Mission Log: "Brainwash"
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Section One: Briefing Table...
At the table are Operations in grey shirt, Michael in black turtleneck pullover, Birkoff in sport sweater and a female operative.
OPERATIONS ( bringing up a personal file with the face of a man on the holoscreen): Jason Darrow, a freelance arms dealer, was picked up yesterday in the Meditarrean.
MICHAEL: I thought he was in Argentina. What´s he doing in the Mediterranean?
OPERATIONS: Floating. A Greek fisherman picked up Darrow´s body in one of his nets. NATO intelligence found a list of names in his possession. Birkoff, where are we on the list?
BIRKOFF: We´ve been monitoring his network. Nearly everyone on the list is known to us.
BIRKOFF: This guy right here. (Another man´s face comes up on the screen) Coleman Reilly. He doesn´t show up in any of our databases. We´ve matched a location, found a Coleman Reilly who is a bartender. No gray activity. Looks like he is clean.
OPERATIONS: ? another match. Check out Reilly. (Shuts down the holoscreen) Michael, you´ll take it.
Michael nods.

The Mission...
We see a shot of a high office building, piano music playing at background. Then we see Nikita
entering what it looks like a bar or restaurant, with a bar in the middle and tables at the windows. She is wearing a brown suit and glasses. She passes near the bar, where we see Coleman Reilly in barman clothes talking to customers. She sits at a table by a window and looks down. The bar is one of the highest floors of the building. Cut to Michael and Birkoff in the van. The latter sitting at the computer.
NIKITA (through comm): I´m in place.
MICHAEL: We´re ready.
Coleman Reilly approaches Nikita, smiling.
REILLY: Good afternoon, what can I get you?
NIKITA (smiling back): I´ll have a vodka, rocks, please.
REILLY: Coming up.
In the van, Birkoff runs a scan on Reilly´s voice. The computer repeats the conversation between he and Nikita, then it reads "Voice Print Match"). Back to the bar.
REILLY: There you go. (He puts the drink on the table)
NIKITA: Thank you.
REILLY: Enjoy. (He leaves)
Nikita looks around to see if someone notices her. Meanwhile, she moves the glass closer to her and uses her ring to scan Reilly´s fingerprints. We see a yellow light out of the ring. In the van, the computer is analyzing the prints. Michael and Birkoff stare at the screen, where Reilly´s face comes up.
BIRKOFF: It´s him.
At the bar. Coleman Reilly is passing by Nikita´s table.
NIKITA: Excuse me...
NIKITA: Do I know you from somewhere?
REILLY: I don't think so.
In the van, Michael and Birkoff are listening.
VOICE OF NIKITA: No, I´m sure. What gym do you belong to?
Back to the bar.
REILLY: I don´t, sorry.
NIKITA: You look so familiar…Wait. Jason Darrow. we met through Jason Darrow.
REILLY (nicely,shaking his head): I think you must have me confused with someone else.(He smiles again and leaves)
In the van, the computer processes his voice.
BIRKOFF: He is telling the truth. Wrong Coleman Reilly.
MICHAEL ( to Nikita via comm): He´s clean, Nikita. Come in.
Back at the bar. We hear Reilly´s voice in the background.
REILLY: Just a second. I´ll be right there.
He picks up a chair and heads to the window. Nikita watches as he throws the chair through the window and springs out after it, his face not showing any expression, just a slight smile. Shot of the fall, from his perspective, then of the body crashing on a parked car and finally we see Nikita, wind against her face, puzzled.

Section One, a corridor...
Operations and Madeline talking while walking shoulder to shoulder.
MADELINE: We´ve searched Reilly´s apartment. we´re going through his things now.
OPERATION: We uncover anything interesting?
MADELINE: That´s what I´m about to find out. Apparently Birkoff and Walter have a difference of opinion over something they found.

