501. "Deja Vu All Over Again"

(#89) When a terrorist supergroup called The Collective is discovered, Mr. Jones forces Nikita to go back into the field. Since Michael has disappeared, her new partner is ex-cop Marco O'Brien.
lfnforever briefing
A montage of clips from last season are used in the teaser to bring viewers up to speed -- Nikita has been a mole for The Center for the past three years, reporting to Mr. Jones on Section One goings-on. Now she's back, against her will (as usual), deputy to Operations as Section goes up against what will turn out to be its most formidable foe, The Collective. Operations hates her, blaming her for Madeline's death, and Quinn (who has taken over for the deceased Birkoff) isn't too fond of her, either. And then there's Michael's replacement, Marco O'Brian, who doesn't have much reason to like Nikita; she was the one who "recruited" him back in Season One ("Voices"). The end result: Nikita is in a den of lions -- or, more accurately, a pit of vipers -- and the deadly "office politics" of Section One takes center stage, as will be the case throughout the season. The mission this time is to infiltrate and destroy a meeting of terrorist leaders, during which we discover that O'Brian has become a highly efficient operative, and Nikita is forced to sacrifice an abeyance operative; clearly, she is still trapped in a world not of her choosing. Meanwhile, Operations gives Quinn, who is determined to prove herself capable of taking Madeline's place, the task of finding out if Michael is still alive, as he suspects. And so another plot thread is woven into an intricate story-arc that will last all eight episodes of the final season.

best dialogue
OPERATIONS, introducing Nikita to Section: "This is Nikita. She'll be joining us on a temporary basis. Some of you know her already. Quinn, for instance, spent two days as her prisoner while Nikita impersonated her in Section....And O'Brian, Nikita is the one who brought you into Section. No doubt you'll have a lot to catch up on. The rest of you may know Nikita by reputation only. You may have heard she was a spy for Center. That for three years she reported our every word and deed behind our backs. And in the end she passed judgment on people who thought of her as a friend or colleague. Two of them are dead. Another forcibly retired. All that is true. But whatever you might think of Nikita personally, it will not interfere with your work. Is that clear?"
Written by Robert Cochran
Directed by Jon Cassar
Original airdate: January 7, 2001
June 13, 2002 (France); May 15, 2003 (UK)

guest stars
Carlo Rota (Mr. Jones)
Lindsay Collins (Elizabeth/Torture Twin) Josh Holliday (Henry/Torture Twin)
Lubomir Mykytiuk (Josef Dolmatov)
Keder Brown (Forrester)
Noah Klar (Kristov)
Jason Dietrich (Milov)
Paul Eves (Piket)
Jamie Arguy (Henrick)
Zeljko Kecojevic (Goff)

"Big Exit," P.J. Harvey


Czech title: "Sliby chyby"
French title: "Tout recommence"

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