406. "Love, Honor and Cherish"

 (# 72) Nikita discovers that her husband, Helmut Volker, is not the villain Section says he is, but rather an Interpol agent working undercover to stop Red Cell from a planned strike in The Hague.
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best dialogue
[Following the murder of Helmut's brother Kristof...]
NIKITA: "You all right?"
HELMUT: "They stole money. Thirty years of life for a few dollars. At that price, mine could be had for pocket change."
N: "No, thatís not true. Youíre a good man."
H: "Yeah, but isnít goodness in the eyes of the beholder? And who, besides you, could begin to behold such a thing?"
N: "You. Thatís all you have, Helmut. Thatís the best any of us can ever get. We live with ourselves and we die with ourselves and the choices that we make. What other people thinkÖ."
H: "So --what -- we live in isolation? Alone, without contact, without love? Could you do such a thing?"
N: "I have."
H: "Always?"
N: "I donít know. I think if you live without something long enoughÖ.you may not recognize it if it happens to find you."
H: Freddie loves you. Something in the way he looked at you. And God knows Ė maybe in this wretched life Iíve chosen -- maybe I do too."
Written by Lawrence Hertzog
Directed by Terry Ingram
Original airdate: February 27, 2000 (USA)
January 31, 2002 (France); November 21, 2002 (UK)

guest stars
Maxwell Caulfield (Helmut Volker)
Barry Morse (Wolfgang Volker)
Lawrence Bayne (Davenport)
Lindsay Collins (Elizabeth)

Original score by Sean Callery


Czech title: "Laska, cest a pratelstvi"
French title: "Aimer, honorer et cherir"
Italian title: "Matrimonio d'onore"
Portuguese title: "Amor, caricias e honra"

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