Mission Log: "Double Date"
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Section One - Common Area...
Nikita and Michael walk together through Communications, then enter the common area through separate doors and approach the briefing table, where Operations and another man, whose back is to them, are standing. When Nikita realizes the second man is David Fanning, a expression of disbelief is followed by one of anger.
NIKITA (circling Operations, sotte voce): David Fanning. I thought he was dead.
FANNING: Sorry to disappoint you.
OPERATIONS: We decided to keep him alive. He is Section material.
NIKITA: What's he doing here?
OPERATIONS: He's going on a mission with you.
NIKITA: Really. A psychotic murderer and a sadistic wife-beater.
OPERATIONS: Most operatives are flawed, in one way or another.
NIKITA (walking straight up to Operations): I don't like him. I don't trust him and I sure as hell don't want to work with him.
OPERATIONS: I know you have a history. You have to put that behind you and concentrate on the mission.
NIKITA: It's not just history. Michael seduced his wife and I betrayed him to Section. He won't rest until we're dead.
OPERATIONS: Then he'll die too.
NIKITA: He won't care as long as we're dead first.
OPERATIONS: On the contrary. Our assessment indicates he has a very strong will to live. The mission requires that the three of you work together.
With a hostile look at Fanning, Nikita turns to walk away.
FANNING: May I say something?
FANNING: Regarding the past, as far as I'm concerned, everyone was just doing their job. As far as the present, I just want to stay alive.
NIKITA (skeptically): Really.
FANNING: Really.
Nikita walks away.

David Fanning was first introduced in "Obsessed." He had in his possession intel damaging to western interests (The Book). In order to acquire that intel, Michael was ordered to seduce Fanning's wife, Lisa, and use her to gain access to The Book.

Section One - Briefing table...
Nikita, Michael, Fanning and others are seated at the table. Operations walks in, activates the holoslide.
OPERATIONS: Nicholai Kusko, former head of the Romanian secret police. After the Cold War he dropped out of sight to form his own highly-trained mercenary unit. He has been involved in fifty terrorist activities in the last three years. Recent intel has given us a location in western Moldavia. This picturesque part of the forest is actually a mobile camp occupied by Kusko's private army. An assault is out of the question. That's where Mr. Fanning comes in.
FANNING: I did a few jobs for Kusko before I came to Section. He has no reason not to trust me.
OPERATIONS: We will arrange a meeting where we'll eliminate Kusko and his entire organization. You'll get further details from Michael. That's all. (He walks away.)
MICHAEL: We'll leave tomorrow for Station Six so we'll get our equipment now. We'll reconvene at two o'clock.

Section One - Munitions...
Walter is at a table covered with firearms as Nikita, Michael, Fanning and two other operatives, Heyman and Glik, arrive.
WALTER (handing an inventory panel to Michael): Check it out.
NIKITA (as Fanning examines the weapons, to Walter): No weapons for him, Walter.
WALTER: Yeah, I heard.
FANNING: You know, you guys have it all wrong. I'm not into revenge. So what if Michael gave my wife some physical pleasure? I wasn't one hundred percent faithful, right? I must say I am envious that you two can carry on a relationship while you work together. I think that's great.
MICHAEL: Drop it, Fanning.
FANNING: Why? Is that a touchy subject? I just think it's admirable how you two pull it off. In fact, there's a question I've wanted to ask you, Michael, for a long time. It's kind of a personal question, but seeing as you slept with my wife, I guess we have a lot in common, and you won't mind me asking it. When you guys go on mission or you're on standby, how often do you have sex?
MICHAEL (turning to look at Fanning): I said drop it.
FANNING: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm over the line. Well, I'll see you guys on the mission.
NIKITA (to Michael): I don't believe that he doesn't care about revenge. We have to do something, Michael.
MICHAEL: It's already been taken care of. Heyman. He'll come along as comm op. His real function is to watch Fanning.
NIKITA: Watch him?
MICHAEL: The first sign of trouble, he's authorized to cancel him.
NIKITA: Well, that's better than nothing. I just hope it's enough."