Section One, a room...
Walter and Birkoff are present, studying an odd-looking machine.
WALTER: How can I run an impedance match if I don´t hook it up to the scope?
BIRKOFF: If you hang a probe on it, you could overload the circuit. We don´t know the electrical characteristics of this thing.
Madeline enters the room.
MADELINE: What´s going on?
BIRKOFF: Walter wants to subject it to a serieS of tests that could damage the circuitry. This thing has got gate arrays we´ve never seen. I think we should use fiber optics.
While Birkoff is speaking, Madeleine observes the machine they´ve found at Reilly´s. It looks like a white podium with a concave ceiling from which emerges a yellow helmet. It has yellow lights on one side and on the floor as well.
MADELINE: What is this?
BIRKOFF: It´s called a phasing shell. I´ve seen white paper on it, but it´s all been theoretical.
MADELINE: Explain.
BIRKOFF: It isolates the subject with a frequency envelope and creates images, audio…
WALTER: It´s just a fancy virtual reality mechanism.
BIRKOFF: No, in VR you´re passive, just watching the show. The interaction is primitive. The phasing shells use the input they get from the subject. Supposed to provoKe a much more profound reality.
MADELINE: What is it used for?
BIRKOFF: There´s not a lot of hard data on it yet. From what I´ve been able to put together, it can be used for psychological programming.
WALTER (disgusted): Brainwashing.
MADELINE: That would explain Reilly´s response to an seemingly innocent question.
BIRKOFF: Apparently the program is very protective of itself. When Nikita asked about Darrow, she trespassed into a trigger zone. (Walter nods)
MADELINE: Okay, so what are the subjects programmed to do?
BIRKOFF: Speculation at this point. The only way to find out is to put someone in it.
WALTER: What?! That´s crazy! I mean, there ARE too many unknowNs. We´ve got a hundred million dollars worth of test equipment here...
BIRKOFF: Won´t work.
WALTER: Why not?
BIRKOFF: It will only give us half the picture. The other half can only be seen inside someone´s head.
MADELINE: I want some answers. Find a volunteer.
She leaves. Walter clearly doesn´t like the idea.

Later, in the same room...
Walter and Birkoff are working on the phasing shell. Michael and Madeline are observing through a glass from an adjoining room, Madeleine sitting at a computer.
NIKITA (entering the room where Walter and Birkoff are, she nows wears an elastic t-shirt and long skirt, all blue): So what what am I do-…(She sees the shell) ..doing?
BIRKOFF: We need you to test this out.
NIKITA: What´s this?
BIRKOFF: It´s a phasing shell.
NI: A phasing shell. (She looks at the shell, then at Birkoff again) What´s a phasing shell?
WALTER: We´re not quite sure.
He helps her onto the platform. In the adjacent room, Michael watches with blank stare. Walter lowers the helmet. Nikita twitches, pulls back.
NIKITA: Walter, is this safe?
WALTER (not very convincingly): Ah..yeah. (He begins to adjust the helmet) Just a little bit lower, that´s it. (The helmet settles on Nikita´s head)
BIRKOFF (in front of a monitor): It´s important that you remember everything you see. We´re going to ask for a detailed debrief when you´re done.
The helmet begins to flash. Nikita begins to see fragments of images.
NIKITA: Who are these people?
BIRKOFF: We can´t see them.
MADELINE: What´s happening, Birkoff?
BIRKOFF: It´s subjecting her to a menu.
BRKOFF: Searching for a response.
NIKITA (laughs): This is sooo cool.
WALTER (alarmed): It stopped.
The following images are in black and white. We see a little blonde girl running away from a group of kids with sticks. One of them is calling for her: "Nikiiita, Nikiiita, look what we´ve got". Nikita twitches and pulls in the shell´s restrains. Michael is watching carefully. More shots of the persecution, of the kids beating the sticks against the floor "you can run, but you can´t hide!". The chase continues, they almost catch her and a fight between the little Nikita and one of the kids takes place. The images of the little Nikita fighting back and Nikita in the shell get mixed. Then, the helmet lifts up and the images cease. Nikita is breathing deeply and smiling.
BIRKOFF: I think that´s it.
Walter helps Nikita off the shell. She yawns and stretches. Cut to Michael and Madeline, watching.
WALTER: How do you feel?
NIKITA: Good. That was a trip.

