Mission Log: "Simone"
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In the sky...
Opera dominates the scene. A small twin-engine plane soars through clouds and blue sky. The pilot makes preparations for landing, speaking with a controller at the airport.
PILOT: South Haven, this is Mooney-three-three-golf.
CONTROLLER: (via radio) Mooney-three-three-golf, Southhaven. We have you level at five thousand..
PILOT: Rog. Request vectors, full-stop landing, runway three-two.
CONTROLLER: (via radio) Copy, three-three-golf. Turn right heading two-seven-zero, descend to three thousand. Altimeter two-niner-niner-two.
PILOT: Three three golf right to two seven oh. Descent to three thousand, two nine nine two.

Glass Curtain headquarters...
Cut to a glowing green computer graphic. Two red blips pulse along parallel paths. A young woman in coveralls with a tortured hair, darkly ringed eyes and a nose ring sits at the computer: Siobhan. A very thin man with greasy hair – Sparks – stands by her. He is wearing black pants, boots, and a black suit coat with nothing under it. Behind them, busy operators, all very young, pass back and forth.
SPARKS: How far apart are they?
SIOBHAN: Exactly one mile. They're both inbound.
SPARKS: On a convergent path?
She nods. He brushes past her.
SPARKS: Very good. (He climbs a steel ladder; focus on his face) Turn it up! (The opera swells and he closes his eyes rapturously.)

In the sky...
Cut to pilot in his plane.
CONTROLLER: (via radio) Three-three-golf, you are cleared final runway three-two. Winds three-three-zero at fifteen. Be advised visibility is reduced on final half mile.
PILOT: Roger, South Haven. I don't have the field in sight. Continue vectors.
CONTROLLER: Turn left two-seven-zero. Descending.
PILOT: Roger. Descending.

Glass Curtain headquarters...
SPARKS: How much longer?
SIOBHAN: Any second now. (Behind her, a boy with long hair and glasses follows the action enthusiastic.)

In the sky...
CONTROLLER: Three-three-golf, you’re lined up runway three-two, cleared to land.
PILOT: I have field visual this time, Southhaven. Cleared to land.
Glass Curtain's headquarters...
Sparks remains standing at the top of ladder, staring at nothing and listening to the opera, waiting. The glowing monitor shows the red blips moving closer and closer together until they merge.

In the sky...
The pilot is looking around, watchful but complacent; this is a routine landing. Suddenly, a jet swoops out of the clouds. There is not time to do more than gape in horror before they collide. A mighty fireball fills the sky over Southhaven Airport. In the control tower, a flight controller stares in disbelief, lowering his binoculars, open-mouthed as he watches the debris fall to the ground.

Glass Curtain's headquarters...
In Glass Curtain’s headquarters, Siobhan is congratulated by the youthful operatives. She doesn´t pay attention, just stares, satisfied, at the monitor. Sparks is standing beside a human shooting target, head down. He raises his head; his face is superimposed over the fireball.
SPARKS: It begins.

Nikita's apartment...
Fast techno dance music plays on Nikita’s headphones. She is sculpting a fish out of colored wires, moving them with pliers. She is wearing a flowered mini-skirt, black high boots and black top. There is a knock on the door. She frowns slightly, puzzled, and sets down her artwork before she approaches the door, pliers behind her back. After she looks through the peephole, she opens the door. Carla stands there, smiling wanly.
NIKITA: Carla, what's wrong?
CARLA, her voice is shaky with emotion: I just need someone to talk to.
NIKITA, hugging Carla sympathetically: What's wrong?
CARLA: Well...he's getting married. (She moves into the kitchen.)
NIKITA: Married? (She shuts the door.)
CARLA: Yeah, to his ex-girlfriend who he also happened to be dating the last three months that we were going out. When I think of all the excuses that he made to cancel....(She takes a tissue out of a box on Nikita´s counter) You know, he's the one who told me that he didn't want the commitment.(Wipes her tears.)
The phone burbles once, twice. Hands twisted together, Carla looks down, disappointed. She knows what's coming.
NIKITA: I'm sorry, Carla, I've got to get it. (Nikita picks up the phone.) Hello?
Nikita blinks and turns away from her friend, unhappy with the summons.

