503. "In Through the Out Door"

(#91) Nikita is suffering from the after-effects of the Gelman process, and O'Brien covers for her, knowing Operations is looking for any excuse to do away with her. Finding a cure means finding Adrian -- but where is she?
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best dialogue
NIKITA: "I need your help."
JASON: "Sooner or later, they all need my help. Thatís why Iím called the Love Doctor. Just tell me exactly whenÖ"
N: (interrupting him) "I need this decrypted."
J: "Off book?"
N: "Way off."
J: "Whatís in it for me?"
N: "Absolutely nothing. Your brother was a good man. Iím hoping you are too."
J: "I only met my brother once. In the short time we had together, he spent half the time talking about you. Iíll do what I can."
Written by David Wolkove
Directed by Rene Bonniere
Original airdate: January 21, 2001
June 27, 2002 (France); June 10, 2003(UK)

guest stars

"The Cost Of Freedom," Experiment
"Badimo," Juno Reactor


Czech title: "V posledni chvili"
French title: "L'issue de secours"

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