A forest in western Moldavia - Team camp, at night...
Michael scans the vicinity as Glik sets tripod-mounted intruder-detection devices up. Heyman sits at a portable console. Nikita and Fanning stand nearby.
HEYMAN: We're clear on the perimeter.
MICHAEL: The meet is twenty kilometers due west at 9:30.
HEYMAN: Fanning's going alone?
MICHAEL: Kusko insisted.
NIKITA: What if he doesn't come back?
MICHAEL: He'll come back. Kusko's surveillance is sophisticated. From now on we'll maintain radio silence.
FANNING: I've got to take a leak. (He looks at Nikita.) Is that allright?
NIKITA: It's okay if I say it is.
FANNING: Request permission to take a leak.
NIKITA: Permission denied.
(Morning) Fanning, shadowed by Heyman, walks to where Michael is standing beside a portable computer console. Fanning extends a hand, and Michael rubs something from a glass vial onto his palm.
FANNING: How much contact is needed?
MICHAEL: A handshake is enough to tag him.
FANNING: Wow. Thats pretty strong stuff.
MICHAEL: The isotope will do limited damage as long as an extracting agent is applied within twelve hours. You should be back by then.
FANNING: And what if I'm not?
MICHAEL: The skin peels off your hand. Three hours later you lose the feeling in your arm. Six hours after that you're dead. Good luck.
With a smile at Nikita in passing, Fanning walks away through the woods. He reaches a dirt road. A man on a four-wheeler is coming towards him from the left. Looking right, Fanning sees another man on a four-wheeler. A gray Toyota SUV is approaching from an intersecting road straight ahead. Kusko emerges from the latter, walks up to Fanning. They talk for a moment, then shake hands. Kusko walks back to the Toyota, and Fanning returns into the woods and arrives back at the team camp. Michael hands him a tin containing the extracting agent.
MICHAEL: What job did he offer you?
FANNING (rubbing the extracting agent on his hand): He offered me a hit in Brussels and one in Russia.
MICHAEL: What did you say?
FANNING: I took the one in Brussels.
FANNING: Because it pays more and is consistent with my cover story.
FANNING: Hey, does this stuff work?
MICHAEL: It works.
FANNING: Any damage?
MICHAEL: Nothing permanent.
(A few minutes later.) While Fanning and the two operatives stand nearby, Michael and Nikita are looking at an infrared screen on the portable console.
NIKITA: The brightest point is Kusko's hand?
NIKITA (referring to other bright spots on the screen): And the others?
MICHAEL: Things he's touched. Prepare to evacuate.
Fanning and the two operatives leave as Michael moves to a nonballistic, surface-to-surface missile resting on a mount. As Fanning reaches the mission SUV, he slits Glik's throat with a knife. When Heyman comes around the vehicle, Fanning throws the knife, killing him. Michael launches the computer-guided missile. It streaks through the forest. Standing at the Toyota, looking at a map spread out on the hood, Kusko and his men hear it and turn -- right before the missile reaches its target. Michael and Nikita observe the explosion on their monitor. They pack up the console and walk through the woods to the mission SUV. As Nikita draw nears the vehicle, Fanning jumps out and grabs her. Michael takes aim with a pistol, but Fanning is using Nikita as a shield, and has a gun to her head.
FANNING: Drop the gun! Drop it! Drop it, man!
Michael lets the gun slip out of his hand.
FANNING: Now we're back together again, just like old times. I'd love to chat, but I've got a mission to run, and you're just the man to help me with it. You're going to get my wife back.
MICHAEL: I haven't seen her for a while.
FANNING: Yeah? Well, that's the problem -- neither have I.
MICHAEL: I don't even know where she is.
FANNING: Find her. It's poetic justice. You took my woman. You get her back. And if you don't, I'm gonna take yours. Now, you've got 48 hours.

Western Moldavia - a cabin in the woods...
Fanning kicks the door open and walks in, dragging Nikita along. Her hands are cuffed behind her back.
FANNING: It's not much but I like to call it home.
NIKITA: Fanning, Section's going to come after you.
FANNING (throwing Nikita to the floor in front of a stone fireplace): Section's not going to know anything about this. Who's gonna tell them?
NIKITA: Michael.
Fanning kicks a chair and throws a table out of the way, clips some handcuffs to an iron ring in the stone. A length of stout chain is attached to the cuffs, and he attaches the other end to Nikita's bindings.
FANNING: (as he works): Michael? Michael knows Section doesn't bargain. Section would just let me kill you, and I don't think Michael really wants that.
NIKITA: If we don't report back they'll come after us whether you want them to or not.
FANNING: Yeah? I don't think he'd let 'em.
NIKITA: Fanning, let's be real. How is he going to find Lisa and bring her back here and hide the deaths of two operatives from Section -- all in the space of 48 hours?
FANNING: Well, you know what? I think it's gonna be a really big challenge. Michael wants you alive so bad that I think he might just be able to pull it off. (He kicks a chair near her, and laughs.) Are you a little jumpy?

