Mission Log: "Approaching Zero"
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Nikita's apartment...
There's music playing on the stereo as Nikita leaves the kitchen, goes to the CD player to turn the volume down. Sitting on the floor at a low table, Jurgen watches her, smiles as Nikita does a pirouette and sinks into a chair nearby, picking up a glass of white wine.
NIKITA: Something's bothering me.
JURGEN: What's that?
NIKITA: Your past. Your life before Section. Michael said what you told me wasn't true. That you were dangerous before and still are now.
JURGEN: And what do you think?
NIKITA: I don't know. That's why I'm asking you.
JURGEN: There's nothing I can do or say to prove to you who I was or who I am. I guess you have to ask yourself, why would either of us lie to you?
NIKITA: Maybe you both want something from me.
JURGEN: I Know you were not a hostage for the six months you were out. I also know that Michael had something to do with your return. That alone is enough to extort anything I would want from you...or him.
There is a knock on the door. Nikita answers it, to find Michael standing in the hall.
NIKITA, surprised: Michael.
MICHAEL: I was in the area. I thought I'd drop in to see how things were going.
NIKITA: It's good.
MICHAEL: Smells like you're cooking.
NIKITA: Yes, I am.
MICHAEL: Can I come in?
NIKITA, hesitates: Of course.
Michael enters, sees Jurgen, who gets to his feet.
JURGEN: Hi, Michael.
NIKITA: We were just sitting down to have some dinner. Did you want to join us?
MICHAEL: No. I have some things to do. I just wanted to see how you were doing.
NIKITA: You're sure?
He shows himself out, closing the door quietly behind him, hesitating briefly in the hall before walking away.

Section One, briefing table...
Michael, Jurgen and one other operative are being briefed by Operations.
OPERATIONS: As you know, most satellites have a nuclear power source, a material that could be used as a weapon. Normally, this doesn't pose a security threat, as these orbiters burn up when they re-enter the atmosphere.  (He activates the holoscreen; they watch a rocket soaring skyward, then exploding)  Yesterday, however, while a Norwegian satellite was on the way up, a booster exploded, causing the payload to fall into the North Sea -- intact.
MICHAEL: What about their recovery team?
OPERATIONS: Three choppers went down. No survivors. There was a naval ship in the area that was sent in to investigate. We've lost contact with them. Someone wants that satellite.
MICHAEL: Was there a beacon?
OPERATIONS: It was destroyed. Mr. Birkoff is in Systems preparing a spreadsheet. Every hour that passes, chances of recovering the satellite are reduced by a factor of two. Get on it. Birkoff is running the numbers now.

Section One, Communications...
Birkoff is at his work station; Michael is pacing.
BIRKOFF: There's a ship in the North Sea where the satellite fell. We've hailed them but they haven't responded.
MICHAEL: Start running the numbers. I want you to get me on that vessel.
BIRKOFF: It's too far offshore. If anything goes wrong out there, you're alone. There's a NATO carrier three hundred kilometers away. Let them take it.
MICHAEL: No. Orders are to work autonomously.
BIRKOFF: I'll see what I can do.
Walter walks up.
MICHAEL: Did you pull something.
WALTER: There are two connections we backed into through the satellite's manufacturer. Both are soft, but one of them we know to have an interest in acquiring nuclear capability.
MICHAEL: Do we have location or personnel?
WALTER: They're working on that now.
He walks away.
BIRKOFF, to Michael: What do you want to do?
MICHAEL: Prepare a chopper and a Zodiac.
BIRKOFF: You want to use abeyance ops?
MICHAEL: No. I'll use my team.

Zodiac: A high-performance inflatable boat produced by a French company and often used in military maritime and amphibious operations. Its origins go back to the 1930s, when Zodiac, long a manufacturer of balloons and dirigibles, was asked to create a seagoing "bomb carrier" for the French Navy.

Somewhere in the North Sea...
A Zodiac is skimming across the surface, approaching a freighter.

