421. "Up the Rabbit Hole"

(# 87) Michael is ordered to find Nikita, who has escaped Section, and he is joined by operative Kate Quinn. But Quinn turns out to be Nikita in disguise, and she persuades Michael to leave Section for good.
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best dialogue
QUINN: "Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that you're doing it intentionally, or even consciously, but have you stopped to think that maybe you don't want us to find Nikita?"
MICHAEL: "For what reason?"
Q: "Because you're in love with her."
M: "Your psyche data is incomplete."
Q: "How so? Madeline gave me everything."
M: "I never loved Nikita."
Q: (stunned) "I thought that was common knowledge."
M: "Yes, it's what we wanted them to believe."
Q: "We?"
M: "Operations. Madeline. Me."
Q: "I've been through the databases a hundred times over, Michael. The time you spent with Nikita...."
M: "I was assigned to train her, motivate her adjustment."
Q: "Give her something to hang onto, to believe in."
M: "Yes."
Written by
Lawrence Hertzog & Peter M. Lenkov
Directed by Terry Ingram
Original airdate: August 27, 2000 (USA)
May 16, 2002 (France); April 24, 2003 (UK)

guest stars
David Hemblen (George)
Lawrence Dane (Maurice Grenet)
Lawrence Bayne (Davenport)
Cindy Dolenc (Kate Quinn)
Larissa Gomes (Naomi Hill)

"I Love You," Sarah McLachlan


Czech title: "Ven z hnizda"
French title: "La fuite"
Italian title: "Alla luce del sole"
Portuguese title: "Abrir a toca do coelho"
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