Section One, briefing table...
Michael, Nikita, Morrison and Koi sit at the table across from Operations.
OPERATIONS: As you know, the Internet is frequently monitored for any communication that is interpreted as a national breech of security. Two days ago,we detected the recruiting efforts of a group we've encountered in the past: Glass Curtain.
Michael looks suddenly at Operations, his icy control instantly vanished.
MICHAEL: I thought they were inactive.
OPERATIONS, returning the loaded look: So did we. Unfortunately, they're not just recruiting. (He turns on the holo-screen). There has been an incident which was originally thought to be an accident caused by human error, but Glass Curtain has claimed responsibility. This politics of chaos and destruction is the brainchild of this man here: Errol Sparks. (An image and data concerning Errol Sparks is shown). His message is anarchy, and his weapon is technology. While Operations speaks, Michael shifts his weight in the chair, and pinches the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. Nikita notices this uncharacteristic behavior.
OPERATIONS: He has a capable group of malcontents who do all his dirty work. These are college students, Mensa members, dropouts....They're all highly skilled and willing devotees. Birkoff will give you....
MICHAEL, interrupting: We don't need the history lesson. Just give us the relevant data and let's move.
Nikita looks askance at him.
OPERATIONS , without turning his gaze from the holo-image: The last time I checked on the protocol for briefings, it didn't include disruptive behavior. (He glances pointedly at Michael.) Birkoff is monitoring the situation now. We hope to have a hook on it soon. Now, until then we're going to be on close-quarter standby. No one leaves the Section. (He stands.) Morrison, you and Koi report to Comm. See Birkoff.
Operations walks off. Michael follows him. Nikita lingers, tries to listen. Michael's and Operation´s voices are low but charged with emotion.
MICHAEL: I should be first team on this.
OPERATIONS: You and Nikita will anchor for me here.
MICHAEL: You don't think I can do this?
OPERATIONS: No, I don't. You're too emotionally vested.
Operations stalks off, but Michael prevents him from going far.
MICHAEL: Listen to me....
OPERATIONS: If you can convince me in ten seconds that you can do that, you can do it, Michael. (Michael begins to speak; Operations cuts him off.) Just look me in the eye. Don't say a damn word.
For a long moment they stand face to face, staring at one another. Operations’ gaze is filled with challenge. Michael stands still as stone. Engrossed and worried, Nikita observes the scene.
OPERATIONS, to Michael: Fine. (He moves back into the briefing area.) Morrison, you and Koi will be Team Two. Nikita, you go with Michael. (He leaves.)

Section One, Communications...
Michael and Nikita approach Comm together. Michael is in a hurry. He doesn´t look at her.
NIKITA: Who's Glass Curtain, Michael?
MICHAEL: You heard Operations.
NIKITA: This guy Spark. Do you know him?
MICHAEL: I'll fill you in when I'm ready.
They pause behind Birkoff.
NIKITA: Then what was that about?
MICHAEL, to Birkoff: What have you got?
BIRKOFF, working at a computer: It's an IRC in progress.
NIKITA: What's an IRC?
BIRKOFF, looking at Nikita, his tone chiding: Someone wasn't paying attention in computer class…
Michael slaps him on the back of his head, hard.
MICHAEL: Not today.
BIRKOFF: It’s a chat room. A place where social misfits log onto the Internet and argue with each other.
MICHAEL: Which one is Glass Curtain?
BIRKOFF: This guy right here. Hester. The dude is laying some heavy ideology on these freaks.
NIKITA: Anything about the plane crash?
BIRKOFF: Yeah. He brags about it every other minute. They're eating it up.
MICHAEL: How do we get to this guy Hester?
BIRKOFF : We can't from here. He's using a dynamic address scheme.
MICHAEL: Can we log into the conversation? Pretend to be a new recruit?
BIRKOFF, shakes his head as he rolls his chair from one computer to another: From what I can tell, you have to have a sponsor, someone on the inside. They give you a password. That lets you into the group.
MICHAEL: Can you locate one of them?
BIRKOFF: Already did. (He swings back to the first computer.) This guy right here, J.B.
The chat shows J.B.’s text: ‘I’ve got what we talked about…’
MICHAEL, softly, suppressing his impatience: All right, let's go.
Michael strides out of Comm, Birkoff and Nikita in tow. Throughout the entire rapid-fire exchange of questions and answers, Nikita has kept an eye on Michael. She has never seen him like this.