Section One, Communications...
Operations is hovering over Birkoff.
BIRKOFF: They're approaching target....They're at the ship.

Somewhere in the North Sea...
The Zodiac reaches the side of the ship. Michael uses a compressed air gun to fire a grappling hook over the top. A moment later, he, Jurgen and Michael are aboard. They spread out.
MICHAEL, into comm unit: No one's on deck. We're going down.
VOICE OF BIRKOFF: Keep looking. The signal's coming from somewhere.
Michael climbs to the bridge, finds it empty. Down below, Nikita moves cautiously through the engine room. Back on deck, Jurgen approaches Michael with a scorched piece of metal -- a portion of the satellite.
MICHAEL: Anything else?
JURGEN: No. Just this.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF, watching his monitor: Something's out there. I'm picking up something in the air.
BIRKOFF: I'm not sure yet. Probably a commercial airline. I'll check. Nikita, give me a visual, forty degrees to the southeast.

On the ship, somewhere in the North Sea...
Back on deck, Nikita runs to the rail, scans the sky with binoculars.
NIKITA: Looks like a vapor trail.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: Whatever this is, it's getting closer. Could it be a NATO plane on maneuvers?
OPERATIONS, looking over Birkoff's shoulder at the screen: Not on that trajectory. Get them off the ship.
BIRKOFF: Michael, get your team to exit point now.

On the ship, somewhere in the North Sea...
MICHAEL, via comm unit to the other team members: We have an abort condition.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF, to Michael via comm unit: Looks like you have a hostile Sukhoi thirty kilometers and closing.

Sukhoi: Birkoff is referring to a Sukhoi "Flanker," a Russian-made, multi-purpose  fighter that first entered service in the mid-1980s. The Sukhoi Design Bureau has been producing warplanes since World War II. The Su-27, or some variant thereof, is equivalent to the F-14 Tomcat.

In the air over the North Sea...
The Sukhoi fighter-bomber fires one of its missiles.

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF, via comm unit to the other team members: We've got a live warhead aimed at you! Get out of there, Michael!

On the ship, somewhere in the North Sea...
Michael, Nikita and Jurgen vault over the railing and plunge feet-first into the sea. A moment later the missile strikes the ship; almost immediately it is consumed from stem to stern in balls of fire. The team climbs into the Zodiac, unharmed.

Section One, Van Access...
Followed by a pair of operatives, Operations strides down the corridor to meet the team as it emerges from van access. Michael appears first.
OPERATIONS: Birkoff traced the Sukhoi. He'll fill you in. Did you get any debris from the ship?
MICHAEL: Jurgen's off-loading it.
OPERATIONS: Good. Let's work up an analysis.
Nikita comes through, followed by Jurgen, with the scrap of satellite he'd found on the ship.
JURGEN: This is all I got from the satellite.
OPERATIONS, taking the scrap and handing it to one of the ops behind him: Take this to Walter.  (To Michael) Play back the data on the assault, tear it apart, rebuilt it until we get a clear picture.
MICHAEL: Jurgen, go help Walter run down the hardware.
JURGEN: It'll take a couple of hours. I'll get to it in the morning.
Operations glances at Michael, walks away without a word. Jurgen turns and goes in the opposite direction. Nikita walks with him, around a corner.
NIKITA: How did you get away with that?
JURGEN: I don't answer to Michael.
NIKITA: And Operations? He was standing right there.
JURGEN: If it was important I would have done it.
NIKITA: Oh. So how do you get to decide?
JURGEN: It's...it's complicated. Let's go.

Section One, Madeline's office...
Michael exits from an elevator, goes to the door to Madeline's office, and punches a code into the keypad to open the door. Madeline is at her desk.
MADELINE: How was your visit to the North Sea?
MADELINE: How did your team hold up?
MICHAEL: There were no incidents.
MADELINE: And Jurgen and Nikita?
MICHAEL: They're forming an attachment.
MADELINE: Good. Stay close to it. Let me know when it's time.
Michael leaves.

