Mission Log: "Third Person"
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Section One, Rehabilitation...
Nikita is undergoing a training sequence in the holodome. She wears a visor, and is whirling, crouching, shooting, kicking and rolling at images of "hostiles". Jurgen stands outside the dome, watching her, consulting a panel.
JURGEN: Hold up, Nikita. Why did you shoot the driver?
NIKITA, lifting the visor to look up at him: He was a hostile.
JURGEN: How did you know?
NIKITA: Well, it had to be somebody on the grid. Everyone else cleared.
JURGEN: So you made an indirect conclusion.
NIKITA: There was no time.
JURGEN: That's because you took too long.
NIKITA: What, so I was wrong?
JURGEN: No. You got lucky. Again.
As Nikita continues in the sequence, Michael walks in. Standing beside Jurgen, he watches Nikita in the holodome.
MICHAEL: Why is she in Retrain?
JURGEN: We're not done yet.
MICHAEL: She's ready.
JURGEN, glancing at Michael: She's been ready since Day One, hasn't she, Michael?
Michael turns and looks directly at Jurgen.
MICHAEL: I don't know what you're talking about.
Jurgen ends the holodome sequence. Nikita removes her visor, looks up. She stares at Michael, surprised, then forces a smile. Michael turns and walks away.

Section One, Rehabilitation...
Jurgen is watching Nikita in her observation room quarters via a large screen. The image is suddenly replaced by static.
JURGEN, via comm link: Birkoff.
JURGEN: Why am I losing sync on 218?
BIRKOFF: Hold on.

Section One, Observation Room 5...
Michael walks in, surprising Nikita.
NIKITA: Hello.
MICHAEL: Did Jurgen say anything about me?
NIKITA, whispering, looking around the room: Michael...
MICHAEL: We're insulated for another minute. Did he ask any questions? Anything personal?
NIKITA: He had his chance. I think if he was going to expose us he would have done it by now.
MICHAEL: He knows too much.
NIKITA: There's no physical proof that you helped me escape the Section, or brought me back in.
MICHAEL: He needs no proof to make things difficult for us. Accelerate your perfomance. He'll have no choice but to release you.
NIKITA: But won't that draw attention?
MICHAEL: Yes -- to him, if he doesn't let you go when you're obviously ready. Make like you were before I entered.
He leaves as suddenly as he had entered.

Michael orchestrated Nikita's escape from Section in "Mercy", after she was sent on a suicide mission by Operations. Michael arranged a scenario to bring her back, in "Hard Landing", the success of which hinged on making everyone believe that Nikita had been held captive by the Freedom League for the duration of her absence.

Section One, Rehabilitation...
Jurgen's screen once again shows Nikita, as she had been before.

Section One, briefing table...
Michael, Walter, Birkoff and two others are seated at the table, listening to Operations.
OPERATIONS: Eight separate terrorist acts, each one the claim of eight different political factions. None of whom have any linkage to each other. In the process of routine intelligence gathering, Mr. Birkoff has found something rather remarkable.
BIRKOFF: I've back-traced debris and data, came up with a characteristic signature. All eight acts were the work of the same aggressor. We're dealing with a mercenary special force.
MICHAEL: How many?
WALTER, surprised: Six?
OPERATIONS: That's right. That's why they have been so hard to pin down. They have no facilities, no infrastructure. They can surface and vanish at will.
WALTER: I take it we've picked up a trail.
OPERATIONS: Colin Darcet, an MI-5 agent undercover with Red Cell, sent a communique to a contact just hours before his death yesterday. Red Cell has contracted this group for its next disruption.
MICHAEL: Was Darcet's death related to the transmission?
OPERATIONS: We don't know yet. All we have is some random intel from our friends in Great Britain. Let's pour through it and find this group who, for purposes of identification, will now be referred to as Helix.

