La Femme Nikita: Music from the Television Series
Many things set La Femme Nikita apart, and one of those is the source music.
(See the episode-by-episode list at the bottom of this page).
The tracks selected were quite often from obscure, offbeat bands,
and early on gave the series an unique and highly stylized sound.
cover (back)

1. Main Title,  Mark Snow
2. Beyond The Invisible, Enigma
3. Silicone, Mono
4. The Love Thieves, Depeche Mode
5. Fear And Love, Morcheeba
6. Loaded Gun, Hednoize
7. Skin Against Skin, DJ Krush (featuring Deborah Anderson)
8. Temple, Beverly Klass
9. Inion/Daughter, Afro Celt Sound System
10. Chinese Burn, Curve
11. Drown, Vibrolux
12. Hanging On A Curtain, Morphine
13. Absurd, Fluke
14. Gun, Gus Gus
15. Majick (Cirrus Remix), Keoki

Soundtrack Producer: Patricia Joseph
Music Supervision: Blaine Johnson
Executive in Charge of Music for Warner Bros. Television: Tom Bocci
Album Art Direction: Robin Glowski
Mastered by Kevin Hodge at Master Cutting Room, NYC

1. Written by Mark Snow
2. Written by Michael Cretu & David Fairstein (1996 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH)
- Also available on the CD Enigma 3: Le Roi est Mort, Vive le Roi (1996)
[contains samples from Gregoriani Cantus/Pierre Kaelin]
3. Written by Martin Virgo, Siobhan De Mare, Burt Bacharach, Hal David & Roy Budd (1997 The Echo Label Limited)
 - Also available on the CD Formica Blues (1998)
[contains samples from "Walk On By," Bacharach & David]
4. Written by Martin L. Gore (1997 Mute Records Ltd/Reprise Records)
- Also available on the CD Ultra (1997)
5. Written by Paul Godfrey, Ross Godfrey & Skye Edwards (1998 China Records Ltd.)
- Also available on the CD Big Calm (1998)
6. Written by Daniel Lenz & Free (1998 Wax Trax! Records)
 - Also available on the CD Searching for the End (1999)
7. Written by DJ Krush & Deborah Anderson (1997 Sony Music Entertainment Japan)
- Also available on the CD Milight (1997)
8. Written by Beverly Klass & Sean Samuel (Boxx Music Publishing)
9. Written by Jo Bruce & Iarla O'Lionaird (1996 Real World Records Ltd.)
 - Also available on the CD Volume I: Sound Magic (1996)
10. Written by Tony Halliday & Dean Garcia (1997 Universal Record, Inc.)
 - Also available on the CD Chines Burn (EP) (1997)
11. Written by Steve Clark (1997 Shoreline Records)
 - Also available on the CD Vibrolux
12. Written by Mark Sandman (1997 Rykodisc)
 - Also available on the CD Like Swimming (1997)
13. Written by Fluke (1997 Astralwerks/Caroline Records)
- Also available on the CD Risotto (1997)
14. Written by Gus Gus (1997 4AD)
 - Also available on the CD Polydistortion (1997)
15. Written by Keoki Frankoni & Dave Aude (1997 Moonshine Music)
 - Also available on the CD Ego Trip (1997)

This was used as the CD's
front cover in parts of Europe.

Mark Snow
Born 26 August 1946 in Brooklyn, Mark's father was a professional percussionist, his mother a pianist and music teacher. He studied music at Manhattan's High School of Music and Art as well as the Julliard School of Music. With his Julliard roommate Michael Kamen and several others, he formed The New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, which was signed by Atlantic Records; the band's five albums was an interesting blend of rock and classical music. Mark later moved to Los Angeles and began composing for television and films. His first job was composing for an episode of the TV series The Rookies. His score for the TV movie Something About Amelia (1984) earned him the first of eleven Emmy nominations. He won numerous awards for theme to The X-Files. During his career, Mark has scored more than a hundred TV movies, a dozen series, and several feature films.

