Point of No Return (1993) Soundtrack
A unique soundtrack in a number of different ways. Hans Zimmer's evocative score is featured
on the first four tracks, while Nina Simone, the "High Priestess of Soul," delivers on the next five tracks.
Zimmer's music is pulse-pounding at times, hauntingly moody at others.
The main theme, threaded throughout the first four tracks, will linger in your mind.

Score composed and arranged by Hans Zimmer
Tracks 5-8 performed by Nina Simone

1. Hate (7:26)
2. Happy Birthday, Maggie (5:36)
3. Wedding Bells (8:06)
4. Hells Kitchen (5:08)
5. Here Comes The Sun (3:35)
6. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl (2:31)
7. Feeling Good (2:53)
8. Wild Is The Wind (6:57)
9. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (3:26)

Academy-Award winner Hans Zimmer has scored numerous movie soundtracks, including Gladiator, Hannibal,
Pearl Harbor, Mission Impossible 2, Crimson Tide, The Thin Red Line, Backdraft, The Lion King, The Rock, and Rain Man.

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Born in North Carolina in 1933, Nina Simone's immense musical talent was apparent at an early age.
She attended the Julliard School of Music, and through her protest music was a pioneer of the civil rights movement.
Sickened by the racism in American society, she moved to Europe. She is known as the "High Priestess of Soul,"
but her music is an unique mix of soul, blues and jazz. In the film Point of No Return she is Maggie's (Bridget Fonda) inspiration.

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1-4. Written by Hans Zimmer (Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.)
5. Written by George Harrison (Harrisongs, Ltd)
6. Written by Nina Simone (Sam Fox Publishing Company, Inc.)
7. Written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley (TRO-Musical Comedy Production, Inc.)
8. Written by Ned Washington and Dimitri Tiomkin (Chappell & Co.)
9. Written by Nina Simone (Sam Fox Publishing Company, Inc.)

Score mixed and recorded by Jay Rifkin at Media Ventures, Los Angeles
Assistant Engineer: Bret Newman
Additional Music: Nick Glennie-Smith
Vocals: Sam Ellis
Guitar: Bob Daspit
Score Wrangler: Nicholas Golfar
Composer's Assistant: Christopher Ward
Executives in Charge of Music for Warner Bros: Gary LeMel & Doug Frank
Milan Executive Direction: Emmanuel Chamboredon & Toby Pieniek
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering, Hollywood
Album Business Affairs: Keith Zajic
Art Coordination: Jacqueline Murphy