Mission Log: "Sleeping With the Enemy"
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Location: unknown...
In the distance, a building stands alone across a snow-covered field. Nearby is a tall radio tower. Suddenly the building explodes into a ball of flame.

Section One, Communications...
Quinn is at her workstation. Operations hovers over her. Madeline is nearby.
QUINN: Substation Three is down.
OPERATIONS: How is that possible?
QUINN: The self-destruct has been activated from an outside source.
OPERATIONS, angrily: And you didn't foresee this?
An alarm sounds.
QUINN: Our self-destruct mechanism has been activated.
OPERATIONS: Shut it down.
MADELINE: There's a chance that might not happen. Whoever did this issued a chain directive. They want to destroy the sections like a stack of dominoes.
OPERATIONS: Activate the failsafe.
QUINN: I did. It won't engage.
OPERATIONS: We need to evacuate.
Operations and Madeline leave Communications. As personnel scramble, preparing to evacuate, Quinn continues to work feverishly at various terminals.
OP# 1: Okay, let's go!
OP# 2: Let's get those weapons down!
OP# 3: Let's go! Move, move, move!
COMPUTER: Two minutes to self-destruct.
As the evacuation continues, Quinn stays at her post, feeding mini-disk after mini-disk into a hard drive.
COMPUTER: One minute to self-destruct.
OP# 4: Okay, we're gone. Got to get out of here, now!
Operations and Madeline, crossing the Common Area, see that Quinn is still in Communications.
OPERATIONS: Quinn, I've ordered you to leave your post. We're fifty seconds to critical.
QUINN: I can stop this.
MADELINE: You've nothing to prove.
QUINN: Except that I can do my job.
Madeline walks on. Quinn glances at Operations, who nods.
OPERATIONS: Get to work.
He leaves.
COMPUTER: Thirty seconds to self-destruct.
Quinn moves to another terminal, then back to the first, still trying the mini-disks.
QUINN, to herself: Think, Kate! Focus!
COMPUTER: Ten.....nine.....eight.....
As the computer counts down, Quinn's fingers fly over the keyboard. She cracks the the self-destruct system and deactivates it just as the computer counts down to one. Relieved, Quinn draws a ragged breath.

Section One, Munitions...
Quinn walks through, looking for Walter.
QUINN: Walter?
She finds him, leaning against a wall.
QUINN: I got a message that you wanted to see me?
WALTER: Way to go, little sister. You got your feet wet.
QUINN, puzzled: Excuse me?
WALTER: First day on the job, you saved our bacon. Welcome to the big leagues.
QUINN, shaking her head: Is your bandanna on too tight? Operations thinks I dropped the ball.
WALTER: Forget about Operations. Substation Three is beyond our security zone. You couldn't have known. You done good.  (He takes a small flask from the back pocket of his jeans)  Birkoff would have been proud.
QUINN: Yes, well, I hear he's dead. Stiffs do nothing for my ego. So, what are we drinking?
WALTER: Very old Scotch for special occasions.
He offers it to Quinn, but she doesn't take it.
QUINN: This isn't going to get you lucky.
WALTER, shakes his head: Like I said, I was just welcoming you to the neighborhood.
QUINN: Hmm. Well, neighbor, just keep it zipped and out of my way and everything will be just peachy.
Accepting the flask, she takes a drink, hands the flask back to Walter, and leaves. Walter raises the flask in a toast.
WALTER, in a whisper: Birkoff.
He takes a drink.

Section One, Madeline's office...
Operations enters, to find Madeline behind her desk.
OPERATIONS: I just got off the phone with Mr. Jones.
MADELINE: What did he want?
OPERATIONS: Birkoff. In his office, first of the month.
MADELINE: A transfer?
OPERATIONS: Yes. He can never find out what happened here. I can't afford the anomaly on my record.
MADELINE: I'll get Jason ready.
OPERATIONS: Can you do it?

Section One, Jason's quarters...
In a gray, spartan room, Jason is on the floor doing situps.
MADELINE (VOICEOVER): When I'm done, neither Mr. Jones or anyone else will ever know the difference.