 Prerecorded tracks featured in the episodes:
(See The LFN Songbook for more on these songs)
101. Nikita
"Revenge," Thrive
"Big Mistake," Chainsuck
"3 AM," Tristan Psionic
"All To Myself," Philosopher Kings
"Blood Red," Rose Chronicles
102. Charity
"Watch Me Fall," SIANspheric
"In Your Life," Clove
"All Dressed Up In San Francisco,"
Philosopher Kings
"Jersey Girl," Holly Cole Trio
"All Of The Important Things I've Done,"
Tristan Psionic
103. Love
"Night Of The King Snake," Big Rude Jake
"Expression Of Loneliness," Moonsocket
"Hey Man Nice Shot," Filter; "News," Clove
"Still Waitin'," Big Sugar
"Standing Around Crying," Big Sugar
104. Simone
"Act 2, Scene 1: What Intrepid Spirit Is This," Christoph William Gluck
"Red Zone," Mark Stewart
"Act 2, Scene 4: O You Shades Whom I Implore," Christoph William Gluck
"Recitative," Christoph William Gluck
"Slacker Boy Blue," Kat Rocker
105. Friend
"Night Of The Iguana," Huevos Rancheros
"Last Playboy Interview," Merlin
106. Treason
"La Cumbia, La Cumbia," Diego Marulanda
"La Noche," Diego Marulanda
"Red," Sister Machine Gun
107. Mother
Original music by Sean Callery
108. Escape
"Evidence," Tara MacLean
"Torn," Rose Chronicles
"Temple," Beverly Klass
"Cun Lacoudhir," Rhea Obsession
109. Gray
"Tsunami," Guru Stefan
"Howling," Morcheeba
110. Choice
"Death By Moonlight," Rhea Obsession
"Ground," Vibrolux
111. Rescue
"Beyond The Invisible," Enigma
112. Innocent
"Precedent," In The Nursery
113. Gambit
Original music by Sean Callery
114. Recruit
"Broken Man," SIANsperic
115. Obsessed
"Number One Crush," Garbage
"Woman," In The Nursery
116. Missing
"Hanging On A Curtain," Morphine
117. Noise
"Tape Loop," Morcheeba
"Inion/Daughter," Afro-Celt Sound System
118. Voices
"Mandra," In The Nursery
"Ground," Vibrolux
"The Stars Above," SIANspheric
119. War
"Majick," Keoki
120. Verdict
"Working For The Man," PJ Harvey
121. Brainwash
"Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto," Gang Chen & He Zhan Hao
122. Mercy
"My Romance," Rodgers & Hart
"The Love Thieves," Depeche Mode
201. Hard Landing
"The Love Thieves," Depeche Mode
202. Spec Ops
"Smack The Bitch Up," Prodigy
"Satan," Orbital
203. Third Person
"Weird Planet," Headrillaz
204. Approaching Zero
"Gaze," Sweetback
"Burn," Sister Machine Gun
"Carroussella," Les Jumeaux
205. New Regime
"Do What You Have To Do," Sarah McLachlan
"Path To The Invisible," Pilgrimage
206. Mandatory Refusal
"Skin Against Skin,"
Krush featuring Deborah Anderson
"Chinese Burn," Curve
207. Darkness Visible
Original music by Sean Callery
208. Half Life
"Tangent," Beth Orion
"Les Bourgeois," Jacques Brel
209. First Mission
Original music by Sean Callery
210. Open Heart
Original music by Sean Callery
211. Psychic Pilgrim
Original music by Sean Callery
212. Soul Sacrifice
"Homit," Juno Reactor
"Dirty Harry," Adam F
213. Fuzzy Logic
Original music by Sean Callery
214. Old Habits
"(Can't You Trip) Like I Do," The Crystal Method
"Space," Keoki
215. Inside Out
Original music by Sean Callery
216. Not Was
"Jerusalem Salsa Band," Oyeme Israel
"Fire And Roses," Mimi Goese
217. Double Date
"Number One Crush," Garbage
"Take California," Propellerheads
"Life In Mono," Mono
"Absurd," Fluke
218. Off Profile
"Angel," Massive Attack
"Loaded Gun," Hednoize
"Fear And Love," Morcheeba