Section One, corridor...
Nikita is strolling down the corridor and is met by Michael.
NIKITA: What's up?
MICHAEL: We're going out again.
NIKITA: My panel up to date?
MICHAEL: No. Comm's finishing up the sequences. You weren't home when I called.
NIKITA: I went out to dinner. Why, is that a problem?
NIKITA: All right, Michael. So what is it? So I went out to dinner. Why do you care?
Michael doesn't respond.
NIKITA: Patented Michael answer -- the blank stare. If you're jealous, just be jealous. Tell me not to see him.
MICHAEL: Is that all it would take?
NIKITA: Maybe. Maybe not. But at least it would be something real. An emotion instead of this cryptic game of twenty questions.
MICHAEL: You're right. I shouldn't have asked.
NIKITA: So is that where we stand? You really don't care if I see Jurgen?
Again, Michael says nothing.
NIKITA, curtly, as she walks away: See you upstairs.

Section One, Systems...
Birkoff is at the sim-rep table, working at a computer. Michael and Operations stand nearby. Walter is also present, as is Nikita, sitting on a table.
OPERATIONS: We've distilled all the current data from the ambush attempt. Tactical must have originated from within Norway. This matches up with one of the two groups we backed into -- the Fifth Order.
MICHAEL: Russian mafia?
OPERATIONS: They have been underwritten by various organized factions inside the former Soviet Union, but we still don't know specifically who is motivating the action.
WALTER: If they're so well-financed, why go to all the trouble to steal some fuel rods?
OPERATIONS: That's not what they're after. Birkoff?
BIRKOFF: This wasn't a LAN sat orbiter, after all. It was a military communications satellite. It has the hard-wired decryption codes of the main command and control lines to the Pentagon.
OPERATIONS: If the Fifth Order can figure out how to leverage those codes in time, it would become a global security emergency.
MICHAEL: How much time before the Pentagon can reprogram?
OPERATIONS: Not fast enough. We have to recover that satellite. Birkoff is triangulating a location. We're on close quarters standby.
Nikita stands and walks past Operations to leave.
OPERATIONS, to Nikita: Madeline wants to see you in her office.

Section One, Madeline's office...
Nikita sits across the desk from Madeline.
MADELINE: How are things going?
MADELINE: I never got a chance to congratulate you on your return to full status. A lot has changed for you.
NIKITA: Has it?
MADELINE: You tell me. Want to hear in your own words?
NIKITA: Well, all I wanted to do back then was get out.
MADELINE: And now?
NIKITA: I won't lie to you. I'm not happy to be here. But it's not about getting out anymore.
MADELINE, pouring a cup of tea:What is it about?
NIKITA: Having a better life.
MADELINE: Has Jurgen helped you come to this point?
NIKITA: Actually, yes. He seems to be able to do things that you said weren't possible.
MADELINE: Like what?
NIKITA: He makes his own choices.
MADELINE: Jurgen is an unusual case.
The door slides open and Michael steps across the threshold.
MICHAEL: We're ready.
MADELINE: Birkoff's got location?
MICHAEL: It's a twin location. We'll have to use parallel teams.
MADELINE: Who's running point?
MICHAEL: I'll be using Nikita.
MADELINE: Then get her wired.
Nikita gets up, puts on her coat, and leaves. Madeline sips her tea.

Section One, Munitions...
As Michael walks in, Walter is lifting the back of Nikita's bulletproof vest and, using tweezers, proceeds to place two small, circular transmitters on her back.
WALTER: Birkoff's going to be pulling off a transmission frequency. Cover as much space as you can.
NIKITA: And if I'm detected?
MICHAEL: We'll be in the basement. You'll have to cover the first ten seconds alone, after that, look for us, and stay out of the line of fire.  (To Walter) Finish her up and get her to Access.
WALTER: Yeah, okay.  (To Nikita, as he straps up her vest) How's that feel?
NIKITA: Tight.
WALTER: It'll loosen up. As long as you can breathe.