Section One, Madeline's office...
Operations enters, carrying a disk and a small box.
OPERATIONS: Jurgen thinks we should restore Nikita to provisional status.
MADELINE: I thought she was still some weeks away.
OPERATIONS, handing the disk to Madeline and placing the box on the corner of her desk: Take a look at these numbers. Her scores have spiked in the last couple of days. Looks like she's come through the wall.
MADELINE, inserting disk into hard drive, studying her screen: Impressive.
OPERATIONS: What do you think? Should we transfer her back to Michael?
MADELINE: Not quite yet. Restore her to status, but keep Jurgen close.
MADELINE: I don't like singularities. If she spiked up, she can drop just as quickly. Jurgen will be more sensitive to any fluctuations.
OPERATIONS: Good.  (He starts to walk away, then stops)  Isn't today your birthday?
MADELINE: No, it's the seventh.
OPERATIONS, with a smug smile: Today is the seventh.
She smiles faintly as he leaves.

Nikita's apartment...
Jurgen opens the door, waits for Nikita to enter. She does, looking around at an empty room. Jurgen enters, closes the door as she walks around.
JURGEN: Must feel strange to be back.
NIKITA: Where are my things?
JURGEN: They don't leave anything.
NIKITA, walking to french doors, looking out: So what about my neighbor, Carla? Where am I going to tell her I've been?
JURGEN: Carla's gone.
NIKITA: What are you talking about?  (She walks over to him)  What did they do to her?
JURGEN: Nothing.
NIKITA: I don't believe you.
JURGEN: She's moved, Nikita. She lives with her boyfriend, downtown.  (Jurgen speed dials a number on a cellphone, hands the phone to Nikita)  Here.
VOICE OF CARLA: Hello. Hello? Hello, who is this?
Nikita listens, but doesn't speak. Carla disconnects. Nikita hands the phone back to Jurgen. He puts it in a small case, filled with documents, that is on the bar.
NIKITA: So whose material am I?
NIKITA: What about Michael?
JURGEN: They don't want you back with him yet. They want me to take you to completion.
NIKITA: When's that going to be?
JURGEN: They haven't told me. Nikita, if you need anything, let me know.
He walks out quickly. She sheds her leather jacket, tosses it aside. Unrolling a rug, she sits on her heels in the middle of the empty apartment, remembering how she'd hung the sunglasses above the bar, and how she had danced with Michael...

Carla - Nikita's neighbor outside Section, she resides during the first season in Apartment 411, directly across the hall. We first meet her in "Nikita," and she subsequently appears in seven other episodes. Nikita doesn't yet know that Carla actually works for Adrian.

Section One, Van Access...
Nikita turns the corner, heading for Van Access. Jurgen catches up with her.
JURGEN: So how's it going?
NIKITA: Not bad.
JURGEN: It's been a couple of days. I thought about calling.
JURGEN: Just to talk. See how you're doing?
NIKITA: Why didn't you?
JURGEN: I got called in. Would you have minded?
Nikita doesn't have a chance to reply; Michael approaches them.
MICHAEL: Load Birkoff's mission profile. Jurgen, help with the P6's. We're keeping a second supply on standby.
Jurgen nods, leaves.
MICHAEL, to Nikita: On departure, do an integrity check on the topographical.  (She starts to enter Van Access but he grabs her by the arm)  This is not a training session. This is a mission. I'm in charge.
NIKITA: Of course.

A mid-city office building, a moonlit night...
All clad in blue overalls, Michael, Nikita, Jurgen and two other Section operatives enter an elevator.
MICHAEL: Birkoff, are we detached?

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: Hang on.  (He moves to a work station, checks the screen)  Go.

A mid-city office building...
The elevator doors open, the team emerges, one man pushing a custodial cart. Michael secures a scanner to a wall.
MICHAEL: Birkoff, you're online.
VOICE OF BIRKOFF: Michael, there are warm bodies up there.
MICHAEL, drawing his automatic: How many and where?

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: I see five. Two in, three out. Could be incidentals. I can't tell from here.

A mid-city office building...
MICHAEL, to Nikita: Get dressed.
Nikita sheds her overalls, revealing the white business suit she wears underneath. Jurgen puts her glasses on for her. She is carrying a purse.
MICHAEL: Let's go.
Nikita walks away, down a hallway, into a darkened reception area. A man in a suit is behind the counter.
NIKITA: Hello.
MAN: Can I help you?
NIKITA: Yes. I was, um, given this address....  (She hands him a piece of paper)  ....But, uh, this isn't Colter Cosmetics, is it?

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff can see the man via the camera in Nikita's glasses.
BIRKOFF: Push to infrared, Nikita.