Section One, Debrief...
Michael and Madeleine on one side of a desk in a room, Nikita on the other.
MADELINE: What did you see in that square?
NIKITA: Oh, something that happened to me a long time ago. I´d forgotten about it. People and places weren´t exact, but it was that day.
MICHAEL: What day?
NIKITA: A group of older kids beat me up. I don´t remember why…but it was horrible.
MICHAEL: But you were smiling when it was over.
NIKITA: Because I won this time. (Smiling) I beat them up.
MADELINE (Smiles): And you didn´t back then?
NIKITA: No….It´s funny, even though I put it out of my head until now, I felt like a load have been lifted, like I had been carrying it around this whole time without realizing it.
MADELINE( a few seconds later): That´s it? (Nikita nods) Thank you Nikita. (Michael watches Nikita leave, sound of the door closing) We don´t know any more that we did before. We need to find out who gave the shell to Reilly.
MICHAEL: Birkoff´s working the software. We have a team tracking the hardware.
MADELINE: Good. (begins to leave) Keep an eye on Nikita.

Section One, the phasing shell room...
Walter and Birkoff are still working when Madeleine enters.
MADELINE: What have we got?
BIRKOFF: The team is sifting through everything they can get their hands on. We have no idea where Reilly got the phasing shell or why it was in his apartment.
MADELINE: And still no connection to Darrow?
BIRKOFF: Not yet. But I wanted you to see this.(They move to a computer screen) I downloaded the shell´s software to see what I could learn. It was created using a common compiler. It´s untraceable. But check this out: "Copy 3 of 5". Whoever created this software loaded it 5 times.
MADELINE: So there may be four other machines out there?
BIRKOFF: That´s right.
MADELINE: Assuming the other four are as ordinary as Reilly, we have subjects being conditioned to do something that doesn´t require expertise. The only act an untrained person can successfully complete is a suicide assassination (Looks at the shell, then at the others) Work around the clock. I want to know where this thing came from. (She leaves)

Nikita's apartment, at night...
Nikita is in sport clothes, drinking some water. She flashes back to the images she saw while attached to the phasing shell. Meanwhile, she wipes the kitchen countertop again and again. It seems she´s under a spell. She goes upstairs, prepares to sleep. But she hears footsteps in the kitchen, then sees a shadow moving. She gets her gun and a big bearded man enters the bedroom. She aims, but doesn´t shoot; she knows him.
NIKITA (coldly): What do you want?
The man approaches her and she shoots, but he was only an image that fades away.

Nikita´s apartment, later...
Nikita can´t sleep; gets up and goes into the bathroom. The bearded man appears in the mirror. She whirls -- but here is no one behind her. She is startled, afraid. The image reappears in the kitchen.
MAN: Think you can keep me out? (He disappears)
Nikita runs downstairs and locks the apartment door. Now she can see him above, at the bedroom´s door.
NIKITA (shouting): Leave me alone!
She grabs something off of the wall and throws it at the man, who disappears again. There´s a knock at the door, but Nikita isn´t sure it´s real.
MICHAEL, from beyond the door: Nikita, it´s me. (He knocks again)
Nikita opens the door, leaving the chain on. Michael studies her. She forces a smile.
MICHAEL: Are you okAY?
NIkita: What are you doing here?
MIchael: Can I come in?
NIKITA: (looks back over her shoulder at her apartment, hesitating) No.
MICHAEL: What´s wrong?
NIKITA: Nothing…I was just sleeping.
MICHAEL: I wanted to make sure you are okay.
NIKITA: I´m fine, really. Thank you for checking. I´m just going to go back to bed.
MICHAEL: Call me if you need anything.
He leaves. Nikita closes the door behind her and stands there, looking around the apartment.

Section One...
In the room containing the phasing shell, Madeline paces around the machine, making some notations. Michael enters.
MADELINE: Yes Michael?
MICHAEL: Do we know anymore about it?
MADELINE: Not really. I was just making few notes.
MICHAEL: About what?
MADELINE: People tend to externalize themselves through their designs. Sometimes you can get a psychological profile just by studying structure.
MICHAEL, looking at the shell: And what can you tell so far?
MADELINE: Whoever designed this came from an oppressive environment. It didn´t occur to them to make it ergonomic. These are people who have been living with the bare necessities their whole lives; probably generations.
MICHAEL: Eastern Europe.
MADELINE: Yes. Or maybe Asia.
MICHAEL: Do we know how potent it is?
MICHAEL: How many times it takes.
MADELINE: You're worried about Nikita.
MICHAEL: Not worried.
MADELINE: Is there anything I should know?
MADELINE: Do you have any indication that she can´t perform?
MADELINE: I wouldn´t expect anything other than minor changes after one exposure. If it´s more than that, I´m sure you´ll be first to know -- and that you´ll keep me appraised.