Video arcade...
The van is parked in an empty lot. Inside, Birkoff, Nikita, and Michael prepare to capture J.B. Birkoff sits behind a computer, Nikita sits next to him. She is wearing light blue pants, a top coloured red, light blue and black and a large brown fur coat. Michael stands.
BIRKOFF: J.B.'s in there.
BIRKOFF: I flagged his screen. It'll flash red just like mine.
NIKITA: I don't see any flashing red.
Birkoff hands her a pair of red glasses, mildly impatient for her ignorance. She puts them on. The bluish monitor screen suddenly flushes deep red, and then clears, and repeats again and again.
MICHAEL: Cover the exits. We're going in.
Cut to exterior of a fancy arcade, . A slow techno beat punctuates their walk as Michael and Nikita approach the glass building. The interior is rounded, designed to catch the eye with flashy colors and provocative curves, full of teenagers. Michael and Nikita enter together through a jagged door and begin the search for J.B. Both have red glasses on. Nikita has a wandering and appreciative eye for the twinkling lights, violent noise and chaotic images emanating from video games all around her. “Wow”, she says. Michael stalks, serious and focused, shoving between two young men. Nikita jogs upstairs while Michael continues searching the bottom floor.
During the search sequences, the image is divided in four parts showing different aspects of the arcade, Nikita and Michael.
NIKITA: Nothing on this end of the balcony.
Cut to Birkoff in van. He monitors on his computer, sitting casually with his feet up.
Cut back to the arcade. Michael continues his search of the main floor. Nikita walks further along the upper tier. She spies the flash of red in a nearby monitor. A young man with dark hair and a beret is keying in words; he’s chatting, grinning in response to the scrolling text. Nikita beams.
NIKITA: Got him, Michael.
MICHAEL: Flush him, Birkoff.
Smiling, Birkoff punches a few keys. Within seconds his search protocols find J.B.’s station. Birkoff snickers as he springs the virtual trap. In the arcade, J.B.'s screen dissolves, re-coalescing into an official-looking and menacing warning from the FBI.
J.B., to himself, worried: FBI?
He looks around, slides out of his seat and ducks away. Nikita watches him, then follows.
NIKITA, humming: Going south.
J.B. trots down the steps toward the exit. Michael folds himself into the space and stares boldly at J.B. Sensing he´s going after him J.B. reverses his course and cuts through rows of video games, making his way to a back corridor. Two section operatives in black with sunglasses, a man and a woman, step into his path. He turns around to retrace his steps, but Michael blocks his way. He pushes through the wall of the hall -- it’s a revolving panel, but the two ops flank and grab him.
J.B., struggling: Let go of me!
Michael nears him and removes his glasses.
MICHAEL, foldsing his glasses and carefully putting them in his jacket pocket: Who's your contact at Glass Curtain?
J.B.: I don't know! I wasn't even going to join. I was just goofing with them.
Michael smacks him hard, the secuence is repeated two times.
MICHAEL: You were in the IRC. How did you get the password?
J.B., desperate, hysterical: They contacted me! I never met any of them!
Michael stalks away from him, in rage.
MICHAEL, his back is to J.B.. he speaks loudly: Who is your contact?
J.B.: I said I don't know!
Michael spins around, pulls out his gun and points it at J.B. Nikita launches herself from the side; immobilizing his gun arm then spinning him back around. She throws his arm down and he spreads both arms. He is clearly distraught.
NIKITA: No! Michael...What are you doing?
Michael moves forward, Nikita puts herself between Michael and J.B while Michael paces a few moments more, gun in his hand, trying to control himself.
MICHAEL, to the two operatives: Take him to Birkoff. Get the password.
The operatives take J.B. away as Michael walks around. He holsters his gun and puts a clenched fist to his mouth, looking outside the glass wall. Nikita follows him, angry.
NIKITA: Why? Why?
Michael raises his hand from mouth to pinch the bridge of his nose, pained.
MICHAEL, woodenly: Glass Curtain killed Simone.
NIKITA, shrugs insolently: Who's Simone?
MICHAEL, faces her briefly: My wife.
Michael turns and walks off. Nikita shifts her weight uncomfortably as she processes the information.

Glass Curtain headquarters...
Exterior shot of Glass Curtain’s base: the entrance is a concrete tunnel set into a grassy space – the entire complex is underground. Cut to interior. Opera music fills the air. Siobhan stares raptly absorbed in her computer monitor until a computer card dangles in front of her face. She never bothers to acknowledge the young man holding it.
SIOBHAN, to the computer card, with admiration: Oh, look at you.
She takes it and quickly begins to install it into her computer. Sparks approaches the pair at the computer. Better said it´s a tower of monitors, cables and machines where she´s working at.
SPARKS: Did Leon ask any questions?
THE BOY: He was too busy counting the money.
Siobhan pushes the board into the computer.
SIOBHAN: Let's put you in.
SPARKS: How long before you can Q-A it?
SIOBHAN: This baby's plug-and-play. (She closes the drawer and starts keying in commands until a map appears on the monitor.) There it is. O'Hare Airport. Every electronic pathway from radar control to men's room light switch.
SPARKS: Is it live?
SIOBHAN: Let's see. (She keys in commands until she finds what she requires, and then dials a number on a phone sitting next to her computer.)
WOMAN’S VOICE: O'Hare Maintenance.
SIOBHAN, with a nasal voice: Yeah, this is the cafeteria. Did you guys just order some sandwiches?
The young man laughs. Sparks grabs him, so he stops.
WOMAN: Sandwiches? Uh, I didn't, but hang on. I'll check. (Siobhan activates the fire alarm.) Is that the fire alarm?
Siobhan disconnects the connection and looks up. The young man smiles; impressed.
SIOBHAN: It'll be 20 minutes before they realize it's a false alarm.
Sparks leans over Siobhan and stares at her meaningfully.
SPARKS: Siobhan, I love your flair for the dramatic.
SIOBHAN, with complete devotion: O’Hare is yours. Just tell me what you want.
Sparks says nothing but looks at the screen.