A cybercafe...
Birkoff enters, approaches the clerk, a young blond man.
BIRKOFF: I'll take sixty minutes. (The clerk hands him a disk and a glove.) Thanks.
Birkoff sits at a computer, dons the glove, scans the disk. A game is activated, and Birkoff smiles as he begins to play, enjoying himself . . . until a gloved hand reaches past him and keys the game to a halt. Birkoff looks around to see Michael.
BIRKOFF: You scared the hell out of me. What are you doing here?
MICHAEL: Mission security has been breached. Kusko is still alive.
BIRKOFF: That's impossible. Satellite intel picked up the explosion, and our sources confirm...
MICHAEL: Security has been breached. Kusko's still alive.
BIRKOFF: Sure. Whatever you say.
MICHAEL: Tell Operations the team is dead except for Nikita and me. We're on mandatory refusal until the mission is complete. Right now I need to know where Fanning's wife is. Her name is Lisa. Find her, now.
BIRKOFF (looking at the computer): These things are just toys. They're just for fun.
BIRKOFF: I guess I could try rewriting a bit stream. Piggyback onto some databases...
MICHAEL: Do it. (As Birkoff begins to type...) You'll have to cover for me with Operations.
BIRKOFF: Till when?
MICHAEL: Till I get back.
BIRKOFF: You can trust me.
MICHAEL: If you betray me I'll kill you.
BIRKOFF: That's why you can trust me.

Mandatory refusal: Mission protocol allows an operative to shed all transmitters and cease all communications with Section until he/she has completed the mission if there is reason to believe security has been breached, and further contact with Section would jeopardize the mission. Michael made use of this protocol previously, in the episode "Mandatory Refusal."

A hotel somewhere in Europe - restaurant bar...
Michael enters, goes to the bar, and orders a milk, drinks it. He sees Lisa, sitting at a table in a private area. A bald, stocky man is standing outside glass doors leading to the area. He stops a couple at the glass doors and tells them that there's a "private party" inside. The couple turn away. A very large man in a tan sports jacket emerges and goes to the bar, standing near Michael. Obviously he and the bald man are bodyguards.
BODYGUARD (to bartender): Can I get an orange juice?
MICHAEL: I need a favor.
BODYGUARD: Who the hell are you?
MICHAEL: Give your employer a message.
MICHAEL: Because she knows me.
BODYGUARD: Sure she does.
MICHAEL: There's something in it for you.
BODYGUARD: And what's that?
MICHAEL: I'll give you back your gun.
BODYGUARD: You don't have my gun.
Michael hits him the solar plexus. The bodyguard doubles over. Michael takes his gun, aims it at the bald bodyguard.
MICHAEL: My name is Michael. I'd like a word with her. Understand?
The bodyguard straightens, picks up his orange juice and enters the private area. Michael puts the gun under his belt in the small of his back. Inside the private area, Lisa listens to the bodyguard, then turns and stares at Michael.

A hotel somewhere in Europe - hallway
Followed by several bodyguards, Lisa approaches Michael.
LISA (warily): What do you want?
MICHAEL: To see you.
LISA: Why?
MICHAEL: Can we talk alone?
LISA (to her bodyguards): Guys, give us some space.
BODYGUARD #1: Let's go. (The bodyguards file through a door.)
LISA: So, I was a job. No, an assignment. You made that clear.
MICHAEL: At the time I thought it was true. I expected to forget you. I tried, but I couldn't.
LISA: I don't believe you.
MICHAEL: I came to see you.
LISA (shaking her head): No. It's another job. I know it. I - I can't deal with this. This is too sudden.
MICHAEL (touching her hair): I want to stay with you tonight.
LISA: I need...some time...to think, please.
MICHAEL: There is no more time. I've probably already been missed. They're looking for me. One night. That's all I ask.