Section One, Communications....
Madeline and Birkoff are present, the latter at his workstation.
MADELINE: You found something?
BIRKOFF: I started thinking. The original images, before the subject input is synthesized -- they had to be digitized…
MADELINE : Birkoff. It´s four in the morning. What did you find?
BIRKOFF: This (He puts up some of the images from the shell.)
MADELINE: What am I looking at?
BIRKOFF: Just watch.
In one of the images, the computer zooms in on a couple of metallic boxes.
MADELINE: What is it?
BIRKOFF, proud of himself: A whole company logo.
MADELINE: Did you get a match?
BIRKOFF: De Lure Electronics. Chadwich, England.
MADELINE: Have Michael assemble a team. (She pats his shoulder as she leaves.)

Section One, Munitions....
Walter is at his table, working. Nikita enters smoothing her hair, trying to act casual.
NIKITA: Hi Walter.
WALTER, glancing at her briefly before resuming his work: Oh, hi sugar. What´s cooking?
NIKITA: Oh, nothing. Just had a few things to take care of.
WALTER: What things?
NIKITA: Did you guys get everything you needed from the phasing shell?
WALTER: For now. Why?
NIKITA: Oh, no reason. (Indicates a device on the work table) What´s this? Oh, I just thought, if need to…run anymore test…I´m here.
WALTER, wryly: I can see that.
NIKITA, ingenuously: What´s the matter?
WALTER: You tell me!
NIKITA: Nothing, I just thought it was important.It´s not big deal.
WALTER: Stay away from it, Nikita. Now that´s for your own good. This thing is dangerous!
NIKITA, leaving: Whatever…

Section One aircraft...
Birkoff is on a laptop; Michael stands behind him, in suit and tie. Several other operatives are also in the plane.
BIRKOFF: That´s what we know so far about De Lure. They make magnetic read heads for disk drives. They've been in business for eleven years.
MICHAEL: Owned by whom?
BIRKOFF: A privately-held venture capital. There´s no public record.
MICHAEL: What´s the plan?
BIRKOFF: We´ve accounted for every square inch of it that's visible. Nothing unusual about it, except for this.
MICHAEL:(sits next to Birkoff, watching the screen): Shipping and receiving?
BIRKOFF: The amount of activity cannot be accounted for by their disk drive operation alone. They´re doing something else there.
MICHAEL: Underground?
BIRKOFF: I don´t think so. Bringing down the geotechnical data right now. Here we go. This area here is too warm. This is where we have to get in.

De Lure Electronics...
Michael passes a card through the security system.
GUARD: You´re clear.
Michael enters a white building. In the van, Birkoff is watching the video feed from the cam in Michael's glasses..
BIRKOFF: Follow the corridor to the end. Go down to the lower level.
An Asian woman, Chan Park is coming down a ramp with two lab assistants. Michael is walking up the ramp above.
CHAN PARK: The electrodes were supposed to be carbon fibered, not metal. Who is responsible for this?
ASSISTANT: Well, ah….
CHAN PARK: It gets corrected today.
They continue walking, Michael following from afar.
BIRKOFF: See the door? The security access is on the right.
MICHAEL: Got it.
He uses the scanner card, connected to a device, and enters a code number. Inside is another sealed door. He steps to the side, waits for a technician to exit. Then he breaks the guy´s neck in one quick, smooth movement and goes in.

In the mission van...
BIRKOFF: Okay, let´s do it.
The team prepares to move out.