Section One, Communications...
With Operations nearby, Birkoff is watching a monitor, sees Michael and his team approaching Van Access.
BIRKOFF: There's a mission loading. I don't have a location yet. What's going on?
OPERATIONS: Don't worry about it. Keep working.

Section One, Van Access...
Nikita comes running as Michael waits at the entrance. A phone on the wall rings. Michael picks it up, listens.
MICHAEL: Yes. Are you sure? Okay.  (He hangs up; to Nikita) Advance team just arrived on site. Target's been abandoned.
NIKITA: Mission's off?
NIKITA: I thought advance team already confirmed.
He walks away.

Section One, Munitions...
WALTER, loosening Nikita's vest: Nothing should surprise you about this place.
NIKITA: Oh, it's just we've never aborted during egress.
WALTER: I remember once, heading to Italy. We were on a plane and we did a mid-game abort. I had it all planned, too. I was gonna take out an armory Friday morning and then have the weekend to see Celendra.
Michael arrives.
NIKITA: Where's that?
WALTER: Not where is it. Who is it.
WALTER: She was a Section op in Rome, and we made....
VOICE OF MADELINE, over intercom: Walter, can you come here immediately?
MICHAEL, to Walter: I'll take it.
WALTER, gesturing at an open case on the worktable, where other miniature transmitters are stored: Put the stuff on here.
Michael helps Nikita remove the vest.
NIKITA: So are we still on close quarters standby?
MICHAEL: No. You can leave.
He removes one transmitter from her back, and touches her as though he is removing the second. But he leaves it in place.
NIKITA: Is that it?
MICHAEL, holding her shirt for her: You're all set.
NIKITA, taking the shirt and putting it on: I'll do it.

Jurgen's house...
NIKITA: What a beautiful house.
Jurgen opens a sliding glass door for Nikita; she walks in.
JURGEN: I was surprised to get your call.
NIKITA: Yeah. It was an early abort. They lost the location.
JURGEN: I'm glad. Can I get you anything?

Section One, Systems...
Michael is standing in front of a station, watching a monitor, listening to the conversation between Nikita and Jurgen. Madeline sits at a table behind him.
VOICE OF NIKITA: No thank you.
VOICE OF JURGEN: What's up? You seem distracted.
VOICE OF NIKITA: I wanted to tell you that you were right. There was something between Michael and me.
VOICE OF JURGEN: Is there still?
VOICE OF NIKITA: I spoke with him today.

Jurgen's house...
NIKITA: It's over.
JURGEN: For him? Or for you?
NIKITA: For both of us.

Section One, Systems...
As Michael listens impassively, Madeline quietly gets up and walks over to him.
VOICE OF JURGEN: Can I fix you a drink?
MADELINE, to Michael: Let me know when you get a lock.
She leaves.

Jurgen's house...
JURGEN: You know, it wasn't easy for me to train you.
NIKITA, flopping down on the couch: Really? Why was that?
JURGEN: Sometimes, to get trainees to cross the line I have to become their enemy.
NIKITA: Well, I guess it just didn't work this time.
He sits beside her, tries to take her in his arms. Nikita pushes him away, sits up.
NIKITA: You know, I'm just a little....
JURGEN: No rush. You...you're not ready.
NIKITA: It's not that.
JURGEN: We can wait.
NIKITA: No. Come here.
She pulls him down, kisses him.

Section One, Systems...
MICHAEL, via intercom: Birkoff, you have synch yet?

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: Almost.

Section One, Systems...

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: It runs at five hundred megahertz. I can't change that.

Jurgen's house...
Nikita and Jurgen are locked in a passionate embrace. Jurgen quickly sheds his shirt. They slide to the floor.

Section One, Systems...
VOICE OF BIRKOFF: Okay, there it is.
MICHAEL: Is that all we need?

Section One, Communications...
BIRKOFF: We still need to cycle the combinations, but we can do that onsite.

Section One, Systems...
He puts a cell phone to his ear and speed-dials.

Jurgen's house...
Nikita's cell phone rings.
NIKITA, flustered: Hello?