A hotel somewhere in Europe - Lisa's penthouse...
Michael is escorted into Lisa's penthouse by two bodyguards. Lisa is there; she turns slowly.
LISA (to the bodyguards): You can go.
The bodyguards leave.
LISA (nervously): Would you want some wine?
MICHAEL: Whatever you're having.
Lisa picks up a bottle, but has trouble opening it. Michael takes the bottle from her, sets it down, and takes her hands in his. They kiss...

Section One - Communications...
Birkoff is at his station. Operations is standing behind him, his back turn. A signal beeps, and Birkoff moves quickly to an adjacent station. The monitor reads "Status Off Line."
BIRKOFF: Michael's gone silent.
BIRKOFF: It just came in. Mission must have been compromised.
OPERATIONS (perturbed): Yesterday you said intel indicated complete success.
BIRKOFF: It did.
OPERATIONS: When will he reopen contact?
BIRKOFF: Twenty-four hours.
OPERATIONS: I don't like this, Birkoff.
BIRKOFF: Intel seemed reliable. I don't know what happened.
OPERATIONS: Screen the sources. Eliminate the unreliable ones, and keep me informed.
BIRKOFF: Yes, sir.

A hotel somewhere in Europe - Lisa's penthouse...
Michael and Lisa are laying together.
LISA: Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of us together.
MICHAEL: Me, too.
LISA: Was it as good as you remember?
Lisa gets up, puts her dress back on. Michael sits up.
LISA: Yes, everything is just as it was. (She turns to look at Michael, her features hardened -- as is her voice.) Except me.
She pushes a button on a desktop security system panel. Three bodyguards rush in. Michael handles the first two, but Bodyguard #1 draws a gun, and Michael stops resisting. The first two bodyguards get up, grab Michael's arms, and Bodyguard #1 begins to work him over.
LISA: How does it feel, Michael? How does it feel to be used and betrayed?
She gives a sign, and the beating continues. She looks on.

Western Moldavia - a cabin in the woods...
Nikita is sitting on the floor near the stone fireplace, where she has been chained. Fanning is at a table, eating out of a can.
FANNING: I'd share, but I'm kinda hungry.
NIKITA: So how did you know?
FANNING: What? About you and Michael? It didn't take a genius. People talk. I think it's really beautiful, though.
NIKITA (gathering up the chain in her hand): My coat, if that's allright?
FANNING: It's allright if I say it's allright.
NIKITA (smiling): Request permission to get my coat.
FANNING: Permission granted.
Nikita reaches for the coat, but can't get it, as she has shortened the length of the chain.
NIKITA: Um, can't reach.
Fanning gets up and hands the coat to her. Nikita lets go of the chain and grabs him, flipping him. Fanning falls on his back and Nikita wraps the chain around his throat. But Fanning reaches into the fireplace, grabs a burning log and thrusts it into her shoulder. Nikita cries out, lets go of him, and falls back.
FANNING (laughing): Never learn, do I? You guys are good. Ah, what the hell. (He tosses Nikita a can of food.) Have yourself some dinner.

A hotel somewhere in Europe - Lisa's penthouse...
Michael is lying on the floor, Lisa standing over him, flanked by two bodyguards.
LISA (sarcastically): Do you still want me, Michael?
LISA: You're brilliant. But why don't we stop the games? Tell me what you want.
LISA (motioning at the guards). Um, go. (She turns back to Michael.) I told you, I have changed. I am not the innocent girl you tricked so easily. What's the job this time, Michael?
MICHAEL: I've told you.
LISA: You expect me to believe you'd just come here, suddenly, after all this time? Just because you want me? No.
MICHAEL: Believe anything you want.
LISA: You know, I - I used to dream that you would come back. Then, as time passed, I - I gave up hope. Michael, why now? Why after so long?
MICHAEL: Because . . . David.
LISA (fearfully): What about David?
MICHAEL: He's not dead.
LISA (distraught): Is - is he coming here? No. I moved. I moved dozen of times. I changed names. How could he find me?
MICHAEL: I did. That's why I came. To protect you from him.
LISA: Why didn't you tell me?
MICHAEL: I didn't want to scare you. I think one of your bodyguards is cooperating with him.
LISA: Which one?
MICHAEL: I don't know. How many are there?
LISA: Ten. Two shifts of five.
MICHAEL: We have to spot the weak link in your security before David does.
LISA: I don't know anything about security. That's why I hired them.
MICHAEL: If you had to slip out without being seen, how would you do it?
LISA: Oh. There's, uh, there's a service elevator that goes to the third floor, and then...then there's a stairwell. Michael, I've heard them say that's the hardest one to guard.
Michael gets up, walks over to his coat. Lisa does not see him take a small hypodermic needle out of a pocket as she walks over to him. He turns, inserts the needle into her arm. She slumps, unconscious, into his arms.