Section One, Michael's Office...
Michael enters, dark grey suit and turtleneck, Nikita just behind him. He sits down behind his desk while Nikita remains at the door. She is wearing pants and a large sweater, all black. In her hand, a big silver ring. The room is dark, the only light comes from the room outside the window, where people practising some slowly tai-chi movements.
NIKITA: It's been 24 hours. What now?
MICHAEL: Wait until J.B.'s contact gets online. (He sits and begins to work, then stops and stares at Nikita, still at the door.)
Nikita takes a drink from the stainless steel mug she carries and then looks up at Michael.
NIKITA: Do you want me here?
Michael raises his head and returns her gaze neutrally.
MICHAEL: Whatever you want.
Nikita stares a moment, closes the door, and sits in the other chair.
NIKITA, carefully: Did Simone work for the Section? (She takes another drink. When Michael fails to answer her, she continues.) Michael, you can't tell me you had a wife and she was killed then just drop it, get back to business.
MICHAEL, calmly, slowly: Simone...was an operative. She did work for the Section. (He leans back in his chair.) It was supposed to be a cold mission. The two of us went in to gather information about Glass Curtain. Before we left, she asked for a back up team. I said it wasn't necessary. (They hold a look.) I was wrong.
NIKITA: Was it Sparks?
MICHAEL, looking out the interior window: I don't know. We were ambushed. There was a lot of shooters. It was three years ago.
NIKITA, sympathetically: It still hurts, doesn't it?
MICHAEL, leaning forward: Listen, Nikita, you asked me what happened...and I told you.
NIKITA: You told me the facts. Michael, I want to know how you feel. Sometimes you have to let yourself trust someone. I'm right here.
About to speak, Michael is interrupted when Walter knocks and enters.
WALTER: Hester's finally logged in. Turns out J.B. has something they want.
MICHAEL: What is it?
WALTER: An electrical layout to Orly Airport.
MICHAEL: How did J.B. get that?
WALTER: He stole it from his father, civil engineer. Hester wants to see J.B. in three hours.
MICHAEL: Good. Let's get ready. (He gets up.)
WALTER: Operations wants Nikita posing as J.B. -- not you. Feels that Nikita would be more believable as disaffected youth. (As Walter says this, Nikita is leaning against the back of the chair, stretching.)

A grassy field/Section One, Communications...
Nikita stands in a field. She’s wearing an orange sport jacket, black sport suit and pink t-shirt with a hood and clear ski-goggles over yellow-tinted sunglasses. She has light green streaks in her hair. She’s chewing gum and blowing bubbles, moving around restlessly, going over her mission persona. In Section, Birkoff sits at his computer station, snacking while he monitors the mission. Michael lurks over his shoulder, earpiece in place. They converse with Nikita through the com units.
NIKITA: What's J.B.'s favorite writer's name? Who was he? Tyranny of the State?
BIRKOFF: Bakunin.
NIKITA: That's right. Bakunin.
MICHAEL: Don't worry. If you're stuck, we'll feed you.
Nikita watches a helicopter fly over her head.
BIRKOFF: Tilt your head higher. I don't have all of it.
NIKITA: Birkoff, can you see him?
The overhead monitor shows what Nikita sees through the camera in her glasses. Birkoff and Michael see the helicopter.
BIRKOFF: That's it.
The helicopter lands in front of Nikita and the pilot gets out. Nikita picks up her bag and slings it over her shoulder.
HELICOPTER PILOT, loudly, over the noise: You J.B.?
NIKITA: Hester?
RAY: No. Name's Ray. Franklin Charter. I'm supposed to pick up a J.B.
Birkoff and Michael watch and listen to everything Nikita’s glasses and com unit transmit to the monitor.
RAY: You alone?
NIKITA: Yep. Just me.
MICHAEL, to Nikita: Get closer to him. Stand still. We need to verify this guy.
Nikita takes a few steps forward, then stops.
RAY: What are you waiting for? Get in.
NIKITA: I've never been in a helicopter before. I'm a little nervous.
RAY: Don't be. You're in good hands.
MICHAEL: Not yet, Nikita.
RAY: Come on. I haven't got all day. The clock's ticking. (he climbs into the pilot’s seat)
BIRKOFF: Come on, come on… There it is. (In his monitor, information about the pilot appears.)
MICHAEL: That's him. You're clear.
Nikita walks around to the other side of the helicopter and gets in.
NIKITA: Where are we going?
RAY: I can't tell you that. Put these on. (Nikita puts on the headphones he has indicated.)
MICHAEL, putting a hand on Birkoff's shoulder: Zero margin for error.
From Glass Curtain, Sparks reaches out and speaks to Nikita. He sits next to Siobhan, who is tipping, at the circular tower of computers wearing a headset. Through his radio he speaks to Nikita, unknowing that he can also be heard by Michael and Birkoff in Section. Nikita is in the middle of all these radio transmissions.
SPARKS: J.B., I presume.
NIKITA: Hello?
SPARKS: Interesting. From the transcript, you sound more like a man.
NIKITA: Is this Hester?
SPARKS: Close enough. Do you have Orly?
SPARKS: Tell me about yourself, J.B. (He looks for information about J.B. in his computer at the same time.)
NIKITA: I'm not committing to anything yet.
SPARKS: Oh...you're committed, all right. I understand you spiked the punch bowl with LSD at your junior prom.
NIKITA: Where'd you hear that?
SPARKS: Tell me about it.
Birkoff searches the data for anything about the LSD incident. He finds nothing and shakes his head at Michael.
MICHAEL, to Nikita: Never happened.
NIKITA: Nothing to tell. Didn't do it.
SPARKS: My apologies. I mistook you for one of my recruits. Tell me about your eighth grade math teacher.
NIKITA: I put her in jail for failing me.
SPARKS: How on earth did you do that?
Nikita hesitates.
BIRKOFF: You hacked into the county records and issued a bench warrant.
NIKITA: I hacked into county records and issued a bench warrant.
SPARKS: One more question, J.B. What kind of music do you like?
NIKITA, to herself: Music?
Birkoff shakes his head since he found nothing.
MICHAEL, to Nikita: Nothing here.
A second ticks by, then another and another. Nikita’s face suddenly relaxes into a tight smile of satisfaction.
NIKITA: I don't listen to music.
SPARKS: Why not?
NIKITA: Music evokes emotion.
SPARKS: Emotion spawns genius.
NIKITA: Emotion blurs judgment.
Sparks waits a beat, then nods slightly to Siobhan. During the entire interview she had the helicopter on a collision course with a plane and now changes the flight path information to read accurately.
MAN, via radio: Jet Ranger 45-Alpha; descend immediately.
RAY: What?
MAN, via radio: Drop the nose fast!
Ray puts the helicopter into a steep dive. A plane screams over them - a near-miss.
RAY, yelling: Where the hell did he come from?
SPARKS: See you in a few minutes, J.B.
Nikita shakes her head and looks down, disgusted.