Section One, briefing table...
Operations is briefing Nikita, Michael, Quinn, Walter and one other operative.
OPERATIONS: As you know, Substation Three was taken out of play yesterday morning. The strike was massive. The final damage report: 100 percent casualties. As best we can determine, the self-destruct code came from an outside source. Now, Quinn's trace was incomplete, but her calculations showed a definitive link to Red Cell. Since they were able to penetrate our system, for security reasons only the red line and satellite links will be operational.  (He activates a holographic image)  This is Colin Starnes. He's currently chief tactical advisor for Red Cell. Quinn.
QUINN: We've been using satellite tags to get an exact location on him. We believe we have him contained with a six-hour window.
OPERATIONS: We're going to use that window to extract Starnes. Michael, your team will handle field tactical. The target will be taken alive. Details are on your panels.

Section One, a mission van...
speeds through the night, coming to a stop near a chain link fence. Several operatives in full gear leap out and approach the building. Michael remains inside, in tactical command, watching the monitor. Inside the building, the team descends several flights of stairs. They exchange fire with the enemy. There's an explosion...

Section One, the White Room...
The door opens. Masked, Colin Starnes is escorted in by two operatives who place him in the metal chair and secure him. Then the mask is removed.
STARNES, taking a look around: Charming.
Madeline enters.
MADELINE: This entire process can be painless. The choice is yours.
STARNES: For some, pain is a pleasure.
Madeline makes a complete circuit of the chair.
MADELINE: Good. Then you should enjoy yours.
She walks out. The Torture Twins enter, each carrying a case. The man holds one of the cases while the woman opens it. Then she looks at Starnes and smiles.

Section One, The Perch...
MADELINE: Starnes claims that Red Cell isn't culpable for the hit.
OPERATIONS: You believe him?
MADELINE: After this morning's chat I don't think he has the strength to lie.
OPERATIONS: Then what do you know?
MADELINE: Our intel confirmed that two of Red Cell's locations were hit within hours of the attack on Substation Three.
OPERATIONS: So we're dealing with a third party?
MADELINE: That's not what Red Cell believes.
The intercom sounds.
OPERATIONS: What is it, Quinn?
VOICE OF QUINN: I've got Red Cell field operatives being withdrawn and moving into a unified tactical position.
OPERATIONS, to Madeline: They think it's us.
MADELINE: And they're getting ready to strike.
OPERATIONS: Not unless we attack first.
He walks out of The Perch.

Section One, White Room...
As the heavy steel door swings open, Starnes, secured to the metal chair, raises his head to see Operations enter, preceded by a Section operative. Another operative waits in the corridor. Starnes is drenched with sweat, his eyes red-rimmed.
STARNES: Come on in. Welcome. I'd offer you a drink, but alas, my hands are tied.
Operations nods to the Section op who now stands behind the prisoner, and who releases the manacles that hold Starnes fast to the chair. Starnes gets up slowly.
STARNES: I would have thought you'd have killed me by now. Losing your edge?
OPERATIONS, smiling coldly: Perfecting it. I have a proposition for you.

Red Cell Headquarters...
The command center is a high-ceiling, circular chamber, with two staircases leading up to a balcony that encircles the room. In the middle is a smaller room, enclosed by wall panels and containing computer and communication equipment. A man enters this room, where the Director and two others are working.
OPERATIVE, handing a panel to the Director: I have a coded transmission for you from Section One. You'll need this key to unlock it.
The Director inserts the panel into a docking port. A hologram of Starnes appears before him.
DIRECTOR: How is it that you're still breathing? Section One protocol is to terminate all captured operatives.
STARNES: Operations wanted something only I could deliver. A meeting with you.
DIRECTOR: Intriguing. But you don't actually think I would consider it, do you?
STARNES: Since tactical strategy falls under my purview, I expect you to agree to it.
STARNES: You no longer work for me.
STARNES, cleaning his glasses on his shirt before putting them on: Then consider this a consultation. We're in a standoff. You either agree to work together or you annihilate each other. I highly suggest you accept the offer. Section knows your next move. You don't really have a choice.

Section One, Communications...
Quinn is at her station. Operations stands nearby.
QUINN: Ten seconds until the channel is clear. Incoming cybertext, secure on the line.
The Red Cell Director appears on a monitor.
OPERATIONS: You understand why I called this meeting?

Red Cell Headquarters...
The Director is pacing in the command center, glancing at Operations on a monitor.
DIRECTOR: You believe that someone is trying to play us against each other.

Section One, Communications...
DIRECTOR (on monitor): What are you proposing.
OPERATIONS: A mutual truce for forty-eight hours.