Section One, Systems...
MICHAEL: Josephine.

Jurgen's house...

Section One, Systems...

Jurgen's house...

Section One, Systems...
Michael disconnects and walks away from the monitor.

Section One, Systems...
An image hovers over the sim-rep table. Nikita, Jurgen and Operations are present.
OPERATIONS: Lt. Commander Ronald Arka. We believe he is the pilot of the Sukhoi that bombed the freighter.  (He turns off the holoscreen)   He's been on leave for two weeks. Birkoff connected him to a paymaster for the Fifth Order.
JURGEN: Where is he now?
OPERATIONS: He's stationed in Nova Scotia. He is due to return tomorrow.
JURGEN: Why do we think it's him?
OPERATIONS: There were twenty three Sukhoi pilots unaccounted for at the time of t he incident. Birkoff worked them all up, found linkage between Fifth Order and Arka. Any questions?
JURGEN: Is Michael leading the team?
OPERATIONS: No. He won't be going. It's just the two of you and backups. Michael's needed elsewhere.

Jurgen's house...
A black SVU pulls up. Michael and Birkoff get out.
BIRKOFF: We'll go in here.
He leads the way to the front entrance, opens his jacket to reveal a vest with numerous devices attached to it. He opens a keypad attached to his wrist, uses a scanner to check the door.
BIRKOFF: Here's the carrier for his backup system. I've just got to invert it, and wait.
He fiddles with the various devices -- and the door opens.
BIRKOFF: Got it.

Section One, The Perch...
MADELINE, walking in: I just heard from Michael. It's done.
OPERATIONS: Thank you.
She smiles and walks out.

St. Leonard Hotel...
Nikita and Jurgen, guns drawn, cautiously approach the door to a room. Nikita kicks it in. Arka is sprawled on the bed, alone. Nikita rushes in, hauls him to his feet.
ARKA: What...who are you? What do you want? I haven't done anything!
They hustle him out of the room.

Section One, Van Access...
The backup ops escort Arka in, followed by Nikita and Jurgen.
JURGEN: So....
JURGEN: Shall we continue where we left off?
Operations comes up behind them.
OPERATIONS: Has he offered up anything since our last transmission?
JURGEN: No. He'll need to be squeezed.
OPERATIONS: Before you leave, Jurgen, I'd like you to debrief.
JURGEN: I'll do it tomorrow.  (He turns away)
OPERATIONS: You'll do it now.
Jurgen stops, turns, and stares at Operations.
OPERATIONS: You heard me. From now on you'll follow orders without question.
He walks away. Jurgen runs down the corridor in the other direction.
NIKITA: Jurgen, wait! Is everything all right?
She runs after him.

Jurgen's house...
Jurgen speeds up in a black sports car, jumps out, followed by Nikita. The front doors are open. He runs in, and she continues to follow him, down stairs to his office area.
NIKITA: I don't understand....
JURGEN, staring at his computer monitor, which shows that files have been downloaded: I'm dead.
NIKITA: What did you have in there?
JURGEN: You asked how I could live like this, on my own terms? I had damaging intel that I could have used against them.
NIKITA: Who? Operations?
JURGEN: It doesn't matter. It kept everyone off my back.
NIKITA: Why didn't they just cancel you?
JURGEN: They couldn't. I had a failsafe. I distributed the damaging intel among servers around the world. If I didn't refresh the codes every few days, it was scripted to automatically upload to the Agency.
NIKITA: But you still have all the data, don't you?
JURGEN: It's too late. They've done damage control. The only people who can corroborate the allegations are probably dead by now. It doesn't make sense.  (He sits down)  I had a one-sided security hold on the house. A dynamic carrier frequency. The only way you could tap in without...detection....  (He removes his glasses and stares at Nikita) ....was from the inside.  (He rises, circles around behind her)  You were the only person I allowed in. They broke in hours after you were here.
NIKITA: No. I don't understand....
Jurgen picks up a handheld scanner, runs it over her body. It issues a signal. He grabs her, she wrenches free.
NIKITA: I don't understand!
Jurgen lifts her shirt and removes the small transmitter from her back, shows it to her.
NIKITA: The mission.
JURGEN: What mission?
NIKITA: I told you about it yesterday. The early abort. They wired me to go out. Walter got called off. Michael finished.
JURGEN: They used you.
NIKITA: Jurgen....
JURGEN: Get out.
NIKITA: Let me help you through this. They can't take everything away from us.
JURGEN: Us? There is no us. There's not even a me. Not any more.
NIKITA: Will they cancel you?
JURGEN: No. I never posed a malicious threat. I just wanted to be treated like a human being. I think...they understood that.
NIKITA: It's how we all feel.
JURGEN: I can't live that. I never could.
NIKITA: It won't be exactly as it was.  (She reaches out, touches his face)  I'm here.
JURGEN, removing her hand from his face: Please, leave me alone now.
Rebuffed, Nikita takes a step back, then turns away.