Glass Curtain Headquarters...
A young man escorts Nikita into Glass Curtain’s domain. The surroundings are dirty, old, industrial.
YOUNG MAN: What does J.B. stand for? 'Juicy Bod'?
He stretches, hands behind head, bowing dramatically. He yanks out a strand of his hair.
NIKITA, looking around: What is this place?
The young man places his hair on the flat plate of a locking device on an air-tight metal door. Light scans the hair up and down and then flashes DNA VERIFIED.
YOUNG MAN: You'll see.
The lock clicks and the man opens the door. He gestures gallantly for Nikita to go first. They walk through rooms and halls, stairs and pathways. Opera music can faintly be heard. They come into the main room where Siobhan is tossing something in Sparks' top hat as he lays with it on his chest on the couch. The young man presents Nikita with a dramatic flourish.
SPARKS: So this is J.B.
Sparks stands up and puts on his hat, arms crossed, his look fixed at the young girl. Nikita smiles at him. Sparks shakes his head and Nikita's smile fails. Siobhan looks up from her seat in the shadows.
NIKITA: What's wrong?
SPARKS: Something about the way you look.
NIKITA: Why? What's wrong with the way I "look"?
Sparks jumps over the couch.
SPARKS: Like someone who's been forgiven her entire life.
Nikita tilts her head down a little and shakes her head. Lifts her eyes to Sparks.
NIKITA: I don't need forgiveness from anyone, including you.
Sparks smiles.
SPARKS: You see, Siobhan. It's in the eyes. There it is. (He chucks her under her chin) Good.
YOUNG MAN: She brought the plans.
SPARKS: Check it out, Siobhan.
Siobhan gets up and goes to her computer. She has been watching, serious, all the time.
NIKITA: And don't do a virus scan. The header block's designed to launch itself --
SIOBHAN, sitting and tipping in front of the monitor, without looking at her: Don't tell me what to do.
NIKITA: --if it detects a probe.
YOUNG MAN: Let's go.
Nikita and the boy start to leave.
SPARKS, interrupting: J.B. You're a long way from home...underground at the mercy of a crazed revolutionary. Why aren't you afraid?
NIKITA, looks down for a moment, then answers with a sad tone: Who says I'm not?
Sparks approaches her abruptly and stares into her eyes for several long moments. He stoops down, picks up her glove, and hands it to her. They share a look, holding it for several beats until Sparks takes his top hat off. Nikita smiles. The young man leads her out.
SIOBHAN: I don't like her.
Sparks walks behind Siobhan, pauses and leans close without looking at her.
SPARKS: I don't like you.