A mid-city office building...
Nikita touches her glasses.
MAN, cordially: No, it isn't. I think that's on the 23rd floor.

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff can now see that the man carries a weapon under his jacket.
BIRKOFF: He's carrying, Michael. Vest pocket.

A mid-city office building, hallway...
MICHAEL: Shoot him, Nikita.

A mid-city office building, suite of offices...
MAN: Just let me check my directory.
He reaches under his jacket. Nikita slips a hand behind her back, produces a silenced pistol, and shoots him. Michael and Jurgen enter the reception area.
MICHAEL: Which way, Birkoff?
VOICE OF BIRKOFF: Office on the right, all the way at the back.
Jurgen kneels, proceeds to work on the door lock.
MICHAEL: Backup team, prepare egress.
Jurgen opens the door. Nikita walks into a darkened office. She sits at a desk, turns on a lamp, keys something into the computer.
NIKITA: Got it, Birkoff?

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: No problem. Let's do it. Okay, put in the disk.

A mid-city office building...
Nikita takes a disk from her purse, puts it into the hard drive. A moment later, she and Michael and Jurgen are walking briskly out of the suite of offices.

Section One, Van Access...
Operations is waiting for Michael to enter.
OPERATIONS: Birkoff has sifted through Darcel's intel. There was a name.
OPERATIONS: Rudolf Pontriargan. He's a tactical implementer in Red Cell's third tier. Also their connection to the freelance market.
MICHAEL: Did he hire Helix?
OPERATIONS: We are going on that assumption. As soon as we locate him, Birkoff will work up a scenario.  (Looking past Michael, he sees Nikita, with Jurgen, emerging from van access)  How did she do?
MICHAEL: Everything went as planned.

Section One, Munitions...
NIKITA, handing Walter an attachment: Here, Walter.
WALTER: How'd it go?
JURGEN: These new attachments were great.
WALTER: Try them on the K4's next time.
Nikita turns to go.
JURGEN: Nikita. Um, what are you doing now?
NIKITA: I'm going home.
JURGEN: You want to grab a coffee?
NIKITA, startled: Cof-coffee?
NIKITA: No problem. Some other time.  (He starts to leave)  Hey. That was good work today.
NIKITA: Thanks.
Jurgen leaves. Nikita looks at Walter.
WALTER: It's okay. He's one of the good ones.
NIKITA: How long have you known him for?
WALTER: Since he came in.
NIKITA: He's different.
WALTER: He's in what I call the "five-percent club".
NIKITA: Dare I ask what that may be?
WALTER: Ninety-five percent of the recruits have their souls sucked out of them in the first year. For some reason, this place doesn't get everybody. He's one of us.
NIKITA: Where does Michael fit in?
WALTER: Good question.

Section One, Common Area...
Nikita sees Michael in Communications and walks over.
NIKITA: Michael, are we on close quarters standby?
MICHAEL: No. You can go.
NIKITA: So what about you?  (He just looks at her)  It's just that you haven't, uh, been to see me since I moved back in.
MICHAEL: I'm busy now.
Forcing a smile, Nikita walks away, intercepting Jurgen, on his way out.
NIKITA: Jurgen.
NIKITA: Is it too late to change my mind?
JURGEN: Not at all.
He holds her coat for her. Nikita spares Michael a glance.
JURGEN: Let's go.

A busy downtown street, mid-day...
JURGEN: Well, it was a long time ago. My first couple of years in the Section, I had the standard reaction. I went through all the alpha levels. Everything from denial to wishing I was dead. Almost acting on it.
NIKITA: That's hard to believe. You seem to let everything just roll off you.
JURGEN: It hasn't always been that way.
NIKITA: What does that mean?
JURGEN: Once, I was part of a four-man cell. We had to get a hostage out. Everything was going great. We were....

Section One...
Michael is wearing a commset, eavesdropping.
VOICE OF JURGEN: ....hitting all our marks. Just like last night. Then, out of nowhere, everything went black. I didn't even hear a noise.

A busy downtown street...
NIKITA: What happened?
JURGEN: Land mine. Two feet to my left. Killed my partner. Sent me into a coma. I came out of it three days later. They, uh, they told me I'd died....

Section One...
Michael is listening.
VOICE OF JURGEN: ....I don't remember any tunnels or white light, but...I was different.

