203. "Third Person"

(#1) A young homeless woman is wrongly convicted of murdering a police officer. Her death is faked and she is taken to Section One, the most covert anti-terrorist group in the world. After two years of training under the tutelage of Michael, Section's best operative, she is given her first mission.
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best dialogue
JURGEN: "I just came by to say something, then I'll go. I don't know the details, but I do know that you and Michael have a connection and you both work very hard at keeping it private."
NIKITA: "Obviously not hard enough."
J: "So I guess I was wondering if there is a place for me in your life."
N: "There could be."
J: "If?"
N: "Michael...Michael showed me your file. Now, I'm not judging anybody but...."
J: "Don't even tell me."
N: "What?"
J: "Who was I? A serial killer? A subway bomber? Or did I rape my sister?"
N: "What are you saying."
J: "Whatever Michael showed you is exactly what he wanted you to see. I was a Special Forces soldier. Almost everybody in my unit was killed because our CO sent us on an insane mission. When it was all over, I blew. These were my best friends in the world, and he sent them to their deaths."
N: "What did you do?"
J: "I killed him. Michael loves you, Nikita. I could grow to love you. But I could also live without you. I'm not sure if he can."
Written by Michael Loceff
Directed by Jon Cassar
Original airdate: January 18, 1998 (USA)
nd (France); October 15, 1999 (UK)

guest stars
Bruce Payne (Jurgen)
Michael Querin (Pontriargan)
Darren Andrea (Man in Suit)

"Weird Plant," Headrillaz


Czech title: "Treti osoba"
French title: "Trio"
German title: "Bewahrungsprobe"
Italian title: ""Jurgen"
Polish title: "Trzecia Osoba"
Portuguese title: "Terceira pessoa"
Spanish title: "Tercera persona"
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Dawn Connolly's commentary on this episode
The arc continues with Nikita and Jurgen's growing closeness. With Michael listening in on the pair -- voyeurism at its height -- we get an early indication that Michael has a mission to perform and that we have an hour of manipulations ahead. Jurgen expounds his Zen-like philosophies in a lecture on life outside Section and the meaning of freedom. Still, he isn't immune when Michael pushes his buttons, and the two come to blows. It is a rare demonstration of emotion on Michael's part. The fight operates on several levels. While on the surface it appears to be about Nikita, there is also Michael's manipulation of Jurgen's emotions when he creates a repeat scenario of the incident that landed Jurgen in Section in the first place, the challenge for alpha-male dominance (as Jurgen is outside the normal command structure), Michael's guilt about the betrayal that has begun, and a hint of some unspoken past conflict. It is both humorous and noteworthy that while the men beat on each other, Nikita blows off steam by tearing down a wall and reconstructing her apartment.
The theme of primal conflict continues as Nikita is sent by Michael to kill Jurgen. The romantic triangle that is emerging is reflected in the tripartite struggle for survival. Michael is trying to insure their political survival (how can the couple keep their secrets and stay alive without Jurgen holding some power over them?), Nikita believes they are fighting for their lives (Section will kill them if they find out Michael helped her escape) and Jurgen seems to be fighting to save Nikita's soul (his comment, "You're his slave," hits the mark and precipitates a cathartic breakthrough for Nikita). Still, how betrayed Michael must feel when he has lied and murdered to protect the two of them, and he sees Jurgen still alive.
La Femme Peta, pp 152-154