419. "Time Out of Mind"

 (# 85) Nikita is given a psychosis-inducing drug when she infiltrates a Zurich mental hospital in order to learn the location of arms supplier Krystal French from Krystal's son David, who is a patient there.
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best dialogue
VOICE OF MADELINE: "Nikita? Nikita?"
NIKITA: "Madeline?"
VoM: :good. Now concentrate on my voice. Remember what we talked about before you left for the mission?"
N: "uh… self medication."
VoM: "That's right. You have to find the medical supply room. Get up and go to the door. Do you see the door?"
N (getting out of bed and leaving the room): "I'm in the hallway."
VoM: "Turn left. Left, Nikita. The hand you eat with, Nikita. Count the doors. One, two, three. The fourth door… open it." NURSE: "This room is off limits to patients. Now get back to your room."
N: (mumbling) "I have to leave."
VoM: "Nikita, are you inside?:
NURSE: "I said get back to your room."
N:"I have to do what she says."
VoM: "Nikita, cancel her."
NURSE: "Do as I say. Get back to your room."
VoM: "Cancel her, Nikita."
N (snapping the nurse's neck): she's dead.
Written by David Ehrman
Directed by Brad Turner
Original airdate: August 13, 2000 (USA)
May 2, 2002 (France); April 10, 2003 (UK)

guest stars
Kelly Harms (David French)
Michael Sarrazin (Dr. Lukas)
Cindy Dolenc (Kate Quinn)
Lawrence Bayne (Davenport)

Original score by Sean Callery


Czech title: "Zatemneni mysli"
French title: "Le temps de l'enconscience"
Portuguese title: "Tempo fora de orbita"

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