A busy downtown street...
JURGEN: Everything was clear. I...I realized it didn't matter where I was. It was a state of mind. People on the outside, they...they're not freer than we are. Nikita, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions about Michael.
Nikita's cellphone rings.
NIKITA, answering the cellphone: Yeah?

Section One, Communications...
Nikita approaches Birkoff.
NIKITA: Birkoff, what's going on?
BIRKOFF: Uh, waiting for a confirm on a location.
NIKITA: There's no briefing? Michael called me in.
NIKITA: So we're not going out?
BIRKOFF: Not until I get this intel.

Section One, Michael's office...
NIKITA, walking in: What's up?
MICHAEL, rising from his desk and going to the window: Why were you with Jurgen?
NIKITA: That's why you called me in?
MICHAEL: We've been through this. He can hurt us. You shouldn't be talking to him.
He walks past her, slams the door shut.
NIKITA: I guess I don't agree with you.
MICHAEL: I'm not arguing with you. I'm telling you. Stay away from him.
NIKITA: Michael, you've been in Section too long. You're paranoid about everything. Jurgen doesn't want to hurt anybody. He's a decent person. Why can't you accept that?
MICHAEL: Did Jurgen tell you about his past?
NIKITA: No. Not yet.
MICHAEL, punching up something on his computer: Have a look.
Nikita sits down at Michael's desk, looks at the file on the screen.
MICHAEL: Seven different identities by the time he was captured. The jury didn't convict him on his first murder charge. He convinced them he was innocent. He wasn't. The second time around he wasn't so lucky.
NIKITA, reading the file: Committed suicide while waiting to be sentenced.
MICHAEL: Jurgen's never what he seems to be. He reads people, gives them what they want, then destroys them.
NIKITA: Is that what you think? He wants to destroy me?
MICHAEL: If you're a hammer you treat everything as if it were a nail. Jurgen has only one way of seeing the world.
NIKITA: Well, thanks for the enlightenment, Michael.  (She stands)  Can I go now?  (She pauses at the door)  I was just curious. That night we had together. Did it happen, or was it just a dream?
Birkoff knocks and enters.
BIRKOFF: We found Pontriargan, but we're going to have to move fast.
Nikita leaves.
BIRKOFF: Should I call in your team?
MICHAEL: No. I'll do it.

A warehouse, at night...
Michael is hidden in brush on a low rise, scanning the facility through a scope as a flatbed truck with a tarped cargo pulls up.  He sees armed guards.
MICHAEL, via commlink: Jurgen, are you in position?
JURGEN, nearby, with other operatives: Yeah. We'll be ready when they come out.
MICHAEL: Don't wait. Take them now.
JURGEN: Why run the risk? The P.O.S. is almost as high from here, and we're not exposed.
JURGEN: What are you trying to pull, Michael? I'll lose half my team.
MICHAEL: Conversation's over. Move in.
JURGEN, to the other ops: You heard. Point one, ten seconds.
He leads the team toward the warehouse, killing a guard, entering the facility.  A gun battle rages inside. Michael sees one operative stagger and fall.  The shooting continues for another minute before tapering off.
JURGEN: Target's secured.
JURGEN: Three down, one injured.
MICHAEL: Medical's on its way. Bring in Pontriargan.
He sees two ops leading Pontriargan out of the warehouse.

Section One, Communications...
Operation walks in. Birkoff is monitoring the interrogation of Pontriargan.
OPERATIONS: Has he transferred yet?
BIRKOFF: A little while ago. She's just getting some final details.
BIRKOFF: Red Cell did contract Helix. Bombing of a chemical plant in Tripoli.
OPERATIONS: Tripoli?  (He smiles) Good. Let them do it.
BIRKOFF, surprised: What?
OPERATIONS: It's a target we've had on our list for a while. We'll get them on the way out. See, every once in a while you get lucky.
BIRKOFF: I guess.
VOICE OF FEMALE OPERATIVE: Nikita's waiting for you.