De Lure Electronics...
In the lab, Michael scopes out the guards, on platforms above, and sees Chan Park pacing from desk to desk, motivating the lab workers. There is another phasing shell under construction in the middle of the room.
CHAN PARK (to one of the techs): It´s wrong. Do it again.
Michael comes up behind her and presses a gun into her back.
MICHAEL: Come with me, please.
As they turn, she cries out for the guard. Michael guns down two of them, but Chan Park is hit in the exchange. Outside, we see another guard falling and the Section team running down a hallway. In the lab, Chan Park is sprawled on the floor. Michael bends down to pick her up.
MICHAEL: Don´t die on me.
The team enters to help with t he extraction. Michael leaves with Chan Park slung over his shoulder.

Section One...
The phasing shell room: Nikita enters. There´s no one else in the room. She turns on the machine and closes the door. She puts on the helmet. The images she sees are white and black. The bearded man again....
MAN (talking to someone we don´t see): Honey, I really don´t like it when you contradict me like that in front of our friends.
Shot of a young Nikita, hiding in a corner. The man takes out his belt. Cut to the present Nikita, shaking uncontrollably.
MAN: I´m going to teach you a lesson. Get over here!
NIKITA (almost crying): No…no…
The man now is beating someone; we hear a woman scream and the sound of the belt striking flesh. Nikita gets up from the corner and approaches the man.
NIKITA: Don´t touch my mummy. Leave her alone!
MAN: Why, you.... You want it? You want it?! You´re just like your mother....
The man approaches Nikita with the belt. Suddenly his face changes for the one of an Asian man for a few seconds. Nikita fights back. Nikita lands on top of the man and strikes him. The machine shuts down. Nikita takes off the helmet, takes a deep breath, smiling. Walters enters.
WALTER: What are you doing here?
NIKITA: Hi Walter (She gives him a groggy smile)
WALTER, alarmed: What did you do?
NIKITA: You should try this thing, it´s amazing.
WALTER: I told you this thing is dangerous!
NIKITA, looking at the shell: I don´t care. It´s helping me. I´m finally getting rid of the things that have been holding me back.
WALTER, exasperated: This thing´s not going to help you to get rid of anything! Do you know what they´re going to do to you if they catch you in here?
NIKITA): So don´t tell them.
WALTER: Don´t come back here, Nikita.(He grabs her arm as she walks by him to the door) Promise? Promise!
She pulls free, gives him a cold look, and leaves.

Section One, Van Access...
Return of Michael´s mission. A medical team brings in Chan Park.
MICHAEL: Sanitize her and bring her to injury.
As he starts down the hallway, Walters comes up to him.
WALTER: Michael, I have to talk to you.
WALTER: It´s about Nikita.
MICHAEL: What about Nikita?
WALTER: She got into the shell last night, unsupervised.
MICHAEL (stops): Does anyone else know about that?

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff is very busy.
BIRKOFF (to one of his techs): Dig deeper. That´s all bogus. This woman is no benefactor. Follow the money. (To another) Move over, let me do this
He sits at the computer the other was working at. Madeleine and Operations approach.
OPERATIONS: Where are we?
BIRKOFF: So far, we know the woman´s name might be Chan Park. She claims to be a South korean businesswoman, but voice analysis places her from Mongolia.
OPERATIONS: Check out that part of the world: religions factions, malcontents. Don´t stop at our databases. See if you can swap intel with some of the agencies in the Far East.
BIRKOFF, moving to another tech's workstation: Let me get in here.

Section One, Medical...
Chan Park is connected to machines; one of them registers her heartbeat.
MADELINE: You´re dying, Miss Park. Would you like to go peacefully? (Park looks at her) Who is the target? (Park looKs away) All right, then. Let´s talk about the phasing shell.
CHAN PARK: Of course,. it´s a remarkable device. There´s no reason you shouldn´t be allowed to appreciate it.
MADELINE: How does it work?
CHAN PARK: It allows the subject to control its past. Chase away the dark memories. They feel at peace.
MADELINE: So does psychotherapy. How do you get them to perform a specific task?
CHAN PARK: The shell puts a new face on their terror. A face we choose.
MADELINE: Who´s the target? (Park looks away) You claim to be Korean, Miss Park, but we know you are from Mongolia. (She touches Park´s face gently) The new Chinese premier will be making his first visit to the West this week. His policies have not been kind to your homeland, have they? (In the background, we hear how Park´s heartbeat speeds up) Thank you.