The exact nature of this "damaging intel" is never revealed. It seems odd though, that Jurgen would claim he never posed a malicious threat, and therefore had no need to fear cancellation, especially considering that, as he indicated earlier, Section One probably killed all the people who could have corroborated the allegations.

Section One, Communications...
Madeline walks in. Michael is standing behind Birkoff, who is at his station.
MADELINE: Did you get it all?
BIRKOFF: The name Arka gave us connected to a software firm in Brussels. The firm is a cover.
MADELINE: Cover or not, do they have the technology to recover the codes from the satellite?
BIRKOFF: Definitely.
MADELINE, to Michael: Go.
Michael leaves Communications. Nikita strides into the Common Area and confronts him. She takes off her sunglasses and glares at him. Madeline watches them from Comm, and Operations, in The Perch, is also an interested bystander. Without a word, Michael turns and leads her to his office.

Section One, Michael's office...
Michael shuts the door as Nikita sits in the chair facing his desk. He activates the jammer.
MICHAEL: This is never an easy job. Sometimes unbearable -- for all of us. I respect Jurgen for who he is and what he tried to do. But there atre certain things that are absolutes. Jurgen could not be allowed to hold the Section hostage.
NIKITA: How could you do this, Michael?  (She attaches the micro-transmitter to the shade of his desk lamp)
MICHAEL: I just told you.
NIKITA: Not to him. To me.
MICHAEL: It was never my intention to hurt you.
NIKITA: Oh, so that makes it okay? How far back does it go? My training with Jurgen or...when you brought me in? The night we have together?  (She closes her eyes)
Birkoff knocks, then enters.
BIRKOFF: Everyone's been contacted. Walter needs you in inventory.
MICHAEL: In a minute.
Birkoff stares at him -- and quickly leaves.
NIKITA: Well. That's the first time you've had Section wait for me.
MICHAEL: When you were in his house, I was listening. I had to keep my feelings separate. That's how I live my life, Nikita. Split in two. I never let anyone see the other half, but it's there, always part of me.
NIKITA: Well, it's just too little too late. I'm going to help Jurgen through this, if he lets me.  (She gets up, heads for the door)  Oh -- and become part of his life.
She leaves.

When talking with Nikita in his office, Michael will often activate a jamming device -- using a small keyboard attached to his desk -- which will prevent any listening devices from registering their conversation.

Section One, Van Access...
Michael waits at the door as his team files through.  Nikita gives him a cold stare as she passes without saying a word. Jurgen is last. He stops, looks at Michael, then walks on. Michael follows.

Section One, Plane...
A black cargo plane, in flight.
MICHAEL, addressing Nikita, Jurgen and several other team members: Remember, we're not looking to retrieve the satellite, just the onboard computer. Only signal Birkoff when you get visual confirmation. It's on your panel.
BIRKOFF: Whoever gets it, hold your position. I'll need to do a scan.
MICHAEL: Once we've got a positive ID, you'll be given a second burst. We'll do a surgical.