Section One, The Perch...
Nikita is gazing down at the Common Area when Operations enters.
OPERATIONS: Seven months ago I sentenced you to death. How you managed to survive the Freedom League incident is still unclear. But that doesn't matter now. You've reassimilated and you seem to be at the top of your game.  (He uses a remote to activate a screen, showing the sequence of events that culminates in Nikita shooting the armed man in the office building, with Michael's and Birkoff's voices overlaid)  I won't mince words. I've had my doubts about you since you've joined us. But if you continue to perform like this we'll get along fine. You're back on full status.
He leaves. Nikita breathes a sigh of relief.

Section One, Common Area...
Nikita is strolling across the area, deep in thought; she looks up, sees Michael coming in.
NIKITA: When did you get back?
MICHAEL: About an hour ago.
NIKITA: How did it go?
MICHAEL: Well. What are you doing here?
NIKITA: Operations wanted to see me.  (She smiles)  I'm back on full status.
Nikita sees Jurgen walking with alongside a man on a girney that is pushed by a med tech.
NIKITA: Jurgen?
Jurgen stops. Seeing Michael, he strides across the Common Area until they are face to face.
JURGEN: Baker's dead.
MICHAEL: I'm sorry.
JURGEN: You're sorry! That's all you have to say? You killed three of my men.
MICHAEL: If we waited till he came out it would have been a bloodbath.
JURGEN: That's crap. You want me dead? Do it yourself.

Section One, a white room...
Michael and Jurgen fight hand-to-hand. Nikita and Walter are outside the door. They can hear the muffled sounds of combat from within.
NIKITA, anxiously: What are they doing to each other?
WALTER: Coming to terms. Sometimes it's better to keep things primal.
Knocked backward, Jurgen bends over, fighting for breath. Then he blitzes Michael, slamming him against a wall. Michael counterattacks, driving Jurgen to the floor with a blow to the head. Jurgen sweeps Michael's feet out from under him...
A moment later the steel-plated door opens. Bruised and bloodied, Jurgen comes out, walks away without a word. Michael emerges next, blood streaming from a gash above his eye. He doesn't even look at Nikita, but walks away in the other direction.

Nikita's apartment...
Music blasting from the stereo, Nikita is knocking out a wall using a sledgehammer. There's a knock on the door. She turns off the music, opens the door to see Jurgen.
JURGEN: Hi. What are you doing?
NIKITA: Oh, just a little redecorating.
JURGEN: I need to clear a few things up.
NIKITA: Good idea. Come in. Can I get you something to drink?
JURGEN: No thanks. I just came by to say something, then I'll go. I don't know the details, but I do know that you and Michael have a connection, and you both work very hard at keeping it private.
NIKITA, sitting on the kitchen bar: Obviously not hard enough.
JURGEN: So, I guess I was wondering if there's a place for me in your life.
NIKITA: There could be.
NIKITA: Uh, Michael...Michael showed me your file. I'm not judging anybody, but...
JURGEN, amused: Don't even tell me.
JURGEN: Who was I? A serial killer? Subway bomber? Or did I rape my sister?
NIKITA: What are you saying?
JURGEN: Whatever Michael showed you is exactly what he wanted you to see. I was a Special Forces soldier. Almost everybody in our unit was killed because my CO sent us on an insane mission. When it was all over, I blew. These were my best friends in the world, and he sent 'em to their deaths.
NIKITA: So what did you do?
JURGEN: I killed him. (He walks over to the bar) Michael loves you, Nikita. I could grow to love you. But I could also live without you. I'm not sure if he can.

Section One, Madeline's office...
Madeline is carefully pruning the bonsai trees in the lighted alcove when Michael enters.
MICHAEL: You wanted to see me?
MADELINE: By the end of the day we'll have all the intel we're going to get on Helix.
MICHAEL: I thought we already had the end game.
MADELINE: If this were an ordinary group that would be enough. The psychological profile on these six men is a little different than we're used to.
MICHAEL: In what way?
MADELINE: They are a precision, synchronized team that has the ability to act without fear or emotion. We're up against a machine.
MICHAEL: Should I pull from abeyance?
MADELINE: No. We need our best people.
She goes to her desk, Michael following, and punches up an image of the chemical plant on her computer screen.
MADELINE: This is what we're up against. Helix is going to cripple the facility. We're not interrupting their tactical. Let them take it out. But we will have to be on top of them to get them as they exit.
MICHAEL: We'll need to be inside the perimeter.
MADELINE: You'll have two enemies: Helix, and the refinery they're attacking.
MICHAEL: It will have to be a small team.
MADELINE: Take Nikita, Anderson, Strum and Jurgen. Is there a problem?
MADELINE: Because there's been entirely too much externalizing of emotion lately. You can be sure Helix won't be thinking about anything but their target.