Red Cell Headquarters...
DIRECTOR: That's not going to happen.
OPERATIONS (on monitor): Consider it. We both sustained significant losses. If we pool our resources together, we might be able to expedite the enemy's termination.
DIRECTOR: And if we don't?
OPERATIONS (on monitor): Further casualties on either side could result in global impact.
DIRECTOR: If I were to agree to a moratorium on Red Cell activities, what guarantee would I have that you would do the same?
OPERATIONS (on monitor): We can exchange key operatives to ensure the truce.
DIRECTOR: You already have one of my people.
OPERATIONS (on monitor): You mean Starnes? He's dead. Besides, I want someone further up the food chain. A key operative that isn't expendable. One of ours for one of yours.

Section One, Systems...
Quinn is sitting at the control station of the sim-rep table. Operations, Madeline, Michael, Nikita and two other operatives are standing around the table.
OPERATIONS: The Director has agreed to the truce. To secure it we'll exchange an upper level team member. Quinn?
Quinn activates a holoscreen that displays a sequence of images of an attractive, dark-haired young woman.
OPERATIONS: Satin Tate. An expert profiler. Graduated Georgetown University at sixteen. She applied to the CIA and was hired due to her exemplary academic record. At nineteen she became a free agent, and joined Red Cell a year later. In less than three years she worked her way to second-in-command. She'll be with us for forty-eight hours.
NIKITA: You want us to work with the enemy?
OPERATIONS: Satin is going to lend us her expertise and assist us in finding who's responsible for the attack.
MICHAEL: Who will we be sending in exchange?
Madeline steps forward.
MADELINE: I'll get ready.
Operations nods, and Madeline leaves.

A domed sports stadium...
A white limousine enters the empty stadium through a gate, and is driven out onto the field. Three black vehicles, a sedan sandwiched between a pair of SUVs, enters through another gate. Madeline is in the back of the sedan. Operations is on the screen of the video phone she is holding.
OPERATIONS (on vidphone): Play by their rules, but remember your secondary objective. Get as much intel as possible and locate a window for transmission.
MADELINE: Transmitting could jeopardize the truce.
OPERATIONS (on vidphone): That's none of your concern. Just send everything you find to Quinn. But remember, whatever you find out, I want to know first.
The Section vehicles come to a stop some distance from the white limousine. Six Section operatives get out, while three Red Cell agents emerge from the limo. One of the Section ops opens the sedan door for Madeline. At the same time, Satin Tate emerges from the limo. Both women are escorted by two men as they approach the center of the field.  At a predetermined distance, the escorts stop and the women proceed on their own. Madeline and Satin eye one another in passing. When Satin reaches the Section vehicles, an operative places a black hood over her head. Madeline is blindfolded before being helped into the limo, which then speeds off whence it had come. The Section vehicles leave the stadium in the opposite direction.

This scene was shot inside Toronto's Skydome, a world-famous sports and entertainment facility with a retractable roof. Built in 1989, it is home to the Toronto Blue Jays. For an aerial image, see LFN

Red Cell Headquarters...
The Director is escorting Madeline down one of the staircases, followed by two of the agents who were present at the exchange.
DIRECTOR: Not what you expected, is it?
MADELINE: It seems adequate.
As they descend the stairs, she takes careful note of all she sees.
director: Section One's exposure of our main base and the capture of the Cardinal were significant setbacks. But we're rebuilding. What we lack in resources we more than make up with our tenacity.
MADELINE: You've always been a formidable adversary.
Near the foot of the stairs, the Director motions her toward a work station.
DIRECTOR: We've downloaded the necessary data on the substations that were hit. This will be your work station. Please.
Madeline sits.
DIRECTOR: If there is anything you need....
MADELINE: A glass of water, please.
The Director nods, and leaves her.

Section One's all-out war with Red Cell, which has resulted in the capture of the Cardinal and the exposure of its main base have been previously portrayed in "Hell Hath No Fury" and "Line in the Sand".