The Brussels lab, at night...
An operative uses a laser scan to read an alarm box high on an outer wall.

Mission van...
BIRKOFF: Magnetic sensor deactivated. Proceed.

The Brussels lab...
The team enters. A uniform guard raises a pistol -- and is gunned down. The team scatters. Nikita heads up a flight of stairs. A man appears on the second level balcony, and Michael kills him. Nikita kills another who is coming out of a room and aiming his gun at Michael. Michael races up the stairs. A third man shoots at Nikita, and is taken out by another Section op. Arriving at a doorway, Nikita uses a device to deflect the sensor beam closest to the floor.

Mission van...
BIRKOFF: Sensor circuit is closed. You're cleared to enter.

The Brussels lab...
Nikita and Michael slide under the remaining sensor beams. Michael sees a glassed-in chamber filled with computer equipment.
MICHAEL: Read it, Birkoff. What are they doing in there?

Mission van...
BIRKOFF: Give me a zoom on the main console.

The Brussels lab...
Michael directs a visual scanner attached to the shoulder of his jacket -- and at the same time shoots a guard who suddenly appears in a doorway.

Mission van...
BIRKOFF, getting a closer view of the computer in the glass chamber on his monitor: Yeah, that's it. They're cycling codes. Can you get it?

The Brussels lab...
Michael fires at the entrance to the glass chamber. It's bulletproof.
MICHAEL: I can't get to it.

Mission van...
BIRKOFF: Well, you better do something quick, because it looks like in about ninety seconds they're going to be uploaded. Whoever's on the receiving end is going to have those codes.

The Brussels lab...
As Michael sets a charge on a wall of the glass chamber, Nikita whirls and guns down another armed hostile who appears in a doorway.
MICHAEL: Everybody out. I'm arming.
As the team proceeds to egress, the mission van, followed by a black SUV, pulls up to the building. The Section operatives pile into the vehicles.
MICHAEL, to Birkoff: When's the detonation?
BIRKOFF: Five seconds.
The monitor shows there's an error in the sequence.
MICHAEL: What's wrong?
BIRKOFF: They jammed the remote. It's not activating the detonator.
MICHAEL: We'll have to rearm. How much longer before we lose our window?
BIRKOFF: Less than a minute.
MICHAEL: Can you fix it?
BIRKOFF: It has to be done manually.
Michael starts for the door, freezes at Jurgen points a pistol at him.
JURGEN: Stop. Let me do it, Michael. I'm not going to make it anyway.
NIKITA: Jurgen, no.
MICHAEL: Put down the gun and stay in the van.
He exits, running towards the building. But Jurgen shoots him in the leg, looks back for one last look at Nikita.
BIRKOFF: You've got twenty-one seconds.
Jurgen runs past the fallen Michael, into the building, up the stairs, and to the glass chamber. He removes the facing on the charge. Standing, he closes his eyes and detonates the bomb.

Section One, Madeline's office...
Nikita, Operations and Madeline are present.
MADELINE: You've had to endure a number of difficult things since you've come back to us. We all have to come to terms with our personal losses Look into our souls Find a way to cope. We can't help you with that. But I know you -- and know you'll be able to find that inner strength.
OPERATIONS: Although we rarely do this with such a young operative, we're willing to make an exception in your case.
MADELINE: We want you to take some time for yourself. Anywhere in the world you'd like to go.
Nikita just looks at her, saying nothing.
MADELINE, smiling: That will be all, Nikita.
Nikita leaves.

Section One, Common Area...
Michael is crossing the area on crutches as Nikita appears.
MICHAEL: Nikita.
She stops, looks across at him.
MICHAEL: Some of the things I said about Jurgen are not true. I tell you this in case you have any doubt as to what kind of man he was. I'm sure you don't. Jurgen trained me when I first came to Section I'll miss him.
NIKITA: So will I.
She walks away.


Written by Michael Loceff

Guest stars:
Jurgen.....Bruce Payne
Arka.....Farzad Sadrian

Transcript by Jason M.