Section One, Munitions...
NIKITA: Walter?
WALTER, working at his table: Hmm?
NIKITA: What did Jurgen do to get inside Section?
WALTER: I don't know. Why?
NIKITA: Oh, he told me one thing, Michael told me another.
WALTER: Don't get into it with these guys, Sugar. They operate on a whole other level.
NIKITA: Michael showed me his file.
WALTER: He can show you anything he wants. Doesn't make it true.
NIKITA: What? He could just modify the data?
WALTER: Sure.  
Nikita starts to leave.
WALTER, hastily: I'm not saying Michael did anything. But, if he did, I'll bet it was for your own good.

Tripoli, Libya -- chemical plant...
The Section team is inside the perimeter. Michael sees a guard on a catwalk.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: I'm picking up a signal. Michael, do you have visual?

The chemical plant...
Michael sees another guard -- then spots one of the Helix team, clad in camouflage and wearing infrared goggles.
MICHAEL: I've got them. Are we clear?

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: Yeah, they planted the charges. Go clean them up. You have two minutes.

From either satellite surveillance or readings from equipment carried by the team, Birkoff would be able to tell, by the presence of an electronic signature, whether the Helix explosive charges had been activated.

The chemical plant...
MICHAEL, to the team: All right, we're live. Let's do it.
The team splits up. On a catwalk, Michael slips up on a Helix member, hits him hard enough to knock him down. But the man gets back up, and they fight hand-to-hand. Michael uses his legs to get a scissor-hold and snap the man's neck.
MICHAEL, into his comm unit: One down.  (He plugs the Helix member's comm unit, connected to the infrared goggles, into a device)  Birkoff, you should be hot.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: Got 'em. I'm jamming their channels and sending their coordinates now.

The chemical plant...
MICHAEL, reading the location of the other Helix members on the device: Strum, take two and five. Jurgen, take three. Nikita, four's right behind you.
Nikita is inside a storage unit. A Helix member charges her. She fires once, twice -- but he's wearing a bulletproof vest, and keeps coming, wielding a knife. They struggle. Nikita deflects a knife blow. The blade pierces a chemical vat. The contents spew into the man's face.  He clutchesh is face, screaming, and falls.
NIKITA: Four down.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: Okay, Nikita. Get to exit point and wait.
VOICE OF NIKITA: Anybody need backup?
BIRKOFF: No. The last one's pinned in the silo. Michael's got him.

The chemical plant...
Making her way to the exit point, Nikita sees Michael -- aiming his pistol at Jurgen, who is running towards a building.
NIKITA: Michael. No.
Michael fires, and Jurgen goes down. Michael runs to him, sees Nikita.
MICHAEL: Get back!
Michael helps Jurgen up, supports him as they reach Nikita, and seek cover just as the building blows up.
MICHAEL, to Jurgen: I couldn't get the last one out. I had to plant a charge. I tried to warn you, but your comm unit was down. Birkoff, get us out of here.
VOICE OF BIRKOFF: Mobile comm's waiting.
As they exit the facility it is consumed in great balls of flame.

Section One, Medical...
Nikita enters the observation room where Jurgen, his right leg tightly bandaged below the knee, is laid up.
NIKITA: So, when are you getting out of here?
JURGEN: In the morning. I'll be fine. Michael saved my life.
NIKITA: Yes, he did. I was going to the lake tomorrow. I mean, if you feel up to it...?
JURGEN: I'd like that.
NIKITA, smiles brightly: Okay.

Section One, corridor...
Nikita strolls down a corridor, unaware that Michael is on a catwalk overhead, until he speaks.
MICHAEL: Good work.
NIKITA, turning, looks up: Thanks.
MICHAEL: Where are you going?
NIKITA: Grab something to eat.
MICHAEL: Want some company?
NIKITA, coolly: Not really.
He watches her walk away.


Written by  Michael Loceff

Guest stars:
Bruce Payne.....Jurgen
Michael Querin.....Pontriargan

Transcript by Jason M.