405. "Man in the Middle"

(# 71) Nikita and Michael go undercover as drug dealers to get close to Helmut Volker, a playboy with ties to Red Cell. When Volker falls for Nikita, Section One orders her to accept his proposal of marriage.
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best dialogue
WALTER: "You know how things are, amigo. Things donít just 'work out' around here. They happen for a reason."
BIRKOFF: "Even at the cost of letting Red Cell get their hands on that shipment Ė you think theyíre doing this all to get rid of Nikita?"
W: "Itís a numbers game. Michael, Nikita, Volker. Volker, Nikita and Red Cell. they pull the level, whatever comes out three cherries, thatís the jackpot."
NIKITA, entering Munitions: "Walter?"
W: "Back here, Sugar."
N: "You said you wanted to see me?"
W: "Mmm-hmmm. (He brings out a tray of cupcakes) Theyíre for you, cupcake."
N:" What is this?"
W: "Think of it as a government low-budget bon voyage party. Iím just trying to make it as painless as possible. Theyíre not rigged, and thereís no electronic files baked inside them or anything. Well hereísÖhereís looking at you, kid."
N: "You two talk like Iím never coming back. Iím getting married, not cancelled."
W: "Close enough. Keep your powder dry. Sure as hell going to miss you."
N: "Iíll be back."
Written by Lawrence Hertzog
Directed by Terry Ingram
Original airdate: February 20, 2000 (USA)
January 24, 2002 (France); November 14, 2002 (UK)

guest stars
Maxwell Caulfield (Helmut Volker), Lawrence Bayne (Davenport)
"Teenage Sensation," Gus Gus....."Death Threat," Death in Las Vegas....."Sofa Rockers," Sofa Surfers

Czech title: "Prostrednik"
French title: "Un homme bien place"
Italian title: "Un uomo di troppo"
Portuguese title: "Homem no meio"

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