Section One, Systems...
Satin Tate is at a work station. She glances across the room at Michael, who is at another station. Michael checks with an operative working elsewhere in the room, then approaches Satin.
SATIN: Our shared intel shows there is a definite pattern to the attacks. The methodology was identical. This task was simple, comparative. Any rookie could have done it. That's not the case with the profile you requested. I'll need security clearance to access satellite data.
MICHAEL: That's not possible.
SATIN: How do you expect me to do my job?
MICHAEL: Quinn will run the data for you.
He walks away.
In a corridor outside, Walter watches Satin through the glass walls of Systems. Nikita strolls up to him.
NIKITA: And what did you expect -- horns and cloven hooves?
WALTER: That's exactly what I see. All wrapped up in a pretty little package. We're going to have to keep an eye on her.
NIKITA: Not under this roof. Her hands are tied.
WALTER: Don't believe that for a second, Sugar. Adrian once said, poison one flower and eventually the whole garden dies.
He walks away. Nikita lingers, watching as Satin leaves her work station and crosses Systems to where Michael is standing. She places a hand on his arm.
SATIN: Truce, remember? We're supposed to be helping each other.
MICHAEL, hardly sparing her a glance: I'll expect your report in three hours.
SATIN: You'll have it in two.
Back at her work station, she continues trying to hack into forbidden files. A box appears on the screen, containing the words: SECURE DATA -- AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.

Section One, Communications...
Quinn is walking into Communications, accompanied by another technician.
QUINN, incredulously: You layered a command code without a security seal?
TECH: Sorry.
QUINN: Sorry? Sorry gets you a one-way ticket to Containment. Look, why don't you go see Bandanna Boy and ask him to issue you a brain. Then go back to your little data-crunching cubicle and drop in a security seal.  (The tech hesitates)  Now go!
Rounding a corner into Comm, Quinn is confronted by Jason Crawford.
QUINN: Back up. You're messing with my Fenh Shui.
JASON: You must be Quinn.
QUINN, sitting at a work-station: And you are?
JASON: I am your new second. Madeline's orders. I'm to observe and lend a hand when needed. My name is Jason.
He proffers a hand. She shakes it perfunctorily..
QUINN: So you're the twin.
JASON, with a grin: Yeah. Well, not everything is the same. Maybe you should take a test drive and see for yourself.
Sitting back in her chair, Quinn gives him a once-over.
QUINN, archly: I'll pass.
JASON: That's cool. There's plenty of time, darlin'. (He leans on the back of her chair, looming over her)  I'm sure you'll change your mind.

Section One, Michael's office...
Michael is at his desk when Satin Tate enters, hands him a disk.
SATIN: The report. You're much better looking in person.
MICHAEL: You can go now.
SATIN: Older, yes. Your face filled in with so much character. I'm not surprised, considering the things you must have gone through since being here.
MICHAEL: What is your point?
Taking a folded piece of paper from under her suit coat, she unfolds it, places it on the desk. It is an photocopy of a picture of Michael, taken years ago, when he was a student radical.
SATIN: I've carried this for years. You were my inspiration, Michael Samuelle. A fighter. Total dedication and passion for your cause. You fought with sticks and stones, yet managed to make them see things your way.
Michael looks away.
SATIN: Where is this man? What happened to him? You once believed in something you thought was worth dying for. How long are you going to let them use you?
MICHAEL: There's a meeting in Systems in twenty minutes.
Satin pushes the picture closer to him, leaves. Michael looks at the picture, and remembers his friend, Rene Dion, singing "Les Bourgeois" at him, tauntingly. "Is it really you?" Rene had asked. "It is," he'd answered. And he remembers when he betrayed Rene, and Rene aimed a pistol at him, shouting, "You once said a person defines themselves by what they are willing to die for. I will die for a belief. And you will die because you have none!" A shot was fired -- and Rene fell, dying. Nikita, standing in a doorway behind Michael, had shot him....

Michael Samuelle was a student radical at the University of Paris in the 1980s, when he and Rene Dion were founding members of L'Heure Sanguine. In the wake of a bombing incident, Michael was imprisoned. He was subsequently "recruited" by Section One, and met Rene again, as described in "Half Life".

Section One, Systems...
Operations, Michael, Nikita, Quinn and Satin Tate are present.
OPERATIONS: What do we have?
SATIN: Well, there are several possibilities. We're still looking for a definitive.
OPERATIONS, curtly: Don't be evasive. You're here to assist in the search. Take a position, tell me what you think.
SATIN: Well, after reviewing all the hard data, I believe that a random must have attacked the substations.
NIKITA: Is that possible?
SATIN: Think about it. Red Cell and Section One are both protected to a degree from each other. But not from a guy with a grenade and a cause.
MICHAEL: I don't accept that.
SATIN, walking straight up to him: Because you think I'm wrong? Or because you didn't think of it first?
OPERATIONS: Quinn, transmit Satin's analysis to Red Cell and see if they've come to a similar conclusion. In the meantime, I want the rest of you running profiles on possible freelance candidates. That's all.
As everyone disperses, Satin follows Michael.
SATIN: Michael, wait. Why is it so difficult for you to accept my theory? For once we're fighting for the same goal.
MICHAEL: I know.
SATIN: Think about it. You used to be a random yourself. You even once believed that one man could make a difference. You were special, Michael. This place has changed you.
Sitting at a station on the other side of Systems, Nikita watches the two of them. She is clearly concerned.