Section One - Communications...
Birkoff is in his bay. He sees Operations coming and slides a disk into the Q drive.
OPERATIONS: Has Michael checked in yet?
BIRKOFF: I'm raising him now.
BIRKOFF: Michael, I read you. Whats' the status?
MICHAEL: Four team members down.
BIRKOFF: Should we abort?
MICHAEL: Negative. Nikita and I will proceed with the mission.
OPERATIONS: Michael, how was security breached initially?
BIRKOFF: Michael, don't answer! The transmission is being monitored.
OPERATIONS: Did they trace him?
BIRKOFF: No, I cut him off in time. He won't call back until the mission is over.
OPERATIONS: Let me know when he does.
BIRKOFF: Of course.
As Operation walks away, Birkoff breathes a sigh of relief and removes the disk from the Q drive.

"Four team members down." There is some confusion as to what Michael meant by this statement. There were only five team members to begin with : Michael, Nikita, Fanning, Heyman and one other. If Michael and Nikita are going to "proceed with the mission," that leaves only three team members who could be "down."

Western Moldavia - a cabin in the woods...
Nikita is sitting on the floor, still chained to the fireplace. Fanning stands in the middle of the room, an automatic rifle in hand.
FANNING: Are you wondering what I'm going to do? Don't bother, 'cause I'll tell you. I'm going to stay in the woods, 'cause I like the isolation.
He moves to a table, begins to put things into a backpack. He doesn't notice that he drops a gun clip -- but Nikita does.
FANNING: I think it'll be great for Lisa, too, because she can get used to things again.
NIKITA (standing up): Used to being your slave, that what you mean?
FANNING: Yeah. Sit down. Sit!
Nikita sits down in a chair.
FANNING: Good little doggie.
NIKITA: You really are scum.
FANNING: You know what? You're wrong. I am a man in love. The first time I ever saw Lisa I knew I was suppose to be with her and Lisa knew she was meant for me. Now, there was a time I wanted revenge. But you know what? If you disappear, Section will come after me. If I send you back with a cover story, they won't -- if they think I'm dead. Everything will be fine. And you and Michael can't exactly make up a story, not since Michael's gone AWOL looking for Lisa, right?
As Fanning talks, Nikita pushes a rug with her foot, so that the rug covers the fallen clip.
FANNING: So maybe it's best to send you back alive. (He picks up a pistol.) Or not. Hey.
Nikita looks at him. Fanning points the gun at her.
FANNING: Boom! (He laughs as Nikita flinches.) You know what? It doesn't really matter what happens as long as I get Lisa back, and I'm gonna. And there's not a damn thing you can do about that, now is there? Well, it's almost that time. Don't go anywhere.
Taking up rifle and pack, Fanning leaves.

Western Moldavia -- a dirt road...
Michael is driving a Jeep. Lisa is sitting in the passenger seat, regaining consciousness.
LISA: Oh. Oh, my head. What's...
MICHAEL: I gave you an injection. It will clear.
LISA: It's a job, isn't it. All that talk about love and protecting me was rubbish, wasn't it? Tell me this has nothing to do with David. Please! You're not going to take me to him! No!
She tries to jump out of the Jeep, but Michael grabs her by the hair and pulls her back in.

Western Moldavia - a cabin in the woods...
Nikita frees herself by taking a bullet from the clip, wedging the bullet into a link in the chain, and slamming a rock down on it. Out in the woods, Fanning hears a "gunshot" and races back to the cabin -- only to find Nikita gone.

Western Moldavia - a dirt road...
Michael stops the jeep, gets out and goes around to the passenger side.
MICHAEL: I have something for you. (He gives Lisa a glass vial containing an orange liquid.
LISA: What's this?
MICHAEL: Your way out.

