404. "Into the Looking Glass"

(# 70) Despite attempts by Operations to stop him, Michael kidnaps Nikita and attempts to reverse the Gelman process. Meanwhile, Walter and Birkoff pose as couriers to get to a trafficker in lethal biological agents.
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best dialogue
MADELINE: "Thank you for coming, Michael. How's Adrian?"
MICHAEL: "Fine."
Ma: "Is there anything we can do to make her stay more comfortable? Gelman's process no longer exists."
Mi: "I know."
Ma: "What are your plans?"
Mi: "Plans?"
Ma: "Regarding Nikita."
Mi: "As long as she receives the maintenance, you've got no reason to be concerned."
Ma: "That's what I told Operations. He's not convinced. Regardless of Adrian, he's thinking about reinstating your cancellation orders."
Mi: "I understand."
Ma: "You're not afraid to die, are you Michael?"
Mi:"No. You've seen to that."
Written by Peter M. Lenkov
Directed by Rene Bonniere
Original airdate: January 23, 2000 (USA)
January 17, 2002 (France); November 7, 2002 (UK)

guest stars
Sian Phillips (Adrian)

"Chandan," Makyo


Czech title: "Pohled do zrcadla"
French title: "A la loupe"
Italian title: "Dentro lo specchio"
Portuguese title: "Atraves do espelho"
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