La Femme Nikita: Original Score
Much has been made, and rightly so, of the songs by the likes of Vibrolux, Depeche Mode, Hednoize and Sara MacLachlan (to name but a few) that were incorporated into LFN episodes. (Some are featured on the LFN soundtrack.) But one should not overlook the tremendous contribution of composer Sean Callery, who did all of the original scoring for the series. Fortunately for LFN fans, Mr. Callery took it upon himself to produce a CD featuring highlights of his music from all five seasons. This Limited Edition CD was made available at the Close Quarters Standby 4 convention in Florida in 2001.  With only 1,000 made, it has become an instant collectible.
1. New Life (1:14)
From "Nikita"- Nikita walks through Section for the first time.
2. Get Over It (2:56)
From "Spec Ops"- Michael and Nikita risk a clandestine meeting in the back corridors of Section.
3. Defection (3:17)
From "Up The Rabbit Hole"- Michael and Nikita make a break for freedom from Section.
4. Swinging Cages (2:16)
From "War" - Though imprisoned in separate cages, Michael and Nikita manage to touch.
5. Push The Button, Nikita (3:31)
From "On Borrowed Time"- Nikita is ordered to blow up the lab, even though Michael is still inside.
6. Saying Good-bye (5:19)
From "Walk On By"- Believing her daughter is in a coma, Nikita's mother bids her a tearful farewell.
7. Everything Happened So Fast (2:10)
From "Time To Be Heroes"- Michael and Nikita take the young trainees on their first mission.
8. Bathtub for Two (1:36)
From "Third Party Ripoff"- Michael and Nikita share a bath.
9. Lab Nerds (3:51)
From "On Borrowed Time"- Michael and Nikita pose as lab inspectors.
10. Leaving Paris (2:40)
From "I Remember Paris"- Operations and Michael leave Section seconds before the complex is destroyed.
11. Searching for Michael (2:33)
From "Looking for Michael"- Birkoff helps Nikita find Michael.
12. Waterfront Shootout (2:13)
From "All Good Things"- Nikita pursues a terrorist down a pier.
13. Reunited (5:09)
From "Hard Landing"- Michael and Nikita are reunited aboard the boat.
14. Nikita Contacting The Spirit World (1:21)
From "Psychic Pilgrim"- Posing as a psychic, Nikita pretends to make contact with a terrorist's dead child.
15. "Always Trust Your Father" (3:45)
From "A Time for Every Purpose"- The exchange, Nikita's father for Michael's son, is made at the bridge.
16. Michael and Nikita's Love Theme (7:04)
A hauntingly beautiful orchestral suite written exclusively for the CD.

Album produced by Sean Callery and Ford A. Thaxton
Digitally Edited and Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland
CD Art Direction: Mark Banning

Mr. Callery's dedication
(back cover)
"This album would not have been possible were it not for the efforts of the following individuals:
"Executive Producer Joel Surnow, for all his support, guidance and vision, and especially for his trust in allowing me the creative leeway to keep experimenting and exploring different musical avenues; Jamie Paul Rock, Producer, for his overall commitment to maintaining the music as a strong story telling component in the show; Executive Producer Larry Herzog, for his creative leadership in keeping the show strong in Season 4; Larold Rebhun, for his unwavering brilliance at the mixing board; Marty Wereski, for all his spotting notes and his tasteful opinions on where the music should go; Jeff Charbonneau, for his magical supervision and music editing in Season 5; Blaine Johnson, for his attention to choosing the perfect source music each time and every time; Al Ormerod, mixer for the show, who seamlessly massaged and wove the music brilliantly in and out of every scene along with everything else; Ren Klyce for the great remix of the love theme; Dave Thompson and Richard Wells, for their creative use of my music in their temp. scores each week; Dave "Halfday" Huband, for keeping me on schedule; Pam Simons and Sonia Grazian, for their much needed logistical help; Cheryl Tiano, my agent at Gorfaine/Schwartz, for saying the right things about me at the right time; Keith Zajic, Roxanne Lippel and Judy Nakagawa at Warner Bros. Television, for all their advice in bringing this CD to completion; Arthur Becker for taking great care of the business; Robert Urband, for his intervention and input; Ford A. Thaxton and Mark Banning, for moving at the speed of sound to complete this album.
"I wish to especially thank Mark Snow for his years of friendship and guidance. Were it not for his mentoring and encouragement, this CD would most certainly not exist today.
"And to my wife, Debbie, for her unwavering support even when things got really crazy."