507. "Let No Man Put Asunder"

(#95) The Collective is winning its war against Section One -- until Michael comes in from the cold and Nikita persuades Mr. Jones to let him back into Section. In retaliation, The Collective kidnaps Michael's son, Adam.
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best dialogue
MICHAEL: "I came to debrief."
OPERATIONS: "Nikita sent you?
M: Yes.
O: Must be a joke on her part. Things have changed. Mr. Jones has taken a more active role. By the way, the real Mr. Jones isn’t Mick Schtoppel after all."
M: "Who is he?"
O: "Nikita’s father. Did you know?"
M: "No."
O. smiling bitterly: "I wonder. No, you were… you were always smart. What could be smarter than getting into bed with the boss’ daughter?"
M: "You want me to debrief?"
O: "You’d give me enough to be useful, but not too much, or you would lose your leverage."
M: "Of course."
O: "I’ve played the game too many times. It bores me. Jones and Nikita run things now. Go play with them."
Written by Lawrence Hertzog
Directed by Rene Bonniere
Original airdate: February 25, 2001
July 25, 2002 (France); July 8, 2003 (UK)

guest stars
Edward Woodward (Mr. Jones)
Aidan Devine (Graff)
Conrad Coates (Haled)
Evan Caravela (Adam)
Jonathan Walker (Rustam)

"Enough Love," Mandalay

St. James Church (Toronto) is the location where Nikita and Michael are reunited.

Czech title: "Nikdo nas nerozdeli"
French title: "Mauvaise operation"

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