Elsewhere in Glass Curtain headquarters...
The young man leads Nikita to a ladder. Nikita ascends first. She hands him her backpack; he slides it onto his chest instead of his back and follows her up. As they walk along a catwalk, human screams shoot up from down below. Nikita stops and looks down over the rail.
NIKITA: What was that?
YOUNG MAN, with indifference: That? That's Simone.
NIKITA: Simone...
YOUNG MAN: Yeah, a government agent Sparks grabbed a couple of years ago. He keeps her alive...just in case (He continues walking.)
Nikita hears moaning and stays behind for a moment, leaning over the catwalk, then follows. They enter a messy room with junk and bunk beds.
YOUNG MAN: Honeymoon Suite.
He puts her bag on the lower bunk and takes his jacket off. Nikita closes the door.
NIKITA: Where do you sleep?
He pats the top bunk.
NIKITA: Looks like I've got the best bed in the house.
Nikita lays herself on the lower bed with a slight spring and tries to change the channel on the TV. The young man joins her on the bed.
YOUNG MAN: Sorry. No cable.
NIKITA, turning to him with a seductive smile: Aw...guess I'll have to find some other way to entertain myself.
He eels around her and lays prone on the bed.
YOUNG MAN: Need some help?
NIKITA: You're easy.
Nikita snakes her way on top of him.
YOUNG MAN: I'm just nice.
They kiss. The man begins to breath faster in appreciation as Nikita kisses him ardently, grasping his shoulders. She suddenly grabs a fistful of his hair and smashes it hard on the bar behind him, knocking him unconscious. She takes out a cigarette case, sorting through them until she finds a little red button and pushes it.

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff is slouched down in his chair, waiting, bored. Michael sits with his back to the camera, working. An electronic trill brings Birkoff scooting forward in his chair.
BIRKOFF: Got her.
BIRKOFF: Brilliant. An abandoned military installation. Got it's own generator and it's airtight.
MICHAEL: Where can we put the mobile com?
BIRKOFF: Uh...let me stroll around the neighborhood for a nice, quiet place.
OPERATIONS: Michael. (Michael gets up and walks over.) When are you leaving?
MICHAEL: As soon as we ready the van.
Operations nods and turns to leave, then hesitates.
OPERATIONS: Just be prepared for anything.

Glass Curtain headquarters...
Nikita climbs down the ladder she had been led up. She looks around and walks carefully down a pathway. She hears a moaning, stops, and looks down over the rail. She trots down the nearest set of stairs and down another corridor where she finds a small room with a fenced door. Inside, a figure lays on the floor.
NIKITA: Simone?
The prisoner doesn't answer. Curled into the fetal position, it´s appearance is hard to determine. It has short black hair and ragged clothes. The hands over it´s head show continuous physical damage. Nikita glances down the hallway before slowly approaching the door.
NIKITA: Simone, I work for the Section and I'm going to get you out of here but I have to get some help. Do you understand?
Simone lifts her head a couple of inches and runs her hand over her hair. She is an asiatic woman.There are small pieces of fabric tied on her fingers for bandages. Nikita kneels and takes her tinted glasses off.
NIKITA: Michael's here....He still loves you, Simone.
Simone lifts her head up more but remains silent. Nikita hears a door close in the distance and rushes away. Simone returns to the fetal position.

Elsewhere in Glass Curtain Headquarters....
In the control center, Sparks sits next to a computer screen, watching a jet lift majestically from a runway to the dulcet strains of opera music.
SIOBHAN: Flight 19 is in the air.
SPARKS: How long until it's over the water?
SIOBHAN: 18 minutes.
Sparks stands and stretches, then jabs a fist forward before he stalks away. Siobhan remains at the keyboard, fixated by her task.
Cut to:
In the bunk-bed room, Nikita has the ski glasses over her tinted ones again.
NIKITA: Mobile comm, can you hear me?

In a Section helicopter, airborne...
Michael and the Section team are enroute.
MICHAEL: Report.
NIKITA: Sparks is going to down some planes today. I don't know where.
MICHAEL: All right. Get to your exit point, Nikita.
Section One, The Perch...
Operations listens in on the radio exchange through a link from Section to the helicopter.
MICHAEL: We're proceeding.
NIKITA: All right, there's something else.
NIKITA: Uh, there's an innocent down here.
MICHAEL: A hostage?
OPERATIONS, to Michael: Acceptable collateral.

In a Section helicopter, airborne...
MICHAEL: Forget it. Just go. We're about to launch.
NIKITA: No, you can't.
MICHAEL: Let's not get into it, Nikita. Move, now!
NIKITA: Michael...it's Simone.
NIKITA: I saw her. She's alive.
Michael glances around, thinking of what to do.
OPERATIONS, his voice hard: This is a potential air disaster Michael. Don’t even blink.
NIKITA: Michael?
MICHAEL: Get to your exit point, Nikita. I'm going to need you.

