420. "Faces in the Mirror"

(# 86) When Nikita and Michael are sent to a wedding in Tunisia to eliminate the leader of Red Cell, Maurice Grenet, the mission goes awry, and Michael is shocked to discover that Nikita and Grenet have cut a deal.
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best dialogue
NIKITA: "What did you want, Mick?"
MICK: "Right, what do you know about dancing?"
N: "You move your body to the music. What else is there to know?"
M: "Clearly you've never seen me move. Sure I know a few twists and turns. I mean, I know the hustle. I know the locomotion and the white man's underbite. But I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle."
N: "Will you just get to the point, please."
M: "I need to take ballroom dancing lessons and I want you to be my partner."
N: "Mick, I can't...."
M: "It's one night a week. Six weeks. The place is just around the corner ...."
N: "I can't commit to something like that."
M:"You know that chippie I've been seeing? Alexis? Well, she's invited me to this charity ball, a big fancy charity ball and I told her I was an expert dancer."
N: "Well, just tell her you broke your leg."
M: "Ah, come on, I'll lose her if she thinks I'm a cad."
N: "You are."
Written by
Peter M. Lenkov & Lawrence Hertzog
Directed by Rene Bonniere
Original airdate: August 20, 2000 (USA)
May 9, 2002 (France); April 17, 2003  (UK)

guest stars
Lawrence Dane (Maurice Grenet)
Larissa Gomes (Naomi Hill)
Hakan Coskuner (Groom)
Christopher Cordell (Red Cell Guard)

Original score by Sean Callery


Czech title: "Tvar v zrcadie"
French title: "Le visage dans le miroir"
Italian title: "Un volto allo specchio"
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