Red Cell Headquarters...
Madeline is working at her station. A topographical of the United States appears on her monitor; she zooms in on the Midwest. Looking around, she takes a tiny device from under a fingernail and drops it into a glass of water. It floats to the bottom.
MADELINE, softly: I've narrowed a possible location on the random. Tell Quinn to focus on the northeast quadrant.
VOICE OF OPERATIONS: Good. And the Director?
MADELINE: As you requested, he knows nothing.

Section One, The Perch...
OPERATIONS: Keep it that way.
VOICE OF MADELINE: For how long?
OPERATIONS: At least twelve hours. Whatever it takes, stall them. I don't want them finding this person before I do.

Section One, Michael's office...
Nikita enters to find the office empty. She picks up the photocopied picture of Michael, sets it down and turns as Michael enters.
NIKITA: There's a briefing in ten minutes.
MICHAEL: I'll get Satin.
NIKITA: Operations wants her excluded. I'm supposed to keep her busy running a sim on Level Four.
She leaves. Michael picks up the picture, folds it carefully.

Section One, Systems...
Satin is at her station, trying to hack into forbidden Section databases. She sees Operations walking by Systems; he pauses, looks at her, then walks on. She rises, crosses the room to Michael, who is working at another terminal.
SATIN: I assume our deal still holds? Sure I'm not being kept out of the loop? Your briefing had nothing to do with our current status?
SATIN: Okay. How long are you going to play this out? Hmm? It's no secret that there's tension between you and Section One.  (Standing very close to him, she places a hand on his chest)  Everyone's expendable, Michael. Even you. You know how they work. You won't see it coming.  (She reaches up, turning his face towards her.)  Don't you remember what it's like to fight with friends? People you can trust? It's time for you to make a choice.
MICHAEL, after a long pause: I have to go.

Section One, Systems...
Operations is present, pacing, while Quinn is seated at the sim-rep table's terminal; Michael, Nikita and other operatives are standing around the table.
QUINN: I've locked on the coordinates that Madeline sent regarding the random and located the nucleus of their headquarters.
OPERATIONS: How big is their operation?
QUINN: Small.
MICHAEL: How small?
QUINN: I haven't had any luck using thermal to scan for a concise head count.
OPERATIONS: They may be mobile.
QUINN: Nothing I've seen indicates that.
OPERATIONS: Our time is critical. We'll proceed without total data. We don't have any other choice but to into this blind. There are only hours left for this truce. (To Michael...)  I expect your teams ready within the hour.

A building, somewhere...
Michael and his team of three operatives are running down a basement corridor.

Section One, Communications...
VOICE OF MICHAEL: First Team is mobile.
QUINN, at her station, via comm set: Okay, Michael. We've got movement onsite. Top floor.

A building, somewhere...
First Team makes its way up a series of stairs. They enter a room filled with racks of monitors and computers. Michael hears a voice in the back of the room, moves around a rack of equipment to see a chubby, bespectacled man [HOLLAND] at a computer.
HOLLAND, talking to the computer: Okay, I move this way. I am so getting ahead of you. This is so easy.
He looks around, sees the black-clad Section ops.
HOLLAND, in disbelief: But...I'm still...three substations ahead of you. Uh...but I guess it's...your move....

Section One, Communications...
OPERATIONS: He thought he was playing a game?
QUINN: A war game.
OPERATIONS: How could he get into our system without detection?
QUINN, sitting down at a station: The guy's a genius. Right off the charts.
OPERATIONS: It's never been done.
QUINN: That's because we've never encountered a guy like this. The best hacking is always traceless. He circumvented all security by loading an R45 footprint.
OPERATIONS: So once he had access to our mainframe, he had total control.
QUINN: Exactly. He disabled the defense system, then detonated the self-destruct. Even rigged it to look as if the players were attacking each other.
OPERATIONS: That would explain how you got a partial trace to Red Cell.
QUINN: Right. Like I said -- the guy's a genius.
She gets up, goes to a wall terminal.
OPERATIONS: This R45 footprint. Can we use that to access Red Cell?
QUINN, surprised: If we wanted to break the truce. The R45 footprint would set permanent damage into motion.
Thoughtful, Operations walks away.