Western Moldavia - the forest...
Fanning leaves the cabin, looking for Nikita. Nikita moves quietly through the woods. Michael takes her by the arm and leads her into the forest.
LISA: No! No, you can't! No, please let me go! You have to let me go!
Thinking he hears Nikita, Fanning whirls and fires. Several birds fly out of the brush. Michael hears the gunshot and stops, his back to a tree. Fanning and Nikita both can hear Lisa.
LISA: Michael, no! No, please! Let me go! No, let me go, please...
Fanning sees Michael and Lisa and fires, aiming at Michael's head. He misses. Michael moves around behind the tree and pushes Lisa away. As she flees, Michael and Fanning exchange fire, and then Fanning sets off in pursuit of Lisa. Nikita grabs Lisa and puts a hand over her mouth.
NIKITA: Lisa! Lisa, listen to me. We don't have much time. I'm going to need your help. How did you and Michael get here?
LISA: In a jeep.
NIKITA: Where?
LISA: I don't know.
NIKITA: Do you remember where the sun was?
LISA: I'm not sure.
NIKITA: Lisa, you have to think!
LISA: Behind us, to the left.
NIKITA: Okay. Move that way.
Nikita and Lisa reach the Jeep. They get in and Nikita drives down the road. Fanning emerges from the woods in front of them, shoots out a tire. Nikita loses control of the Jeep, which plunges into the trees. The Jeep stalls.
FANNING: Welcome home, Lisa!
NIKITA (to Lisa): It's allright. Don't move.
FANNING: Get out of the car.
NIKITA (as Lisa starts to get out of the Jeep): Don't do it. Lisa!
Lisa gets out. Nikita jumps out the back of the Jeep and places herself between Fanning and Lisa.
FANNING: Lisa, get over here right now!
LISA (whispering to Nikita): It's okay.
NIKITA: Don't do it, Lisa.
As Lisa draws near, Fanning grabs her, wrapping an arm around her throat, and using her as a shield, pointing his gun at Nikita.
FANNING (to Nikita): I could kill you. But Michael would just come after me, wouldn't he?
They don't see Michael, who arrives and stands behind a tree.
FANNING: I let you live, he'll take you back to Section like a good little boy. You're lucky. I guess it's no contest. (He drags Lisa into the woods.) Come on. Come on!
When Fanning and Lisa are out of sight, Michael emerges from his place of concealment.
NIKITA: How long have you been standing there?
MICHAEL: A while.
NIKITA: Why didn't you shoot him?
MICHAEL: I knew he wouldn't kill you.
NIKITA: But Lisa...
MICHAEL: She'll be fine.
NIKITA: We've got to help her. (She starts out after Fanning.)
MICHAEL: Nikita. (He points his gun at her.)
NIKITA: You're going to kill me?
MICHAEL: No. I'll shoot you in the leg and carry you back. But it will be easier for both of us if you can walk.
NIKITA: You know, you're either insane or the cruelest man who ever lived.
MICHAEL: I gave her the isotope.
NIKITA: So she can poison him.
MICHAEL: The only way she can truly be free is to kill him herself.
NIKITA: Is that what she said, Michael? Or is that what you made her believe?
MICHAEL: Let's go.

Western Moldavia - the forest...
Fanning is striding through the woods, Lisa trailing along behind. He stops and looks around.
FANNING: What a beautiful day! (He takes the canteen Lisa is carrying.) Want some? (When she shakes her head he takes a long drink, then offers her the canteen again. Here, we got a long ways to go.
LISA: No, I'm sure.
FANNING (starts to walk away, looks back.) Coming?
LISA: Yeah. (She waits until he turns his back, then drops the glass vial -- which is now nearly empty -- before following him.)

Western Moldavia -- a dirt road...
Michael is driving the Jeep, Nikita beside him. He is talking on his cellphone.
MICHAEL (into the cellphone): Of course. (He disconnects.)
NIKITA: Do you think Operations believed you?
MICHAEL: I think so.
NIKITA: Good. So we're in the clear then. I wonder if Lisa is in the clear.
Michael doesn't respond. He just keeps driving.


Written by Robert Cochran

Guest stars:
 Douglas O'Keeffe...David Fanning
 Yvonne Scio...Lisa Fanning
 Peter Solala...Kusko
Reuben Thompson...Heyman
Michael Chan...Glik
 Matt Taylor...Bodyguard #1

Transcript by Jason M.