Section One, Communications...
MADELINE: What´s the premier's itinerary?
BIRKOFF: He´ll be in San Francisco tomorrow. In the morning, he´s going to Chinatown, the Wharf, the new cultural center. Then, Monterey, Carmel.
MADELINE: What about the other sleepers?
BIRKOFF: We´ve been able to trace one other from De Lure. She´s been contained. The other three are still out there.
OPERATIONS: Our end game is to prevent the assassination. The premier´s only exposure will be during that 16-hour period. We´ve got three conditioned assassins out there. We have to stop them.
MICHAEL: Did we advance notice the premier?
OPERATIONS: Yes. They are not willing to deviate from the schedule. It´s a matter of saving face. They´ll be stepping up their security.
MADELINE: None of that will matter. These three people will pursue the kill relentlessly with no concern for their own welfare.
OPERATIONS, to Michael: Run the tactical and get you people on the plane.
Michael leaves.

Nikita´s apartment...
Nikita is sitting on the kitchen counter with her feet in water. The symptoms are obvious: she is agitated, in tears, shaking. There is knock at the door. She stands up, hears another knock. She smoothes her hair and splashes some water on her face. She opens the door, leaving the chain on. It´s Michael.
NIKITA, forcing a smile: Hi.
MICHAEL: Why didn´t you answer the phone?
NIKITA: Oh, I must have been in the shower.
MICHAEL: Let me in.
NIKITA: Michael, it´s not a good time now. Bye.
She closes the door, moves a few steps in. Michael smashes the door open and enters the apartment. She whirls, then follows him as he walks around the apartment, checking it. Then he turns to face her.
MICHAEL: What´s going on?
NIKITA: Nothin I´m just working a few things out (She looks down) Do you...do you think I can get back in the shell? Just one more time? (
He raises her chin so she must meet his gaze, sees that she is falling apart.
NIKITA: Please?
MICHAEL: I´ll get you through this, Nikita. But we can´t do it now.
NIKITA, sobbing: Please, Michael, please..
MICHAEL: You´ve got to puLL yourself together. You´re on first team. We leave in an hour.
NIKITA: Just one more time, one more…
He slaps her face.
MICHAEL: Look at me. Look at me.(She turns and meets his eyes) You´ll do this. you have to. There´ll be toO many questions if you don´t go. (He strokes the cheek he slapped -- Then takes Nikita´s face in both hands, gently) I´ll be close. (Waits a moment to make sure she understands and then lets go of her) Get ready.
Nikita nods.

San Francisco...
Michael and Nikita enter the cultural center and walk up a staircase covered with red carpet. Nikita is wearing a suit, sunglasses. Michael is in black with sunglasses, too.
MICHAEL: How are you doing?
NIKITA: I´m fine. Who are we covering?
MICHAEL: Premier of China.
NIKITA, stopping: China?
Nikita begins to scan the waiting people. She mixes what she is seeing with the images from the phasing shell. Michael notices her hesitation and comes back to her.
MICHAEL: What´s wrong?
NIKITA: Nothing.
She exchanges the sunglasses with indoor glasses and they move to their positions. Outside, the premier arrives with many bodyguards around him. He is the Asian man that appeared in the images Nikita saw while in the phasing shell. He enters the building, admires it and continues up the stairs. People are clapping and waving.

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff is working at a computer. Walter walks in.
BIRKOFF, pointing at the screen: Walter, did you get copied on this stuff?
BIRKOFF: The documentation on the phasing shell. The stuff we brought in from De Lure.
WALTER: No, not yet. Why?
BIRKOFF: It doesn´t work exactly like we thought.
WALTER: What do you mean?
BIRKOFF: The frequency spectrums they call out here are different from the ones we observed.
WALTER: It´s the same machine?
BIRKOFF: Yeah…I´m probably missing something. Forget about it
He continues with his work.