Glass Curtain headquarters...
Nikita reaches over to the still unconscious boy and pulls out one of his hairs.
Cut to the sight of another jet as it takes off. Cut back to the computer stack in Glass Curtain.
SIOBHAN: All right, Flight 135 is in the air.
The red dot shows up on her screen.
SIOBHAN: Okay...Flight 135, you're about to meet Flight 19. (she turns to Sparks) Seven minutes, 13 seconds.
SPARKS: All right.
Cut to the woods near Glass Curtain’s outside access. Michael and the others roll up parachutes as Nikita runs up to them. They are all in black mission clothes, with balaclavas and armed.
MICHAEL: What have you got?
NIKITA, catching her breath: I counted 24, including Sparks, everyone's armed. Their power line runs underneath the sewage canal. Can't get to it.
MICHAEL: Ingress and egress?
NIKITA: The only way in's through the front door.
MICHAEL: Is that going to be a problem?
NIKITA, holding up the DNA scanning device: Not if you've got this.
Michael motions to the operatives to follow them and they run back along the path Nikita came from. Cut to inside the base, waiting for the DNA scanner to open the lock. Nikita is at the top of the group.
MICHAEL, at her back, almost inaudible: How is she?
NIKITA, tersely: Not good, Michael.
The door opens.The team pours through. They shoot the lone guard, then continue on, leaving Michael and Nikita in the rear. When they arrive to the main pathway, Michael satys behind and asks Nikita for Simone.
Nikita points down, covering the stairwell with her gun. Michael tumbles down the stairs in a controlled descent while Nikita follows the other operatives into the main computer room. It is empty.
NIKITA, in disbelief: They were here. They were right here.
The operatives move through the room. Nikita sees the computer screen. The red dots move closer together as a clock counts it down.
NIKITA, flips down the goggles with the hidden camera: Birkoff, we've got a problem. We got 48 seconds before something happens. What do I do?

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff, sans glasses, marches up and looks at the same screen that Nikita sees.
BIRKOFF: All right. Looks like converging trajectories on a timer.

Glass Curtain headquarters/Section One, Communications...
NIKITA, moves to a pillar: I see a power switch. Should I turn it off? (She has already her hand on it)
BIRKOFF: No! The program's already been sent. We have to correct it online.
A man drops in on a rope and starts shooting at them. Others follow. Nikita ducks down.
BIRKOFF, sees and hears the firefight on the monitor: What's going on in there?
NIKITA, shouting over the gunfire: Nothing! Now, come on, Birkoff. We've got 30 seconds.
BIRKOFF: Sit down at the main keyboard.
Nikita scoots over to the keyboard, staying low.
BIRKOFF: Type exactly what I tell you. PS dash E. PS dash… All right. That's got to be it. It's the only process I don't recognize. All right, type this in; Kill, space, minus-nine, space, 313.
While Nikita types, bullets fly over her head.
BIRKOFF: Okay? You got that? That should do it.
The firefight continues. We see Glass Curtain people go down one by one.
NIKITA: Nothing's happening.
BIRKOFF: Just wait.
NIKITA: Birkoff, 18 seconds!
BIRKOFF: It'll work. It just has to filter through.
The countdown proceeds and the red lights converge on each other.
NIKITA: Birkoff...Birkoff!
The monitor flashes ‘Process Terminated’.
NIKITA, relieved: Oh, God!
Birkoff puts his glasses back on.

