422. "Four Light Years Farther"

(#88) Nikita and Michael are tracked down and brought back to Section. Operations orders them both cancelled, but the mysterious Mr. Jones arrives to stop the executions -- and reveals that Nikita has been working for him.
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best dialogue
MADELINE: "How dare you two have the presumption to judge my contribution to this organization on a single event!"
NIKITA: "It's not the event, it's the relationship between you and Paul that concerns us. You two don't complement each other."
M: "I really don't need to hear what some ad hoc internal affairs bimbo thinks of my work. Get to the punchline."
MR. JONES: "If you insist."
N: "No."
J: "We've discussed this, Nikita."
N: "And you know where I stand. This is not the way."
J: "There's no place for her here."
N: "Maybe not in Section, but she does have assets."
J: "Is this a personal plea?"
N: "Yes."
J: (to Madeline) "You understand, in the end, this decision is mine and mine alone."
M: "No. You don't understand. I'll make my own decision regarding my fate." (She takes a capsule of poison from under her hair. Biting down on the capsule, she dies in seconds.)
J: "I shall miss her fortitude. (Via intercom) Housekeeping."
Written by Michael Loceff
Directed by Joseph L. Scanlan
Original airdate: August 27, 2000 (USA)
May 23, 2002 (France)l May 1, 2003 (UK)

guest stars
Carlo Rota (Mick Schtoppel/Mr. Jones) Larissa Gomes (Naomi Hill)

"Tomorrow Never Comes," Dot Allison


Czech title: "O ctyn svetelne roky dale"
French title: "Quatre annees-lumiere plus tard"
Italian title: "Quattro anni luce dopo"

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