San Francisco...
In the cultural center. Chinese folk music is playing, a group of dancers in red with feather fans are performing on a stage. The premier and an assemblyman enter the room.
PREMIER: You see, we´re planning several centers like these through China. I was telling my staff we should kidnap the talented designers and take them back…
They continue moving. Nikita crosses the room behind them. Michael is standing to one side, near a column. Nikita is watching through the audience when she begins to remember the kids beating her. She watches the dancers and rubs her ear, then flashes back to the fight with the bearded man. She sees a man walking in the room, touching his ear as well. The crowd applauds the performers.
NIKITA, via comm: Michael. Black hair, black shirt. Rubbing his ear. He's one of them.
MICHAEL: How do you know?
NIKITA: Because I know.
MICHAEL: Go. (To the team, via comm) We´re doing a surgical on the ground floor. Send fill in and back up Nikita.
The potential assassin is taken down by a stun gun on the neck.
NIKITA, via comm: Michael, he had a gun.
MICHAEL: Get to the security team. (To the team, via comm) We´ve had an attempt.
Nikita´s and the premier´s eyes meet. He bows to her, smiling. She flashes to the belt beating, but now it's the premier and not the bearded man who is whipping her. She shakes her head.
MICHAEL, via comm: Okay, Nikita, we´re moving.
She rubs her ear again. The bodyguards hustle the premier away.

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff is staring at a computer screen.
BIRKOFF, to himself: With these modifications in place, the phasing time can be reduced drastically.(He thinks for a second and calls Operations) Sir?
OPERATIONS: What is it Birkoff?
BIRKOFF: Is Nikita on first team?
OPERATIONS: Yes, she is. Why?
BIRKOFF: We have to call her out.
OPERATIONS: What are you talking about?
BIRKOFF: The mission´s at risk.

San Francisco...
Back at the cultural center....The premier is being brought out by the security team. Michael is close behind him, the gun under his coat. As the premier starts down the steps, an Asian woman appears at the top of another flight of stairs. She aims a gun at the premier. Michael sees this and shoots her from the opposite landing. She falls.
MICHAEL, via comm: That´s the second sleeper. Nikita, there´s still one left.
Nikita looks down to the landing where Michael and the premier are. The assemblyman and two bodyguards are with them.
NIKITA: The assemblyman.
As she say this, the assemblyman pulls a gun and shoots the bodyguards. Nikita shoots him and Michael moves down to cover the premier, who looks up at Nikita. She has another flashback of the premier wielding the belt, and begins to rub her ear. Michael is scanning the area, then looks at Nikita. She is still aiming her gun, now at the premier, her gaze blank and fixed on her target. Michael climbs up the stairs, slowly, his body between her and the premier.
NIKITA: Get away!
MICHAEL: Nikita, no.
NIKITA, in a rage: Get out of the way! (Now the flashbacks of the belting are mixed with the image of Michael´s face approaching.)
MICHAEL, lowering his gun: You don´t know what you´re doing;
NIKITA: Get out of the way! (Another flashback of the kids with the sticks and some other images from the phasing shell....)
Michael is now very close to her. Nikita's hands are trembling; she can´t shoot Michael or the premier, so she turns the gun on herself. Michael grabs her arm and points the gun to the ceiling as she pulls the trigger, firing four times. Nikita collapses and Michael supports her limp body. He wraps an arm around her and with his free hand confiscates her gun.

Section One...
Nikita enters the shell room, her gaze fixed on the machine. She shuts the door and approaches the shell. Closing her eyes, she smiles slightly. Michael is walking down the corridor. Nikita paces around the phasing shell and begins to smash it with a metal bar. Passing by, Michael sees her through the one-way glass. He enters the shell room and waits silently until Nikita is finished. Finally, she destroys the helmet. Exhausted, she turns to him, in tears.
NIKITA: What have I done? What have I done?
She covers her face with her hands. He moves to her.
MICHAEL: It´s okAY. We´ll get you through this.
He takes her hand and leads her out of the room.


Written by Peter Bellwood
Guest stars:
Janet Lo.....Chan Park
William Colgate.....Shadowy Man
Steve Mousseau.....Reilly
David Dunbar.....Tour Guide
Fred Lee.....Premier Hua Feng
Alex Stapley.....Young Nikita
Connor Devitt.....Bully

Transcript by Elsbeth