508. "A Time For Every Purpose"

(#96) Michael kidnaps Mr. Jones to trade him to The Collective for his son Adam -- or does he have something else in mind? Nikita must make a terrible choice: Does she save her father, or the man she loves?
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best dialogue
NIKITA, bitterly: "Very clever. What? You think you found a way to kill Michael that Iíll find acceptable?"
MR. JONES: "It is important to save the boy."
N: "The Collective have promised to let Adam go twice. Twice, they havenít done it. Why should it be any different this time?"
MR. J: "It is Adamís only chance, and Michael has agreed."
N: "Michael doesnít have a choice! You do."
MR. J: "My dear girl, none of us have a choice. Least of all, me."
N, fighting back tears: "Do you think with Michael gone, Iím going to stay and run Section?"
MR. J: "Well, weíll see. Ah. An answerís coming through from the Collective."
N: "Never going to happen."
MR. J: "Weíll see."

Written by Michael Loceff
Directed by Brad Turner
Original airdate: March 4, 2001
August 1, 2002 (France); July 23, 2003 (UK)

guest stars
Edward Woodward (Mr. Jones)
Aidan Devine (Graff)
 Conrad Coates (Haled)
Evan Caravela (Adam)
Kate Trotter (Myra Mauk)
Christopher Cordell (Bodyguard)

"Expander," Future Sound of London
"Spies," Coldplay
"Immobile," Autour de Lucie

Toronto's Union Station is the setting for the final scene involving Nikita and Michael.
The bridge at Humber Pay Park is the scene for the exchange with the Collective.

Czech title: "Vsechno ma svuj cas"
French title: "Un temps pour chanque chose"
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