301. "Looking For Michael"

 (#45) After disposing of Adrian, Operations and Madeline fear retribution from George, and begin arranging the deaths of all the witnesses, including Nikita. Escaping a deadly trap in Shanghai, she begins a search for Michael that leads to a startling revelation -- he's married and has a son.
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best dialogue
GEORGE: "I heard an interesting rumor the other day."
OPERATIONS: "What was that?"
G: "That Adrian was here."
O: "Our Adrian?"
G: "My Adrian."
O: "That is an interesting rumor. No, I havenít seen Adrian in over ten years. How is she doing?"
G: "I believe she is dead."
O: "What makes you think that?"
G: "We keep tabs on these things."
MADELINE: "Would you like us to look into it for you? I have resources that IÖ"
G: "I came here to tell you this because as you know, Adrian is very dear to me. If I discover that any harm has come to her and that Section One played even a minor role, I will crush you both, figuratively and literally."
Written by Michael Loceff
Directed by Jon Cassar
Original airdate: January 3, 1999
May 17, 2001 (France); March 27, 2002 (UK)

guest stars
Samia Shoaib (Elena)
Raoul Trujillo (Chris Ferrera)
David Hemblen (George)
Evan Caravela (Adam)
Roland Rothchild (Vince)
Billy Khoury (Medic)

"Temple Caves," Mickey Hart
"Vector Tribe," Gearwhore

A private residence in Mississauga, Ontario was used for Michael and Elena's house.

Czech title: "Kde je Michael?"
French title: "Le complot"
German title: "machtkampf In Sektion 1"
Italian title: "Cercando Michael"
Portuguese title: "Procurando Michael"
Spanish title: "Buscando a Michael"
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Dawn Connolly's commentary on this episode
Season Three's opener closes out the Nikita-Adrian story arc and introduces a four-part arc for Michael's character. Writer Michael Loceff and director Jon Cassar kick the season into high gear with a marvelous action-packed mission designed to rid the Section of Nikita (its bothersome conscience) once and for all. Peta Wilson and her stunt double kick some serious Section ass here and the visuals are great. There is a feminine, almost magical and hypnotizing moment when Nikita's bamboo hat spins with its blue ribbons through the air, hovers, and lands still turning. It is an image that stands in sharp contrast to Nikita's lean and economical black form as she emerges to counter her ambush, both barrels blazing. This new image of feminine power eludes her executioners by sliding down a cargo chute (echoes of her original restaurant escape down a garbage chute in the pilot episode), attacks from the ceiling of a freight elevator, jumps through a glass window, makes a multi-story drop to the roof of a car, does the splits to avoid the bullets being shot upwards from within, does a backward somersault over the trunk of the car, and lands feet down and shoots out the back window in the same motion! It's no wonder Operations and Madeline...put off her demise.
Birkoff is certainly emerging as a cool customer. His discovery of Madeline and Operations' vulnerability to Oversight, his plan to steal Chris' iris pattern, his planting of evidence to incriminate Chris, and his nail-biting close-call in the elevator as he steals and transmits data to George all speak to an expertise and rather eerie self-control. Birkoff has grown considerably from the agoraphobic, technocentric cynic to a professional, careful and caring member of Nikita's coterie.
Operations and Madeline begin the year with new looks, new vulnerabilities, and a new flexibility. Their savagery and instincts for self-preservation are still intact as they begin to eliminate all witnesses to Adrian's infiltration of Section and subsequent capture. Watson and Glazer are wonderful as their characters, backs to the wall, discuss their need to divert the suspicions of George (David Hemblen in a quietly threatening turn) and their difficulties in eliminating Nikita with more than a hint of Lord and Lady Macbeth about them.
The real revelation, of course, is Nikita's discovery of Michael's home, complete with wife and child, a "blood cover" that has been in effect for many years and an ingenious dramatic invention by Surnow and the La Femme Nikita writing team. What a marvelous way to begin what will be the show's most inventive season yet!
La Femme Peta, pp 196-198