Section One, The White Room...
Holland is secured to the metal chair, about to be worked on by the Torture Twins. He is incoherent with fear as the male of the team takes a device the size of a ballpoint pen and holds it near Holland's right eye. The device makes a whining sound and sprouts claw-shaped wires. Operations enters, watches for a second or two.
The Torture Twins stop, look blankly at him.
OPERATIONS: You can go now.
Disappointed, the Torture Twins pack up their gear. Before they leave the female of the team carelessly slips Holland's glasses back on his nose.
HOLLAND, sobbing: I'm sorry! Whatever I've done....
OPERATIONS: That doesn't matter. I'm willing to wipe the slate clean. Give you a fresh start. And all I ask in return is your cooperation.
HOLLAND, shakily: Sure. Fine. That sounds like a plan.
OPERATIONS, smiling: You've made the right choice, Mr. Holland.  (Stepping closer, he straightens Hollands glasses.)
HOLLAND: What is it you want me to do?
OPERATIONS: I want you to pretend this is still a game, and help us wipe out the other side.
OPERATIONS, with a chuckle: Good.

Red Cell Headquarters...
Madeline is still at her work station. The glass of water, containing the miniature transmitter, is still on the desk beside her keyboard.
MADELINE: Anything new on the random?
MADELINE: I would have thought Quinn could have narrowed it down by now.

Section One, The Perch...
OPERATIONS: Apparently, it was more challenging than you anticipated. I'll keep you posted.

Red Cell Headquarters...
MADELINE: I'll look forward to the results.

Section One, The Perch...
OPERATIONS: You'll be the first to see them.

Red Cell Headquarters...
Madeline's features are stoic, but suspicion lurks in her eyes.

Section One, Communications...
Jason is at his station; Quinn is standing nearby.
JASON: I have Madeline on B Channel.
QUINN, moving to his station, securing comm set to ear: Madeline?
VOICE OF MADELINE: I have a short window.
QUINN: I'll get Operations.

Red Cell Headquarters...
Madeline is at her work station.
MADELINE: No. There's no time. I just want to know -- has the random given you any useful information?

Section One, Communications...
QUINN: So far, he's admitted to the hits and setting off the self-destruct.

Red Cell Headquarters...
MADELINE: Anything else?

Section One, Communications...
QUINN: Just that he thought he was playing a war game.
VOICE OF MADELINE: How did he gain access?
QUINN: He said he used an R45 footprint.

Red Cell Headquarters...
MADELINE: Have you located it?

Section One, Communications...
QUINN, frowning, as she begins to suspect she's making a mistake talking to Madeline: Not yet.

Red Cell Headquarters...
MADELINE, her voice hardening as she detects suspicion in Quinn's voice: Just one more thing, Quinn. I'd like to see the most recent data.

Section One, Communications...
QUINN, hesitating: That's been frozen.

Red Cell Headquarters...
MADELINE: On whose authority?

Section One, Communications...
QUINN: Operations.

Red Cell Headquarters...
MADELINE: He doesn't want me to see it?

Section One, Communications...
QUINN: Madeline, I have a cypher channel coming in. I have to go.
She quickly disconnects.
JASON, laughing: You lied to her. There's no cypher channel coming in.
QUINN: And your point is?
JASON: It's obvious something's going on.
QUINN: Yes. Operations is using Holland to destroy Red Cell.
JASON: And Madeline's gonna get caught in the crossfire.
QUINN: I have a feeling she won't be missed.
JASON, leaning forward, in hushed tone: And if she survives? She'll go to war with Operations. Trust me, darlin', I've seen this kind of boardroom backstabbin' firsthand, and it gets messy. This place will be lookin' at some major corporate restructuring. You and I will be forced to choose sides.
QUINN: No. That won't happen. Madeline's as good as dead. She's in the dark, Junior. Operations isn't telling her anything.
Jason leans forward again, about to state the obvious.
QUINN, curtly: Go back to work.

