408. "No One Lives Forever"

(# 74) Oversight has implemented a new program that releases operatives into the world, and Nikita becomes the test subject. But there's a price for her freedom -- George wants her to assassinate Operations.
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best dialogue
GEORGE: "Operations' drive is what brought you to Section."
NIKITA: "I don't understand."
G: "What do you know about your father?"
N: "My father died when I was very young."
G: "How?"
N: "I don't know. He was very sick."
G: "He belonged to Section. He was recruited around the same time as Operations came in. The two of them were always competitive. Your father was clearly the rising star and Operations knew it."
N: "He killed my father?"
G: "Yes. And when your mother started asking questions, he introduced her to drugs and destroyed her life. You were his trophy, Nikita. He recruited you to prove his strength. His willingness to do whatever was necessary."
Written by Peter M. Lenkov
Directed by Brad Turner
Original airdate: March 12, 2000 (USA)
February 21, 2002 (France); December 5, 2002 (UK)

guest stars
David Hemblen (George)

"Unglued," (unknown)


Czech title: "Nepoctiva hra"
French title: "Personne n'est eternel"
Italian title: "Nessuno vive per sempre"
Portuguese title: "Ninguem vive para sempre"

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