
"Psychic Pilgrim"h
he South American leader who is leaving office, to be replaced by Renzo Marin, whom Section One unsuccessfully attempts to protect from an assassination plot.
"Adrian's Garden"
A protocol that can be put into play when there's some question as to who is in charge at Section, and involves the presentation of evidence to The Center. The person who loses the decision that is rendered there is put to death.
French statute under which Nikita is sentenced to life imprisonment (with a minimum of 30 years incarceration), after being convicted on three counts of murder (even though she only killed one policeman.)
The Section term for photographs or video of an individual or location.
several episodes
A terrorist working with Jan Baylin.
"Before I Sleep"
ndependent contractors that Operations employs to assassinate George.
"View of the Garden"
She acts as a middleman for the Peruze brothers and is married to Hugo, who also works for the brothers.  The Peruze brothers rape and murder her.
"Under the Influence"
The champion fighter at Emlen Anagar's exclusive Kazakhstan club, where women are forced into hand-to-hand combat for amusement of the male clientele. She kills Nikita's friend Sandra, but Nikita later spares her life and urges her to kill Anagar and set the other women free. Played by Marjean Holden.
"Hand to Hand"
Azderian's corpse is found outside a building in Glasgow which had housed a Red Cell CBW lab. His connection with Anatole Bisseroff led Section One to the latter, who was instrumental in providing the antidote to the Red Cell antigen that was devastating Section.
"Inside Out"