Section One, Systems...
Satin is at her station, still trying to hack into Section databases -- and still getting the window that states SECURE DATA -- AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. At the doorway into Systems, Nikita watches as Michael walks up behind Satin and taps a few keys on her keyboard. A new window appears on the monitor: PASSWORD ACCEPTED -- ACCESS GRANTED.
MICHAEL: For Rene.
SATIN, fervently: Thank you, Michael.
As Michael exits Systems he realizes Nikita is standing beside the door.
NIKITA: What did you just do?
Michael turns and just looks at her. Reading the answer in his eyes, Nikita is shocked. Inside Systems, Satin begins transmitting a download to...

Red Cell Headquarters...
In the command center, an operative approaches the Director, holding up a drive.
OPERATIVE: Sir, we just received this from Satin.
The Director turns, points through an open doorway at Madeline, who is sitting at her station.
DIRECTOR: Escort her to her quarters.
As two men close in, Madeline coolly gets up and allows herself to be escorted away.
DIRECTOR: Let's see what we've got.
As the operative ports the drive, the Director eagerly watches a monitor. As the data begins to scroll, he is delighted.
DIRECTOR: That's Section One's Directory!
OPERATIVE: Sir, there's more.
DIRECTOR: Well, put it up.
OPERATIVE: It looks like we may have the coordinates for Section One.
DIRECTOR: Give it to me.
OPERATIVE: They're encrypted, sir. I'll start the decoding process.

Section One, Michael's office...
Quinn enters a room to find Operations and Michael waiting for her.
OPERATIONS: Quinn, I need you to trace a cyber plant.
QUINN: Urgency?
MICHAEL: A communique between Satin and Red Cell.
QUINN, turning to go: I'll get right on it.
MICHAEL: No. Do it here.
OPERATIONS: This is "eyes only."
Quinn moves to a wall terminal.

Red Cell Headquarters...
DIRECTOR: With Section One's Directory and their coordinates, we can wipe them off the face of the earth. How long until we have the exact coordinates? How long?
OPERATIVE: Twenty minutes.

Section One, Michael's office...
QUINN: They're running the program she sent them.
OPERATIONS: Good. There was a self-destruct signal laid into the text. Satin believed Michael was helping her. She'll be responsible for destroying Red Cell. I want you to activate it.

Red Cell Headquarters...
A Red Cell operative uses a swipe key to open a door. He passes through, only to drop as someone karate chops him. Stunned, he tries to rise. His attacker kicks him in the face, knocking him out. Madeline leans down to retrieve the keycard and the man's submachinegun.

Section One, Michael's office...
With Operations and Michael looking on, Quinn keys in a code to activate the self-destruct laid into the data downloaded at....

Red Cell Headquarters...
The Director whirls as an alarm sounds. A monitor reveals that the self-destruct system is engaged.
DIRECTOR: What's going on?
OPERATIVE, working frantically at his station: Self-destruct mechanism has been activated!
DIRECTOR: Well override it! Quickly!
OPERATIVE: I can't get in! I'm locked out of the system!
Elsewhere in the complex, Madeline runs down a long corridor. Reaching a door, she looks back...
OPERATIVE, despairingly: There's nothing I can do.
The Director stares at him -- and then the complex is consumed by the flames of a massive explosion.

Section One, Michael's office...
Michael is working at his desk when Nikita enters.
NIKITA: Is Madeline dead?
MICHAEL: There were no survivors.
NIKITA, turning away: Don't know how I feel.
MICHAEL: We destroyed Red Cell's base of operations.
NIKITA: I know what the trade-off was. But I can't help but wonder whether...it was worth sacrificing one of our own.

Section One, Common Area...
Operations and Michael enter.
OPERATIONS: Working with the enemy has had some residual effects on morale. You'll handle it?
MICHAEL: Of course.
OPERATIONS: All things considered, the operation went well.
MICHAEL: I've instructed Quinn to revamp our systems security.
Two operatives enter the area from another direction, escorting Satin. They pause in front of Operations and Michael.
SATIN, staring resentfully at Michael: You deceived me.
MICHAEL: I did what I believed in.
Satin is led away, and Michael walks off. Operation is left standing alone in the middle of the cavernous area. He hears footsteps -- and slowly turns to see Madeline entering. She looks disheveled, exhausted, but walks with chin held defiantly high.
OPERATIONS, smiling: Congratulations.
Madeline smiles back -- but is it genuine?
MADELINE: Thank you.
She walks on by, and Operations watches her, warily.


Written by Erica Byrne

Guest stars:
Emily Hampshire.....Satin Tate
Conrad Dunn.....The Director

Transcript by Jason M.