Elsewhere in Glass Curtain headquarters...
Down below, Michael appears at the top of the corridor where Simone´s cell is located. Inside, Simone is sitting on the dirty mattress.
MICHAEL: Simone?
She doesn't answer. Michael takes out a handgun and shoots the lock, opening the door. Simone shrieks at the gunshot. Michael enters her cell and she stands up, fearful. He takes off his mask.
MICHAEL: It's me, Simone.
He walks slowly toward her. She whimpers as her arms fold and her hands cover her face defensively
MICHAEL, softly, trembling with emotion, offering his hand: Do you remember me?... You're okay now… You're safe now.
Simone cries softly, slowly lowering herself to the floor. Michael takes her in his arms.
MICHAEL: You're safe. It's okay. It’s okay. (When he embraces her, we see the wounds on her shoulder.)
Nikita runs in, stops when she sees them, turns around, embarrassed, but can´t resist looking back at them.
MICHAEL: I thought…I would have never stopped looking for you...never stopped loving you. My God…
Still in Michael´s arms, Simone looks up at Nikita. Nikita sees alarm in her face, turns around, and shoots the man coming at them. Simone jumps up and Michael instantly stands up and swings his gun toward the danger point. Seeing that the danger has been eliminated, he turns back to Simone.
MICHAEL: We've got to get out of here.
Simone cowers into the corner.
MICHAEL, whispering: Come back to me, Simone. Come back to me Simone…come…
NIKITA: I can't find Sparks.
MICHAEL, to Simone, nearly inaudible: I’m here…it’s okay.
SIMONE: I know where he is.
MICHAEL: Okay…okay let’s go.
Michael helps her walk while Nikita follows. They stop at a set of stairs. Simone points up.
SIMONE: He's in Unit B.
Michael helps her hide underneath the stairs.
MICHAEL: Don't move. You stay here. Okay. (He looks at Nikita.) Unit B. He's mine.
Nikita goes up the stairs. Michael holds Simone’s face between his hands gently. He kisses her softly on the lips, then storms up. He meets Nikita and they search through a dark room filled with dismembered mannequins. They hear shouting below.
MICHAEL: Simone!
He runs down the stairs they had just ascended. He looks for Simone in her hiding place. She's gone.
MICHAEL: Simone!
SPARKS, in the distance: Go on! Go ahead and do it!
Michael and Nikita follow the sound through corridors and the computer room and find Sparks and Simone in a small control room behind a locked door with a grate for window. Sparks is hanging from his bound wrists, jacket gaping open, and staring at Simone who points him with a gun.
SPARKS: Simone...
Michael looks through the small window set into the door.
MICHAEL: Simone!
SIMONE, to Michael: Go! Get out of here!
SPARKS, desperately: Take her out, man. She's crazy!
Simone hits him across his face with the gun and starts turning switches.
SIMONE: It's too late, Michael. I'm already dead. (To Sparks.) After all these years you've kept me here. We're going to go together, Sparks.
White smoke fills the room.
MICHAEL: No, Simone!
SIMONE: I'm sorry, Michael.
MICHAEL: Simone, please don't do that!
SIMONE: It's the only way it can be. (She opens a metal cabinet.)
MICHAEL: Please! Simone! Don't!
SIMONE, pulling the final switch: I love you, Michael.
Sparks starts yelling.
COMPUTER VOICE, VIA LOUDSPEAKERS: The building will destruct in 30 seconds. This is not a drill. Please evacuate...
Michael yells and tries to open the door, but he can no longer see Simone through the white smoke. He takes out his gun and shoots the door vainly.
COMPUTER: 29…28…27…
Michael hurls himself at the door again and again, desperate. Nikita tries to stop him.
COMPUTER: 26…25…24…23…
NIKITA, pulling at Michael: There's nothing you can do! Michael, the others! Michael...
COMPUTER: 22…21…20…
He leans against the wall and takes out his radio.
MICHAEL: Evacuate now.
COMPUTER: 19…18…17…
He keeps trying to open the door.
COMPUTER: 16…15…14…
Nikita pulls at him. At first he resists. Then he gives up.
COMPUTER: 13…12…11…
They run up, through hallways and along catwalks.
COMPUTER: 10…9…8…
We see Section team members spewing from the underground base.
COMPUTER: 7…6…5…4…
Nikita and Michael emerge.
COMPUTER: 3…2…1…
The big explosion rocks the ground and sends everyone tumbling to the ground. Dust and smoke come out the opening and bits of debris fall down. Slowly, people clasp each other and get on their feet, but Michael remains on the ground, staring at the smoke and dust.. Nikita remains low, next to him for few moments, then gets up and leaves him. Michael stares through his tousled hair, gasping for breath.

Section One, Munitions...
Nikita joins Walter at his desk.She hands over her weapon, continues packing her backbag. Walter takes the gun, then leans forward.
WALTER: When he thought she died three years ago, he just shut himself right off. He didn't talk to anyone until…until you came along, Sugar. Let's hope it's not so bad this time. (He walks with the equipment back into the storage area.)
NIKITA, with a smile: Thanks, Walter.
He blows her a kiss, then pulls the rolling grate down. Nikita puts on her coat, shoulders her bag and starts to leave. Michael appears.
MICHAEL: Nikita.
Nikita walks toward him.
MICHAEL: I wanted to thank you.
NIKITA, sympathetically: I'm so sorry.
MICHAEL: If it wasn't for the Section, none of us would have a life. What right do I have to feel cheated?
NIKITA: You have a right to feel anyway you want. (She turns to leave, thinks for a moment and turns back.) Do you want to have a cup of coffee?
MICHAEL: I'd love to.
She turns to leave Section. Michael follows.

Nikita's Apartment...
Nikita puts a CD into the stereo. She sits on the couch, facing Carla who sits in the chair opposite.
CARLA: Why can't you tell me what happens when the phone rings?
NIKITA, gestures at Carla’s necklace: That’s pretty. (Carla give her a look and Nikita relents.) I...I have to...I've made some promises to keep some things...certain things, um...confidential.
CARLA: So do you always deep your promises?
NIKITA: I try to.
CARLA: I like this song.
Nikita and Carla smile at each other. Nikita rests her forehead on Carla’s knee, Carla reaches over and caresses her hair.


Written by Michael Loceff

Guest stars:
Mung-Ling Tsui.....Simone
Julian Richings.....Sparks
Ingrid Veninger.....Siobhan
Lyon Smith.....J.B.
Marc Cohen.....Hester
Anais Granofsky.....Carla
Edward Roy.....Ray
Alisa Wiegers.....Jade
Barry Kennedy.....Pilot
Robin McCulloch.....Controller

Transcript by Elsbeth