504. "All the World's A Stage"

(#92) Mr. Jones must go back into the field to find Massimi Valenti, a supplier of Anthrax rockets, and Nikita seizes the opportunity to force Mr. Jones to tell her the real reason she was recruited into Section One.
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Why was Nikita brought into Section One? She gets very close to the truth in this episode. In trying to force Mr. Jones (aka Mick Schtoppel) to tell her, she discovers that he is, in fact, an actor named Martin Henderson -- a revelation that brings her one step closer to that truth. We are also led to believe that Michelle is her sister. Meanwhile, Kate Quinn makes some progress in her efforts to get ahead in Section -- but just when you think her willingness to sleep with Operations is merely a case of feminine wiles used for personal gain, she plants something disguised as a contact lens on Operations, leaving us to wonder what she's really up to. (Which, at this point, is what we're wondering about nearly everyone.) The opening sequence, in which Nikita chases a mystery man who was lurking in her Section quarters, is an exciting one, but if the man's only purpose for being there was to provide a link that Nikita could follow to the real Mr. Jones then it seems farfetched; it's unlikely that Nikita's success in "identifying" the man using a computer simulation could have been anticipated. It's also somewhat hard to believe that Nikita could have diverted the team dispatched from The Center to recover Mr. Jones / Martin Henderson by attaching a tracking device to a bullet and firing it out of her gun. Section's ongoing war with The Collective is subordinated to Nikita's quest; with the help of Henderson, Nikita nabs Massima Valenti, who's trying to provide The Center with twenty anthrax rockets. Her ability to take down three of Valenti's bodyguards in something under fifteen seconds shows just how formidable an operative she's become. Carlo Rota gives a bravura performance as three distinctly different personalities.

best dialogue
 WALTER: "Okay. Come on. Tell me, I'm all ears." NIKITA: "I think I've found M. She works for Mr. Jones." W: "And?" N: "I hope she's going to lead me to my father. Just...nervous." W: "Why?" N: "I'm finally going to open the door and I don't know what's behind it." W: "The truth will set you free." N: "Not in this place."
Written by David Wolkove
Directed by Joel Surnow
Original airdate: February 4, 2001
July 4, 2002 (France); June 17, 2003 (UK)

guest stars
Carlo Rota (Mr. Jones)
Kira Clavell (Jasmine Kwong)
Shane Daly (Deming)
Jacqueline Pillon (Bodyguard)

"Never Forget When You Touch Me," Hardrive 2000 featuring Lynae
"Powerdrive," Euphoria
"Sad Noodle," W. Summers
"Bist du bei mir," Ingrid Kertesi


Czech title: "Svet je jen divadlo"
French title: "Le monde est un theatre"

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