219. Last Night
"Silicone," Mono
"Gentle Rain," Diane Krall
220. In Between
"Refractions In The Plastic Pulse," Stereolab
"Superheros," Esthero
221. Adrian's Garden
"Gun," Gus Gus
222. End Game
Original music by Sean Callery
301. Looking for Michael
"Temple Caves," Mickey Hart
"Vector Tribe," Gearwhore
302. Someone Else's Shadow
"Please," Mandalay
303. Opening Night Jitters
"Chanson Sans Issue," Autour de Lucie
"Is Jesus Your Pal," Gus Gus
304. Gates of Hell
"Is Jesus Your Pal," Gus Gus
"Elegie (Op. 24)," Gabriel Faure
305. Imitation of Death
"Sunset Bell," Love Spirals Downward
306. Cat and Mouse
"Gorecki," Lamb
307. Love and Country
Original music by Sean Callery
308. Under the Influence
"Eden," Hooverphonics
309. Outside the Box
"Superstar," Vibrolux
"Ride With The Flow," Sixty Channels
"Revenge," Thrive
310. Slipping Into Darkness
Original music by Sean Callery

311. Walk On By
Original music by Sean Callery
312. Threshold of Pain
"Can't Forget You," Moa
313. Beyond the Pale
"Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp," Francoise Hardy
314. I Remember Paris
"Recitative," Christoph William Gluck
315. Hand to Hand
"The Third Gate Of Dreams," Makyo
"Death By Moonlight," Rhea's Obsession
316. Before I Sleep
"I Feel Free," Cream
317. Third Party Ripoff
Afro-Celt Sound System with Sinead O'Connor
318. All Good Things
"This Love,"
Craig Armstrong, featuring Elizabeth Fraser
319. Any Means Necessary
Original music by Sean Callery
320. Three Eyed Turtle
Original music by Sean Callery
321. Playing With Fire
"Thalheim," David Sylvian
322. On Borrowed Time
"This Strange Effect," Hooverphonics
401. Getting Out of Reverse
"Leave You Far Behind," Lunatic Calm
"Lullaby," Lamb
402. There Are No Missions
"No Difference," Everything But the Girl
"Despair," Kill Transmission
403. View of the Garden
Original music by Sean Callery
404. Into the Looking Glass
"Chandan," Makyo
405. Man in the Middle
"Teenage Sensation," Gus Gus
"Death Threat," Death in Las Vegas
"Sofa Rockers," Sofa Surfers
406. Love, Honor and Cherish
Original music by Sean Callery

407. Sympathy for the Devil
"In-A-Gadda-da-Vida," Iron Butterfly
408. No One Lives Forever
409. Down A Crooked Path
Original music by Sean Callery
410. He Came From Four
"IMOK RUOK," Keoki
411. Time To Be Heroes
"Attitude," Hardknox
"Dying Wish," Kill Transmission
"Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction Mix),"
Rob Zombie
412. Hell Hath No Fury
Original music by Sean Callery

413. Kiss the Past Goodbye
Original music by Sean Callery
414. Line In the Sand
"Nocturne Op. 15, No. 3 in G Minor," Chopin
415. Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate
Original music by Sean Callery
416. Catch A Falling Star
"Crazy," Patsy Cline
"I Ain't Been Right Since You Went Wrong,"
Ernest Tubb
"Old Fashion Love," Ernest Tubb
"No Need To Cry," Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
"Thrice All American," Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
"Guided Wire," Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
417. Sleeping With the Enemy
"Dragula," Rob Zombie
"Modern Crusaders," Enigma
418. Toys In the Basement
"Supermarket," Tykwer, Klimek & Heil
419. Time Out of Mind
Original music by Sean Callery
420. Face in the Mirror
Original music by Sean Callery
421. Up the Rabbit Hole
"I Love You," Sarah McLachlan
422. Four Light Years Farther
"Tomorrow Never Comes," Dot Allison
501. Deja Vu All Over Again
"Big Exit," PJ Harvey

502. A Girl Who Wasn't There
"Save Your Love For Me,"
Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley
503. In Through the Out Door
"The Cost Of Freedom," Experiment
"Badimo," Juno Reactor
504. All the World's A Stage
"Never Forget (When You Touch Me),"
Hardrive 2000 featuring Lynae
"Powerdrive," Euphoria
"Sad Noodle," W. Sommers
"Bist du bei mir," Johann Sebastian Bach with vocals by Ingrid Kertesi
505. The Man Behind the Curtain
"Scarlet Skies," Emissary featuring Beverly Klass
506. The Evil That Men Do
"High Energy Protons," Juno Reactor
"We Never Change," Coldplay
507. Let No Man Put Asunder
"Enough Love," Mandalay
508. A Time For Every Purpose
"Expander," Future Sound of London
"Spies," Coldplay
"Immobile," Autour de Lucie